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special bank account for Hill

with donations that people

have sent in. Libertarians’ Post-White
Hill stated that the warmth
both he and Mason have
Trial Inquest
received from people in S.F.
By Ray P. Comeau
makes him feel like the Immi¬
gration at S.F. Airport is not at
Despite urgings of Mayor most distressing trials ever,”
all representative of the people.
Feinstein, it is inevitable that placed blame with D. A. Joseph
the Dan White trial and its Freitas for faulty prosecution.
In taking Hill’s case, the Gay
aftermath will not be “swept “There’s something wrong with
Rights Advocates are anxious
away with the glass.” The this trial,” she says she told
for the matter to be adjudicated
whole mess was alive again at Freitas. At the same time,
in court. At the same time
Mission High School the eve¬ Silver exonerated the jury.
government attorneys are
ning of June 19 when Profes¬ They “did nothing wrong,” she
trying to avoid a hearing. The
sor of Psychiatry Thomas Szasz claimed, having made their
government stragegy: that Hill
and others took the stand on decision for a verdict of volun¬
will leave and be forgotten, and
behalf of the Libertarian Party tary manslaughter on the basis
matters will remain where they
in the continuing effort to shoot of the presented evidence.
were — in limbo.
down the use of psychiatric tes¬
timony in the courtroom. Key speaker Dr. Thomas
Monica Bell, local Deputy Szasz, a short man with a gra¬
Director of US Immigration,
Playing to a packed house in cious manner and pronounced
told B.A.R. that “our options
the main auditorium, the Liber¬ accent, was greeted with a
are limited.” By their attorneys’ standing ovation. He apolo¬
tarians wisely led off with
maneuvers it now becomes gized for the lengthiness of his
Supervisor Carol Ruth Silver
apparent the government seeks
who reported that even her remarks by saying that, unlike
to retain those limited options.
three-year old son knew that others on the program, he was
Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry and world-famous critic of the profession,
“Dan White is a bad man.” “not running for any office.”
Claudia Moomjy addressed Libertarian Party. Of the Dan White trial Szasz said, "The defense and
prosecution collaborated in deliberately depoliti cizing the assassinations. ”
Silver, calling it “one of the Szasz’ testimony covered in
(Photo by John Gieske)
depth the history of American detailed the facts of the City
justice,” Szasz advised, contin¬
Psychiatry’s deep and lasting Hall killings and then connect¬ uing to pursue the main thread
FRED B. ROSENBERG contempt of homosexuality
and its conspiracy to take over
the courts, tying the two adroit¬
ed up the assassinations of
John F. and Robert Kennedy
of his theme which is that
“American psychiatry is
and the shooting of Lee Har¬
Attorney ly together with the Dan White
White’s accomplice in crime”
vey Oswald, all victims of “lone
and further evidence of the fact
3363 Mission Street verdict which he termed a psychotics” which is exactly
that psychiatric testimony has
“travesty of justice.” what we are supposed to be¬
San Francisco, California 94110 lieve'-about Dan White. With
no place in the courtroom.
Following the main address,
Szasz traced the power of
415/647-8000 psychiatry in America since
appropriate irony, Szasz
Dr. Szasz fielded questions
added: “If you don’t believe
World War II when it was used from the audience. He was
that, you are paranoid.”
Immigration Criminal Defense for disposing of “useless or un¬
asked to comment on the vio¬
lence at City Hall following an¬
wanted military personnel” There was more dreadfully
General Practice (notably queers). Taking to dry irony conveyed in Szasz’
nouncement of the White ver¬
dict. “Better to be feared than
task the likes of the Mennin- astute analysis of the obvious
held in contempt,” he stated,
gers, Brock Chisholm, Manfred evidence of premeditation on
