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Standard Features
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Single Row Housed Easy Clean Magnet
High lntensity - Rare Earth Datasheet No. 510

Eclipse Magnetics high intensity magnetic Easy Clean

Housed Grids offer unsurpassed levels of contamination
removal. removing sub-micron ferrous and para-magnetic
contamination from the most demanding and arduous of
process environments.

The unit contains one high intensity Easy Clean Magnetic Grid.
The grid is secured ínto the housing by tri-cone locking nuts
which ensure even pressure ís generated around the food
grade seai.

Units can be supplied with quick release toggle clamps if

cleaning time is to be kept to a minimum. Alternatively,
consider the Auto-Shuttle unit, which requires no intervention.
For those applications were ultimate levels of removal are
required. a double row system is available (datasheet 511).

It is common to have numerous units installed throughout

a processing facility to ensure contamination is removed at
source of generation.

All dry powders and granular type materials can be processed

through the unit. Electrical safety interlocks can be fitted to the
grid to stop the process should it be accidentally opened.

This unit uses the Eclipse Magnetics 'Easy Clean' system.
This design allows all attracted contamination to be easily and
quickly collected for further inspection or analysis.

When the unit requires cleaning, simply remove the outer grid
securing tri-cone locking nuts and remove the grid from the
housing. Remove the central tri-cone locking nut and sepa-
rate the grid assembly allowing all attracted contamination to
simply fall away.

Suitable Products
Dry powders and granulates.

Suitable Locations
lnlet / outlet points. pre- / post-silo and machinery points.

r Eásy to clean
. High collection capacity
. Reduces 'spark' risk
o Removes sub-micron sized contamination
r Meet audit requirements
r Rare earth 7,000, 9,000 Gauss

Category €*)Aol::x"d
I Technical Data

Round Square

Sinches Sinches
G -gm_, G

.. ¿duct lnformation
Part Number aA B c No. of Weight
Magnetic performance *7,000 Gauss - standard strength
inches inches inches Hods lbs
9,000 Gauss - high strength
Round Performance reading On tube surface
ECHSlOO 4a 67 2 7 15
Magnetic material Rare earth neodymium iron L¡oron
Magnet grade N45 - Inspected and confirmed
ECHSl50 6o 89 3 0 2A via hysterograph prior to use
Temperature -4"F / +194"F
ECHS2OO Bo 10 11 4 1'f 25 Pressure +/-3psi
ECH§250 10o 1? 13 5 ¿J Housing 316 grade stainless steel
Other Parts 316 grade stainless steel
ECHS300 12a 14 15 6 60 Surface finish Brushed internally / externally to
ECHS3SO 140 16 17 7 32 Sealing Self adhered white {oam
Tri-cone Nuts Brass and moulded plastic
ECHS400 160 '18 19 B 41

square Options
.-_ . Stainless steel toqgle clamps
ECHS1010 4sq 47 2 6 t2 . Overpressure to +/- 145psi
¡ 20 inches (Special sizes on request)
ECHS1515 6sq 69 2 I 18 . 304 grade stainless steel
r Pharmaceutical specification
ECHS2020 Bsq 811 J I 2A . ATEX certified
¡ Flanged to suit
ECHS2525 1 osq 10 13 4 16 35 . Safety relay switches
. Metaf detectable silicon rubber seal - dark blue, FDA approved
ECHS3030 1 2§q 12 15 5 20 . Grid supporr track system
(( . High temperature samarium cobalt magnetic material, +482"F
ECHS3535 '12sq 12 17 6 ¿3

ECH54040 1 2sq 400 19 7 ¿J M

"7,000 Gauss should be selected for bread flour applicat¡ons to allow for permissible iron oxide

lf you have any more questions, require technical assistance or would like a quotation, please contact us.

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