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# 2 2009

For security professionals by security professionals

Port of Helsinki
made more secure
Water – often an
unprotected resource

Metro – a growing
market in China


Growing market
for biometrics 4
Biometric scanning – identification
based on fingerprints or other distin-
guishing features – is being hailed
as a security system of the future.
And the market is growing. Over
six years, sales of these products in
Europe have increased fivefold.

French Intermarché
installs SafePay
Major French retail chain
­Intermarché has installed the closed
cash handling system, SafePay™, in
I have now been the President and CEO of Gunnebo for almost a number of its stores. The system
seven months. It has been a very informative time, during which has improved security and simplified
I’ve only managed to scratch the surface of the security indus- cash management.
try. Two things in particular, however, have clearly stood out: the
increased awareness about security at all levels in society is here to Port of Helsinki
stay, and the security industry is an industry of the future. made more secure 12
The Port of Helsinki’s cargo transport
As a partner and supplier, this means we must continue to zone has been relocated and given
develop Gunnebo’s market offering while focusing on you, the improved security. The result is bet-
customer, and we must also work with our customers to a greater ter flows and more secure transport,
extent. I can assure you that everyone at Gunnebo is already con- something in which Gunnebo has
tinuously striving to improve, and that together we will do our been closely involved.
utmost to be even better at fulfilling your future needs.
Stockholm protects water
In this issue of Gunnebo Global, no. 2 2009, we have put Water sabotage can have devastat-
ing consequences. Yet many water
together a selection of customer cases presenting different appli-
reservoirs are relatively unprotected.
cations for the Group’s products and systems. We also want to
Botkyrka Municipality, south of
share some of the in-depth knowledge we have within the Group Stockholm, however, has invested in
on biometric solutions (see page 4), as well as what an artist can secure new protection to ensure the
do with one of our basic fences (see page 24). population’s water is in safe hands.

To give you more information on the different products and

Global Security Knowledge

solutions described in the articles, you will find directions to our
new website, On the website, you will also
find the name of a Gunnebo representative who you can contact to
learn more about exactly how Gunnebo can answer your particular We focus our expertise on four application areas or Business Lines. These are Bank,
security needs. Retail, Site Protection and Secure Storage. The Business Lines are the channels which
help us to address your security needs quickly and professionally.
Finally, I would like to say a few words about the year ahead.
With Customer Centres around the world and all across Europe, you can be sure that
The macro-economy and the economy in many of Gunnebo’s cus-
we are always nearby. Proximity is important for any customer-focused organisation
tomer sectors remain shaky, and it is unclear if the worst is still to which prides itself on delivering professional, quick and reliable support.

For my part, my Executive Management Team and I will be focus- Publisher: Per Borgvall, Phone +46 31-83 68 00, Editorial team: Karin Wallström, karin.wall-
ing on establishing sustainable long-term profitability for our | Thomas Porquet, | Thomas Hein, |
Amel Loukal, | Bettina Meuer, | Tobias Gunnesson, tobias.gun-
business. We want to move away from a short-term approach and | Jocelyne Benisri, | Manuel Latorre Marin, Manuel.LatorreMarin@ | Jo Bainbridge, | Lea Indra, | Linda Gårdlöv, linda.
instead draw up sustainable long-term plans which will result in | Unn Granfelt, | Åsa Tjörngren, | Karin
better customer focus and a continuously innovative, customised Spjuth, MediaSpjuth AB, Contribution address: Gunnebo AB, Att: Gunnebo Global, Box 5181, SE-402
26 Göteborg, Sweden Production: MediaSpjuth AB, Phone +46 36-­30 36 30, Translation: Comactiva
security offering! Translations AB Printing: Intellecta, on environmentally friendly Nordic Swan ecolabelled paper.

On our new website, you will find more information about the products and

Per Borgvall, President & CEO Gunnebo AB solutions we offer and contact information for your national Gunnebo Customer
Centre. You will also find news, press releases, financial information, and a library of old Global magazines. Please visit

Cover: Staff at Gunnebo’s office in Indonesia. Photo: DC House Photography by Bimo A. Mardikoesno
Read more about
Airlock Systems:
Gunnebo launches
new website
At the beginning of April, the
Gunnebo Group went live with
a brand new website. The focus
has been on user friendliness and
creating a ‘sales office’ for the
Group’s customers, available round
the clock.

