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Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

Element 1.1 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Learns about students Gathers additional data to Uses data from a variety of Uses data from multiple Uses comprehensive
through data provided by learn about individual formal and informal sources measures to make knowledge of students to
the school and/or students. to learn about students and adjustments to instruction make ongoing adjustments
assessments. guide selection of and meet individual and accommodations in
instructional strategies to identified learning needs. instruction.
Some students may engage Students engage in single meet diverse learning 5/5/2018 12/10/18
Using knowledge of in learning using lessons or sequence of needs. 9/27/17 Students take ownership of
students to engage instructional strategies lessons that include some Students actively utilize a their learning by choosing
them in learning focused on the class as a adjustments based on Student engage in learning variety of instructional from a wide range of
whole. assessments. through the use of strategies and technologies methods to further their
adjustments in instruction to in learning that ensure learning that are responsive
meet their needs 9/27/17 equitable access to the to their learning needs.
• Using constant informal • Aside from the usual
assessments in class, such informal and formal
as simply asking them assessments, this year I
how they did on an have began to use exit
exercise, gives me input tickets to assess growth
on whether I need to and to see what the
reteach something, teach students are strong and
it in a different way, or if I weak in to ignorer to
am able to continue with adjust the lesson plans for
the curriculum. 9/27/17 the following days.
• Based on the students • Students are using the
IEPs, I learn what method normal technologies in
is best for the students the classroom such as the
Evidence needs. I have learned that iPads, videos, music, and
chunking my instruction listening activities, along
is best for students with with the new interactive
special needs, and notebooks.
students overall, when 5/5/1812/10/18
learning a new language
Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning
Element 1.2 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Develops awareness of Uses gathered information Uses school resources and Integrates broad knowledge Develops and
prior knowledge, culture, about students’ prior family contacts to expand of students and their systematically uses
backgrounds, life knowledge, cultural understanding of students’ communities to inform extensive information
experiences, and interests backgrounds, life prior knowledge, cultural instruction. 4/29/18 regarding students’ cultural
Connecting learning represented among students. experiences, and interest to backgrounds, life 12/10/18 backgrounds, prior
to students’ prior support student learning. experiences, and interests to knowledge, life
knowledge, Some students connect connect to student learning. Students are actively experiences, and interests.
backgrounds, life learning activities to their Students participate in 9/27/17 engaged in curriculum,
experiences, and own lives. single lessons or sequences Students make connections which relates their prior Students can articulate the
interests of lessons related to their between curriculum, and knowledge, experiences, relevance and impact of
interests and experiences. their prior knowledge, and interests within and lessons on their lives and
backgrounds, life across learning activities society
experiences, and interests. 4/29/18 12/10/18
• Based on the students • Using their real life
IEPs, I learn what method captures their attention
is best for the students and engages them in the
needs. I have learned that lesson. For example: in
chunking my instruction teaching them about the
is best for students with Mexican influence in the
special needs, and USA, I will be taking
students overall, when them to a museum which
learning a new language. focuses on the Mexican
9/27/17 and Mexican American
• Students make influence in the US, but
connections with more specifically in
curriculum through the Souther California and in
activities that I create for Los Angeles. 4/29/18
them. I try to make real- 12/10/18
Evidence life scenarios, use them • When practicing the
within the examples, and subjunctive, the students
have them choose topics must describe what they
for projects. 9/27/17 are looking for in the
ideal partner. They are
allowed to pick a famous
celebrity and use them as
an inspiration. Students
love this assignment,
especially since I post
their pictures and
assignments on the walls.
It gives them something
nicety look at. 4/29/18
Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

Element 1.3 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Uses real-life connections Explore using additional Integrates connections from Integrates connections to Engages student in actively
during instruction as real-life connections to subject matter to meaningful, real-life making connections to
identified to curriculum. subject matter in single meaningful, real-life contexts in planning subject relevant, meaningful, and
lessons or sequence of contexts, including those matter instruction and is real-life contexts
lessons to support specific to students’ family responsive during throughout subject matter
understanding. and community. instruction to engage instruction.12/10/18
Connecting subject students in relating to
matter to meaningful, subject matter. 9/27/17
real-life contexts 5/5/18 Students routinely integrate
Some students relate Students make use of real- Students utilize real-life Students actively engage in subject matter into their
subject matter to real-life life connections provided in connections regularly to making and using real-life own thinking and make
single lessons or sequence develop understandings of connections to subject relevant applications of
of lessons to support subject matte. matter to extend their subject matter during
understanding of subject understanding 9/27/17 learning activities.
matter. 5/5/1812/10/18
• Students always want to • I am beginning to
know why they are learning implement PBL
things? When will the assignments. Spanish 4 has
actually use this? I always to find someone or
have to find way of making something to have affected
the lesson real-life relatable. the Mexicans or Mexican-
9/27 5/5/1812/10/18 Americans in California.
• When teaching commands, I 12/10/18
like to use examples of signs
or rules in establishments
that they actually see.
9/27/17 5/5/18
• I give the students scenarios
of situations that they have
Evidence lived through and they give
me commands or directions
that they would give or
receive in the situations,
applying the commands.
9/27/17 5/5/18
• For the resent progressive,
the students act out
scenarios in which their
friends cancel their plans
because they are doing
something else, which
happens all the time. 9/27/17
Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning
Element 1.4 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Uses instructional Explores additional Utilizes a variety of Creates, adapts, and Refines the flexible use of
strategies, resources, and instructional strategies, strategies including integrates a broad range of an extensive repertoire of
technologies as provided by resources, and technologies culturally responsive strategies, resources, and strategies, resources, and
school and/or district. in single lessons or pedagogy, resources, and technologies into technologies to meet
sequence of lessons to meet technologies during instruction designed to students’ diverse learning
students’ diverse learning ongoing instruction to meet meet students’ diverse needs.
Using a variety of needs. students’ diverse learning learning needs. 9/27/17
instructional strategies, needs. 5/5/1812/10/18
resources, and
technologies to meet Some students participate Students participate in Students participate in Students take
students’ diverse in instructional strategies, single lessons or sequence instruction using strategies, Students actively engage in responsibilities for using a
learning needs using resources and of lessons related to their resources, and technologies instruction and make use of wide range of strategies,
technologies provided. interests and experiences. matched to their learning a variety of targeted resources, and technologies
needs. strategies, resources, and that successfully advance
technologies to meet their their learning.
individual students needs.
• I try to use music videos,
pictures, dialogues, and
skits to help students
learn in different ways,
especially for all of the
different learners to
understand.With the
interactive notebooks,
students can pay more
attention to the lesson
with these guided note-
taking pamphlets. 9/27/17
Evidence • This year, I have
introduced the interactive
notebook, which have
helped students with all
learning needs, especially
with grammar. 5/5/18
• Students have to create
their won dialogues and
skits to correctly use the
new content within real
life settings. 9/27/17
5/5/18 12/10/18
Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

