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Data Sheet

Structured Data Manager

Structured Data Manager

Manage Explosive Application Information Growth
Product Highlights 3. Failing to effectively address regulatory Products/Options Description
Micro Focus® Structured Data Manager (SDM) compliance demands that can lead to
• Content Manager: On-premises
reduces the total cost of ownership of appli- stiff financial penalties and or sanctions.
• Amazon S3: Cloud
cation infrastructure, increases business pro- Structured Data Manager application archiving
ductivity, raises information value, and mitigates solution helps you address these challenges by • Vertica: On-premises and Cloud
the risks associated with tightening compliance effectively migrating eligible transactions off of • Hadoop: On-premises and Cloud
requirements. your Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2,
Sybase, or other JDBC-accessible databases
Organizations of all sizes are struggling to cope while seamlessly preserving data access and
Database Archive Target Location
with application information growth. There is integrity to support long-term retention and ac- • Oracle database: On-premises
also increased complexity from tightening reg- cess requirements. • Microsoft SQL database: On-premises
ulations, new database applications, and legal
discovery requirements. As these challenges in- • I BM DB2 database: On-premises
tensify, so does the amount of customer data to Features and Benefits
manage and the length of time you’re required Comprehensive Information
to manage it. This daunting scenario poses Management Solutions
challenges to line of business owners, IT, and Structured Data Manager provides unmatched
compliance and legal professionals alike. flexibility to harness the power of a holistic ap-
proach to information management with the
Some of the problems organizations face following built-in integrations:
man­aging enterprise applications include the
Micro Focus Content Manager:
Captures, manages, helps secure, and
1. Increasing data volumes that negatively disposes of information according to
affect database and application perfor- ­corporate and compliance policies
mance, availability, and manageability.
Micro Focus SecureData: Enables
Data overgrowth also compromises
SDM to protect sensitive data as it moves
critical business processes such as
across the IT ecosystem, at rest, in motion
financial close, order processing, payroll,
and in use, without gaps in security.
and management reporting.
2. Retainingand managing large volumes Micro Focus Vertica: Provides high
of historical data online in production ­performance analytics so you can gain bet-
databases on high-availability servers and ter business insights from your information
storage puts unnecessary pressure on al- Amazon S3: Leverage as storage to
ready strained budgets and overburdened continue to lower cost and increase
IT staff. ROI for your cloud investment
Data Sheet
Structured Data Manager

Control Mission-Critical Databases and archive access requirements. The compo- Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase,
Structured Data Manager helps to control the nents include: DB2, or open standards JDBC environ-
growth of mission-critical databases by au- Designer: Provides a visual interface to ments, Structured Data Manager offers the
tomating the migration or retirement of data model data and create business-aligned rich set of application archiving
while preserving its business value and meet- data migration rules with ease. capabilities required to control and
ing the desired access requirements. Data can ­manage database growth.
Data movement: Makes sure data
be relocated to a separate, online database for
relocation is performed to meet volume
fast, transparent access, or to standards-based Scale to Big Data
requirements while retaining application
XML, CSV, or JSON documents for long-term Today, information is at the core of the chang-
retention based on retention rules and policies ing enterprise. The dramatic increase in volume,
that align with your business. You can perform Archive access: Provides a full range velocity, variety, and vulnerability of information
out-of-the-box database archiving of structured of access capabilities to meet require- is transforming the core of businesses and gov-
data to any Hadoop-powered file system, re- ments for business operations, regulatory ernments. Micro Focus is helping information-
gardless of the configuration: cloud, on-prem- ­compliance, and legal discovery. complex companies make sense of Big Data
Simplified access via a Web-based ­console with a broad and flexible portfolio based on
ises, or hybrid support. SDM also includes an
does not require third-party tools. open source standards and the availability of a
integrated set of components that facilitate de-
sign, deployment, and on-going management of Job engine: Automates application comprehensive partner ecosystem. Structured
archiving processes throughout the lifecycle of ­archiving tasks with built-in recovery Data Manager offers full support for Big Data,
applications and data. and restart. allowing enterprises to be more agile and pro-
Management console: Provides system active with the ability to gain insights provided
Adjust for Application Complexity configuration, job monitoring, job ­launching, not only by Structured Data Manager but the
SDM offers capabilities that address different rest of the information archiving portfolio, in-
and complete audit trail capabilities.
levels of application complexity, data volumes, cluding Vertica.
Whether you are running applications on
Rapid Support for Third-Party,
Custom and In-House Applications
The SDM Designer, a standard component
included with the Structured Data Manager
license, provides a rich graphical interface for
modeling application transactions and creating
archive policies that extend archiving support to
your third-party and custom applications.