“We started out with,

which alongside comprehensive
An increasing number of banks in Greece are installing security airlock systems doors to reduce robberies. information about our products and
The interlocking doors work like an airlock, allowing entry through the first door which then closes before
solutions also contains corporate
the individual can pass through the second door.
information. The next step was to set
up national structures for each Cus-
Increasing demand for security airlock tomer Centre in the Group. So far we
are very happy with the result and at
systems doors from banks in Greece the end of this year we should have
all 25 websites in the different lan-
In less than four years Gunnebo has “We received a contract for 200 secu- guages up and running,” says Joakim
delivered over 1 200 security airlock rity airlock systems doors for over 100 Lamkiewicz, Web Co-ordinator at
systems doors to banks across Greece. bank branches, which our local partner Gunnebo.
The doors are an investment to installed the following year,” says Luc- Visit us at
reduce the number of robberies and ien Vincentini, Senior Business Devel-
make their entrances more secure. opment Manager at Gunnebo.
At the same time the other major
The first order came in 2005 when Geniki, banks became interested in similar
the local subsidiary of Société Générale, solutions. As a result Gunnebo’s Secu- Agreement with
one of Europe’s major banks, decided to rity Airlock Systems Doors can now be
fit all its branches with security airlock found at Eurobank, Alphabank, Nation- central bank in
systems doors. The reason was to make al Bank of Greece and Attika Bank, for
entrances to their premises more secure instance. To date Gunnebo has deliv- Middle East
due to the increased number of robber- ered over 1 200 security airlock systems
ies and attempted robberies. doors to banks across Greece. Gunnebo has signed an agree-
ment to deliver security equip-
ment to a central bank in the
SafePay decreased Middle East in an order worth 4.5
million euros.
robberies by 80% The assignment means that
Gunnebo will fit the bank’s new
Since the Coop Nära retail chain in branches with security products
Sweden had the SafePay™ closed cash for several bank vaults. Delivery
handling system installed in several of will take place over a period of
its stores, robberies have decreased by six months.
80 per cent. There have also been fewer “We are proud to be able to
problems with internal dishonesty. contribute our products and
Not only has the retail chain reduced solutions, and in particular that
the number of unpleasant experiences we can realise the bank’s secu-
for employees, it has also saved money. rity visions,” says Jacob Touma,
According to a risk analysis commis- Regional Manager for Gunnebo
sioned by Coop Sweden, a robbery costs Middle East.
The closed cash handling system SafePay™ has led
the store at least 10 000 euros, exclud- to an 80 per cent reduction in robberies at Coop
ing the sum stolen. Nära stores.

SECURITY Global #2 2009

Safer future with biometrics

Stolen or usurped passwords and biometric technologies available are such as pass cards, scanners and local
cards can be a problem for the security hand geometry, face recognition, voice processing units.
of access control within high-risk and fingerprint. The implementation of Gunnebo has settled strong partner-
sites. This is one of the reasons why a biometric technology depends on reli- ships with leading companies to offer
biometric scanning – identification ability, the acceptance level among users, the best technologies for both equip-
based on fingerprints or other distin- the effect of ageing and environmental ment used in sensors and associated
guishing features – is being hailed as a issues. algorithms.
security system of the future. In fact, according to the IBG, Biomet- Based on SMI Server, its security super-
For the past 15 years or so, Gunnebo ric Revenues by Technolgy published in vision system, Gunnebo provides a high
has been considering these new risks to 2009, biometrics on fingerprint repre- level of integration with biometrics sys-
build its security approach. sents the main technology used (around tems and also a user platform for enrol-
28 per cent of the biometric revenues). ment and verification for the biometric
Biometric technology means that a per- parameters. This global solution enables
son’s unique distinguishing features can Gunnebo’s range of products and benefits such as the ability to choose
be used for identification and verification. applications in the field of biometrics between identification or authentication
A number of years ago biometric technol- span from basic systems for entrance methods, the adaptability of the para-
ogy began being integrated into systems control to biometric scanners integrated meters and monitoring functions for
for surveillance and access control, with into a network of entrance points. the biometric readers, all using the same
the aim of protecting high-risk sites such “Biometric technology is improving unique database for the access control
as nuclear power plants, airports, indus- the level of security and the flow of system.
trial sites and other installations in need people compared to smartcards and PIN Gunnebo is monitoring promising new
of high security or dealing with cash. In numbers. We have opted for solutions technologies such as finger vein, iris and
Europe the technology is now used to based on fingerprints, which we began face recognition.
reinforce security at airports, border con- using in 2001,” says Francis Deneu, Prod-
trol for the Schengen area and at uct Line Manager for Gunnebo Elec- Developments on the security market
major sports arenas, where it tronic Security. show that however the technology is
may be necessary to locate, The use of biometric recogni- used, the integration of biometrics is
identify and record individ- tion at airports makes it possible considered an important aspect of secu-
uals rapidly at the entries. to tighten security while simul- rity at the highest level.
taneously simplifying many “Integrated solutions grow up to 15 per
Following the 2001 ter- people’s passage through cent per year and represent an important
ror attacks, the US intro- the system, for example with asset to high level security. An integrated
duced requirements on automatic verification that the solution provides simple exploitation for
passports with biomet- person boarding the aircraft is user management, enrolment, ID man-
ric information for all 45 the same person who checked in. agement, configurations (parameters)
nationalities who have access Security controls for employees can and real-time exploitation.
to the US without a visa. The US also be fully automated. “There is tremendous market poten-
Department of Defense is planning to “In terms of benefit, the fingerprint tial. The private sector (around 35 per
supplement all entrance control with method is the most suitable today. It’s the cent of demand) such as banks, retail
biometric systems by 2010, and the predominant technology on the market and the chemicals companies, indus-
International Civil Aviation Organiza- and we can use hardware and software try sites, as well as in the public sector
tion, a UN agency, also recommends that have been proven for many years.” (around 65 per cent of demand), such as
that every country in the world should authorities and prison services,” Francis
introduce passports with biometric Gunnebo has developed an integrated Deneu concludes. K
data. solution for its targeted sectors with
For physical access control, the main reliable high-security components Text: E RI K SK ÖRDÅ K ER

