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11. In oil painting, it takes three days for a layer of paint

to dry. What do you call this enough period of drying
SUMMATIVE EXAM – 2ND QUARTER this layer before adding another layer?
a. Curing B. thinning
CONTEMPORARY ARTS C. tinting D. waiting

1. What do you called to recognition to Filipino 12. What shading technique is used in the given
traditional craftsmen or artisans whose skills have picture?
reached a high level of technical and artistic a. cross-hatching C. hatching
excellence? b. smoothing D. stippling
A. Gawad sa Manlilikha sa Bayan
B. National Commission for Culture and the Arts 13. What shading technique is used in the given
C. Carlos Palanca Annual Awards picture?
D. Fernando Amorsolo Awards a. cross-hatching C. hatching
b. smoothing D. stippling
2. ______in the arts refers to what they are all about.
A. Subject B. Technique C. 14. What shading technique is used in the given
Subject D. Medium picture?
a. cross-hatching C. hatching
3. This element is the basic element to any drawing, b. Pointillism D. scribbling
painting, or sculpture.
A. Contrast B. Value C. Texture D. 15. Which one does not belong to the group?
Line a. Blending C. life drawing
b. emotive drawing D. perspective
4. Pick the best answer to describe SHAPE. drawing
A. A principle of art that deals with height and
B. An element that refers to the area between, 16. Which one does not belong to the same category?
around and/or within things. a. Etching B. Feathering
C. Triangles, squares, cylinders, rectangles, ovals, C. Lithography D. Serigraphy
and circles.
D. An element that is concerned with height and 17. All items below belong to the same category. Which
width, and that encloses space. one does not?
a. Acacia B. Brass
5. ___ a type of medium uses wood, bamboo, bricks, C. Ipil D. Molave
stone, concrete and various building materials.
A. Architect B. Painter C. Printmaker 18. Which one does not belong to the same set?
D. Sculptor a. Chisel B. coping saw
C. gouge D. graphite
6. Which element of art is concerned with reflected
light? 19. Which of the following crafts does not belong to the
A. Contrast B. Value C. Color D. group?
Pattern a. Basket
b. ceramics
7. Which principle of art refers to how art elements c. mat
help direct a viewer's eyes through a work of art? d. textile
A. Space B. Rhythm C. Emphasis
D. Movement 20. In drawing, objects like oranges, rough hollow block
wall and sandy floor, what shading technique is
8. __ a type of medium uses pigments (e.g., watercolor, most appropriate to be used?
oil, tempera, textile paint, acrylic, ink, etc.) on a a. Blending
usually flat ground (wood, canvas, paper, stone wall b. Hatching
such as in cave paintings). c. Smoothing
A. Architect B. Painter C. Printmaker d. Stippling
D. Sculptor
21. What kind of paper support that is the favorite of
9. Which element of art refers to the distance or area watercolor artists because it allows paint to pool in
between, around, or within things? heavy wash?
A. Emphasis B. Texture C. Contrast
D. Space a. laid paper
b. wove paper
10. ____is a type of medium uses metal, wood, stone, c. textured pastel
clay, and glass. Sculptures fall within the category of d. rough grained paper
“three-dimensional” arts because they occupy space
and have volume. 22. . What substance is used to primer most of the
A. Architect B. Painter C. Printmaker ready-made canvas?
D. Sculptor a. acrylic gesso
b. glue
c. paint
d. varnish
A. Photographer B. musician C. Dancer
23. What makes the compressed charcoal different from
vine charcoal? D. Pictorial Work
a. It is not messy.
b. It comes in thin sticks. 35. ___ as the material, or the substance out of which a work
c. It can create broad strokes. is made.
d. It creates much darker black pigment. A. Subject B. Technique
C. Theme D. Medium
24. In painting, what substance controls the viscosity
(thickness or thinness) of the paint? 36. What art element is most evident to the image?
A. Color B. Shape
a. Binder C. Space D. Texture
b. Oil.
c. Pigments
d. Solvent
37. What principle is used by the artist in the photo?

A. Balance D. Color
B. Emphasis C.Rhythm

25. What kind of pastel that is traditionally round and

wrapped in paper sleeve? 38. What republic of the Philippines were GAMABA adopted
a. oil pastel C.dry pastel by the government and institutionalized
b. soft pastel D. hard pastel A. RA 10175 B. RA 9262 C. RA 7355
E. RA 7053
26. What material is used in sculpture that is a powdery 39. ____ what connect subjects to their social milieu, and
substance made with calcite lime and clay, and is ways to determine the issue of an artwork.
mixed with water, sand and gravel? A. Subject B. Technique
a. Cement C. clay C. Theme D. Medium
b. mud D. plaster of Paris 40.Which of the following statements is NOT true about
27. ____ a type of medium uses ink printed or transferred on two-dimensional art?
a surface (wood, metal plates, or silk screen a. Two-dimensional artworks are round.
A. Architect B. Painter C. Printmaker b. An illusion of depth maybe used by the artist
D. Sculptor to create 3D effect.
28. ___type of medium uses sound and instruments c. The use of support varies depending on the
(including the human voice) medium.
A. Photographer B. musician d. The surface of a 2D art is also called a
C. Dancer D. Pictorial Work ‘ground’.
29. ___ type of medium uses music, poetry (those that have
perceptible rhythm and can be sung or danced to), and Essay. 10 Points (Minimum of 10 Sentences)
dance that is accompanied by music
A. Pictorial works B. Musical Arts If you were to create a museum, what would it be focused
C. Musical Arts D. Practical Arts on? Why? Who will be your target audience? Describe your
30. ___ type of medium use the camera to record the outside target audience according to age, education, class, religion,
world. education, etc. Are you targeting the general public or high
A. Photographer B. musician school students like yourself, or your local government
C. Dancer D. Pictorial Work officials, or many others that were not mentioned here? Who
31.___ type of medium uses everyday and business life such do you think would benefit most from the knowledge your
as design, architecture, and furniture museum will impart? How will you go about imparting this
A. Musical Arts B. Practical Arts knowledge?
C. Pictorial works D. environmental arts Rubrics:

32. ___ type of medium occupy space and change in its INTRODUCTION – 2 Points - Well-developed introductory paragraph
meaning and function depending on their categories contains detailed background information, Title or name of
including architecture, sculpture, and site-specific works museum.
such as installations and public art. BODY – 4 Points - Argument is well developed with two supporting
facts/ examples.
CONCLUSION - 4 Points - Conclusion was presented Opinions and
A. Musical Arts B. Practical Arts suggestions for change are logical and well thought out.
C. environmental arts D. Pictorial Work

33. ___type of medium uses sound and instruments

(including the human voice)
A. Photographer B. musician C. Dance

D. Pictorial Work

34.___ type of medium include painting, drawing, graphics,

and stage and production design (lighting, dress, props, and