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This presentation was for the Coming Press Release in Hong Kong. There is no
urgency now as the Company General Magnetic 磁普 already receive investment of
RMB$13 billion. This presentation focuses on the use of magnets or electromagnets:

(1) The theory will be discussed first. There will be a comparison with the simple
pendulum with pulse force at resonance.

(3) The patented Wang Shum Ho 5KW Electricity Generator will be demonstrated.
Four prototypes will be available at the Press Release – one in Beijing, one in
Hong Kong, one in United Nations and one float. Then 200 will be produced –
one for every Country as a gift from China or United Nations. Commercial
licensing and production will then begin.

Additional information is available in and The contact person is

One of major objections to so called “Perpetual Motion Machines” is the source of
Energy. The first Law of Thermodynamics states that Energy cannot be created or
destroyed. It can only change from one form to another. Many Patent Offices
automatically reject patent applications if the inventor cannot explain the source of

In reality, we are already immersed in Cosmic Energy Fields. These Cosmic Energy
Fields include air, gravity, magnetic, electric or electromagnetic fields. All objects
interchange such energy constantly with other objects. In this presentation, we focus
only on magnetism, electricity or electromagnetism.

We (LEE Cheung Kin and TSEUNG Lawrence Chun Ning) already have our PCT
patent information published on July 27, 2006 (PCT/IB2005/000138

Magnetic, Electric or Electromagnetic Energy can be Lead Out with Pulse force at
resonance via oscillation, vibration, rotation or flux changes.

The simplest and best theoretical explanation is the pendulum with a horizontal pulse
force. The Pulse Force will increase the tension of the String. Analysis using the
Parallelogram of Forces yields “use of 2 units of horizontal energy leading out 1 unit
of gravitational energy”. The Over Unity coefficient is Output Energy/Input Energy =
3/2 or 1.5.

If the pendulum weight is a magnet and placed in a magnetic field with the same
orientation as the gravitational field, the effective gravitational constant is increased.
Both gravitational and magnetic energy can be lead out.

The concept that we are immersed in electron motion energy or the like is not new.
We know that Light can be absorbed, reflected or allowed to pass through material.
Light is a form of electromagnetic wave. We also know from the concept of black
body radiation that objects do radiate electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths.
Such radiation varies with temperature. We also know that TV and radio waves are
surrounding us all the time.

Many Over Unity Inventors encountered objections from Scientists, Patent Offices
and Layman. These persons use the Law of Conservation of Energy as the reason of

The best argument to overcome such objections is the example of a boat in calm
waters and good sunshine.
If a scientist did not know how to use Solar Energy, he might treat the boat in calm
waters as a Closed Energy System. He simply ignored the energy from the Sun. He
might advocate rowing – using muscle energy.
If the scientist knows how to use Solar Energy, he can use Solar Panels to get energy
from the Sun and drive an electric engine to move the boat. There is absolutely no
violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy.

If a scientist knows how to use the Electromagnetic, Electric or Magnetic Energy

surrounding us, he would not violate the Law of Conservation of Energy.

The theory turns out to be very simple if we approach it from “the pendulum with a
pulse force at resonance”.

As the co-inventor, Mr. LEE Cheung Kin, put it – explaining the phenomena via
rotation first was almost impossible. The effect of the Pulse Force would not be

However, starting from the “pendulum with pulse force at resonance” is relatively
simple. During the application of the Pulse, gravitational energy is Lead Out. When
the Pulse Force is stopped or removed, there will be no Leading Out of gravitational

None of the existing physics textbooks deal with this particular situation. The LEE-
TSEUNG PCT patent is the first known document explaining this phenomenon.

The easiest way to understand the Lead Out concept is via the pendulum with a pulse

The horizontal pulse force will increase the tension of the string. This increased
tension is responsible for lifting the weight. The pulse energy Leads Out gravitational
energy to lift the weight.

The analogy of unplugging a hole in a dam may help. The energy to unplug the hole
is different and unrelated to the energy of the water coming out. The unplugging
Leads Out water energy (potential and kinetic) to drive hydroelectric turbines.

The pendulum with pulse force is the simplest example to analyze mathematically.

The Law of Parallelogram of Forces is used in the analysis. This is a subset of the
Vector Arithmetic.

This Law is usually taught in Mechanics 101 in high school Physics.

The Pulse Force Leads Out Gravitational Energy – this fact has never been
documented in textbooks nor taught at universities. Thus the Lee-Tseung patent
information will have its place in history.

The 2 to 1 ratio is just an example result in the particular instance of a small
horizontal pulse force moving at small angles.

