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December, 2018

We would also like to ex-

We would like to thank eve- tend our congratulations Wednesday
ryone for coming out and to the newest member of evenings
celebrating the 110th Duck the Maloney family, December
dinner. There were a lot of Everett Charles Maloney 5th & 12th A
turkeys dropped! Most of who arrived November Series of
the turkeys were also 29th! Talks on
donated to the local food Congratulations to you all deTocqueville’s Democra-
bank,. Thank you to Sue
cy in America by
Grasso who was kind
enough to get them there!! Giacomo Calabria, Co-
A special thank you to past sponsored by Humanities
president Nate Maloney for New York
being a fabulous M.C and of The series will invite partici-
pants to examine, discuss, and
enjoy the history of the United
States through the writings of
one of its greatest European vis-
itors: Alexis de Tocqueville.
Everett Charles Maloney Participants will read and dis-
cuss both volumes of Tocque-
Thank you to Robert Mack ville’s Democracy in America,
from the Prohibition Distill- learn background history, com-
ery in Roscoe ,N.Y. ,for a fun pare his theories to the modern
and fabulous evening of talk- era, and ultimately use his writ-
ing and tasting their line of ing to better appreciate and un-
“spirits” Bootlegger 21 derstand the world we live in
Remaining sessions
 December 5: Influence of
Democracy on Manners
Properly so Called
(Volume II, Section 3)
 December 12: Influence of
Democratic Ideas & Feel-
ings on Political Society
(Volume II, Section 4)

The cost is $12.00 per ses-

course Nate’s beautiful wife sion. Speaker reception
Katie Maloney for turning 5:30 pm 6:00 pm. Talk
the wheel all night! will begin at 6:00pm
Beer tast- Make a Holiday Wreath
ing and Tuesday, December 11 The Society of
talk with 5:30-7:30 p.m. Architectural
expert Historians
home brew- Present
er Adirondack
Mark Architecture:
Miller on Tuesday, Stories of the
December 4th Ordinary and
6:00-7:30 p.m. the Extraordinary -- A
Have you ever wondered what Book Talk by Janet Null on:
exactly a pilsner is? Or what The Adirondack Architec-
“bottom fermented” means? ture Guide, South-Central
And what is lagering, anyway? Region
Beer enthusiast and avid home
Tuesday, December 11th,
brewer Mark Miller will be our A-wreath-metic: The sim- 5:30pm-7:30pm
guide for a special University ple equation to create one of
Club member event that will Please join us in welcoming
the most complex expres- award-winning architect & au-
answer these questions and
more. sions of "Welcome!" thor Janet Null for a conversa-
tion about the architecture of the
An expert brewer, Mark will After a brief history of wreath- Adirondacks. Her book, The
talk us through distinctions in making, you will choose your Adirondack Architecture Guide,
taste, bouquet, color, clarity, materials, follow along with in- Southern-Central
and heartiness of beers from structor Shanelle Carter, and cre- Region, provides a professional
pilsners to ales to stouts. ate your own front-door master- and insightful survey of the built
Mark will cover the different piece. This class is easy enough environment of a unique area
ingredients that are used in the for beginners, yet lays the foun- within New York's Adirondack
brewing process and how each dation for seasoned artists to find Park.
one impacts the final tasting a new medium. The book enables readers to find
experience." Enjoy an evening in the festive buildings and sites, to learn
and relaxing atmosphere of the something about them, and to
Here is a list of beers that we will University Club. This program understand them in the context
be tasting is held in partnership with the of Adirondack history and cul-
Blonde Ale Arts Center of the Capital Re- ture. It is part of a trio books
Wheat Ale gion's Social Media initiative: covering the Southern-Central,
Belgian Brett Golden Sour Ale Make Friends, Make Art! Eastern, and Northern Regions.
Oatmeal Stout The evening will begin with
Galaxy Dry Hopped Red IPA Cost for the event is $50, which “meet the speaker” reception
Pale Ale includes all materials and a bev-
English Barleywine from 5:30-6:00 pm and the talk
erage and presentation will begin at
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Each beer will be paired with a
ALBANY Creative License will re-
ROUNDTABLE turn to The Club on Satur- The Countdown is On!
Wednesday, December 12, day December 29th, 7:30 Join Us For Dinner and Drinks
2018 from 12:00 p.m. to p.m. to present a one-night As We Ring in the New Year
1:00 p.m. -only performance of Cocktail and appetizers will
start at 6:30pm, dinner will fol-
low at 7:30pm
The cost will be $40 per per-
son (sign for drinks)
Champagne toast will be in-
Please make your reservations
by December 26th
Capital Roots CEO Amy Parallel Lives
Klein discusses efforts to Directed by Aaron Holbritter and
or 518-463-1151
SQUASH HUNGER starring Carissa LoPresti and Menu will be announced
Emer Geraghty.

