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Assignment 3

MAT 135Y5 Calculus, UTM, 2015-2016

Due: At the beginning of YOUR tutorial, during the week of 5-9 October.

Student Name: .
Last Name First Name
Student Number: .
Circle your tutorial:
TUT0101 TUT0102 TUT0103 TUT0104 TUT0105 TUT0106 TUT0107 TUT0108 TUT0109
Elektra Mike Harleen Esther Harleen Esther Manuela Marc Thomas
Tue 12-1 Tue 12-1 Tue 1-2 Tue 1-2 Tue 2-3 Tue 2-3 Tue 6-7 Wed 9-10 Wed 2-3
TUT0110 TUT0111 TUT0112 TUT0113 TUT0114 TUT0115 TUT0116 TUT0117 TUT0118
Marc Manuela Wael Mike Gail Jayde Elektra Wael Harleen
Tue10-11 Thu10-11 Thu 4-5 Wed 4-5 Wed 4-5 Wed 6-7 Thu10-11 Thu 12-1 Thu 2-3
TUT0119 TUT0120 TUT0121 TUT0122 TUT0123 TUT0124 TUT0125 TUT0126 TUT0127
Wael Mike Mike Ting Jayde Ting Marc Thomas Gail
Thu 2-3 Thu 3-4 Thu 4-5 Thu 5-6 Thu 6-7 Thu 6-7 Fri 9-10 Fri 10-11 Fri 10-11

Marking Scheme: The assignment is worth 20 marks. Out of these, 18 marks are for your solutions to the
problems and 2 marks are for presentation.

Presentation: To receive the 2 marks for presentation, you must attempt at least half the problems as well
as follow these instructions:
 Print this page and fill in your name and student number.
 Circle your tutorial (with the correct time and tutor name).
 Staple your solutions to this front page in the top left corner.
 Answer the questions in numerical order (1, 2, 3,…) and clearly indicate the question number at the beginning of each
question (including a, b, c… if the question has multiple parts).
Your writing should be neat and clear (easy to read) and well organized (use full sentences where possible).
You should write complete solutions (show your work) and your reasoning should be easy to follow.

Questions: Submit solutions to the following problems. They refer to exercises in the 8th edition of the
textbook. (Attempt all questions, even though perhaps not all of them will be marked.)

1. Exercise 26 in Section 1.5 (p. 67)

Question Mark
2. Exercise 66 in Section 1.5 (p. 68) 1
3. Exercise 32 in Appendix D (p. A32) 3
4. Exercise 74 in Appendix D (p. A33)
5. Exercise 18 in Section 2.2 (p. 93) 6
6. Exercise 32 in Section 2.2 (p. 94) 8
7. Exercise 24 in Section 2.3 (p. 103)
8. Exercise 30 in Section 2.3 (p. 103)
9. Exercise 44 in Section 2.3 (p. 103)

10. Problem 6 in the booklet “Calculus Application Problems for MAT135” (page 5). (This can be found
as a PDF on Blackboard, under “Course Materials”.)

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