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 Title of main topic: WAR

 Title of sub-topic: Effects of war pertaining to religion.

 Tasks to be done: Research sub-topics on the internet

Use newspaper clippings
Read books and encyclopaedias
Use videos if available

 Reasons for selecting topic: We chose this topic because it is a very interesting topic
to conduct extensive research on. Also my group members and I would not get bored
easily in the long run. This topic educates us in many ways about the history of war and
it gives us an idea of the duration countries have been at war.
It helps us answer questions like: How war began? What are the effects of war? Why
does war even happen/causes of war? To conclude, war is one of those many topics that
you can easily get information for and my group members/classmates strongly agree
with this statement. Some of the members of my group even had ancestors who served
in some of the great world wars in the past. Personal experiences can also be
information useful to the topic we are doing.

 Ways of collecting data/ways of applying language skills: I go about collecting data

by reading articles online, reading books, reading poems and watching movies not only
about war, but pertaining to my sub-topic as well. Some of the language skills I used
were summary writing to help condense the poem and wordy online articles.

 State what data should be collected and used: The data that should be collected and
used would be the data from the online articles and the poem about war. This is because
they contained very relevant and factual information for my sub-topic.

 State how the data would be investigated, probed and researched: My group and I
would come together to communicate in class and submit our pieces of information to
one another and check our work. The data collected would be improved and we would
draw conclusions and come to obtain correct answers.
 Propose how to obtain valid conclusions: To be able to obtain valid conclusions, I
first ask myself certain questions like: How difficult was my information to obtain?
What did I learn throughout my extensive research and what I knew already? From this
point I can then aim to obtain valid conclusions.

 Nature and source of data: I got a lot of data and facts on ‘Reasons for war’ from the
internet. The books and poems I read, as well as movies I watched did not provide
nearly as much information as the internet did.

 Some English skills used: Summary Writing

Formal/Informal language
Literary devices (similes, metaphors)

 Conclusion: In conclusion, the information was fairly easy to obtain for my sub-topic,
but the information was in big paragraphs and bulky therefore, summarising the
information was not an easy task to do because there were many important parts that
couldn’t be left out easily.

 Ensuring the soundness of the techniques used: The techniques that I utilised were:
Use of emotive language, Formal/Informal writing, past tense and summary writing.
The techniques were used appropriately and were necessary.

 How appropriate the text was used? The information that I obtained were very mixed
up and in complex formats to decipher. I had to use certain language skills/techniques
to arrange certain information in the right context such as use of formal language when
editing paragraphs with swear words and redundancy.

 How carefully the texts were investigated using English language skills? Summary
skills was a technique that had to be used very carefully because of the nature of the
information. Paragraphs would have to be carefully summarised in order to not leave
out important points that were stated about my sub-topic.

 How thoughtfully were the findings selected? Since there was a lot of information
related to my sub-topic, I did not really have to select the findings that carefully, since
the data that I collected already had the key points that I was looking for.
 List three factors that can interfere with the validity of my S.B.A assignment:

1. One factor that can influence the validity of my S.B.A is that other groups could be
doing the same topic and acquire the same amount of information I have.

2. Another factor that can influence the validity of my S.B.A would be plagiarism of
information from the internet without listing the author, or referencing the website that
I got it from.

3. No internet connection can be another factor which can influence the validity of my
S.B.A because I would not be able to get as much information for my sub-topic.

 Describe one way you plan to minimize the effects of one factor stated above:
To avoid plagiarism of information from the internet, list the author of the poems and
articles as well as valid webpage links to avoid this factor. Summarising the information
could also help in this case as well.

The main topic that my group selected was ‘WAR’. The group members are: Trevon Martinez,
Chiran Ramgobin, Christian Shah, Abdullah Hassim and Nicholas Sabad. Their sub-topics
were: Effects of war, Advancement of weaponry in war, Emerging social groups and how they
spearheaded war, History of war and Reasons for war pertaining to religion respectively. The
sub-topic I chose is ‘Reasons for war pertaining to religion’. Before I had done any actual
research on my subtopic, I thought to myself that it was going to be very difficult to find
information about the sub-topic. After carrying out the extensive research necessary, I realised
that the feelings and ideas I had about the sub-topic intensified as more work was being done
on it. This is because religious war on the whole was very foreign to me. I didn’t know much
about it but during the research, I found out that there is much more depth to it. Such as families
and children being forced to go to war because of their country of origin and religion that they
followed. Many of my misunderstandings were cleared up via this research (e.g: I thought only
Islamic religion was the cause of religious wars). I believe my sub-topic is something that more
people should be aware of. There aren’t many public agencies that do so. However, there is
one named CAFOD (Catholic Agency of Overseas Development). I did have some
preconceived ideas about raising awareness about the sub-topic not only to my peers, but
worldwide, by creating a public discussion forum and a website that discusses about religious
war and reasons behind it. Donations and Sponsorships can also be processed to help fund the
very few public and local awareness agencies about this topic.