Global #2 2009

K Can be based on scanning finger-
prints, the iris, face shape or lines on
the palm of the hand.
K Biometrics can be based on appli-
cations that allow identification (1:N
technology): the system recognises
a particular user from a number of
registered subjects. The biometric
information is matched with tem-
plates in local or external database.
K Biometrics can be based on appli-
Read more about cations that allow authentication
biometric security: (1:1 technology): the user’s biometric information is stored in the smart
accesscontrol card and matched locally by the

NEW PRODUCTS Global #2 2009

Card reader with cutting-edge technology

Gunnebo has developed a new card important new feature is that to sell it to external
reader or Access Control Unit (ACU) the new model can also cope OEM companies***.
for SafeStore Auto using the latest with Chinese and Arabic There is no similar
technology. The new ACU makes screen characters. Moreover, ACU on the market
identifying safe deposit locker the ACU can read all types so we believe it will
customers even more secure. of magnetic strip cards and attract widespread
chip cards. interest. Other com-
SafeStore Auto is a self-service system The second genera- panies and authori-
that enables bank customers to access tion, which will be on sale ties with high security
their safe deposit lockers round the clock. shortly, has the same tech- requirements on their
However, this places great demands on nical standard, but can be buildings can install
ensuring that only authorised customers enhanced with further tech- our unit,” says Manuel
can access the secure room where the nical features such as a bio- Mundl, who works in
lockers are opened. The ACU is therefore metric fingerprint reader, an Marketing and Busi-
absolutely pivotal to entrance control. RFID** reader and a keypad. ness Development
– Bank Automation –
Gunnebo is now introducing a new Although the new ACU has within Gunnebo. K
generation of card readers. But the primarily been developed for
first version of this new ACU is already SafeStore Auto, it can be used
available on the market. The basic in far more contexts. A new generation of Access
Control Units for SafeStore Auto.
model includes TCP/IP connection* “It’s compatible with all our The aim is to make customer
and also has a colour touch screen. An electronic SDL products and we also aim identification even more secure.

*TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection is the data transfer protocol used for the majority of all communication over the Internet.
**RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology for remote reading of information from transponders and memories known as tags.
***Original Equipment Manufacturer

Better access for disabled bank customers

SafeStore Auto – Gunnebo’s system SafeStore Auto has already proven to ever, instead of using a card and person-
for self-service safe deposit lockers work well for wheelchair-bound cus- al code, customers may also choose to
– units have been improved to allow tomers, but Gunnebo is now presenting identify themselves using the biometric
better access for disabled customers. a brand new package of improvements system which is also part of the new kit
A movable touch screen, a special to improve access both for this group, for disabled people.
keyboard, a sound device and special and for people with other disabilities. The first SafeStore Auto with this
card readers are just some of the new The upgraded kit for disabled people option was installed in November 2008
features now being launched. will fit a laterally and vertically adjust- at Crédit Industriel et Commercial in
able touch screen to the SafeStore Auto Lyon, France. K
system. The keyboard also has Braille for
visually impaired customers. Another
helpful solution is that the control panel
itself can be operated by voice control
Read more about
thanks to an installed sound card. In
effect the customer ‘talks’ with the com-
A specially designed card reader, prima-
rily adapted for people with Parkinson’s
Disease, has also been developed. How-

The SafeStore Auto self-service safe deposit system is also suitable for wheelchair-bound customers,
but specially adapted products are now being introduced for people with other disabilities.