This ratio may change if the pulse force is not horizontal or when the angle is large.
However, understanding of this section will help to understand the following concepts.

This picture shows the correct application of the Law of Conservation of Energy in
the case of a pendulum with a horizontal pulse force.

The Lead Out gravitational energy must be considered in the application of the Law
of Conservation of Energy.

In our documented exchange with the patent examiner, we also used the example of
having the string and the pulse force in a symmetric position with the weight in the
middle. The vertical components of the string and the pulse force would be equal to
half the weight. The horizontal components will be equal but opposite. That could
also be a convincing case that the Energy does not come entirely from the Pulse

The Pendulum Weight is at the middle. Thus the starting forces can be determined

Vertical Component of String Tension (T1) = Vertical Component of Pulse Force (P1)
= Half of the Pendulum Weight
Horizontal Component of T1 = Horizontal Component of P1 but in opposite direction

When P1 is pulled downwards (Pulse applied), the Weight is lifted up; the tension in
the string must supply approximately half the force and some of the energy. This is
the energy from gravity. If the pendulum is allowed to swing freely with no friction
or air resistance, it will come to a slightly higher position on the RHS. Half of the
vertical force is from the Pulse Force. The other half must come from the String
which “Leads Out” some gravitational energy!

Once we accept that gravitational energy can be “lead out”, we can extend it to
magnetic fields. The experiment is very easy to set up. It is just a shielded magnetic
pendulum in an external magnetic field superimposed on the gravitational field.
The effective gravitational constant can be increased, decreased or zero.

This particular fact was pointed out by Miss Wini Woo when she was only 13 years
old. She then applied this concept to a flying saucer. That patent is in the joint name
of Woo, Tseung and Fong. Tseung and Fong did the necessary experiments and
further expanded the concept to the swinging ball.

A magnetic ball is swung or rotated inside a spherical container. The swinging ball is
not held by a rope but by the magnetic force. The speed of rotation can increase with
increasing centripetal force provided by magnetism. If the magnetic force is suddenly
removed, the ball and its container will fly in the tangential direction.

This is the essence of the Flying Saucer. Further work includes the combination of
Free, Clean, Constant Energy and Motion Control.

The pendulum with pulse force works but might not be very efficient. Extending it to
rotation is even better.

On the LHS, the wheel is unbalanced. The example shows an added weight.
(Another example can be a wheel with a missing section.) If the unbalanced wheel is
rotated slightly clockwise, the weight would pull it back to swing in the anti-
clockwise direction just like the pendulum. In one rotation, the unbalanced wheel will
decelerate when the weight moves up and accelerate when the weight moves down.
This is equivalent to applying a pulse force.

On the RHS, the balanced wheel with external pulse is shown. This is likely to be
more efficient than the unbalanced wheel as the wheel can be rotated faster and there
can be multiple pulse points on the wheel.

In electromagnetic systems, there is the possibility of flux changes with no physical
motion. In the pending LEE-TSEUNG-SUNG China patent, we showed that
electromagnetic energy can be Lead Out via Flux Changes.

The Steering Current in the above example represents the Pulse Force. The diagrams
are taken from Flynn Research Inc. (

Many inventors are working in this area. An example of a fully published US patent
is 6,362,718 by Patrick et al granted on March 26, 2002. In that US patent, it stated
that the Output Energy can be 2.6 that of Input.

A no-motion device has the possibility of size reduction to that of an AA battery.

Even if it cannot generate large power, it has a market.

If we focus on the magnetic or electromagnetic energy extraction machines, we can
summarize the implementation steps into 5 major points.

. We may need some initial energy to start the motion or power the electromagnets.

2. We need a Pulse Force applied at resonance. The solenoid coil is a very good
example. It can switch the magnetic poles to drive a set of permanent magnets.

We could use a rotating central shaft technique to extract energy or we can rely
on the electromagnetic flux changes to extract electricity directly.

The energy feedback mechanism can be via circular motion in the Wang Shum Ho
5KW Electricity Generator to be discussed. We can also use electrical circuits to
achieve the same effect.

The Control mechanism for the Wang Shum Ho 5KW Electricity Generator is via

the use of Magnetic Shielding Material to alter the magnetic field. We can also sense
the output load and reduce the input accordingly.

Let me start with the story of Mr. Wang Shum Ho and his 5KW electricity generator.

Mr. Wang came from a family with royal Manchu Blood. His great grand father was a
Medical Doctor in the Royal Court of the Ching Dynasty. As such, his family tradition
valued education. Mr. Wang did very well in school. That was his downfall.

In the 1970s, there was the infamous Cultural Revolution. The more educated you
were, the more you were despised! It was unimaginable in the Western World.
However, it was true.