Capital Roots has grown and Parallel Lives is a hilarious sketch

comedy romp where two actresses
evolved over its four decades of play men and women struggling
service to the great Capital Re- through the common rituals of
gion community. This is espe- modern life, from sisters at their
grandmother's funeral to a man
cially true for the past 21 years and a woman together in a coun-
that Amy Klein has been at the try-western bar.
helm of the organization. On
Wednesday, December 12 we Tickets are $40 and include a hot
and cold hors d’oeuvres . If you would like to give to the
will hear about Klein’s part in
the journey of the Capital Dis- employee holiday appreciation
Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will
trict Community Gardens be- begin at 6:00 p.m. and the play fund, there will be a card mailed
coming Capital Roots. will start at 7:30. with the bills for the month of
With Kleins leadership today New Years Eve Dinner The staff at The University Club
Capital Roots serves hundreds of
thousands of people in four December 31, 2018 wishes all of you a very happy
counties through 12 distinct pro- 6:00pm-(it’s up to you)! holiday
grams, providing neighbors with season and a
access to fresh, affordable and very happy,
often local food. healthy New-
year and we
The cost is $20.00 and lunch is are looking
a hot and cold buffet. You are forward to
welcomed to purchase tickets at seeing you in
the door. the coming

Save the dates!
University Club Board of Directors:
Directors 2017-2018 Teresa Casey
Michael Lieberman
Officers: Bob Sheehan
Amy Kramer: President Damon Stewart
Tim Varney Alexis de Tocque-
Jim Davies: Vice President Jeffery Hill ville's Democracy in America
Chuck Seifert: Treasurer Geoffrey Hoderath A Series of Conversations with
Giacomo Calabria
David Hochfelder: (acting) Sec-
December 5: Influence of De-
Nate Maloney: Past President mocracy on Manners Properly so
Called (Volume II, Section 3)
December 12: Influence of

December 2018
Democratic Ideas & Feelings on
Political Society (Volume II,
Section 4)

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Book Talk and Signing with
David Pietrusza January 16th
1 Lunch/ 2 1 Club TR's Last War: Theodore Roose-
Dinner/ Lunch/ closed velt, the Great War, and a Jour-
ney of Triumph and Tragedy

January 22 Burns Supper

2 Members 3 Lunch/ 4Lunch/ 5 Lunch/ 6 Lunch/ 7 8 Club
Holiday Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner/ Lunch/ closed
party Beer tast- Giacomo Members luncheon, featuring
ing board member David Hochfelder
talking about 98 acres ( to be an-
9 Club 10 Lunch/ 11 Lunch/ 12 Lunch/ 13 Lunch/ 14 15 Club
closed Dinner Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner/ Lunch closed
Wreath Giacomo
making Roundtabl New February artist in residence
16 Club 17 Lunch/ 18 Lunch/ 19 Lunch/ 20 Lunch/ 21 Lunch 22 Club
Michael Mirsky from the Center
closed Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner closed Square neighborhood
Open house reception Friday
evening February 1
23 Club 24Lunch/ 25 Closed 26 Lunch/ 27Lunch/ 28 29
closed only Merry Dinner/ Dinner/ Lunch Play Super Bowl party February 3rd
Christmas Christmas Parallel
Eve lives
Valentines dinner February 14t
30 31 New 1 Closed 3 Lunch/ 4 Lunch/ 5 Lunch/ 6 Club
Years Eve Happy Dinner Dinner Closed
Dinner New Year
Wine Spectator dinner and tast-
ing coming in January.

As a reminder, the Grille Room is routinely open Monday-Thursday from We will be having a Game of
11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for lunch, dinner, and happy hour. On Fridays the Thrones evening to gear up for
Grille Room is open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The Grille Room the new season (to be an-
may be open at other times for special events. The Clubhouse is open all day nounced)
Monday through Friday if you want to come by and work, relax, or socialize
(or even shoot pool or bowl a few frames)!