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Subject Pronouns Possessive Adjectives Object Pronouns

Fill in the gaps with possessive adjectives

I My Me
1. This is Jack. ______mother is so kind.
He His Him 2. This is Ann. ______dad is really funny.
She Her Her 3. Donald and Mike are teachers.
It Its It ________students are smart.
We Our Us 4. I like_______family. They are so cool.
5. I have got two sisters. _______names
You Your You
are Julie and Mary.
They Their Them

Fill in the gaps with the corresponding object pronoun Write sentences as in the example
1. I haven’t got a pen. Can you give________your pen, please?
That’s my brother. His name is Jim
2. Look at__________. She is so beautiful.
3. John is my best friend. I can tell__________everything.
4. Manchester United is my favourite football team. I like____ 3. Mother/Alice
5. My favourite food is pizza. I love_____________. _______________________________
6. Tom, can I ask__________something? 4. Cat/Tom
7. Please, invite________to your party. We really want to go! _______________________________

Replace the words in bold with a subject or object Underline the correct pronoun
pronoun, as in the example 1. Her/She has got a sister.
1. Rick has got a car. 2. Look at my/me. I can ride a bike!
He has got it. 3. That’s my father. Him/His name is Dave
2. Jerry likes cheese. 4. My parents are cool! I love they/them.
________________________________ 5. Can you tell my/me your phone number?
3. David loves Helen. 6. His/him brother is a musician.
________________________________ 7. Our/Us teacher is kind and friendly.
4. This present is for me and you. 8. Where is your dad? He/him is at work.
________________________________ 9. He has got a dog. His/him name is Spike
5. My parents love Batman. 10. Can you give him/his your pen
________________________________ 11. These apples are for our/us.

Read the text, underline the correct pronoun and put the verbs in brackets into the correct form
Dear Jesse,
Hi! My/me name is Mike! I______(to be) 10 years old. I/me have got a big family. Our/us family is friendly
and caring. My mother’s name is Helen. She/Her is 35 years old. She/Her_____(to be) a doctor. I really love
she/her. My father’s name is David. He/him______(to be) a teacher. He always helps me/my with my/me
homework. He_____(to be) really kind and I love his/him so much! I have got a little brother. Him/His name
is Kevin. He_______(to be) 5 years old. I always tell his/him scary stories at night. He______(to be) the
best little brother in the world!. I have also got a cat and a dog. Their/them names are Tom and Spike. I love
their/them a lot!
I must go now. My/me mum calls me/my. Write back and tell me about you/your family!