Mr. Wang was sent to a poor village in the Western Part of China in his late teens in
the early 1970s. It was a few thousand miles from his home in the Eastern Part of
China. He saw some of the village boys play with the “dish fairy” game that was
forbidden in the Cities as superstition. That game was played with an inverted small
dish placed on a smooth paper with writings. The three players put one finger on the
dish and asked questions. The dish would then move to the writings on the paper.

Mr. Wang thought about it and realized that it was not superstition. It used the
subconscious mind to direct the dish. The dish could not be perfectly balanced with 3
different persons each pushing slightly. The dish would obviously go towards the
direction where more force was directed.

He then thought more about it and conceived his four-legged stool experiment. There
were few toys, no television, no computer games or dance halls in the poor village.
That became the entertainment of the village boys and the “to learn from the
peasants” youths like Wang.

Initially, the four-legged stool experiment was used as a game. The boy who could not
keep pace and dropped out was the loser.

After playing and watching the game many times, Wang got the sense that energy
shown in the experiment might not come totally from the participants. It was a gut
feel. (It was like Tseung who deliberately got hit by a swinging punch bag.) He did
not have the Lee-Tseung theory to guide him at that time. He just felt that there might
be extra energy from mysterious sources. He thought that he might be able to harness
such energy.

That thought was in his mind for over four years before he had a chance to do
anything. During these four years, he fell in love with the daughter of the local
official. Her family objected strongly. They could not let their beloved daughter marry
a “to learn from the peasants” youth from a distant city. (I am sure the TV or movie
writers could turn this into a beautiful love story that touches the heart. Wang asked
for a handsome actor and a beautiful actress. He did not object to juicing the love
story to amuse the audience and winning the Oscar!)

After unsuccessful runaways and suicides, the girl’s family surrendered. The official
arranged for Wang to go into a local government research institute. Wang
demonstrated his inventive genius in improving many minor household and farming
tools. Wang became a committee member of the China Invention Association and got
the nickname of “king of inventions”. Wang got married and had a son. Everything
appeared rosy.

Wang built his first prototype at the Institute. It was his downfall. The prototype could
not generate electricity but could “a sort of” spin. The head of the local government
research institute was a political person loyal to Chairman Mao. He initially supported

Wang. When someone above told him that the invention was impossible, he gave
Wang a hard time.

Since Wang never had any university education, his father-in-law arranged for Wang
to attend many improvement courses. Thus Wang got bits and pieces but did not get a
solid overview of science. He upset many instructors and professors with his
questions and his four-legged invention. His reputation at the local government
research institute turned from a genius inventor into a rebel who tried to do the

When the Cultural Revolution ended, Wang had a chance to go back to his home in
the City. It was a difficult choice because his wife had a bad experience when they
traveled to visit the parents of Wang. His wife said, “You can stay here. Forget your
crazy free energy invention. Focus on the small inventions you are good at. Get your
good reputation back. Mend your relationship with your boss. My family, our son and
I will support you.”

Wang made the difficult choice of leaving his wife and son. The worse was to come.
His wife got into a car accident and died. Wang said that he already paid a high price.
He had to succeed at all costs. In the City, he did all sorts of work including selling
blood to support himself and his inventions. He used the income from his other
inventions to pay for and slowly overcame the problems of the free energy invention
one at a time.

Finally, he had a device that could rotate constantly and reliably. He got help from
some friends and participated in an Invention Show in GuangZhou in 1997.

In the GuangZhou show in 1997, Wang got good publicity. His demonstration device
showed constant rotation. The torque could be tested crudely. Over 2,000 participants
saw the prototype. (The Minato bicycle wheel got similar attention in Soeul, Korea,
May, 1997.) It caught the attention of a potential investor/partner from Hong Kong.
The investor gave US$1,000 to Wang to solve his immediate financial needs. That
built confidence.

The next thing was the signing of an agreement that allowed the investor/partner to
become the sole agent of Wang. US$250,000 would be given to Wang while the
investor solicited bigger investments. The demonstration prototype was given to this
Angel Investor in 1997.

Wang developed two more improved prototypes for this investor receiving only
traveling expenses of less than US$5,000. The promised US$250,000 never
materialized. The agreement was voided. Wang contacted other investors or
development partners and produced over twenty prototypes over the next nine years.
Wang did not have a proper theory and could not give a convincing explanation for

the source of energy. He protected his invention with chemicals that would destroy the
device if tempered. He also got his patents granted in China because he could
demonstrate a working prototype.

