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Q) Select two of the poems studied that you like best.

State what you consider to be the poet’s

main message/ idea/ theme in each, showing how he conveyed the idea effectively.

Nature is much powerful than our expectations, and it is eternal and will ultimately conquer us. F.L.
Lucas’s Beleaguered City shows that nature is more cunning and more patient than mankind Commented [S1]: Don’t need two ‘more’
through his effective uses of imperative, irony and allusion. In contrast, by the uses of
Commented [S2]: through
personification and listing, Glover cleverly expresses that nature’s power by praising the unsung
heroes, the road builders, in different ways and point of views. Commented [S3]: don’t need ‘that’

Imperative and irony are used to show that nature is eternal and more powerful than humans in
the poem, “Beleaguered City,” and suggesting that we will be ultimately conquered by nature.
Lucas writes “Build your house, build ...your towns” and “Pave your meadow...pave the downs...”
conveying his ideas about people should fear and respect to nature. The uses of imperative show Commented [S4]: that
humans’ small and limitation. Because no matter how great mankind is or how many times they
Commented [S5]: doesn’t make sense. Limitations
have overcome nature, they all will be conquered by nature at last. “Houses” and “towns” show
that mankind has to build infrastructures every time after they challenge and irritate nature, and Commented [S6]: ‘rebuild’
this further suggests to the readers that nature is powerful beyond our expectations. This tells us
a principle: that human still remains human, they should not confront against nature. Furthermore,
Glover is also pretty ingenious as he personifies the clay to emphasize nature’s force. The clay Commented [S7]: Already praised Glover’s ‘cleverness’
represents nature’s perpetual patience as it shows its stubbornness and hard nature. This helps to you don’t need to praise the author. Just analyze the poem.
develop the readers’ understandings of how tough the challenges are when the road builders fight
Commented [S8]: Clay is unique because its not
against nature, and accordingly emphasizing that the brilliant force of nature. Through the
‘stubborn’ but because depending on the situation clay can
keywords, “theodolite, pick-point, and curved shove”, the readers are able to know mankind’s
adjust very malleable, flexible and strong.
inability and frangibility. This effect of listing tells that mankind has to use many various tools to
help them to conquer nature. Ironically, Lucas also conveys that no matter what methods or tools Commented [S9]: You use too many words to get to your

humans use to conquer nature, nature will ultimately fight back and overcome us, although we point. Too much rambling

conquer it temporarily. Commented [S10]: Instead of putting both authors and

separately talking about them in one paragraph it is best to
Additionally, the uses of irony sound like a criticism of mankind’s arrogant belief that he will beat use words such as “similarly, or in contrast’ to show that you
nature in the same quotes. From Lucas’s words, “Plant your bricks and mortar”, the reader can feel are able to compare and contrast the authors poems. This is
the ironic tone that works effectively and makes us understand that mankind is pointless to do for much more advanced analysis.
anything against nature because nature will retain what we have taken. As a reader, I feel guilty
Commented [S11]: Do not use language which is unsure.
though reading Lucas’s words. Because his use of an allusion “build build your Babels black against
State your facts and back up with evidence.
the sky” vividly demonstrate to us that human’s ignorance and conceit, satirizing those arrogant
people who even attempt to antagonize against nature. According to the Holy Bible, people wanted Commented [S12]: Go straight into your quote, don’t
to build a tower that could help them to reach heaven so that they could make a name for need these previous words.
themselves. However, God finally confused their languages and scattered them. Here, by the use Commented [S13]: Through?
of the story of building “bebels”, Lucas ridicules us of these ignorant and haughty people and
conveys his theme of emphasizing that nature is powerful. In contrast, Personification is used Commented [S14]: No capital
effectively by Glover in “The Road Builder.” The quotes, “Scarring the stubborn clay, fighting the
tangled bush… adamant …flood…dark abyss” sounds seemly that is praising those brave road Commented [S15]: ? Not making sense
builders. But by reading these from another angle, we can feel that it also conveys nature’s
unbelievable power. By lauding the road workers to show nature’s force, Glover has shown his
excellent writing skills.
Overall, Glover and Lucas express their ideas and theme effectively in different ways. Through the
ingenious uses of various types of poetic techniques, both poets do not only conveys the brilliance Commented [S16]: convey
force of nature, but also warn us to respect nature and be humble all the time.