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PDP Professional Development Plan

MCT/ MST recommendation Behavior management

Managing learning

I will use new ways to reduce the behavior that is disturb the class.

Action Points I can use different technique to manage the class to have better learning. Also, to know the students
better that will help me to communicate with them and to manage the class well. that will help the
learning process.

MCT/ MST recommendation Time management and Take control over the classroom

Competency Time management

Goal To be aware of the time and use a timer.

Action Points I can use a timer to help me manage the time during the lesson. Also, to divide the lesson into the 45
min and to check the time constantly.
Reflect upon your progress towards your goals. (write 2 paragraphs about your goal progresses)

 In this teaching practice I was working to improve managing learning competency. Specifically, the one thing I was working on

from this category is behavior management. To achieve this goal, I used different strategies in the classroom. Such as: using

small squares that have two colors which are: green and red. The green one was for the students who work in the lesson without

interrupting the other students. On the other hand, the red was for the students that distract other students. So, when the

lesson finish I open class dojo and collect the students points the greens and the reds. Finally, by using this method it helped me

to control students in the classroom during the classroom.

 So, in this teaching practice my progress towards this goal which is behavior management is changing. I used different strategies

to manage the students. The strategies that I used worked with the students. So, as my placement time in the school and

classroom. I notice the students are responding towards the behavior management strategy that I used. So, to sum up I used

skinner theory which is Positive and negative reinforcement to manage the student’s behavior. By using skinner theory operant

conditioning help me to control the student’s behavior. As a result, the students were able to learn in the classroom.