In May 2006, Wang contacted the Hong Kong Invention Association. Lee Cheung Kin
and Lawrence Tseung are active members and have patents or pending patents on
Extracting Energy from Energy Fields since 2004. Lee talked to Wang on the phone
and had snake mail exchanges. After analyzing the Wang patent documents, Lee and
Tseung decided to visit Wang on their way to an Inventor Show in a neighboring city
(China International Patent Fair, Dalian, in August, 17-19, 2006)

After Wang introduced his device, Tseung boldly said, “I can explain fully how your
device really worked scientifically.” He then introduced the Lee-Tseung Patent
information. Wang exclaimed, “I have been searching for a plausible explanation for
over 30 years. You must be angels from Heaven. Let us work together for the good of
the human race.”

Lee asked, “Are you aware of the 60 Over Unity Devices in China and the over 200
Over Unity Device claims Worldwide?”

Wang answered, “Yes, I am a committee member of the China Invention Association.
These Over Unity Device Claims have been bought to our attention for years. Some
of the well-known names such as Sung, Liang, Chao are familiar to me. I shared my
information with Dr. Liang when we were in the Inventor Show a few years ago.”

Tseung said, “Are you aware that your invention could bring immense wealth to you
and the World? One of the US venture capitalist estimated that the new wealth created
would exceed all existing wealth. You could be the richest person in the World.”

Wang answered, “I had that thought 30 years ago. I thought that I was the only
inventor in the World in this field. I could not figure out where the energy came from.
I almost believed that it was a gift from God. Dr. Liang could not explain it either.
Now I know that there are many others in the same field. Many have working
prototypes and granted patents. Thanks to you two, I now know the theory. I have to
learn more from you. However, I still think that mine is the best.”

Lee said, “After we submitted our patent applications, we started the search for Over
Unity Device Claims. We are theoreticians. We are not experimental scientists. We
leave the prototype development to others. We have talked to many Over Unity

Researchers in China. We agree that yours is the simplest to implement. This is the
reason why we are here.”

Wang said, “How can we cooperate? I do not care too much about the money. It
would be multi-billions. RMB$100 million (US$12 million) is good enough for me.”

Tseung said, “We shall present at Dalian in a few days. We can help to promote your
invention at no cost to you. Do you have a working prototype for us to bring to the

Wang said, “I am working on a new 5KW version. My last working prototype was
sent to Hong Kong. You may be able to contact that person.”

(That person turned out to be a friend of Mr. Lee but the time was too short to do
anything. Lee and Tseung went away without any working prototype but much good
information and a draft agreement of cooperation.)

Lee and Tseung participated in the Inventor Show in Dalian. They added the Wang
prototype information in addition to the Sung and Liang prototypes. The interest
generated was beyond their expectations. Government Officials from Dalian came
after the Show and talked about their interest. They were willing to put in multi-
billions if the products were manufactured in Dalian. The theories and prototypes
would be validated at one of the top Universities in China – Tsing Hua University in
Beijing. There was the obvious security clearance. No one would be invited to the top
University where some of the top-secret researches are done without vigorous security

The postings in the various Forums by Tseung under the name ltseung888 turned out
to be extremely helpful. The PCT patent information was already published. The
many postings clarified much of the information. (Ltseung888 posts are not for the
average person. They are for the top scientists and skeptics in China and elsewhere.
They serve also as advertisement. In advertising, one repeats and repeats. Thus
ltseung888 keeps saying “Lead Out”, “Lead Out” and “Lead Out”.)

Lee and Tseung then went to Beijing as guests of Tsing Hua University. They had a
meeting with Prof. Zhao and his team who specialized in new technology research.
Lee and Tseung presented their published patent information. Prof. Zhao showed the
video of the 11 year-old puzzle of the Electricity Magnifier. Lee and Tseung were able
to explain the source of energy from this machine.
In the afternoon, Prof. Zhao introduced a person from the Military Department. This
person talked about providing multi-billion dollar research funds and insisted on
signing a cooperation agreement. He inspired confidence in bringing a retired general
to the meeting on the next day. The Wang prototype would be one of the priority
items. That person even promised to pay for all the Wang prototype development
costs so long as the validation was done at Tsing Hua University. They knew about
Wang and his invention as the Vice Chairman of the China Invention Association also
went to our presentations at Tsing Hua University. They knew the Wang wheel was
spinning but no one could explain why! (Before the Lee-Tseung explanation. Now it
is a piece of cake.)

Lee phoned Wang on the good news. Wang went ahead and ordered parts and started
working on 4 prototypes. Tseung also got some interest from the Internet asking for a
Wang prototype.

