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11/13/2018 AR V2 | Strava Route Cue Sheet

Route recommendations may be incomplete and/or inaccurate and

may contain sections of private land and/or sections of terrain that
could be challenging or hazardous. Always use your best judgement about the safety of road and trail conditions and follow traffic and
property laws. Est. Moving Time based on your avg pace of 6:13/km
5.39 km 54 m Road over last 4 weeks
Distance Elevation Gain Run Type
Est. Moving Time: 33:32
Proceed onto Jalan Sumatra 0.0

Left onto Jalan Aceh 0.2

Left onto Jalan Merdeka 0.4

Proceed onto Jalan Merdeka 0.5

Continue on Jalan Jawa 0.9

Proceed onto Jalan Jawa 1.3

Proceed onto Jalan Bangka 1.8

Proceed onto Jalan Gudang Utara 2.0

Proceed onto Jalan Gandapura 2.7

Proceed 3.4

Left onto Jalan Aceh 3.5

Proceed onto Jalan Aceh 3.8

Proceed onto Jalan Aceh 4.3

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Proceed onto Jalan Aceh 4.9

730 m
Left 4.9
720 m
710 m Proceed onto Jalan Belitung 5.1
700 m
Right onto Jalan Sumatra 5.3
690 m
0.0 km 1.0 km 2.0 km 3.0 km 4.0 km 5.0 km Arrive at Finish 5.3 1/2