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Utah Arts

Utah Arts Festival


Designed by Justin Vazzoler

Written By Justin V Vazzoler

Photos by Justin Vazzoler

The mission of the Utah Arts Festival is to promote the
arts and enhance the quality of life in Utah through the
production of an annual outdoor, multi-disciplinary
event in downtown Salt Lake City. We strive to maintain
the highest artistic quality in our production and pro-
gramming, represent excellence among a range of artis-
tic mediums, and promote an appreciation for fine art
while encouraging innovation in the field, and sup-
porting non-traditional, contemporary works. Masquerade Party
Time and Location
There’s no need to wait until June to
The annual Festival takes place the 4th weekend of support your favorite annual arts
June each summer and is held downtown in Salt event. On Saturday, February 23,
Lake City at Library and Washington Squares. A full
2019, the Utah Arts Festival presents
time staff of four and one part time person work
year-round to produce the Festival. In addition, we The Masquerade Party at the Falls
engage seasonal coordinators to help plan and im- Event Center at Trolley Square. From
plement artistic programs each year. A technical dancing and dining to casino-style
staff, stage and production crews, along with more games and contests, the Masquerade
than 1,000 volunteers rounds out the personnel Party promises to be an evening of fun
needed to produce the annual event.
and festivities all in support of the
Utah Arts Festival. So put on your fa-
vorite, whimsical, sinister, fantastical
mask and cocktail attire and join in on
the fun!

Award–Winning Festival
The Utah Arts Festival is the largest outdoor multi-disciplinary
arts event in Utah with attendance hovering over 70,000 each
summer. Having garnered numerous awards internationally,
nationally and locally, the event remains one of the premiere
events that kicks off the summer in Utah each June.
Four Visual Communications of Art

Above: Example of a line image

Above: Example of a balanced image
This image attracts audience by its soothing
There are many different varieties of art that and fresh feel from its colors.
you will see at the festival. Above is a photo
that shows its distinct lines to show how it was
created. It is very appealing to the eye because
black gives it a elegant feel and grabs the view-
ers attention with the sharp lines.

About: Example of Visual Effect

This image is appealing to the eye because of
the effect it gives you by feeling like your mov-
ing through the picture.

Above: Example of scale

This image tells the viewers eye that with

its enhance feel it makes it look like its
real. These are just four out of the many
different visual communication of art you
will see at the Utah Arts Festival.

“I, Patricia K Callahan, The director of Board

Chair of this festival advise you to come out
and see all the wonderful art and music we
have to offer.”
Come join us June 20-23, 2019

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