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CSTP 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Has a foundational Examines concepts in Understands and explains Uses broad knowledge of Uses extensive knowledge of
knowledge of subject subject matter and the relationship between inter-relationships of subject matter concepts,
matter, related academic academic language to essential subject matter concepts, academic content current issues, academic
3.1 Demonstrating language, and academic identify connections concepts, academic standards, and academic language, and research to
knowledge of subject content standards. between academic content language, and academic language in ways that make relevant connections to
matter academic standards and instruction. content standards. ensure clear connections standards during instruction
content standards and relevance to students. and extend student learning.
9/29/17 5/5/18 12/10/18

• I definitely connect the

content being learning
with current issues, for
example: the students were
learning about different
political parties. We
discussed the changes
Cuba has gone through
and the changes in the
relationship with the US.
We talked about our
political standing in the
US as well and ALL the
changes that have been
happening lately and how
they are personally being
affected by them. 9/29/17
5/5/18 12/10/18
CSTP 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Has basic knowledge of Expands knowledge of Adapts instruction in Integrates knowledge of Utilizes comprehensive
student stages of student development and response to knowledge of range of students knowledge of students to
development while implements learning student development and development into guide all students to develop
becoming aware of activities in single lessons proficiencies to meet instructional decisions to proficiencies, understand
differences in students’ or sequence of lessons students’ diverse learning ensure student subject matter including
understanding of subject that addresses students’ needs. Ensures understanding of the subject related academic language.
matter. proficiencies and support understanding of subject matter including related
understanding of subject matter including related academic language. 5/5/18 Engages student at all levels
Teaches subject-specific matter including related academic language. 12/10/18 of vocabulary, academic
3.2 Applying vocabulary following academic language. language, and proficiencies
knowledge of student curriculum guidelines. Provides explicit teaching Provides explicit teaching in self-directed goal setting,
development and Provides explicit teaching of essential vocabulary, of specific academic monitoring, and
proficiencies to ensure of essential content idioms, key words with language, text structures, improvement. Guides all
student understanding vocabulary and associated multiple meanings, and grammatical, and stylistic students in using analysis
of subject matter academic language in academic language in ways language features to ensure strategies that provides
single lessons or sequence that engage students in equitable access to subject equitable access and deep
of lessons. Explains accessing subject matter matter understanding for the understanding of subject
academic language, text or learning activities. range of student language matter.
formats, and vocabulary levels and abilities.9/29/17
to support student access 12/10/18
to subject matter when
confusions are identified.

• Having students add to

vocabulary based on what
they know from previous
years or from home/
culture is important.
Students will see what
other people use in the
same situations and in
real-life. 5/5/18 12/10/18
• I follow the flow of the
textbook, teaching the
grammar and vocabulary
that meets the standards
that the textbook is
aligned with. I make sure
to connect to previous
knowledge to facilitate
the learning process.
9/29/17 12/10/18
CSTP 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Follows organization of Examines organization of Uses knowledge of Integrates knowledge of Uses extensive knowledge of
curriculum as provided by curriculum and considers curriculum and student curriculum and resources to curriculum and related
site and district to support adjustments in single readiness to organize and organize and adjust resources to flexibly and
student understanding of the lessons or sequence of adjust the curriculum to instruction within and effectively organize and
3.3 Organizing subject matter. lessons to support ensure student across subject matter to adjust instruction. 9/29/17
curriculum to facilitate understanding of subject understanding. extend student
student understanding matter. understanding. Ensures student
of the subject matter comprehension and
facilitates student
articulation about what they
do and do not understand.
5/5/18 12/10/18
• Since I know the preterit
has the most irregular
verbs, and is one of the
most difficult verb tenses
to understand the usage, I
make sure to block out a
large chunk of my
curriculum mapping for it
to ensure the students have
sufficient time and
resources to learn the verb
tense.I use different types
of resources to help
identify and correctly
apply the preterit verb
tense (songs, interactive
notebooks, acronyms, etc.)
• I ask the students for
comprehension in different
ways so that they feel
comfortable sharing their
status: thumbs up or down,
exit tickets, etc. 5/5/18
CSTP 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Uses instructional strategies Gathers and uses Selects and adapts a variety Integrates instructional Uses an extensive repertoire
that are provided in the additional instructional of instructional strategies to strategies appropriate to of instructional strategies to
curriculum. strategies in single ensure student subject matter to meet develop enthusiasm, meta-
lessons or sequence of understanding of academic students’ diverse learning, cognitive abilities, and
3.4 Utilizing lessons to increase language appropriate to to ensure student support and challenge the
instructional strategies student understanding of subject matter and that understanding of academic full range of student towards
that are appropriate to academic language addresses students’ diverse language, and guide student a deep knowledge of subject
the subject matter appropriate to subject learning needs. 9/29/17 in understanding matter. 12/10/18
matter. connections within and
across subject matter.
• I use listening, reading • I have integrated • With the use of the extra
comprehension, fill-in the interactive notebooks this resources that the ebook
blanks, writing and year to help students with has, students have a further
dialogues to help the all learning needs, understanding of the
students practice the especially with grammar. content learned. 12/10/18
content learned through 5/5/518
lectures, powerpoints,
videos, textbook and
workbook activities and
interactive notebooks.
CSTP 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Uses available instructional Explores additional Selects, adapts, and utilizes Integrates a wide range of Engages students in
materials, resources, and instructional materials, appropriate instructional adapted resources, identifying and adapting
technologies for specific resources, and materials, resources, and technologies, and resources, technologies, and
lessons to make subject technologies to make technologies for concept instructional materials to standards-aligned
3.5 Using and adapting matter accessible to subject matter accessible and skill development in meet identified student instructional materials to
resources, technologies, students. to students. subject matter. needs and make subject extend student understanding
and standards-aligned Resources reflect the matter accessible to and critical thinking about
instructional materials Identifies technological Explores how to make diversity of the classroom students. 9/29/17 subject matter. 12/10/18
including adopted resource needs. technological resources and support differentiated
materials, to make available to all students. learning of subject matter. Assists student with Ensures that student are able
subject matter equitable access to to obtain equitable access to
accessible to all Guides students to use materials, resources, and a wide range of technologies
students available print, electronic, technologies. Seeks outside through ongoing links to
and online subject matter resources and support. outside resources and
resources based on 5/5/18 support.
individual needs.
• I use the activities within • Through the PBL
the textbooks, the assignment, students use
listening activities, different online resources,
workbook, and online to investigate and use their
resources provided by the critical thinking skills on
textbook. 9/29/17 social issues in their
• I use listening, reading community. 12/10/18
comprehension, fill-in the
blanks, writing and
dialogues to help the
students practice the
content learned through
lectures, powerpoints,
videos, textbook and
workbook activities and
interactive notebooks.
CSTP 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Is aware of students’ primary Seeks additional information Identifies language Integrates knowledge of Engages English learners in
language and English language describing elements of proficiencies and English English language development, assessment of their progress in
proficiencies based on culture and language learner strengths in the study of English learners’ strengths and English language development
available assessment data. proficiencies in listening, language and content. assessed needs into English and in meeting content
speaking, reading, and Differentiates instruction using language and content standards. Supports students to
writing. Uses multiple one or more components of instruction. establish and monitor language
3.6 Addressing the measures for assessing English language development and content goals.
needs of English English learners’ to support English learners.
learners and student Provides adapted materials to performance to identify gaps
with special needs to help English learners access in English language Creates and implements Develops and adapts Is resourceful and flexible in the
provide equitable content. development. scaffolds to support standards- instruction to provide a wide design, adjustment, and
access to the content based instruction using literacy range of scaffolded support for elimination of scaffolds based
Attempts to scaffold content strategies, SDAIE, and content language and content for the on English learners’
using visuals, models, and level English language range of English learners. proficiencies, knowledge, and
graphic organizers. development in order for 12/10/18 skills in the content.
students to improve language
proficiencies and understand
content. 9/29/17 5/5/18

