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WTs level rounding off .Go to sm30 and write the table name.

V_T511 - Wage Type Characteristics

Rounding type –

The following values are permitted to rounding off to Specific WTs :

A - amount rounded down

B -amount rounded up/down

C - amount rounded up


Allowances grouping rounding off


Here you specify the nearest denomination of the currency

Note : Form-16 values are coming from RT

Rounding off Indirectly evaluated wage type in

infotype 0008
This document explains you about how to round off indirectly evaluated wage type in
infotype 0008.

The wage type 5001 is 5% on Basic wage type 5000.

See the below characteristics of indirectly evaluated wage type with out rounding off.
Now we want to Round off to next higher rupee.

Change the characteristics of the wage type characteristics like below screen shot.

Go to V_T7INA9 and select rounding off as upper.

Now Go to Infotype 0008 and see the result.

In Indian payroll there is no need for custom PCR's for rounding off WT /560 as there seems
to be a SAP standard function for it, please go to the following item in transaction SPRO:
Payroll>Payroll India>Recovery of Rounded Off Amounts:

Maintain Details for Recovery of Rounded Off Amounts


In this activity, you must maintain the details required for:

o Rounding off of the Net Pay Wage Type (/560) to a suitable


o Recovery of the rounded off amounts from Net Pay Wage Type (/560)


1. Select Edit -> New Entries.

2. Enter the Pay Scale Grouping for Allowance for which you want to

maintaing the Recovery of Rounding off options.

3. Enter the nearest denomination in rupees to which you want the Net Pay

wage type (/560) to be rounded off.

4. Select one of the following options for the recovery of rounding off


a) No recovery

b) Monthly

c) Annual

d) Yearly (cal)

e) Indefinite

5. Select one of the following options for the rounding off amounts:

a) Upper limit

b) Lower limit

c) Nearest to the limit

6. Enter the currency.

7. Enter the period for which the details are valid.

8. Save your entries.


If the Option of an employee changes (for example, from Monthly to

Annual), due to a change in the Pay Scale Grouping for Allowance,

recovery of rounded off amounts will take place in the next payroll run.

Hope this helps : - )

Copy INAL to ZNAL and XVAL to ZVAL

Plz try this, in ZVAL

Plz insert ROUNDGK100 for remaining all.

Rounding Off of Wage Types in RT

If you want to round off all the amounts in RT Table, follow the PCR as given below:

Similarly, do for all from 2-A.

This PCR is created by copying the standard PCR XVAL. This will further be inserted in
schema INAL as below:

Copy the Standard Schema INAL to whatever name you feel like, by TCode PE01, and insert
as below in screen shot:

VKAL is the PCR copied from Standard PCR XVAL. Test for the scenario, and you will find that the
values are rounded off.

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