The Designer makes it possible for your business

analysts and domain experts to focus on busi-
ness-specific application archiving rules, instead
of highly-specialized coding techniques, which
simplifies the development and testing process.
Designer is integrated with the Structured Data
Manager software run-time environment for
easy deployment and maintenance.

Figure 1. SDM Platform Components

Benefits of SDM Designer Secondly, because it doesn’t require Provide integrity of production and archive
Enables fast development of archive ­additional database design skills or storage data times, through native database support
­modules for third-party and in-house technologies, you can take advantage of and transaction consistency models
applications, through visual modeling in-house database administrator skills, Support native Oracle partitioning and
of data tables and creation of archive which means no additional headcount. partition swapping for fast data movement
­policies and rules SDM helps you to capture greater storage cost while archiving related non-partitioned
Provides multi-level rule creation for savings by archiving inactive structured data to data together as complete sets
intuitive and self-documenting design cost-effective private or public cloud storage
capabilities while enabling users to directly search and/or Benefits of Database-to-
query the archived data in the cloud. Database Archiving
Allows preview reporting against Boosts performance and availability of
­production data sets to iteratively test Structured Data Manager enables you to: database applications
archive rules and policies prior to server Streamlines database backup, recovery,
deployment Archive data from production databases
directly to a secondary database with and cloning operations
Enables sharing and collaboration of commit consistency and transaction integrity Reduces infrastructure costs by deferring
archive projects using transportable server upgrades and reducing storage
design files Give business users access to archived
data using their native application interface,
Provides easy integration of custom scripts Avoids any end-user retraining or
the WebConsole, or enterprise reporting
and external programs into automated application modification
tools in read-only mode
archive operations using Business Flows Deploys without costly, error-prone
Provide simultaneous access to production scripting and SQL coding
With the SDM Designer, you get a better return and archived data using combined
on investment by extending database archiving reporting—a single query can run without Benefits of Database-to-File Archiving
to virtually any application or database. You can change from standard application screens Enables critical data to survive longer than
also reduce your need for manual scripting and or reports the originating applications or databases
SQL coding, while relying on your in-house de-
Deliver scalable data movement ­capabilities Assists in meeting industry-specific
velopment team or preferred database VAR or
to support the broadest spectrum of compliance requirements for long-term
integrator to build archiving modules quickly.
­application transaction volumes data retention
Deploys without costly, error-prone
Faster Data Access and Lower Costs
scripting and SQL coding
Database-to-database archiving gives you the
Accelerates application retirement
option to relocate data from production data-
processes to shorten time-to-cost savings
bases to a secondary, online archive database,
allowing you to archive data in its original format.
Long-Term Compliance and
As a result, you gain the benefit of reducing
Standards-Based Data Access
the size of your primary databases, which has
Database-to-file archiving gives users the op-
a two-fold effect:
tion to archive data from production or archive
First, it dramatically accelerates end user databases to an industry-standard XML, JSON
access to production data while still or CSV format. This type of automatic migration
providing transparent access to the of data to open standards based documents
­archived data. helps you to:
Figure 2. Reduce data growth through regular
archiving 3
Data Sheet
Structured Data Manager

Achieve database and application helps you meet business requirements and for production databases
independence unique characteristics of large-scale database Facilitates business reporting and
Gain long-term viability of your archive environments, all the while handling massive data ­eDiscovery of structured data
Comply with industry-specific regulations volumes with integrity. Production and archived
that require data to survive longer than the data are kept in a consistent state because data Robust Run-Time Environment
originating applications is either archived as complete business transac- and Native Database Integration
tions or not archived at all. With retention policies Structured Data Manager is certified for mul-
Encapsulate relevant reference data being enforced for the first time that means the
with the transaction to make sure that tiple open system databases and is designed to
initial archiving runs can involve a huge amount leverage vendor-specific database capabilities,
the archive can stand alone; for example, of data. Standard archive jobs can be run for
customer-specific data elements such as to help you simplify operations, increase applica-
ongoing operations. Encrypted passwords and
name, address, and contact information tion archiving performance, and reduce main-
detailed audit trails provide security for archiving
are archived along with sales orders tenance. This native API and deep integration
operations support.
transactions approach makes sure that once the database
archiving modules are designed and imple-
With SDM, you can: FEATURES
mented, that you can run them on a regular ba-
Archive data from primary or archive Supports chained relationships (multiple
sis—monthly or quarterly—to fully maintain your
databases to vendor-neutral, industry- recursive relationships) to address business
databases and monitor your archiving jobs just
standard XML/CSV/JSON files for cases with complex transactional
like any other data center task. Each archiving
long-term retention that is independent of dependencies in addition to table level
operation is launched as a single job; in the event
database version, originating application, policies and rules.
of an error, the job engine handles recovery
operating system, and hardware. Automates recovery from failures d ­ uring tasks and re-launches the job, as required.
archive runs by archiving complete
Combine database-to-database and
­transactions and built-in job recovery
database-to-file archiving, through SDM FEATURES
­capabilities, no matter how many tables Supports major versions of Linux, and
multistage policies that migrate production
are involved.
database data to secondary online archive Windows
databases. Then, as the data ages further, Uses detailed audit trails to capture
Supports major versions of Oracle, SQL
to XML, CSV, or JSON files. ­archive cycle information, messages,
Server, Sybase, and DB2 along with JDBC,
and statistics.
Run enterprise reporting tools and through API-level integration for improved
standard SQL queries unchanged, directly Stores any password required for archiving performance
against the file-based archive. ­operations in encrypted format to meet
Provides configurable multi-threaded
compliance with security standards.
Store archived data in standard ASCII parallel job execution, to align archive
files on file systems, or on WORM or Restores entire archive runs or individual operations with available server resources
Content Addressable Storage systems. transactions back into production. Safety
Deploys in flexible configurations, e.g., you
This function lets you choose your appli­ checks are performed to make sure the
can run archiving software on the database
cation data directly in the WebConsole for data is inserted correctly without jeopar­
dizing production database integrity. server or separate server, as desired
retiring. All you need to do is select the
Supports multiple languages and countries
data to retire and then let the Retirement
BENEFITS through multi-byte character and object
job run automatically.
Keeps both production and archive data support
highly available Provides job launching and monitoring
Scalability and Security for the
Largest, Complex Database Scales to meet needs of largest and capabilities so you can view jobs and drill
Applications ­complex enterprise database applications down into exceptions, as required
Easy to configure, Structured Data Manager Provides long-term data retention solution Leverages existing investments in data

