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10/29 tech stumblethrough


Still need bios

Megan, just give your translator note cuts

YES use the pillars that are there

“Actually, no, they all think like me” it was a realization, and that was good

“Why is she snaking in here?” to Richard, go back towards Richard for that

Richard, go to them on exit, but don’t touch them

Joe: really good “How?” impressed at audacity, shocked at him going that far


David did you lose scarf on purpose?

Allison do scary head grab

Timing was fucking cool on the Teiresias music

David, pull and get pulled back a little more

Richard nice to come in and take in all the damage so far

Don’t go center until after attaching the cord

Joanne don’t be trapped b/w two center cords


Translator’s note feels really natural; really good delivering a couple of those lines to the cords

All: remember the people at the edges, remember the angles

Lisa, I like how quiet your first scene was

If heater is on, crank up audio a few decibels

First chorus: when you plant in front of the pillar, turn upstage a little bit

Richard/David: still not funny

David need a bio from you

Richard, good energy, good starting quietly

Richard come out after Ismene earlier

Madalyn good frantic energy when you come out

“Is that what I’m guilty of?” just a little quieter

Lisa, last scene good triumphant at points

Getting onto the ground seems nice

“Unwept, unwed, unloved” reaction when David comes in even though back is turned

Richard you can react a little more to what’s happening

“Greek chorus” part started good, can pick up the cues a little more

Allyson, we’ll have you enter from the DSR entrance

“It’s Friday afternoon. There goes Antigone” both of you are doing so much and I love it

Allyson, did we lose the hood/scarf?

Louder Teiresias music just a little

We need a backup plan if hook falls out when Allyson is doing it

Charlie, can you spend a little longer behind the audience?

Don’t come in until falling

Richard, nice subtle sigh

Is there another thing we can add to Richard’s costume to make him look slightly more official?

Richard, instead of backing out, can you turn a little after you see who it is?

Allyson, you don’t have to be completely still back there, you can hear everything

Does the “quick quick quick” cord ever hang somewhere?

Joanne, good choice in stomping over to the cord on “NO SHE IS NOT”

Allyson, feel free to walk around on those bandages, I feel like it makes it better if they’re gross

Joanne, good catching yourself on cords “WHY DO YOU MESSENGERS”

From Megan for me:


- Tuck in shirt all the way
- Circling was good

Madalyn: lots of really nice little moments, you use the space really well

“everything pious is taken away” good intensity

Megan: good beginning, “here comes Kreon” more of a skeptical tone?

Richard, cross your hands earlier

Richard: I liked the :I face at “goat’s anus”

Richard nice “I’m a free man”, trying to escape, pleading almost

Richard slow down a little bit during that monologue, I was losing some of the words

Joe I like what you do with “soles are on fire”

Megan I think you’ve pretty much got it

David sorry for spitting in your face

“Terrible leisure” David, quieter rage after the loud outburst

Allyson, movement is looking cool

We’ll work the “quick quick quick” bit w/ Megan

I like Richard’s pants

Richard, I really like you putting your hands in your pocket trying to walk away on “a [ ] of smoke”

Joanne’s hair is good

It’s okay if cord makes a sound when you hook it

Joanne, worked better when you say “WHY DO YOU MESSENGERS” from the platform

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