Element 1.5 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Asks questions that focus Includes questions in single Guide students to think Supports students to initiateFacilitates systematic
on factual knowledge and lessons or a sequence of critically through use of critical thinking through opportunities for student to
comprehension. lessons that require students questioning strategies, independently developing apply critical thinking by
to recall, interpret, and posing/solving problems, questions, posing problems designing structured
think critically. and reflection on issues in and reflecting on multiple inquiries into complex
Promoting critical content.9/27/17 perspectives. 5/5/18 problems. 12/10/18
thinking though Students respond to varied Students pose and answer a
inquiry, problem questions or tasks designed Students respond to Students pose problems and wide-range of complex
solving, and reflection Some students respond to to promote comprehension questions and problems construct questions of their questions and problems,
questions regarding facts and critical thinking in posed by the teacher and own to support inquiries reflect, and communicate
and comprehension single lessons or a sequence begin to pose and solve into content. 5/5/18 understandings based on in
of lessons problems of their own depth analysis of content
related to the content. learning.12/10/18
• To guide the students to • In Spanish 4, students • I am beginning to
make connections with learned about the downfall implement PBL
the content and their own of Batista and the uprising of assignments. Spanish 4 has
culture, I ask the students Castro, the social changes in to find someone or
Cuba, where the US stands something to have affected
to reflect on similarities in relation with Cuba, then the Mexicans or Mexican-
and differences between and now. They also learned Americans in California.
the two and other cultures how to properly use 12/10/18
that they may know of. interrogative pronouns. • Students can chose their
These questions will lead Combing the two things topic and method of
to a discussion in class. from this lesson, students presentation. They need to
9/27/17 have to create a dialogue, teach the school community
• In these discussions, where someone has to about what they have
Students are eager to pretend to be a Cuban learned. 12/10/18
Evidence share their own refugee and the other person
is asking them questions to
experiences. Sometimes know about their experience.
they share ideas of 5/5/18
information that I never • With the Cuban refugee
knew, and I am sure teach dialogues, students had to
their peers as well. make up their own backstory
9/27/17 to the refugees experience
and the context of the
interview. They have to give
historical evidence to
support their experience.
Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning
Element 1.6 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Implements lessons Seeks to clarify instruction Makes ongoing adjustments Adjusts strategies during Makes adjustments to extend
following curriculum and learning activities to to instruction based on instruction based on the learning opportunities and
guidelines. support student observation of student ongoing monitoring of provide assistance to students
understanding. engagement and regular individual student needs in mastering the concepts
Monitoring student checks for understanding. for assistance, support, or flexibly and effectively.
learning and adjusting challenge. 9/27/17 5/5/18 12/10/18
instruction while Students successfully Students are able to Students monitor their progress
teaching. Some students receive Students receive participate and stay engaged articulate their level of in learning and provide
individual assistance assistance individually or in learning activities. understanding and use information to teacher that
during instruction. in small groups during teacher guidance to meet informs adjustments in
instruction. their needs during instruction. 9/27/17 5/5/18
instruction. 12/10/18
• After we complete a lesson, I
ask the students if they
understood it, if they need
more practice, or if they do
poorly on a quiz. If need be, I
will adjust the lesson plans
for the next day to give other
examples or re-teach the
lesson in a different manner,
which I did for the IOP and
DOP. 9/27/17 5/5/18
• I offer tutoring before and
after school, as well as
during break and lunch.I also
answer questions via email
Evidence after school when they are
stuck on their homework.
9/27/17 5/5/18 12/10/18
• I had students give me a
dumbs up or down after
reteaching the lesson to see if
they better understood the
lesson. 9/27/17 5/5/18
• Students feel very
comfortable in approaching
me for extra help. I receive
emails and have had students
come and see me outside of
the class time for tutoring.
9/27/17 5/5/18 12/10/18