center tools, e.g., job schedulers, through Available Standard Products and Options
supported command line instructions on Choose from the following products and options to customize Structured Data Manager to fit your
supported operating systems information infrastructure.
Allows online archiving operations so users
  Products/Options   Description
can remain online in the production ap-
 Base System    Graphical-based Installer and Deployment Assistant: Provides ease of installation
plications without jeopardizing integrity and deployment
Provides Eligibility Analytics to investigate    Platform support: Offers certified support for Windows Server, UNIX, and Linux as
data eligibility issues and ­dependencies, archive server and/or database server
with transaction-level drill down to diagnose    Designer: Graphical design environment features rich modeling capabilities, multi-level
eligibility rules and policy building, preview reporting, project sharing, and offline cache
and resolve complex chaining situations mode
   Run-time environment: Delivers powerful job execution capabilities, including native
SDM BENEFITS database and platform support, job engine automation, built-in recovery/restart, and
Provides fast installation, set up, and rapid extensibility framework
return on investment    Standard Data Movement: Facilitates database-to-database and database-to-file
data movement
Enables database archiving deployments    Business flows: Allows multiple jobs or activities to be consolidated into a single
across enterprise applications, with lesser logical run-time operation, including the ability to call custom jobs/scripts/external
impact on database administration and programs
operations staff    Web-based Management console: Enables configuration, monitoring, administration,
and job launch capabilities
Leverages existing investments in IT    Support for transactional and batch reload capabilities
­operations management products
   Advanced Data Movement Option: Provides support for high-volume and complex
Supports global and international data environments by leveraging specialized data movement techniques, including
­support for table partitioning. Also, provides automated support for source table
deployments reorganization during archiving operations
   Rapid Application Retirement: User friendly GUI to rapidly retire multiple applications
Ready-to-Run Modules for with minimal manual processing
Oracle Applications  Database Connectors    Native support for Oracle database environments.
Structured Data Manager out-of-the-box    Native support for Microsoft SQL Server environments.
modules for Oracle E-Business Suite and    Native support for Sybase environments.
Peo­ple­S oft Enterprise offer comprehensive    Native support for DB2 environments.
support for Financials, including Sub-Ledger
   Mainframe Generic support for open standards JDBC environments
Accounting, Project Management, Supply
 Archive Query Server    Direct SQL access to XML, JSON, or CSV archive files from any ODBC/JDBC/.NET
Chain, Manufacturing, CRM, Human Resources, Cache Option client
and Payroll applications.  Archive Access    Support for native application access in query-only mode. Also supports combined
­Transparency Option reporting for access to current and archive data in a single report or query
Comprehensive Services,    Archive access from WebConsole provides remote access to archive stores, and reduce
Support, and Training the need for third-party tools or source application

Micro Focus offers a full set of implementation  Developer’s License    Unrestricted capabilities to design, test, and deploy archive modules in development
services and multiple support options to help
you realize the full potential of your Information
Management solutions, enable information Learn More At
availability, mitigate business risk, and achieve a
superior return on your investment. For more infor-
mation about service and support, visit: https://
customer-technical-support-services 5
Data Sheet
Structured Data Manager

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