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The Intake Interview

tell about The Beta States, Alpha States, Theta States,and Delta States, and
Hypnotherapy in general
Discuss Client Preconceptions
A Client's Cast of Character
The first names and relationships. Include : parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles,
brothers, sister, spouses, children lovers, and best friends. also a litle bit about their
Final Instructions to the Client
Explain to them about what we're gonna do, what he/she's gonna see and feel.We're
NOT gonna uncover childhood traumas, that would be a different session.

light (candle flame for eye fixation) and sound

Deepening and Visualization

out-of-body experience

Guided Imagery
example from Newton :
Now, I want you to see yourself moving out and away from this room, higher into the distance,
toward a range of mountains. Feel the soft, warm currents of air around you as you float past
fleecy, white clouds on a quiet, calm day. You feel weightless as you float and drift closer and
closer to the mountains as you are carried forward without effort. Soon you pass the first range
and drop down lower and lower, where you can see a beautiful meadow in a valley below you.
(pause) Lower, lower, and now you see that the meadow is completeley surrounded by very tall,
majestic trees. The meadow is a completely protected sanctuary. As you reach ground level and
approach the meadow, you begin to float around the outside of this perfect circle of trees while
you seek to find a single pathway through which you can pass through the circle to reach the
center of this serene, magical place.

Example from Michael :
Feel yourself detaching more and more as you float downward, being able to breath easily
because it is as if you are floating through time and space with no effort. You feel gentle, warm
currents around you, gentle caressing yor body, as you drift down, down, seeing bubles of
translucent white roundness floating past as they rise higher and higher away from you as you
drop lower and lower. Soon you are completely immersed from the top of your head to the bottom
of your feet, with your own inner illumination as you move through the water and out into the void
of space and time. Time flows as a river passing us as we move through it... sometimes with the
flow... but rather just letting yourself go as you drift aimlessly, without care or concern, going to
that special place where you need to be as if in a dream.

Pacing and voice usage

carefully pacing a session and using different inflection involving the application of
sharp, soft, encouraging, and calming technique
Final hypnosis instructions
instruction no 1
want you to trust your ability to look at the pictures you will see of your self in different
times and places and feel teh emotions connected with these scenes and report back to me
anything I wish to know without censorship. I will be your guide in our travels together and others
whom you have known and loved will join us, including your own personal guide, who will come
and to help me to help you and provide comfort and strength.
In the beginning, just look at the scenes and tell me what you can with total confidence. As we
progress, your memory will get better and better. You will see more, accept more, and have
greater understanding about what you see and feel so that soon you will be able to help me
evaluate what you see and feel.
And as you reexperience the feelings and emotions connected with earlier times in other bodies
and all you have been before, you will begin to feel a positive release from any mental burdens
from the past. All your memories will be placed in proper perspective and integrated into your life
today to bring you into perfect harmony with yourself.
Now, before we move on, I want you to visualize that I am placing a powerfu, transulent golden
shield of light all aroun you, from head to toe, protecting you from all outside forces and giving
you warmth, radiance, light, and power. Should any negative memories of the past come to you,
they will bounce harmlessly off your shield of protective light.

Instruction no 2
for clients who have difficulty amintaining their level of hypnosis when made to talk
extensively. So, Michael suggested this instruction :
You will be able to talk to me freely about anything without awakening. In fact, the long
conversations we will have together will only serve to maintain and enhace your trance depth.
During our time together you will hear my voice clearly and you will be able to talk to me clearly.
Our private discussions will comfort you and assist in your disengagement with the outside world.

Moving Backward in Time

Use stairway
Client is not deep enough?
As I count from five down to one, we will approach the top step of this long stairway while
you continue to diengange more and more from your body. Five... now detaching from your
physical body more and more in a safe, relaxing way. Deeper and deeper. Four... transcending
into the deep mental realms of your mind... three ... letting go now ... floating ..toward the top step
... two.... feeling the lightness... as you drift and float ... floating free .... now very close to the top
step.... one.
Inside the Mother's Womb

The transition into a Past Life

want you to imagine we are now moving into a long tunnel, wich will take you into your
most immediate past life. This time tunnel looks rather like a railroad tunnel but is much smoother
and cleaner. Visualize a perfectly rounded cylinder with an entry and exit. As we now move into
the large, round entry, you will notice that everything is black around us. As I count rapidly from
ten down to one, you will see the curved walls getting gray and then, at the count of five, very
white. Then you will see a huge, round, bright opening at the other end, which we will pass
through at the count of one into a significant scene in your past life. You don't know what that is
now, but the moment I count one you will be in another time and place in another body -- but you
will know it is you.
Raise the fingers of your right hand if you are ready to move with me at this moment through the
tunnel of time. Raise the fingers of your left hand if you wish to wait until I start my count to begin
this fascinating experience.
T en... out of the womb, into the dark tunnel... and now we are picking up speed... nine... faster
and faster... eight... notice the walls are turning grayish.. seven ... six... five... teh walls are now
white... and you can se a huge, round, white opening in front of us, which will take you into an
importat past life scene... fout ... three...! We now are outside the tunnel!

Questions Past Live

Tell me first if it is day or night?
Is it hot or cold?
Are you outside or inside?
Are you in a city, smaller town, or the countryside?
Are you alone or with someone?
How are you dressed?
Are you male or female?
Are you small, medium, or large person?
What are you doing right now?
Ask about people of consequence in this life. If the subject is responding well, with enhanced
imagery and a high degree of involvement, I might also ask who are the major characters from
the past life in their life today. (15-30minutes)
All right, now I want us to move to the last day of your life on the count of three--- one, two, three!
Describe what is happening.

Checking Conscious Interfere

Past Life Death Scenes

Declare :
You have just died and because you have been through this experience many
times before, I want you to move away from your body, feeling free, with no more
physical pain or discomfort.

remind about possibility of violent death that occur

Desensitizing Trauma
You could use Banyan method or you could use Michael approaches that letting the client to
visualize the overall negative aspects of the events as a detached observer, while still recognizing
their feelings.
Also, from the spirit world it is esier and more effective to look at other lives.
Initial Visualitations of the Soul State
Energy field
mentally place an energy field of golden, protective light around them and announce that their
personal spirit guide is well aware they have died and is nearby.

Say :
You have just physically died and as you move out of your body you will be able to continue to
talk to me and answer my questions because you are now in touch with your inner, true self. Feel
your mind expanding into the highest levels of your being. Looking down at your body you
may perceive some brief sadness at this moment but your spirit has been through this experience
before and now you are able to return home. You can just float away when you are ready, leaving
all physical pain and discomfort behind.

Ask :
1. Where are you now in relation to your body?
2. Is anyone in the room (or near your body if outside)?
3. (if the answer is yes) Tell me about this person (or persons) near you. Who are they?
4. What do you see around you?
5. What are you feeling?
6. What is happening now? Then what happens? What is happeninig that you havent told me
7. How do you feel about your death?

Summarize what we have learned from the past life and ask them was it a success one or not.