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TLED 430

TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment

Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating

Subject History and Social Science Math
Grade Level 2nd Grade 3rd Grade

Learning Objective 2.3 The student will compare the lives and 3.3 The student will
contributions of three American Indian a) estimate and determine the sum
cultures of the past and present, with or difference of two whole
emphasis on numbers
a) the Powhatan of the Eastern

b) the Lakota of the Plains; and

c)the Pueblo peoples of the Southwest.

Activity The objective of this lesson is to have the students The objective of this lesson is to have the students
review the lives and contributions of the American solve addition and subtraction problems
Indians. The class will begin with the teacher going simultaneously in an interactive and collaborative
over the three American Indian cultures; the approach. The class will begin with the teacher
Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands, the Lakota of writing two addition problems that they will solve
the Plains, and the Pueblo of the Southwest. The as a class, then following that they would do the
students will then pair up with a buddy to review same procedure for subtraction and estimation.
the American Indians contributions, homes, The class with then pick a buddy to do a
occupations, and transportations for 5 minutes. collaborative assignment with. The assignment will
Once the time is up, the students will use their consist of the students using the app, ShowMe, to
assigned iPads to access an app called “Popplet.” screen record addition, subtraction, and estimation
This app is designed for students to create a problems from the worksheet given in class. The

graphic organizer using significant information. For students will then compare each other’s answers
today’s purpose, the students will make a graphic by presenting how they got their answer. By the
organizer containing the following: end of the class, each student should have six
TLED 430

- Contributions of the American Indians: problems screen recorded. The problems consist of
Arts, knowledge of the environment, the following:
respect for nature, farming of corn and 1. Solve using addition. 214 + 95=
tobacco 2. Solve using addition. 145 + 26=
- Three regions: Eastern Woodlands, Plains, 3. Solve using subtraction. 36 - 29=
and Southwest 4. Solve using subtraction. 333 - 65 =
- Indians: Powhatan, Lakota, and Pueblo 5. Estimate to the nearest hundreds. 395
- Homes: Wood frame with bark/ reed 6. Estimate to the nearest tens. 689
covering, teepees, and multistory terraced
- Occupations: fishermen/ hunters/ farmers,
hunters/ horsemen, and farmers/ hunters
- Transportation: walked/ paddled/ canoes,
walked/ used horses, and walked
Technology Popplet Lite ShowMe
TLED 430

Creating Apps from My Peers Collaborating Apps from My Peers

1. Alex Adams 1. Alex Adams

- MADLIBS - Educreations
- I like how students can distinguish between - I like how you can teach a lesson on it by
the parts of speech by creating their own screen recording on the whiteboard section
story. This is a good interactive app for of the app.
students to use when introducing nouns, - I can have my students teach other using
adjectives, pronouns, etc. this app on a certain subject.
- With this app, I can have the students 2. Brandi Busby
create their own story, while - Skitch
simultaneously understanding the parts of - I like how students are capable of marking
speech. on existing pictures.
2. Brandi Busby - With this app, I can have students label a
– Stack the states picture, whether it is for science or history.
– I like Stack the States because students not
only have the opportunity to learn all 50
states by completing interactive games, but
they can arrange the states like a puzzle.
Peer Collaboration

– I would use this app for a 3rd grade history

class because when talking about American
Indians, you need to know where they
come from. When students put this app to
use, they will understand the living styles of
the American Indians.