Lee-Tseung went back to Hong Kong happy and excited. They thought they got even
better news when a group contacted them. This group claimed to represent the
Chinese Government and could provide almost unlimited funding. This group also
owned a “Pulse Engine Over Unity Invention”. The inventor was from USA and
worked on it for 15 years but still could not explain the source of energy. The inventor
and team could not raise funds from US sources and this Chinese group stepped in.
(What a familiar story. Working prototypes could not get funding!)

The initial contact with the group was in March 2006. This group raised the
possibility of bringing the US prototype to Tsing Hua University for validation
together with the other two prototypes – the Tsing Hua Electricity Magnifier and the
Wang 5KW Electricity Generator. Some financial analysis was done.

The Wang 5KW electricity generator could be sold at US$1,250. The cost could be
reduced to US$300 or less on mass production. Some units could be licensed out for
others to manufacture with probable license fee of US$100 each. The total expected
sale worldwide was estimated to be 1 billion units. Thus the profit was estimated to be
at least US$100 billion. (The obvious assumption is that no one could beat the Wang
invention in time. We also did the competitive analysis on EBM and Steorn.)

There was another Invention Show in Taiwan at the end of August (2006 Taipei
International Invention Show and Technomart). Tseung revised the presentation with
pictures of the Pulse Machine and the Wang Prototype. Lee went to visit another
Chinese Inventor, Mr. Chao who drove his Electric Car for 1500 km to Beijing
consuming 8 kwh per 100km with Official Certification.

The Taipei Show was obviously very successful. There were many investment
interests but Tseung thought that funding was secured and more negotiation was a
waste of time. (How stupid and arrogant! Don’t count your money until they are in
your bank.) One special event worth mentioning was the invitation from the follower
of a Monk. This follower saw the picture of the Liang Car and informed Tseung that
the Monk would like to have Tseung for Dinner. He got Tseung’s interest with the
statement that – “we funded the development of the Liang Car.”

The Monk was well connected with the Taiwan Political Parties. When there are
religious ceremonies such as at the Chinese New Year, he would head such
ceremonies. Before he became a Monk, he was an engineer interested in energy
research. He had wealthy and powerful followers. He helped to fund 3 energy projects
– the Liang Car and two others in Taiwan. He could understand the Lee-Tseung

He said, “Dr. Liang did not succeed because he placed personal gains above the
benefit to Humanity. Dr. Liang wanted total control and refused to share his
knowledge. He did not present any scientific theory (he most probably did not know
the Lee-Tseung theory when he developed his prototype car). He had to solve all
problems himself. An example is the burning of the engine for years.”

The vision or the prophesy from the Monk was:

(1) The free energy machines will get World Acceptance after 3 persons or groups
appear. (EBM, Steorn, China & Co.? or Lee, Tseung, Wang; or Gabydewilde, John
Searl, Joe Newman, etc?)
(2) These persons must place benefiting the Human Race first. (One reason for the
ltseung888 postings. The Steorn Forum shares the knowledge with the World. invites visitors to Budapest.)
(3) The likely time frame for this to happen is before the end of the Chinese Lunar
Year (February 2007). EBM is already out. Steorn validation process is going well.
Tsing Hua University should have some results by then.

A small problem developed. The military person did not come up with any funding.
The excuse was that such a process would take weeks, months or even years. Another
more disturbing rumor was that the Chinese Military might want the technology for
its exclusive use. Once that debate started, there could be no answer or timeframe.
Wang already started the prototype development with his friends and machine shops
working on “trust and faith”. Money was urgently needed to keep such “trust and

Some thoughts raced through the mind of Tseung, including:

(1) The plan at Tsing Hua University was to demonstrate 3 prototypes on October 26,
(2) The first stage would be an Internal Review at Tsing Hua University. This stage
must be successful.
(3) The second stage would be a closed invitation to others including external
academics, key investors, the First Secretary of President Wu and others in the States
(4) The third stage would be invitations to President Wu himself and Other Chinese
Leaders. Some of these Leaders graduated at Tsing Hua University and would most
likely accept the invitation.
(5) CCTV, the Official Chinese TV Station, will have special interviews and the News
will spread worldwide.

Tseung emptied his bank account, borrowed US$2,500 from his friend (Mr. Bill
Fong), persuaded the interested group to put in US$4,000 (They put in a total of
US$6,000 so far) on faith) and went with Lee to visit Wang again.

Wang disclosed that some of the material could not be ordered piecemeal. They have
to be purchased from Research Laboratories in minimum quantities. The quantities
would be enough for 100 units. The money Tseung brought was insufficient.

Wang showed his honesty in displaying the engineering drawings and the many
component parts. He allowed Lee and Tseung to take pictures of every component.