In depth analysis was done on my subtopic ‘Reasons for war pertaining to religion’. The use
of language was not particularly diverse. They mainly consisted of Adjectives, Metaphors,
Similes and very good use of Punctuation. For example, the poem made the reader feel
somewhat remorseful for the people mentioned in the poem. One of the lines were “Violence
their last memory, as they sleep in deadly peace.” This line indicated that all their memories as
soldiers were filled with violence and bloodshed as they took their last breaths. This was an
example of Emotive Language used. There were a lot of other literary devices present as well.
Summary one mainly talked about Islam and how religious war began along with quotes from
the holy Quran. This is referred to as descriptive writing, because there were a lot of adjectives
and nouns used to describe Islamic war and how it began. Summary two discussed religious
war on more ‘international/foreign’ terms (factual expository writing). Many facts were stated
about not only Islam, but Hinduism and the Jews. For example: “History does not simply
support the hypothesis that religion is the major cause of conflict, in earlier times war wasn’t
even based on religion.” Summary three consisted of articles about religious war occurring in
the present day and age. It also touched on, locally, about religious wars in my country of
Trinidad and Tobago. Some modern war criminals were stated in this summary (e.g: Abubakr).

Overall, the entire process of gathering information for my subtopic changed my general ideas
and attitude towards it, as well as my overall person. Because while researching, there were
many instances where I wanted to give up. For example: When I was trying to come up with
the three, 150 word summaries, my mind-set and thinking just came to a halt and I felt
demotivated to carry on. I was in a slump at this point in time. Then, I turned seeking help from
my English teacher and group members as well. I was told to go and do some deeper research
and find things that branched off from only one religion being talked about to the various other
religions. After doing this, I started to realise how clearer it was and this resulted in my overall
attitude to change in a positive way. Eventually I became better at meeting my deadlines and
having little to no corrections being made to the information I submitted in my S.B.A notebook.

War is considered a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups
within a country. It is generally categorized by scholars as a universal and ancestral aspect of
human nature. War did not only involve the use of tangible items such as weaponry, but also
chemical and nuclear warfare. This new approach to exterminate enemy forces altered war
drastically over the years. The sub-topics done by this group are: : Effects of war,
Advancement of weaponry in war, Emerging social groups and how they spearheaded war,
History of war and Reasons for war pertaining to religion.
Summary for Effects of war: This sub-topic deals with the devastating effects that war
had on families, societies and countries themselves. The sheer price of expenses that drained
the affected country’s revenue to rebuild the infrastructure which eventually lead to recession
and a decrease in the standard of living.
Summary for Advancement of weaponry: This sub-topic is about how weapons were
used from since the ancient times to the modern day. It speaks about the adaptations and
evolution of weapons as well as the changes engineers had to make to the weapons for usage
in certain situations and to serve a specific purpose.
Summary for Emerging social groups and how they spearheaded war: This sub-
topic touches on the various war criminals and social groups that had an influence on people
via social media and other forms of communication to fight in wars for ‘freedom’ or
‘acceptance’. It is a very interesting sub-topic because it looks into the individuals who lead
these groups and societies to wage war against neighbouring and/or foreign countries.
Summary for History of war: This sub-topic showed how war began? What were the
origins of war back then? This sub-topic is very diverse with its information because there is
a lot of it. Knowing about the past occurrences will help us understand the future. It also
compares wars from the early 60’s to the modern day and age (even in our country of T&T).
Summary for Reasons for war pertaining to religion: This sub-topic has to do with
religious war and the reasons behind it, such as Islam, Hinduism and Christianity (especially
the Jewish). Islam is one of the major religions to play a part in this because almost all
terrorist attacks and bombings done executed in the modern day and age has to do with the
Muslim religion.
Overall, everyone submitted their work on time except for one individual in our group
namely Christian Shah. The group members who would communicate with others, contribute
and show up to school on a regular basis at the time of this S.B.A were (Chiran Ramgobin,
Abdullah Hassim, Trevon Matinez and Nicholas Sabad). Christain Shah does not show
enough determination to work as a cohesive unit and get work done. Even if he did submit a
piece of information it would either be irrelevant or too little, even after all of us encourage
each other to work and get this S.B.A done. Other than these shortcomings, this group made
it through and completed our English S.B.A assignment.













The topic that my group and I choose was WAR. The sub-topic I chose was Reasons for war
pertaining to religion. The name of my group is called ‘THE ENGLISHMEN’ I branched off
from Islamic war to war with the Jewish and other religions. I researched the reasons for
these wars and how they came to fruition. The first Jewish war was known as the Great
Revolt in 66-73 CE (Common Era). The Jews against the Roman Empire, fought in the
Eastern Mediterranean. The First Jewish–Roman War took place mainly in the province of
Judea. There were many ancient religious wars before our time that took place, but I
researched religious war in the present day. Islam was one of the major religions that had a
part to play in modern day war from bombings, to mass murders, shootouts, etc. I wrote three
150 word summaries on this sub-topic. I came across many quotes from the holy Quran that
stated how unrestricted conflict with no reason is completely unislamic. Killing innocent
people even of the same ethnical group or religion in Allah’s name is utterly unjust. The
quotes from the holy Quran says this and more. The data I obtained also said that it is true
that religion may be the cause of the most recent wave of terrorism.