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Fourth International Conference on Energy Engineering

Accepted Papers
December 26-28, 2017
Performance Improvement of Matrix Converter Connected to Wind Energy System ,
Kotb B. Tawfiq , A.F. Abdou, E. E. EL-Kholy ,and S. S. Shokralla.

State-of-the-art ultrasonic dispersion of nanoparticles into phase change material (PCM) for solar storage media -
Nano-oxide-PCM or conventional PCM?
Maha A. Tony, Sh. A. Mansour, and Aghareed M. Tayeb

Modified Cobalt Free Ultra-High Strength Maraging Steel Alloys for Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel ,
Aly Saeed, M. M. Eissa, and S. U. El-kameesy.

Speed Control of DC Drive by Using DC-DC Buck - Boost Converter Feed from PV ,
Ahmed M. Sweed , Kotb B. Tawfiq, HossamYoussef, and E. E. EL-Kholy.

New energy saving technology for producing high manganese steel for stress abrasion wear applications ,
M.K. El Fawkhry, and M. M. Eissa.

Performance assessment and improvement of a waste-heat powered adsorption-desalination with heat and mass
recovery modes ,
El-Sadek H. Nour El-deen, and K. Harby.

Alumino-thermic process as energy saving for steelmaking of Mn - Al iron base alloy ,

Saeed Ghali, Hoda El-Faramawy, and Michael Lamie.

Effect of Plasma Surface Treatment on AISI 316LStainless Steel for In-Core Applications of Nuclear Reactors ,
F. M. El-Hossary, S. U. El-kameesy, M. M. Eissa, Al-Zahraa A. Abd Elmula, Aly Saeed, and Samah A. Al-
Prepared by Dr. Tarek Hagras Shelkamy.
Faculty of Energy Engineering
Building and Testing of an Experimental Three-Stage Laboratory Model for Transmission and Distribution Lines ,
Emad Shakir, Amani Abdelaal, Hilmy Awad, Dina Murad, and Sabri Mossa.

Energy saving in production of high carbon ferromanganese ,

Mamdouh Eissa, Saeed Ghali, and Azza Ahmed.

The Frequency Effect on Transient Impedance of vertical Grounding Electrode ,

Adel Z. El Dein, and S. Yassin.

Exergy Analysis of Cogeneration Power Plant in Paper Industry ,

Hussein M. Maghrabie, M. Attalla, K. Harby , and Ramadan Hefny Ali.

Adaptive nonlinear control of a variable speed horizontal axis wind turbine ,

Rana M. Mostafa, Nouby M. Ghazaly, and Ahmed S. Ali.


A.S.A. Mohamed, and M. Salem Ahmed.

Hierarchical Co3O4 decorated PPy nanocasting core-shell nanospheres as a high performance electrocatalysts for
methanol oxidation electrocatalysis ,
Diab Khalafallah.

Photocatalytic Removal of Congo Red Dye Using MCM-48/Ni2O3 Composite Synthesized Based on Silica Gel
Extracted From Rice Husk Ash; Fabrication and Application ,
Shaban Mohamed, Abukhadra M Ragab, Hamd Ahamed, Amin R Ragab, and Abdel Khalek Ali.

The Influence of Shell and Helically Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger Position on its Thermal Performance ,
Hussein M. Maghrabie, M. Attalla, and Abrar A. A. Mohsen.

Improving Performance of Photovoltaic Cells via Active Air Cooling System ,

Hussein M. Maghrabie, A. S. A. Mohamed, and M. Salem Ahmed.

Effect of slag chemistry on energy consumption in electric arc furnace ,

Mamdouh Eissa, G.M.Megahed, Mohamed S. El-Deab, Soha A. Abdel - Gawad, and Raafat Farahat.

Effect of Coupling Agent on Tribological Properties of Reinforced Polypropylene by Wood Flour ,

Kh. A. Mohamed, T. Hirayama, T. Matsuoka, and H. Ito.
Influence of Coupling Agent on Dielectric and Mechanical Properties of PVC/TiO2 Nanocomposites ,
Nagat M. K. Abdel-Gawad, Adel Z. El Dein, Diaa-Eldin A. Mansour, and Hanaa M. Ahmed.

Effect of BT Nanoparticles on Dielectric and Thermal Properties of Transformer Oil ,

Diaa-Eldin A. Mansour, Essam A. Shaalan, Sayed A. Ward, and Adel Z. El Dein.

Power Quality Improvement of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System Using LC Filter ,

Ahmed Moubarak, Gaber El-Saady, and El-Noby A. Ibrahim.

Control of a Grid Power Connected with a PV Energy System ,

Mahmoud M. Hussein.

Review of thermodynamics of systems that embraces the transfer of electric and magnetic energies ,
Salama Abdelhady.