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PToSEC ll+

Surge event counter

Electrical Dimensions Imml

PToSEC ll+ Model t36.01
Threshold Current (B/20) [."] 50A 1.42

lvlaximum Count ng Dlscharge Current (B/20) lL-,..1 50kA

Power Supp y Replaceable 3 Year Battery
CR123A Lithium
lvlaximum Events Logged 999

[,4ountinq Method EN 607]5 35mm DIN Rail
l\,4aximum Wired Diameter through Current Sensor 0.55"[14mm]
Sensor Cab e 19.7"[0.5m]
Operat ng Temperature ('C) -20" C to r70" C

Env ronmental lngress Protection (lP) Rat ng tP 20

Enclosure l\,4ateria Thermoplastic; 2.64
Extinguishing Degree UL 94 V-0
The PToSEC ll+ is a surge Enclosure Dmension (L W. D) 3.54" x1.42" x2.64"
counter with additional [90x36x67 mm]
functionality. Besides Dimensions DIN 43880 2TE

counting the number of Packaging D mensions (LxWx D) 4.33" x1 .65" x3.27'

[1 10x42x83 mm]
surges, it also logs the.hour
We ght .33 lbs [150 s]
and date of each surge
counted. This additional time
and date logging function
makes it is possible to lnstallation
pinpoint the exact trme of
every surge and correlate it Place the PToSEC
ll+ on a DIN rail and
with equipment and power
connect its Snap-on
supply problems inside of toroid sensor around
the facillty or structure. a downconductor
(see illustration).

Replacing battery

PToSEC ll+ Use

The LCD screen is turned off by default to DATE
preserve energy. Turn it on with the press
of any button. The first screen shows the TIME
surge count (lower-left corner), the date
(top row) and the time (middle row) of the
last recorded surge. NO. OF SURGES

Browse the surge events history by

pressing the UP(t) and DOWN(J) keys.
Pressing the OK button starts the time
and date setup. While in time/date setup, DAY-MONTH-YEAR
confirm by pressing OK button or move
back by pressing Set button. Numbers are HOUR-MINUTE-SECOND
changed with the UP(1) and DOWN(J)
buttons. The number being set blinks.

After time/date is set, an option for

CLEARING ALL DATA appears. Choose
option Yes or No with the UP(1) or DOWN
{J) arrows and confirm by pressing OK.

WARNINGI Once data is cleared, it cannot

be retrieved.

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1 30 092 300 Rev.A

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