Anda di halaman 1dari 2



1. Hey Siti, ____________________ go star gazing tonight.

a. are you b. how about c. shall them d. would you like to

2. Sam: “Would you like to go watch a movie this weekend? “

Carly: “I can't, I am low on cash right now.” ____________________ stay at home and watch TV instead.
a. How about b. Let's c. What about d. I think

4. ____________________ like a cup of coffee?

a. Can I b. I'll do c. Would you d. Should I

5. ____________________ the washing , if you like.

a. Can I b. Would you c. I'll do d. Let's

6. Edo: “I have a lot of work to finish; I don't know how I will manage. “
Sam: ____________________ half of it if you want.
a. Would you b. I think
c. Why don't d. I will help you with

7. Carly: “I submitted my essay to the teacher few days ago, but I haven't received any response from her.”
Edo:____________________ go and ask her?
a. Shall us b. I'll do
c. Why don't you d. I propose

8. ____________________ get you a drink?

a. Would you b. Why don't you
c. Can I d. I'll do

9. Aisya: “ I am so thirsty.”
Annie: ____________________ get you something to drink?
a. How about b. What about
c. Why don't d. Can I

10. ____________________ like me to clean your car?

a. How about b. Let's
c. Would you d. I think

1. Father went to office late last day, ….?
2. She wasn’t happy when he didn’t came to her house, …?
3. They were learning Physics when we came last morning, …?
4. I can do this faster, …?
5. He could try again if he wanted to get more, …?
6. I will be happy if you bring me many chocolates, …?
7. Febri eats many fresh vegetables every night to her dinner, …?
8. They shouldn’t’t play a lot if they want their task to be finished, …?
9. Andini and I wanted to shop together last Friday night, …?
10. He had many things to be sold, …?
11. She has done her task since 8 a.m, …?
12. We want to make friendship, …?
13. He canceled his vacation because of his business, …?
14. We will come if they had finished their task yet, …?
15. I have finished my report for 5 minutes, …?
1. When I’m hot and thirsty, I prefer cold drinks______hot drinks
2. When I’m hot and thirsty, I like cold drinks better______hot drinks
3. When I’m hot and thirsty, I’d rather have cold drink_____hot drinks.
4. I prefer chicken______beef
5. I like rock n’ roll better_____classical musc.
6. Tina would rather lie on the beach_____go swimming.
7. Tina likes lying o the beach better______going swimming
8. Tina prefers lying on the beach_____going swimming.
9. My parents would rather work_____retire. They enjoy their jobs.
10. Do you like fresh vegetables better_____frozen or canned vegetables?
11. I would rather take a picture of a wild animal____kill it with a gun.
12. Mr kim prefers tea____coffee with his evening meal.
13. I prefer visiting my friends in the evening______watching TV by myself
14. My brother would rather read a book in the evening_____vivit with friends.
15. My sister likes her math class better_____her biology class.