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Administrator: Keith van der Meer, Vice Principal, LCI

Intern Teacher: Valerie Phillips

Administrator Comments:
Through three formal observations of Ms. Phillips' classes I have enjoyed watching her improve in her teaching practice. Ms.
Phillips was tasked with teaching a French Immersion (FI) grade 9 English class and a Social 10 class that each offered
unique challenges, and opportunities. During the course of her practicum, through conversations, Ms. Phillips was able to
reflect and adjust her lessons to better meet the needs of her students and to encourage greater engagement and autonomy
in learning. Through each subsequent observation, Ms. Phillips successfully utilized any feedback provided and was seen to
implement it in her teaching practice.

Ms. Phillips' reflections on the differences of each class that she taught helped to guide her planning and instruction in
accordance with the abilities and motivations of each group. Through using her planning documents, Ms. Phillips was able to
identify successes and areas of improvement in planned learning activities. Classroom management strategies were an area
of growth, especially with her FI group; despite their ability to independently engage in each lesson, Ms. Phillips began to
recognize the importance of structure for this particular group of students.

The learning activities I observed were indicative of a great deal of thought and planning. Each learning activity reflected
learning outcomes detailed by the Alberta Program of Studies, gave consideration to per-requisite knowledge, and offered
each student the opportunity to succeed through a blend of direct instruction, independent practice and group work dynamics.
Ms. Phillips' planning documents were well organized and this contributed to the success of her lessons and learning

Ms. Phillips has a good understanding of assessment and the notion of differentiation. Her assessments were aligned with the
core concepts being taught in class and her use of formative assessment practices helped to guide her instruction and pacing
of lessons. Ms. Phillips demonstrated flexibility with regards to her assessment and student readiness as she adjusted the
time lines of her assessment and assignment due dates. Ms. Phillips also used assessments to reflect on each unit of study to
determine the effectiveness of her planning and instructional materials.

A clear strength of Ms. Phillips was her ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with her students built on mutual
respect and understanding. Ms. Phillips achieved these connections with students through taking the time to authentically
listen and ask questions to understand. Ms. Phillips demonstrates an extremely welcoming demeanor and her approach to
students is embedded in patience and kindness. These interactions with students allowed Ms. Phillips to establish a safe and
caring learning environment where students willingly took risks in their learning and that was encouraging of their

Ms. Phillips contributed to the co-curricular program at LCI through events such as our Remembrance Day ceremony and
Sock Hop. Ms. Phillips worked well with her mentor teacher which demonstrated her ability to effectively collaborate and
showcased her collegiality. Overall, Ms. Phillips could identify the importance of her contributions and connections she has
made with fellow staff members.

It has been a pleasure working with Ms. Phillips over the course of her practicum. She is clearly an engaged educator who
has her students' best interests at the core of her practice. She has modeled growth and understanding that will continue to
serve her well as she embarks on her career as an educator.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Keith van der Meer

Vice Principal, Lethbridge Collegiate Institute

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