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Name of Lecturer: Rev Sister Florence -Marie Lum Akweji Awambeng.

Her religious order: Handmaids of Holy child Jesus for twenty five years.
She was born to Mr. Godfred Awambeng and Mrs. Theresia Awambeng from
Mankon,Bamenda,Northwest region.
She studied in G.T.H.S kumba and St. Paul technical high school Bonjongo.
Presently,she is part-time lecturer in the department of Journalism and Mass
communication in the university of Buea and editor of "the Panorama",a
publication of the Catholic Bishop conference of Cameroon lodged in the
Catholic communication service of the diocese of Buea.
She worked in Owerri Archdiocese,where she was given the name
;Nwachinemere,which means in Igbo; child whom God does things for.

SOURCE;Anticilia Ayuk.Graduate from the university of Buea.