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Teaching Practice Task 3: Noting Teaching and Learning Strategies

Program link: This task is associated to the guidelines of the course EPC 3403 – Practicum 3a (Course
Learning Outcome 1 –planning the lesson, 2- designing and creating resources, 3 – maintaining a
positive environment, 4 – considering individual differences and 5 – timing)

Objective: You will Identify and assess teaching and learning strategies. At the end of each day, you
will note a teaching strategy that you or the teacher used that you consider very useful and you
would want to use again. This strategy can deal with the planning of the lesson, the use of materials
and technology, the review of prior learning, the motivation of the children, the presentation of the
materials, the appropriateness of the practice activities, classroom management strategies, timing
strategies, reviewing the lesson, general assessment of the learning or if you are lucky enough to talk
to your teacher, her reflection on her lesson.

Grade: Week:
Day 1: Subject: math Learning Outcome: estimate products by rounding.

Strategy: colored groups the MST and I used this strategy it is a good
differentiating strategy. I liked this way to groups students by their levels (E, D, M).
Green is Mastered, blue is Developing, And red is Emergent.
Day 2: Subject: math Learning Outcome: explore multiplication using models

Strategy: using timer on the smart-board. It is a good time and managing strategy
and I liked all the students are able to see the time and I think this motivates them
to solve the question given.

Day 3: Subject: math Learning Outcome: explore multiplication using area

models and partial products.

Strategy: students self-assist using thumps cards. It is a fun way to check students’

Day 4: Subject: math Learning Outcome: multiply a two-digit number by one-

digit number.
Strategy: visualizing, My MST used many visuals using smart-board to display
photos, audio clips and videos. It is engaging and helps the students to develop
deep understanding. Also, Students learn best when you present information in
multimodal ways. That’s why I liked the use of visuals since I’m a visual learner
Day 5: Subject: math Learning Outcome: multiply a multi-digit number by one-
digit number.

Strategy: checklist and taking notes. And these are some formative assessment
strategies. It helps the teacher to get to know the students more and their
progress. Also, it is helpful in planning.