• I build off of previous • Through the different

knowledge by having visuals, videos, songs,
them recall before adding note-taking guides and
new content, I chunk my various activities, students
teaching so that it doesn't build on the content
become too knowledge. I always
overwhelming, I use teach or connect the new
different methods to teach grammar with the English
and practice the material, grammar, before going
the students us think-pair- forward with the Spanish
share and choral grammar. I adopt
responses, and I make practices that focus on my
connections to previous EL students and Special
knowledge. 9/29/17 5/5/18 Needs students, but that
can also be beneficial to
all students. 12/10/18
CSTP 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Has an awareness of the full Seeks additional information Utilizes information on the full Integrates accommodations, Guides and support the full
range of students identified on the full range of students range of students identified adaptations, and extensions to range of student with special
with special needs through data identified with special needs with special needs to assess instruction for the full range of needs to actively engage in the
provided by the school. to address challenges or strengths and competencies to students with special needs to assessment and monitor their
supports in single lessons or provide appropriate challenge ensure adequate support and own strengths, learning needs,
sequence of lessons. and accommodations in challenge. 9/29/17 and achievement in accessing
instruction content.
Communicates and
3.7 Addressing the Attends required meeting with Cooperates with resource Communicates regularly with collaborates with colleagues, Communicates and collaborates
needs of English resource personnel and personnel, para-educators, resource personnel, para- support staff, and families to with resource personnel, para-
families. and families during meetings educators, and families to ensure consistent instruction. educators, families, leadership,
learners and student and activities in support of ensure that student services are Supports families in positive and students in creating a
with special needs to learning plans and goals. provided and progress is made engagement with school. coordinated program to
provide equitable in accessing appropriate 5/5/18 12/10/18 optimize success of the full
access to the content content. range of students with special
Initiates and monitors referral needs.
Refers students as needed in a processes and follow-up
Learns about referral processes Seeks additional information timely and appropriate manner meeting to ensure that students Takes leadership at the site/
for students with special needs. on struggling learners and supported with documented receive support and/or district and collaborates with
advanced learners to data over time, including extended learning that is resource personnel to ensure the
determine appropriateness interventions tried previous to integrated into the core smooth and effective
for referral. referral. curriculum. implementations of referral

• I usually have a talk with

the students with special
needs in private to make
sure what exactly they
need in my class in order
to maximize their learning
and make those
adjustments. 9/29/17
• If I find that the student is
still having difficulties, I
may have a conversation
with another one of their
teachers that is having
success to see if I can
apply any of their
methods in my classroom.
5/5/18 12/10/18