Tseung asked, “Why are you doing this? Your secret might be out prematurely. You
might not be able to earn millions or billions.”

Wang said, “Look at the X-ray picture. I have a brain disease. My brain is shrinking.
You probably noticed that sometimes I paused for a few seconds with the mind going
totally blank. I have paid a heavy price on this invention. I lost my family. I lost my
secure government job. I lost many friends. I sold my own blood. I tried numerous
chemicals. Some of them are poisonous and harmful. I am not going to die without
benefiting the World.”

Wang continued, “If anything should happen to me, promise me that you shall
disclose everything and bring this invention to the benefit of the Human Race. I do
not want to carry the secrets into my grave like Bessler. Please keep these engineering

drawings and take pictures of this half completed 5KW electricity generator.”

Lee called Prof. Zhao and decided to bring Wang to Tsing Hua University with the
half completed prototype.

Lee, Tseung and Wang went to Beijing on the train. They had time to chat.

Lee asked, “Did you try different configurations with your four-legged stool?”

Wang said, “I had no theory. I just experimented. I tried 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10 legs. I

tried square tops, rectangular tops and circular tops. The result of the four-legged
square top was best. At Tsing Hua University, they have more research students to do
a more thorough study.”

Tseung said, “The four-legged stool experiment is just an inspiration. The real
arrangement in your prototype uses liquid with magnetic property powders. The
moving power source is magnetic field and not human muscle.”

Wang answered, “I want you as a partner is that you can explain these things

scientifically. It took me years to experiment to get to the solution. You make it sound
logical and obvious.”

Lee said, “Do not disclose the composition of the liquid yet. Once the answers are
totally revealed, the inventor will lose his value. It is the mysterious, magical aspects
that keep the investors interested.”

Tseung said, “The four-legged top provides an unbalanced rotation. You also have an
unbalanced wheel similar to that in an automatic watch. Are there any special reason
for such a design?”

Wang said, “I did not know that unbalanced rotation could Lead Out energy until you
told me. The use of that unbalanced wheel is just the result of experiments. It took me
a few years to solve the problems one by one. It also uses a damping liquid otherwise
the shaking would be too much. I tested dozens of liquids before finding a suitable

Lee said, “Keep that a secret. Do not reveal too much.”

Tseung said, “In the choice of number of magnets in the inner rotating cylinder and in
the outer fixed cylinder, are there any guidelines?”

Wang said, “I started with 3 in the inner rotating cylinder and 8 in the outer fixed
cylinder. I experimented with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 magnets in the inner rotating cylinder while
keeping the number fixed at 8 in the outer fixed cylinder. I found 8 provided the best
result but much more difficult to work with because of size constraints. Now I use 6
for 3KW and below. I use 8 for the 5KW version.”

Lee said, “In the arrangement of magnets, and the use of magnetic shielding material,
do you have any guidelines? Are they important?”

Wang said, “They are very important. Initially, I thought the use of magnets is just to
create a magnetic field and keep the rotation from going to infinity. Now I know that
the unbalanced rotation actually Lead Out magnetic energy. I experimented with
different angles, different magnets, different magnetic shielding material and different
sizes for years before selecting a workable solution. The engineering of the various
parts must be exact to produce the desired effect. Slight deviation would greatly
diminish or nullified the effect.”

Tseung asked, “Can you tell us more about the magnetic shielding material?”

Wang said, “The magnetic shielding material is used for three purposes. The first is to
shield the South Pole so that the N Pole would dominate. The second is to reduce or
eliminate lock up. When a N pole (A) is placed in between two other fixed N Poles (B
and C), A and B will provide the repulsion force to turn the inner cylinder clockwise.
A and C will provide the repulsion force to turn the inner cylinder anti-clockwise.
Suitable placing of the magnetic shielding material will reduce the repulsion between
A and C. Thus the net rotational force is clockwise.”

Wang continued, “The third purpose is on and off control. In previous models, I used
friction to stop the spinning. That caused heat and mechanical wear. Now I
experiment with the disruption of the magnetic field.”

Tseung said, “Is the rotating inner shaft attached to a conventional electricity
generator to generate electricity?”

Wang said, “For many years, my demonstration only showed the rotating shaft. That
was enough to get investment interest. I do not want to give the impression that the
device is ready for production. But this time, I shall connect the shaft to a
conventional electricity generator to demonstrate the full effect. I found that using the
torque of the shaft to do work directly was not efficient. It affected the rotational
speed too much. Once the rotational speed is reduced, the torque greatly diminishes.

The device is best as a steady electricity generator.”

