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Oracion a la Virgen del Carmen en idioma ingles

Sovereign Virgin of Carmen,

oh sweet Mary, dearest Mother of mine,
Comprehensive Lady that you wrap us in your love
and you distance us from everything that makes us suffer,
I beg you to listen to my humble pleas
and for your powerful mediation and compassionate assistance
make that ....... (your name or that of the sick person)
Recover health as soon as possible.

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Holy Mary of Carmen,
May your kind Heart welcome my prayers
and your virtuous and cozy mantle cover the body of .......
Send your angels to your side for assistance
and the Archangels so that they flood their life with well-being and light.

Ask the Father if it is his will

grant me the favor of healing .......
tell God have compassion for .......
and work a miracle to be healed-a,

Our Lady of Carmen,

You who were appointed after God to give us peace
and be our special mediator,
You who are a source of mercy and consolation,
do not allow that ....... suffer more for his illness,
make him have the strength to keep fighting
and bravely face their sufferings,
it fills his mind with optimism so as not to fall into discouragement,
Give patience to endure the pains and treatments
and above all, give him hope to trust in his quick improvement.

Holy Mother, good and generous mother,

that you accompany us and welcome us in the worst moments,
and you get the favors you ask of God,
supply him with his loving hands on hers.
so that ... can receive the help of the Divine Light,
and by his power, he will remove all disease and heal his body.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

Virgin consolation of the afflicted and health of the sick,
pray for those who trust, we come to You,
free us from all evil, enemy and disease,
as well as everything that can disturb our lives,
and guide us on the paths of love and charity.

Holy Trinity, who are one God,

have mercy on us!

So be it.

Pray three Hail Marys, Our Father and Glory.

Do the prayer three days or more if deemed necessary.

Prayer can be done for oneself

or for another sick person.