Global #2 2009

Newbury Building Society decided to upgrade the security at their branches, since there had been some robbery attempts. Gunnebo was chosen as the supplier.

UK building society tightens

security after attempted robbery
Following an attempted armed high time to change to protective bullet-
robbery, the UK’s Newbury Building
Society decided to tighten security
resistant screens at the counters and
bullet-resistant doors.
at its branches and called Gunnebo. Newbury Building Society chose Gun-
Today two-thirds of the branches nebo as its supplier. To date six of the Newbury Building Society is owned
have been rebuilt and upgraded for nine branches have had their security by its members. It offers banking
security, without detracting from the increased and another will be reviewed and other financial services, particu-
pleasant atmosphere. during the year. larly loans. The building society was
“We are very pleased with the collabo- founded in 1856 and currently has
The background to the security upgrade ration. Despite the high security require- nine branches in southern England.
was an attempted robbery at the build- ments we wanted to maintain the nice
ing society’s branch in Thatcham, in open environment at our branches, and
southern England, in 2005. Security at Gunnebo has managed to achieve that.
the branch had previously been higher, Gunnebo’s personnel are also helpful, the renovated premises, and the meet-
but in the early 2000s the building soci- receptive and efficient. This is something ing with customers is also more natural.
ety, like many other companies, adopted we particularly appreciate as we have Customers used to have to stand up
a more relaxed environment without vis- small branches. We can’t really close during their visit because the counters
ible security systems. At the time, alarm down for rebuilding work, we have to were chest-high. Now everyone can sit
buttons under the hand-crafted counters maintain our business hours,” says Sha- in comfort and conduct their business
were the only security system in place. ron Golding, Premises Health and Safety in peace and quiet, which is especially
Manager, Newbury Building Society. appreciated by our older customers.”
Following the attempted robbery a Sharon Golding believes the building
thorough police review was carried out, Each branch has three or four employ- society’s security upgrade will now be
and several changes were recommend- ees, mostly women. The attempted sufficient for many years to come. But
ed to the building society. Above all the robbery in Thatcham was a harrowing should a further increase in security ever
report showed that the high, unpro- experience for personnel. be necessary, Gunnebo will be the first
tected wooden counters were particu- “They had never been involved in any- port of call. K
larly inviting for armed attacks of the thing like it before and felt very vulner-
type that had occurred. It was therefore able afterwards. They feel more secure in Text: K A RI N MA RK S

BANK Global #2 2009

Crédit Lyonnais in France

invests in 400 SafeBags
Sandra Ponvienne explains.
The solution Gunnebo finally pre-
sented entailed easy handling for the
“All deposit solutions, old and new,
are divided into two parts. With our
product the bank only had to replace
the concealed part and avoided having
to do any external rebuilding, which
saved both time and money. In addi-
tion a helpful co-operation between
the Gunnebo France Customer Centre
and Competence Centre Secure Storage
was also a big part of the success of this
order,” says Ponvienne.

The SafeBag order from LCL is for 400

units in the first year.
“Because we had begun developing a
similar solution for another French bank
The French bank Le Crédit Lyonnais chose SafeBag for its deposit system. The order is for 400 units in
the first year. a few years ago, we had a good founda-
tion of experience to draw from. Conse-
quently we could begin the first instal-
What is the best way to go from wanted to upgrade to an online solu- lations very quickly,” says Marius Bauer,
offline to online when it comes to tion. The aim was to increase their abil- Product Line Manager for S ­ afeBag.
deposit machines? The question was ity to identify who had made a deposit The contract is an important one for
brought to a head when a leading and into which account number,” says Gunnebo as the solution is compatible
French bank LCL (Le Crédit Lyonnais) Sandra Ponvienne, Automation Man- with another leading French bank’s
was looking to modify its existing ager at Gunnebo France. host network.
deposit system. The solution was “We are showing that we are a play-
Gunnebo SafeBag (ADX-N). The challenge for Gunnebo was to er to be reckoned with in the French
move from an offline to an online bank market. The order will be an
Reducing cash handling inside a bank deposit solution, capitalising on the important reference for other custom-
branch is a common way of reducing the mechanical or oldest installed base ers that already have existing deposit
risk of robbery. Like so many other banks, sold by the Group in the past and its machines from Gunnebo (offline solu-
LCL has used deposit machines, which customers’ expectations to deal with tions) installed in different banks. I’m
make it easy for customers to make traceability and card holder identifica- not saying all of them will definitely
deposits while also avoiding cash being tion. be replaced by our online solution, but
handled over the counter. Gunnebo has “To connect to the network, the sys- there’s certainly a chance that many of
delivered deposit systems to LCL before, tem has to comply with an internation- them could be thanks to ADX-N’s added
but now the customer wanted to modify al standard platform and with the bank value for the banks and the end user,”
the existing product. host specification, which involved quite Sandra ­Ponvienne concludes. K
“They already had 400 deposit an investment for Gunnebo. We offer
machines from Gunnebo, but they online solutions on the French market,” Text: E RI K SK ÖRDÅ K ER

