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First performed by Freddie Aguilar in the First Metro Manila Popular Music Festival in 1978

About the Song:

A hit in Asia and translated into a dozen languages (including English, Japanese, French, Russian,
and German), Aguilar's first hit is among the most popular folk ballads ever recorded in the
Philippines. The song dwells on the sacrifices made by doting parents for their children,
upholding traditional family values and criticizing prodigal children who forget what their
parents have done for them once they have grown. The lyrics are sung in a way that they
almost sound like they are spoken, striking an emotional chord when Aguilar speaks directly to
prodigal children then ends the song with a call for the them to ask for forgiveness and total
understanding from their parents. The duple time of the rhythm gives the song a reflective
character while the acoustic guitar accompaniment hints at a folk-rock influence. (From CCP
Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, vol. 6, p. 221-222)