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24.1 The Cases of Pronouns (The Three Cases)

• Practice 1
The Three Cases Case is the form of a noun or pronoun that indicates its use in a sentence. The three
cases are the nominative, the objective, and the possessive.


Case Use in Sentence Forms
Nominative subject, predicate nominative I; you; he, she, it; we; they
Objective direct object, indirect object, me; you; him, her, it; us; them
object of preposition
Possessive to show ownership my, mine; you, yours; his, her,
hers, its; our, ours; their,

Exercise 1 Identifying Case. Write the case of each underlined pronoun on each line to the
EXAMPLE: Soon after starting out, we had a flat tire. nominative
1. The doctor cannot see you until next week.
2. Gail has misplaced her keys again.
3. Foster broke his bat on that hit.
4. The Jacksons took the dog with them on vacation.
5. Surely this bike is yours.
6. Occasionally I enjoy a horror movie.
7. Edison returned to his laboratory.
8. Louise said that someone invited her.
9. The boat was turned over on its side.
10. Kevin asked us for directions.

Exercise 2 Identifying Pronoun Case and Use. Write the case of each underlined pronoun.
Then write the number that describes how the pronoun is used in the sentence: 1 (subject), 2
(predicate nominative), 3 (direct object), 4 (indirect object), 5 (object of a preposition), 6 (to show
EXAMPLE: The first guests were Donna and I. nominative, 2
1. Ms. Parker read us students the directions.
2. Louie and he are bringing the dessert.
3. Did you get a postcard from Dawn or me ?
4. Every house in this neighborhood has its own well.
5. They promised to be here in time for lunch.
6. Because of all the other noise, no one heard us.
7. Grace described her plan in detail.
8. The best choice would be Don or you.
9. The judges have not explained their choice.
10. Mom divided the pie among us.

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