Lee said, “I am sure that we have enough material to impress Tsing Hua University. It
is their fault in not supplying the funding to purchase the needed material. Our side of
the bargain is fulfilled. When they see the unfinished parts and the explanation, it may
help them to speed up the funding process.”

Tseung said, “You have shared so much valuable information with us. I shall share the
Flying Saucer with you. We should work together to incorporate your energy
generation invention to our Flying Saucer. But the focus is on your 5KW electricity
generator first.”

Lee, Tseung and Wang went to Tsing Hua University. Wang described his four-legged
stool experiment. A research fellow went out to buy a bowl and a stool after hearing
about the experiment. The experiment was demonstrated at the meeting. Even the
Professors took part and ran around in circles at high speed. (The experiment was
later repeated thousands of times by hundreds of students.)

Prof. Zhao apologized that no funding came through. Wang then explained the
workings of every component. The Professors and Team questioned every detail and
were satisfied. The plan was to wait for the “interested Chinese group” to bring their
Pulse Machine Prototype to Tsing Hua University.

We now know that International Competition is definitely on. The CIA and the like
are at work. The US stopped the shipping of the prototype. The reason was “high
technology information” even though the owner of the prototype was the interested
Chinese group. The Engineers came with videos and pictures. They did not know the
theory. Tseung did his now famous explanation of “Lead Out, Lead Out and Lead
Out”. The Engineers were extremely happy and called back the head office. They
said, “We now have the answer to our 15 year puzzle. We also know how to improve
the prototype. A Chinese Scientist called Wang Shum Ho even had a prototype with
no electronics and requires no starting motor.”

The Pulse Engine uses stationary electromagnets on the outer cylinder to drive
rotating permanent magnets in the inner cylinder. The timing of the Pulses was
controlled to match the rotational speed. Batteries were used to provide electricity to
the electromagnets for starting but were recharged after starting. The balanced
rotation with Pulse is used to Lead Out, Lead Out and Lead Out magnetic energy. The
Lee-Tseung theory explained the source of energy and the operation perfectly. A
possible improvement is to replace the permanent magnets with Hall effect ICs
similar to the Dr. Liang car.

The October 26 demonstration was cancelled but the “interested group” promised to
provide funding to Wang and also to do the improved US Pulse Machine at Tsing Hua
University. Every one was happy at the new arrangement as the theory was accepted
and improvements were identified. A little delay would not make much difference.

This group promised US$12 million each to the key players upfront as soon as the
Wang prototype was validated and Stock worth at least US$10 billion. They also
promised to pay for all patent expenses and negotiate with the Chinese Central
Government and the United Nations.

Such numbers were too tempting. Lee, Tseung and Wang signed the Non-Disclosure
Agreements. Wang even threw in one of his other inventions for free. Tseung is not
God and can be fooled. He even paid for the meal when the NDAs were signed.

As you all expected, when the promised funding deadline came, no money changed
hands. Wang was very upset as he was chased by angry friends and machine shops.
Tseung confronted the interested group and got the reply that they did not want to
work with Tsing Hua University. Their resources could handle everything. They
wanted to “shop around” more, as there were over 200 Over Unity Devices

Tseung called Lee who went to Japan to visit his daughter and to check out two other
Over Unity Devices. Lee said, “Go with whoever puts in the money. We have no way
to check whether the group really represents the Chinese Government.”

Tseung then called a friend with known connections in China. He said, “If the Chinese
Government is really interested in funding you, they can approach you directly. Lee
and you are already famous in China. You two won top marks at the China Venture
Capital Forum in Shenzhen in April 2006 and was rated the top investment choice of
the year. Dropping Tsing Hua University as a partner does not make sense. The group
is more likely to be CIA or the like. They wanted you to silence yourselves. They
want you to chop off your own head. Did you get any money when you signed the
NDAs?” There was the obvious laughter at the reply.

Tseung reasoned, “If the group really represented the Chinese Government and we
ignored them this time, the worst that could happen would be a snap of the hand by
the States Department of China. China must compete with Ireland, Hungary, US,
Japan, etc in this field. We are the top assets. If the group were CIA or the like trying
to disrupt the China plans, we would be in trouble in keeping silent and waiting for
money that would never come.”

Tseung called Wang. Wang said, “Start disclosing my invention to the World. Even if I
do not receive a dime, I do not mind.” Tseung started participating in the Forum
again. CIA or the like won this round. Tseung has to mend the relationship with Tsing
Hua University. Hopefully, Prof. Zhao and Team read these posts.

