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April 7, 2016

Re: Jules D’Aiello

Letter of Recommendation

Please accept this letter as a personal reference and recommendation in support of Jules D’Aiello. I
have personally known and worked with Jules for several years through the Youth Ministry
programs of both St. Luke Church in Long Valley and St. Lawrence Church in Chester, New Jersey.

As a student at West Morris Central High School, Jules has challenged herself with a rigorous
program of academic studies and as a result, has been accepted into several excellent universities. I
am very confident that she will excel in her college studies. In addition to her commitment to her
studies, Jules is a multi-talented young lady and has pursued her musical and theatrical interests
throughout her high school years. She has been a dedicated participant in the school’s various drama
and musical productions and plans to continue her involvement in the theatrical arts during her
college studies.

Although Jules’s successes in academics and extracurricular activities are very impressive, she has
distinguished herself by serving others as a member of the leadership team of the Youth Ministry’s
Antioch program at both St. Luke and St. Lawrence Churches. It is through this program that I have
truly been fortunate enough to become close to Jules and witness her growth and maturity.

The Antioch program co-sponsors a retreat program for high school students twice per year,
consisting of a three-day weekend retreat that is developed and run by teenagers to help them
support one another and learn more about themselves, their relationships with each other and their
faith. The program is a very unique experience, and for many of our teenagers, it has been a turning
point in their lives. Jules has been a very active participant in this program since her initial
involvement as a participant at the weekend retreats. Her dedication and ability to serve where
recognized by the adult leaders, and she was subsequently selected to join the Antioch leadership
team. As a committed member of this leadership team, she has dedicated many hours and weekends
in the preparation and planning for the weekend retreats, as well as the many follow-up meetings that
occur. As one of the adults who assist in oversight of the program, I have had the opportunity to
work closely with Jules, particularly during the planning and preparation process for these retreats.
She has shown a unique ability to step out of her “comfort zone” and reach out to her peers, drawing
upon her own experiences and faith to serve those in need in her community. She represents the
unique and special experience that the Antioch program is, through her special combination of
courage to overcome her own challenges, compassion for others, and her spirit, which enable her to

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connect with her peers and help them as they try to find their own unique paths during this
challenging stage of their lives. She is an inspirational example of someone who recognizes that
often it is our challenges that present us with the greatest opportunities for growth and maturity.

Jules is a multi-talented, intelligent, courageous and compassionate young lady. We are all too often
exposed to the negative aspects of our youth and not enough to the positive contributions they make
to our society. Jules exemplifies the hope that her generation can provide as they empower
themselves and their peers. I have no doubt whatsoever that during her college years she will
achieve academic success and thrive in the theatrical arts community, but more importantly I
sincerely believe she will also continue to serve and impact the lives of others around her in many
ways. Her community service and church activities represent true commitment on her part, to which
I can personally attest she has dedicated countless hours. It is with great pleasure to offer my sincere
and heartfelt recommendation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in reference to this special young lady.


Tony Amaral, P.E.

Amaral & Associates, Inc.

54 Ann Road, Long Valley, NJ 07853 Tel:(908)-684-8777 Fax:(908)-684-8588