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SWE MCTIMST Lesson Obse ‘edback to Student Teacher TEPC 2403 Student Teacher's Name: Noor Alsuwaidi Grade Level: KG -2 UnitLesson: Storytelling: “Where's My Teddy?” Date: October 21, 2018 = Excellent, = Good, § = Satisfactory, M= Marginal and US = Unsatisfactory Competency Area e wus ‘Overview ofthe lesson? [Noor had storyteling ented “Where's My Teddy?" in a KG-2 lass. Strengths: = Commendable classroom management srategy. However, keepin mind that if students are ‘tating to lose thei interest, focus and attention despite of repetitive using of the behavior ‘managemtent seategy, is mens either you modify the sratezy or they're geting bored ofthe lesson (especially you spent along time for the discussion) - Lappeciate that you know your students by thie names. - Well-modulated voice | Appropriate and suitable tone and intonation ~ Engaging starter Has presented the LO (next time, share less objectives) - Have provided several differentiated activites (but you should have not revealed the answers to the HA ~ lf eyeleof butterfly) = Very good story telling technique. Students had so much un Has demonstrated ability (© ANIMATE Has askod HOTS and meaning questions to students during sctivity ime