strongly reenforcing the right¬
Guttmacher and other “psychi¬ White’s part versus the psychi¬
ness of the outraged reaction to
“RIDE ’EM HIGH” atric perverters of our system of
justice,” Szasz pointed out the
atric evaluation of White’s con¬
the wrongness of the jury’s
dition by the defense “experts”
ESCORTED PACKAGE TOUR difference between actual which strongly influenced the
“diminished capacity” in terms jury’s decision. Szasz then
Reno Gay Rodeo of physical organs of the bluntly stated the reality: “The
Asked if he would “defend”
psychiatry at all in any way,
human body and the same defense and the prosecution
August 3-5, 1979 term’s misuse by American Szasz cleverly twisted a com¬
collaborated in deliberately
psychiatry as the description of mon axiom by stating that he
depoliticizing the assassina¬
a mental condition. He re¬ was agreeable to “voluntary
marked that Bernard psychiatric acts between
Diamond, Professor of Psychi¬ consenting adults.”
He further stated that “Jour¬
atry and Law at U.C.- nalists saw the truth — and
INCLUDES: Berkeley, is the “authority they saw it withheld, evaded
He warned again that, in his
widely acknowledged to be opinion, many psychiatrists are
• Round Trip Air Fare and obscured by the psychi¬
simply in the business of
most responsible for populariz¬ atrists (and the prosecution).”
• Hotel ing the doctrine of ‘diminished searching out “victims” to fat¬
Quoting from Mike Weiss,
capacity’.” Diamond’s opinion ten their already overstuffed
• Round Trip Transfers Charles McCabe and Herb
wallets and admonished the
is that “there is no such thing as Caen, Szasz asked: “If these
To & From Airport free will” and that “every de¬ audience that the American
journalists are telling the truth,
public is being duped into using
• Rodeo Entrance Fee fendant is a ‘patient’.” what did the psychiatrists tell us
tax money to make psychi¬
and the jury? A ‘higher’ version
Tying it all in to the Milk- atrists even wealthier by allow¬
Call Peter Moscone murders, Szasz ex¬
of the truth — or strategic un¬
ing them as “experts” in court¬
rooms. As with any other “reli¬
(415)661-4900 horted: “Keep in mind that,
according to the experts . . . The double bind is that
gion,” he cautioned, psychiatry
there is no such thing as a polit¬ should not be allowed to influ¬
“Since ‘psychiatric expert testi¬
ical assassination in America ence law.
mony’ is, legally speaking,
. . . [where] only ‘mental pa¬ opinion — it can never be per¬
tients’ kill political figures.” He Perhaps the most contro¬
jured.” In other words, the
versial aspect of Szasz’ re¬
psychiatrists can influence the
marks, reenforced by Super¬
juries any way they want to and
visor Silver’s earlier statement,
TIRED OF RUDE WORK E R S, POS1NG get away with it.
was his judgment of the Dan

AND GAMES WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING Calling “diminished capaci¬

White jury as not guilty. Echo¬
ing Silver (and even the senti¬
ty” an “utter hoax,” Szasz then
FOR FUN AND RELAXATION ??? brought up the second “pillar”
ments of the mayor), he re¬
marked that while the Ameri¬
of the White defense: “a subtle
can jury system is imperfect it is
but persistent appeal to the

TRY jury’s anti-homosexual preju¬

dices.” He commented that:
“This latter aspect of the de¬
the best we’ve got.

Admonished by one audi¬

ence member about connecting
fense strategy has seemingly
up anti-Gay sentiment with the
been overlooked by most
FRIENDLY /\M/\ LOCKERS previous commentators on the
psychiatric mishandling of the
White trial, Szasz exonerated
& III J $2
trial.” (Anybody wonder why?)
himself perfectly with a point-
by-point reconstruction of the
H*OT MON & WED “White should become a
symbol of what happens to a
facts of bias evident in the back¬
ground of Dan White, the
*7?ahc>s guilty individual when anti-
prosecution’s failure to insure
1157 POST STREET 771-1300 homosexual hatred ... is
Gay representation on the jury,
allowed to masquerade as