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GRADE 1 Division Eastern Samar Grade Level 9

to 12 Region VIII
LESSON LOG Teaching Date November 15, 2018
Quarter THIRD
and Time 8:30 – 9:30 AM
I. OBJECTIVES Objectives must be met over the week and connected to the curriculum standards. To meet the
objectives necessary procedures must be followed and if needed, additional lessons, exercises, and
remedial activities may be done for developing content knowledge and competencies. These are
assessed using Formative Assessment strategies. Valuing objectives support the learning of content
and competencies and enable children to find significance and joy in learning the lessons. Weekly
objectives shall be derived from the curriculum guides.
The learner proves theorem on special parallelogram (rectangle), applies theorem on special
parallelogram (rectangle), and show camaraderie in doing activities.
A. Content Standard The learner demonstrates understanding of key concepts of quadrilaterals and triangle similarity.
B. Performance Standard The learner is able to investigate, analyze, and solve problems involving quadrilaterals and triangle
similarity through appropriate and accurate representation.
C. Learning
Competency/Objectives The learner proves theorems on the different kinds of parallelograms (rectangle, rhombus, square).
Write the LC code for each. (M9GE-IIIc-1)

II. CONTENT Content is what the lesson is all about. It pertains to the subject matter that the teacher aims to
teach in the CG, the content can be tackled in a week or two.
Special Parallelograms
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide 211-212
2. Learner’s Materials 311-317
3. Textbook pages/ Dilao, Soledad J, (2002). Geometry (New Trends in Math Series), pp. 140 – 143
Other References Math Time pp 12 – 15

B. Other Learning LCD projector, laptop, activity sheets

A. Reviewing previous What’s Wrong with the Rectangles?
lesson or presenting the
new lesson A. Raise a happy face if the statement is correct. If not, raise a sad face .
1. A rectangle has 2 pairs of parallel and congruent sides.
2. The diagonals of a rectangle bisect each other.
3. The consecutive sides of a rectangle are congruent.
4. The opposite angles of a rectangle are supplementary.
5. The consecutive angles of a rectangle are congruent.
What is a rectangle? Are the properties of parallelograms true to rectangles? Why?
B. Establishing a purpose Objective Presentation
for the lesson Ask four students (say students A, B, C and D) to volunteer to go to the four
corners of the classroom, as illustrated below. Ask students the following questions.
1. If student A is 4 m away from student B, how far
A B is student C from student D?
2. If the distance between A and D is 3 m, find the
distance between B and C?
What properties did you apply so you can
answer the previous questions?
3. If A is 5 m away from C, how far is B from D?
How did you find the distance between B and D? What property did you apply?
SAY: “Our lesson for today will help us investigate, prove and apply the theorems about
properties of special parallelograms specifically those of a rectangle.”
C. Presenting Developmental Activity (TIERED INSTRUCTION)
examples/Instances of Say: “Everyone, quietly go to your groups.”
the new lesson TIER 1: Students were given 3 rectangles where they will draw the diagonals for each
rectangle. Thereafter, they will measure the diagonals of each rectangle using a
ruler and will make conclusions based on their observations.
TIER 2: Students will be given rectangles whose measurement of sides are given. Using
Pythagorean Theorem which they have learned during Grade 8, they will find the
lengths of the diagonals and will compare their measurements. Finally, they will
make conclusions about the lengths of the diagonals.
TIER 3: Students will complete a two-column proof that will prove the theorem about the
property of the rectangle relating to its diagonals.
D. Discussing new Group Task
concepts and practicing Each group shall answer the following questions and will present their answers on the
new skills # 1 board.
From your output in the previous activity, answer the following questions.
a. When you create the diagonals of a rectangle, what kind of triangles were formed?
b. What can you say about the length of the diagonals of any rectangle?
c. Complete the statement: “In any rectangle, the diagonals are ______________.”
E. Discussing new Illustrative Examples:
concepts and practicing Given Rectangle STAR with diagonals SA and RT intersecting at P.
new skills # 2 1. If SA= 4 cm, find RT.
2. If RP= 3.5 in, how long is SA?
P 3. If RT= 16 cm, find AP.
4. If SA= 4y-7, and AH=y+5, find y, SA and PT.
R A 5. If PR= 3a+4 and AH= 5a+9, find a, PS and RT.

If possible, ask some students to show the answers on the board.