Angels again appeared. A long lost contact friend called and promised funding for the
prototype. Tseung will listen to the advice of the wise monk and resist all temptation
of personal gains or fame this time. Tseung will bring this new interested group to
Tsing Hua University (or any other new investment interest). The Chinese Intelligence
will check them out first. The investors will also have more confidence if they know
that Tsing Hua University is one of the partners. (In USA, if MIT is a technical
partner, the investors will surely have more confidence.)

The strategy presented to the interested group (now believed to be CIA or the like)

(1) Have Patent Main Company in China with 51% owned by the Chinese
Government and People. It will pay for Over Unity Device development, patent fees
and law court expenses. 100 million RMB or (US$12 million) will be paid up front to
any inventor who can produce a working prototype. A separate subsidiary company
would be set up with the inventor owning majority control if appropriate. Assuming
that there are 200 Over Unity Device claims, the up front payment will be US$2,400
million. Assume that the development amount per invention is 10 times that on
average; the development expense will be US$24,000million or US$24billion. In
reality, we expect at most half will join the China Patent Main Company.

(2) Have Patent Company A in Country A with 51% or more owned by the
Government and People of Country A. The royalties collected in Country A will go to
the Patent Company A. Thus much of the wealth generated goes back to the users.
(Country A actually gets more than 51% as tax will also be paid.)

(3) Mutual credits will be set up with various countries. Thus even the poorest
Countries have money to pay for the Generators. They will also have investors
pouring in to invest. These investors hold the currency of the poorer Country.
They must spend them in that Country as guided in the Mutual Credit agreement.
Land and tourist resort development will most likely happen. The poorer Country
will not owe a single dime of debt. (Some bankers may be unhappy but the new
wealth generated will be more than all existing wealth. Opportunities will be

(4) The United Nations will get involved. They can help to develop the many Model
Farms, Model Villages, Model Cities, etc. The educational level of every one will
increase rapidly with Internet Technology and International Academic and Business
Exchanges. Many joint international conferences will be held to understand and
further develop such technologies.

(5) Four Wang prototypes will first be produced. One will be at Beijing. One will be
in Hong Kong. One will be at United Nations. One will travel on display.

(6) Then 200 will be produced as gifts from United Nations/China to every Country.
They can see that the technology is real. Energy is not created. Energy is Lead Out.
Many Countries would like to manufacture such generators. They will be given the

(7) The retail price is likely to be approximately US$1,250. On mass production, the
cost may drop below US$300. The license and qualify guarantee fee may be US$100.
The estimated number of units worldwide is 1 billion. Thus royalty and licensing
income could exceed US$100 billion. Even after paying for all the development
expenses, China & Co. could still make a profit. One plan is have the Parent Patent
Company or the subsidiary Companies go Public raising at least US$100 billion in a
few years time when the technology is well accepted.

(8) In reality, the wealth generated will be more than all the existing wealth added
together. The technology can be improved in many ways – the Flying Saucer is an

We expect many different variations of the Over Unity Devices will emerge. The
technology is so important that no Country could possibly ignore it. Thus
International Competition will be ON. The Wang Generator is one of the hundreds.
We know that it could be improved (or beaten by better ones in the near future.
Technology will not stand still.)

We are in Email communication with many Over Unity Inventors.
It may be possible to coordinate the showing of their inventions at the same time.
Found this video

This video essentially shows the most primitive part of the Wang Shum Ho 5KW
Electricity Generator. The magnetic set up on top rotates the magnet at the bottom.

In the Wang device, the magnetic set up on top rotates the magnetic fluid. Once
rotation starts, the Lee-Tseung theory takes over. Energy is Lead Out, Lead Out, Lead

The Wang device is essentially two coupled systems enhancing each other.
(1) The magnetic fluid rotation
(2) The unbalanced solid magnets rotation.
In the solid magnets rotation, Wang had to overcome the problem of rotating N pole
(X) in the presence of a pair of non-rotating N poles (Y and Z). Y can repel X to
produce clockwise rotation. However Z will repel X to produce anti-clockwise

Wang overcame this with permanent magnets Y and Z placed at a slanted angle, use
of magnetic material and the rotating magnetic fluid motion.

The rotating magnetic fluid will rotate faster influenced by the rotating solid magnets.
Thus the two systems complement each other. (The Steorn device use a pendulum or
a vibrating system to complement an unbalanced rotating wheel coupled via magnets.)

There will be separate presentations to explain the EBM machine and the Steorn

There are other groups in China doing similar research. They separated the ferro-
liquid and the permanent magnet rotation experiments. Their results confirmed the
validity of the Wang device. We shall follow their approach in our Wang device

One rumor even said that China has developed a Flying Saucer Prototype. That
Prototype flied over Nanjing and was videotaped. See:

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