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Teacher: Katelyn Kittilson (Ms.

Elementary School Visual Art Technology Connect 5th Grade

Title of Unit:
Movie Makers (Stop Motion Animation)

Big Idea:
Expression Inspiration Personality Teamwork
Developing craft and creativity Cooperation Technology

Artists will be given the task to develop their own storyboard and create a stop motion animation
movie, including own designed background, characters, storyline, and written/composed music.
Within the art area, artists will be taking their knowledge of figure drawings and applying it to the
characters to add the movement element along with taking what they know of landscapes and
perspective to develop their backgrounds. From an English writing and reading area, the artists are
using their creative minds and what they’ve learned about timelines and stories to write out a short
storyline for the movie. Finally from the music area, artists will be taking their knowledge of writing
music and Garageband expertise to compose a work that matches their story. This activity is not
only connecting the artists to a newer style of art and the 21st century technology realm, but it will
be dealing with cooperation among artists and cooperation as the artists are taking this into their
music classroom to compose music for their movie.

Colorado Visual Art Standards (5th Grade Level 2020 Standards)
Standard 1. Observe and Learn to Comprehend
2. Demonstrate an understanding of how works of visual art and design are influenced by
the culture of daily life.
b. Investigate and discuss how popular culture influences visual art and
Standard 2. Envision and Critique to Reflect
2. Visualize intended meaning and determine a method of planning that best supports
personal artmaking.
b. Identify various methods of planning for visual art and design.
Standard 3. Invent and Discover to Create
1. Plan works of visual art and design where intended meaning is communicated to
a. Make decisions during the creative process that best supports the
intended point of view.
b. Discuss with others to determine if intended meaning was effectively
Standard 4. Relate and Connect to Transfer
1. Use interdisciplinary knowledge, investigate and interpret how diverse communities
address issues relevant to their place and times.
b. Discuss how art reflects diverse social values and beliefs.

Enduring Understandings:
~Artists understand and demonstrate that visual art and design connects to their everyday life.
~Artists are constantly reflecting and envisioning never stopping that process.
~Artists consider and understand how different viewers can interpret the intended meaning in a
different way than intended.
~Artists take their knowledge from different subjects and use it to inform themselves on a new

Essential Questions:
For Students…
~What skills do I already know and have to use throughout this project?
~What can help inspire my project and me?
~How does stop motion relate to my unit of inquiry?
~How do I get my intended meaning out to an audience?
~What skills can transfer from one classroom to another classroom during this project?
~How does this project relate to the “real world” and what skills did I develop?
For Teachers…
~How can I push the students to go beyond?
~What skills will I need to teach them?
~What can this project tie into other content areas?
~How much do the students know about the figure? iPads? Creating movies?

Objectives/Unit Goals:
~Artists will be identifying and reflecting on their personal connections to the community and
society and notice how it is shown/demonstrated in art and design.
~Artists will start to establish different goals for their artwork through verbal or written
communication then plan out the steps accordingly to those set goals.
~Artists will develop and express ideas in new ways to communicate the intent and goals for a
work of art.
~Artists will comprehend and value other perspectives expressed to help in planning or building
the intent and goal another persons artwork.
~Artists will connect what they know about art and design from personal experiences or lessons to
social problems.

Pre and Post Assessment Plan:

Pre- A class wide discussion based on the topic of movies. Artists will discuss with the teacher some
different ideas and things they have noticed in certain movies if they have seen them (Nightmare
Before Christmas, Coraline, Frankenweenie). In smaller groups of four the artists will talk about
different subjects on these ideas of movies and how they are made, specifically the claymation ones.
This will drive a sense of community throughout the classroom, help the teacher figure out what
artists do and do not know about making a movie or the process, and get the entire class on the
same page as what each person knows.
Post- The artists will develop and turn in a performance-based authentic assessment. This will
summarize what the artists have learned though the course of the unit showing it in a
performance/art piece. They also will have their sketches and storyline set with their final
assessment to show the growth aspect of artists learning. The artist will be allowed to add an artist
statement for a written part to the performance part.

Content Integration:
This lesson directly ties into the Colorado Department of Educations Music Standards (2020
Version) and basic 21st century skills for communication among people and resources. Students are
following Standard 2, the Creation of Music where they are composing, improvising, and arranging
melodies with rhythmic accompaniment. By composing and creating a song on their own for their
movie students are learning how to use multiple content areas to create a fully finished piece to be
proud of. Having the students work in technology and in groups within the class, they are
developing skills that are being used in the job force. Communication is a key factor when working
together or even when being a part of a job, so working in smaller groups is pushing that idea that
you can’t always work on a piece individually. Technology is already continuing to become more
and more advanced and to keep up with this growth rate; students must experiment and learn how
to use different tools.

The Art Scholar magazines to tie into the art history examples and references from artists who have
used claymation or animation to bring their ideas or characters to life through movie form. Showing
an appropriate scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas to show artists how much it does take
to create one 3 minute scene for realistic work. Having artists tie back to their last unit and use the
ideas of the figure drawing and landscapes to develop their actual creations with the magazines or
photo examples and posters in the classroom.

Outline of the Lesson:

Teacher Will… Artists Will…

Class Period 1 Introduce the subject matter with Listen and learn about the subject and
magazines, photos, videos and review things through the material
questions. Teacher will challenge given to them. Artists will be
artists with questions that they are answering questions to get started on
to answer in a class discussion or in thinking about their art piece.
small groups.

Class Period 2 Review last class material and give Comprehend and ask any questions
artists instructions as what to do about the material from last week and
during the first 10 minutes and for go ahead for picking a partner and
the rest of class. beginning their storyboard through
sketches or final drafts.

Class Period 3 Review class material and give Ask any more questions about
some tips about starting the material and review tips given. Artists
backgrounds and characters before will then start creating with their
setting artists free. partner the background and
characters in sketches or final drafts.

Class Period 4 Do a mini demo on using Stop Watch and learn from teacher demo
Motion Animation about 5-10 and then finish up the storyboard
minutes worth. Review and set backgrounds or characters. If time
artists free. begin movie.

Class Period 5 Review and give tips on Stop Motion Review and learn from tips given then
then set artists free again. continue movie creating.

Class Period 6 Notify artists today will be the last Finish on their movie and prepare
day for the project and set them free. movie and artwork for the art show by
Have those who are done help with glueing down things, writing down
sending all finished movies to the any last minute things, and sending
account for art show. movies to account.