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Welcome Coffee and Registration
10.00- Opening and Welcome speeches
1. Mr. Lasha Mikava, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia
10.30 2. Ms. Irine Abuladze, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia
3. Mr. Frederic Donk, Regional Bureau Director for Europe, Internet Society (ISOC)
4. Mr. Cristian Urse, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Georgia
5. Mr. Markus Kummer, Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA), Chairman
6. Mr. Merab Katamadze, Georgian National Communications Commission, Commissioner
7. Mr. Vahan Hovsepian, Relations Officer, Central Asia and Caucasus, RIPE NCC
Access to the Internet and Broadband Gap –Connectivity Developments and Future of
Community Networks in Georgia
Moderator: Mr. Frederic Donk, Regional Bureau Director for Europe, Internet Society (ISOC)
1. S
 tate policy of broadband infrastructure development - 2017-2018 situation and current up-
dates - Ms. Eka Kubusidze, Head of Communications, Information and Modern Technologies
Department, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.
 tatistics of Broadband Internet Service Development - current state - Ms. Eka Sichinava, De-
2. S
partment of Market Analysis and Strategic Development, Georgian National Communications
 usheti Community Network – One Year After, Ms. Nino Nanitashvili Independent Consultant for
3. T
ISOC’s socio-economic impact assessment for Tusheti Community Networks (Online)
4. E astern Georgia Mountain Areas Main Challenges. Mr. Gela Mtivlishvili, Advocacy of popula-
tion living in mountainous areas. Project Director, Founder media outlet - and
Co-founder of the NGO “Mountain Community Network”
5. E
 ach one of us can provide Internet access to underprivileged high school students,
Mr. George Jibladze, Co-founder & CEO of (
Signature of MoU on Community network Support –VEON Georgia, Mountain Community net-
work, ISOC, TOA

Coffee break
Safe Internet Puzzle and Georgia
12.00- Moderator: Mr. Mamuka Andghuladze, Media Program Manager, “Transparency International -
13.00 Georgia”
 afe Internet, especially for children - challenges and solutions, Ms. Sophie Tvalavadze,
1. S
Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Communications, Information
and Modern Technologies Department
 afe Internet challenges and solutions, Mr. David Wright, Director, UK Safer Internet Centre
2. S
3. G
 eorgian National Communications Commission and safe Internet challenge, Ms. Mariam
Sulaberidze, Head of the International Relations and Project Management Office, Georgian
National Communications Commission
 he influence of hate speech on young people, Ms. Marija Andreeva, Council of Europe Expert
4. T
 afe access to the Internet and challenges of education system, Mr. Aleksandre Asatiani,
5. S
Preschool and General Education Development Department, Ministry of Education, Science,
Culture and Sport of Georgia
 afe Internet for Children: Regulations vs. Digital Literacy – Ms. Teona Turashvili, E-Governance
6. S
Direction Head, Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)

13.00- Stakeholder Engagement Opportunities

13.45 Next generation of Georgian Internet Governance society – meeting with I Star organizations and
Global and Regional IG initiatives
.GE ccTLD and .გე IDN ccTLD - latest develop- Internet Content and Copyrights - Georgia and
14.45- ments and challenges EU
16.00 Moderator: Ms. Mzia Gogilashvili, Chief Expert Moderator: Mr. Ucha Seturi, Small and Medium
on International Relations, International Rela- Telecom Operator’s Association of Georgia
tions and Project Management Office, Georgian
National Communications Commission
1. A
 n Introduction to Universal Acceptance, 1. Copyrights online and offline -
Ms. Alexandra Kulikova, Head of Global Ms. Tamar Khukhunaishvili, Legal Department,
Stakeholder Engagement Eastern Europe Georgian National Communications
and Central Asia, Internet Corporation for Commission
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
2.Protection of copyrights and neighboring
2. .გე IDN ccTLD Developments, Ms. Tinatin rights on the internet, analysis of local and
Monavardisashvili, Service Manager, international regulations - Ms. Khatuna
Information Technology Development Center Injia, deputy director In Legal issues, td
(.გე) “Systemnet”

 atest updates of the .ge ccTLD, Ms. Khatuna 3. Protection of Copyrights and neighboring
3. L
Shubitidze, Domain Administrator and rights -practices in Europe and Georgia -
registrator managment service, “Caucasus Ms. Medea Shengelia, Georgian Copyright
Online” (.GE) Association, head of legal department. ccTLD Advisory Board Activities, 4. Copyrights and Responsibility of
Mr. Sandro Karumidze ccTLD Advisory Intermediary operators - Mr. Irakli Kasradze,
Board Coordinator, ISOC Georgia Head of trademarks, Geographic Indications
and Design Department, National Intellectual
5. K
 atrina Sataki, Country Code Names
Property Center in Georgia
Supporting Organisation Council, ICANN

Coffee Break
16.15- Competition and Georgian Internet market Internet Consumers readiness
17.30 Moderator: Mr. Ramaz Kvatadze, CEO • The Moderator: Mr. Irakli Garibashvili, Director,
Georgian Research and Educational Networking National Scientific Library – Georgia;
Association – GRENA

1.Infrastructure sharing and Broadband 1. GENEA project web portal presentation-

Development in Lithuania - Mr. Giedrius Pūras, Mr. Tornike Jobava, World Bank project
Deputy Director General at Communications Georgia National Innovation Ecosystem
Regulatory Authority of Lithuania, Resident (GENIE) Project Broadband for Development
Twinning Advisor for project „Supporting Program Coordinator at GITA – GEORGIA’S
the Georgian National Communication INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY AGENCY
Commission (GNCC) in developing of its
electronic communications regulatory 2. Challenges for internet users in Georgia, Ms.
framework and operational capacities in line Tamta Tepnadze, Consumer Rights Public
with EU Regulatory Framework “ Defender, Georgian National Communication
Commission (GNCC)
2. A ccess to the Internet and Right of Way -
Challenges and issues from local authorities,
Mr. Besiki Tsakadze, CEO, “AirMax” Ltd

3.Access market Liberalization las updates and

Internet market, Mr. Davit Gogichaishvili Head
of Telecom Market Regulation Department,
Georgian National Communications

Closing and Final Remarks