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Put the verbs in brackets into Present tenses. Put the verbs in brackets into Past tenses

1.Penguins________________________(eat) fish. 1.When I_________(come), she_______________(cook) dinner.

2.Their brother_____________(read) a book now. 2.I________________(do) my homework by 5 o’clock yesterday.

3.I________________(not do) my homework yet. 3. When she___________(come), he_________________(sleep)

for 3 hours.
4.She_________________ (watch TV) for 2 hours.
4. When she_______________________________(go) to school,
5. I___________just_______________(buy) a car.
6.__________you__________________ (sleep)?
5.I______________(know), she______________________(live)
7. Her sister_______never______ (be) to the USA. in London for 5 years.

Rewrite the sentences in passive voice Rewrite the sentences using the causative form

1. They build houses every year. 1. He is fixing her TV

________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

2. The chef is cooking dinner 2. They cut her hair yesterday

________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

3. The mechanic fixed her car yesterday. 3. They have mowed his lawn.
________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

4. Will Mike invite them to the party? 4.They will clean his apartment
________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

5. Have they bought this footballer? 5. She cooks him dinner every day
________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

6.When she came, I was writing a letter. 6. When he came, they were repairing her car.
________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

Rewrite the sentences in reported speech.

1. “I will invite you to the party next week” She said ______________________________________________________

2. “We have bought a car” They said____________________________________________________________________

3. “I have never been to France” He said________________________________________________________________

4. “She is sleeping now” He said_______________________________________________________________________

5. “We will not win tomorrow” He knew ________________________________________________________________

6. “Do you like football?” She asked____________________________________________________________________

7. “Did you do the shopping yesterday?” She asked_______________________________________________________

8. “Have you done your homework?” He asked__________________________________________________________

9. “Where did you go last week?” They asked___________________________________________________________

10. “What are you doing tonight” He asked_____________________________________________________________


1. works
1. came/was cooking
2. Is reading
2. had done
3. haven’t done
3. came/had been sleeping
4. has been watching
4. was going/fell
5. have bought
5. Knew/had been living or had
6. are/sleeping
7. has never been

1. Houses are built by them 1. She is having her TV fixed

every year 2. She had her hair cut yesterday
2. Dinner is being cooked by the 3. He has had his lawn mown
chef 4. He will have his apartment
3. Her car was fixed by the cleaned
mechanic yesterday 5. He has his dinner cooked every
4. Will they be invited to the day
party by Mike? 6. When he came, she was having
5. Has this footballer been her car repaired.
bought by them?
6. When she came, a letter was
being written by me.

1. She said that she would invite me to the party the following
2. They said that they had bought a car
3. He said that he had never been to France
4. He said that she was sleeping then
5. He knew that they would not win the next day
6. She asked if I liked football
7. She asked if I had done the shopping the previous day
8. She asked if I had done my homework
9. They asked where I had gone the previous week
10. He asked what I was doing that night.