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Page 1 of REGENT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF INFORMATICS AND ENGINEERIN' | Enna 'D OF TRIMESTER EXAMINATIONS (CTROMAGNETIC FIELD THEORY | EL! Date: NOVEMBER, 2013 ‘Time Allowed: TWO HOURS EXAMINATION MATERIAL PROVIDED: NO! INSTRUCTION: ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS LECTURER: STEPHEN KANGA ARMOO Answer all subquestions a) Differentiate between a scalar quantity and a vector quantity with examples. [4 marks] bh) Verify Lageange’s identity, which states that if A and B are wo arbitrary vectors, then |AXBP=A"B*-(A.B)° {10 marks] 4i-3j+k and B=2i-j i. the angle between the two vectors [4 marks] fs. MIE UHM WeCtUY PerpeMvicuial Wy OU anu DE Haina, iit, the angle the unit vector above makes with the vector perpendicular to both the y and z.axesf3 marks} Answer all sub questions a). State Coulomb’s law in your own words [2 marks] b) Briefly explain the following concepts i, Electric Field Intensity [2 marks] ii. Electric Flux Density {2 marks] ©) Derive an expression for the work done in bringing a system of three charges, q1. q2. 43. from infinity to the points a, band ¢ respectively in free space. [8 marks} 4) A point charge of 1C is brought from infinity to a point a in free space. How much work is required la da this? Ifthe energy expenditure in bringing a second charge of IC from infinity to point b is 1J. What is the separation between the charges? If the five space is replaced by a medium with relative permittivity of 4. what is the separation between the charges for the same energy expenditure? (11 marks} Answer all sub questions 2) Explain the following terms i. Capacitor [2 marks] ii, Capacitance [2 marks] ) What is the time constant of an RC circuit? A capacitor with ial potential difference of 100 is discharged through a tesistor when a switch between them is elosed at =0. At 1=10.0s, the potential difference across the capacitor is 1.00V. Page 2 of 2 4. ‘What is the time constant of the circuit, what is the potential difference across the capacitor at (=17.0s [10 marks} ) Two parallel plates are separated by a dielectric of thickness 2min and a dielectric constant of 6, [the area of cach plate is 40cm? and the potential difference between them is 1.5kV determine i. the capacitance (4 marks} ji, the energy stored by the capacitor [4 marks} iii, what is the ratio of the capacitances if the dielectric is replaced by frce space? [3 marks} Answer all sub questions a). Briefly explain the following terms i,” magnetie foree [2 marks] ii, _ magnetic field [2 marks} b) Explain Biot-Savart’s faw with equations. [8 marks} c) Deiermine the eleciric force acting on a point charge of 1Csituated at the origin if a point charge of 200nCis located at (,0) meters and a charge of -1300nC is located at (0.5,0.7-1.3) meters. [13 marks}