What property did you apply to solve problem 1? Problems 2 and 3? Problems 4 and 5?
F. Developing mastery Think-Pair-Share
(leads to Formative Given Rectangle MATH with diagonals MT and AH intersecting at J.
Assessment 3) 1. If MT= 5 cm, find AH.
2. If MJ= 8 in, how long is AH?
J 3. If MT= 13 cm, find JH.
4. If MT= 3x-11, and AH=x+7, find the value of x that
H T will make MATH a rectangle.
5. If AH= 12 in and JM= 12 in. Is MATH a rectangle?
Why or why not?
G. Finding practical Group activity: (Activity Centers)
application of concepts Say: “Everyone, quietly go to your choice groups.”
and skills in daily living Carpentry: TABLES, TABLES!
In carpentry, braces are very useful as they are used to hold a structure or part steady
or upright. Tables, as well, need braces to keep them firm and functional. Braces are
sometimes attached diagonally through two opposite corners of a table. In the figure below,
the blue lines represent the braces for the table. If one brace of the rectangular table is 1.7
m long. How much wood is needed to construct the braces of 5 tables?

In a chess game, each player has 16 pieces wherein two of which are called bishops
which can move as far as desired in any diagonal direction, as long as the path is not blocked
by another piece. If the black bishop captures a white pawn (as shown in the figure below)
by travelling 17 units. How many units will the white bishop travel to capture the black rook?

The U-shaped kitchen is probably the most practical of kitchen layouts and can
provide an additional run of potential storage or appliance space compared with a galley
kitchen or L-shaped kitchen. U-shaped kitchens can work in large spaces, but even small
kitchens can benefit from a U-shaped design. Below is a layout of a U-shaped kitchen.

If a worker travels 3 m from area A to the dishwashing area (DW), how far will another
person travels from the refrigerator to the pantry?


Best photographs are discovered that details of interest were often placed precisely
on the diagonals of a square, instead of any “strong points” that the rule of thirds or the
photographic adaptation of the golden ratio suggests. Manually placing certain elements of
interest on these lines results in a more pleasing photograph.

In the photograph above, if the orange diagonal is 5 in long, how long is the green


If two vectors (like displacement, velocity or force) acting simultaneously at a point
can be represented both in magnitude and direction by the adjacent sides of a parallelogram
drawn from a point, then the resultant vector is represented both in magnitude and direction
by the diagonal of the parallelogram passing through that point.

v1 vr

B v2 C
If v1 is a 3N force exerted upward and v2 is a 4N force exerted to the right, what is the resultant
force vr?
H. Making generalizations Ask students to summarize their learnings by answering the following guide questions and
and abstractions about presenting it before the class in paragraph form.
the lesson
1. What is a rectangle?
2. What properties are true to rectangles?
3. Are there properties of rectangles that are NOT true to all parallelograms? What is
I. Evaluating learning THINK-TAC-TOE
Let students choose from the 3 x 3 choice board 3 questions/activities in a row to answer.

1. Give at least 2 properties 2. In rectangle HOPE, HP 3. In parallelogram HOPE,
that is true to all and OE are diagonals. If if EQ= 7.5 cm long and
rectangles. HP is 15 cm long. How HP=15 cm long, will
long is OE. HOPE be a rectangle?
4. In rectangle HOPE, give 5. In rectangle HOPE, if 6. What property is true to
at least 2 pairs of OE= 2x-3 and HP= x+2, rectangles only but NOT
congruent segments. how long will OE and HP to all parallelograms?
7. In rectangle HOPE, HP 8. Give one real-life 9. In rectangle HOPE, if
and EO are diagonals situation that involves the QH= 6 in, how long will
intersecting at Q. Prove significant application of EO be?
that HQ is congruent to properties of rectangles.
I choose activities # _____, _______, and _______.

J. Additional activities for RAFT Model

application or For remediation or enrichment, let the students do the following activities.
A. From the table below, choose a ROLE you want to assume. From the role’s point
of view, write to your AUDIENCE in a specified FORMAT about a certain TOPIC.
Diagonal Rectangle Campaign Speech Importance of Diagonals
Rectangle Parallelograms Letter What makes me special
First Diagonal Second Love letter Explain relationship

1. No. of learners who

earned 80% on the
formative assessment
2. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for remediation.
3. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners
who have caught up with
the lesson.
4. No. of learners who
continue to require
5. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
6. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
7. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I
wish to share with other