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Week One

I started my teaching practice on 7th of October by helping

my MST with providing some activities for a lesson which is
the letter \P\.
- Introduce the letter for the students.
- ask students to give words start with letter \P\.
- provide flashcards for the students.

Schedule for Week One activities:

Day 1 Recognise the letter \P\:
- Find the letter \P\ in the classroom.
- Find the letter \P\ in a box and students will find only letter /P/.

Day 2 Learn how to write letter /P/:

- Write the letter using a playdoh.
- Write the letter by using cubes.
- Write the letter by using whiteboard.

Day 3 Identify words start with the letter \P\:

- Find pictures start with letter \P\.
- Color pictures start with the letter \P\.
- Match pictures start with letter \P\ with the letter.

Day 4 Review the letter \P\:

- How to write the letter \P\.
- Words start with the letter \P\.