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The Impact of Fishermen Minimum Wages in Sanur Beach

Abstract- Fishermen are one of the most uncertain occupation, especially in Sanur
Beach. The number of fishermen in Sanur Beach has been dwindling from year to year
because of this uncertainty. Doing well as a fishermen depends on a lot of factors such
as the weather, current, temperature, and the current season. This uncertainty causes a
lot of people to avoid this occupation as a main source of income. Because of this fact,
the Indonesian government has proposed a new bill where fishermen would acquire a
minimum wage such as other land based occupation. There are a couple of problems
to this bill such as who would provide for this minimum wage and how would this
minimum wage be distributed. From this study it is found that there are a number of
ways to fulfil the minimum wages of fishermen such as through the government itself
or through the fish distributors who buy fishes from the fishermen. The wages could
also be distributed in a monthly basis or in a bi-annual basis. The study concludes that
the fishermen minimum wages in Sanur Beach would have a positive impact towards
the livelihood of the fishermen providing them with a certain income, other than that,
more people would be interested in becoming a fishermen with this proposal.
Being a fishermen in modern times is something that most people don’t think
about. This can be seen through the dwindling numbers of fishermen around the world.
The same can be said with the situation in Sanur Beach where the once busy fishing
community present there now only has on fishing group left with less than ten active
members in it.

There are many reasons behind the declining numbers of fishermen in Sanur
Beach with the main one being that there isn’t a certain income when being a fishermen.
Fishermen depend on several factors to ensure a successful fishing trip such as the
weather, temperature, current, the tides, the current season and many more. Without
these factors in the fishermen favor, it is certain that they would come back from the
fishing trip with a little amount of fish caught to cover the cost of going fishing or even
come back empty handed.

This has caused a concern in the government that considers that fishermen are
one of the most important assets in the nation economic cycle where the fishermen of
Indonesia has contributed a lot in the GDP of Indonesia. In tourist hotspots across
Indonesia such as in Bali, fishermen are also considered an important asset because
they are considered a viable tourist attraction. In Bali there has been a certain tourist
attraction where tourist from around the world would rent traditional boats called
jukung to sail across the Balinese waters, other than that, tourist would also go on
fishing trips with the local fishermen on these traditional boat to catch fish in the nearby

To encourage the fishing Industry in Indonesia to grow, the government has

proposed a new bill where it would give the fishermen a certain income to abolish the
fishermen fear of not being able to fulfil their everyday needs. This proposal has faced
critics such as where the funding for these bills would come from and how would it be
distributed towards the fishermen.