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Task 4 – Instructional Planning

This task asks you to identify the formative and summative assessment strategies used during a week.
As part of this task, you are required to implement a new formative assessment strategy, provide
evidence of implementation and reflect on the impact.
What are the components of a learning outcome/instructional objective?
Educational theorist Robert Mager created a framework for developing learning objectives. He
constructed them around three main components, Performance, Conditions and Criteria.

List the assessment strategies used for English, Math and Science in 1 week.
Formative Assessment Formative Assessment Summative Assessment
Learning Outcome
Strategy/strategies Strategy explained Strategy
o I gave the o Written test
o K1. o Students has students my assessment is
Demonstrate mini white- instructions combining with
knowledge such as, listen three lessons, the
boards and
of letter /c/ carefully to the child will
markers. Each
sound words and write recognize the
student writes
down on your written number
the answer on
white boards the then draw the heart shapes
the white-board sound of the according to the number.
by himself first letter. I said Then by using pencil
without help some words that colors, the child will color
from the teacher starts will the the heart shapes with
or the other sound /c/ such any color they have learnt

students. as; car, cookies, during the whole semester.

caterpillar and
the students
wrote the sound
on their
o : I read “Little o presentation is the
o K1. o The teacher read Red Hen” story process of
Create an a story for the for the students presenting a topic
illustration students without without to an audience.
from their showing them the allowing them meant to inform,
imagination story pages and to see the persuade, inspire,
the illustrations. illustrations and motivate, present
Students try to asked them to a new idea,
imagine and draw and product in front of
visualize the imagine the his, teacher,
illustration and little red hen. classmates or
try to draw it on o Results: All the parents about
their papers. students were lessons they took
able to imagine in the whole term.
and draw the red
hen using their
imagination and

Evidence must be included in the gallery/blog/journal.