Global #2 2009

Sales increases in Croatia

Because Gunnebo can supply
SafeBags for both outdoor and
indoor environments, more
and more banks in Croatia have
chosen to install them.

Read more
about SAFEBAG:

Five years ago Gunnebo delivered the integration of freestanding inside a

first SafeBag systems in Croatia. the SafeCon- building.
Since then sales have increased. trol software “Alongside one of
In recent years over 70 SafeBags which enables the leading banks in
have been installed in banks all over the customer Croatia and our dis-
Croatia. to track each tributor, we developed
day’s tak- a front-feed machine,”
SafeBag is a modern, operationally ings all the says Marius Bauer,
reliable deposit system for business way from the Product Line Manager
customers who want to deposit their store to the for SafeBag.
daily takings at the bank. The aim is to counting cen- “This type of system
reduce cash handling and consequently tre,” explains is the most efficient
the risk of robbery. The SafeBag system Jacques solution for small bank
can either be fitted for deposits straight Roozendaal, branches, for example,
from the street or, for example, in a bank Export Manager which are unable to place
lobby or business centre. at Gunnebo. the unit next to a wall.”
“This network sys- It will now undergo several
The first SafeBag machine in Croatia tem, with online con- months of testing before being
was installed back in 2004, and since nection, also helps our cus- launched on the market.
then sales have grown rapidly. The sys- tomers to outsource non-core “We expect to sell between 10 and
tem has also become a success in neigh- business and reduce their costs.” 15 units of the new system this year
bouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, and alone.” K
Serbia. In 2007, a need also emerged for deposit
“One reason behind the success is the systems for indoor use, which can be Text: K A RI N SP J U TH

RETAIL Global #2 2009

Intermarché creates safer working

environment for its personnel
To improve security for personnel, the quickly taken to. Customers are given ily accessible. And what’s more, person-
retail group Intermarché has installed their change promptly and can easily nel no longer have to count cash in the
SafePay™ in a number of its stores. get rid of their loose change. evening and can finish a bit earlier.” K
In addition, cash handling has been “Our aim has been to optimise our
simplified and personnel have been shop floor with a fast, smoothly running, Text: LEENA SE K K A T
given more time for customer service. user-friendly solution. Self-scanning was
not an option for us, as it’s more difficult
Mr and Mrs Miranda, who run the mod- for customers to use and also requires
ern, innovative Intermarché store in rigorous supervision. We want to nur-
Boissise, attach a great deal of impor- ture our image as a friendly retail busi-
tance to security. SafePay was the obvi- ness where personnel are available.”
ous choice for them.
“We are interested in innovative Mrs Miranda says that installing
new products and solutions that run SafePay has not only improved security,
smoothly. Approximately 25 per cent of but has also made the personnel’s work
payments in our stores are in cash. Opti- easier. There is less stress and checkout
mised cash management simplifies our staff enjoy an improved working envi-
day-to-day work considerably. SafePay ronment.
eliminates cash differences while at the “Because cash transactions are now
same time protecting our personnel and far quicker, personnel have more time to 25 per cent of payments in Intermarché stores are
our cash,” explains Mrs Miranda. help our customers.” in cash. A reliable, secure cash handling system
was therefore a necessity. The customer chose
The fact that the float is in a locked SafePay™.
She notes that SafePay is a very user- unit connected to the checkout system
friendly payment system which makes staff change-overs far simpler.
even the store’s older The system throws out counterfeit
notes and coins, and cash differences are
a thing of the past.
Read more about “SafePay has improved security and
closed cash handling: reduced the risk of robbery as K The France-based Intermarché cash is no longer read- Group is an association of inde-
pendent retailers under ten or so
different brand names, including
Netto and Ecomarché.
K The Group has a total of 3 000
franchisees and 4 080 sales outlets,
of which approximately 3 400 are
in France. Other stores are located
in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland,
Romania and Serbia.
K The Group has around 130 000
employees and turnover in 2008 was
approximately 34.8 billion euros.

Global #2 2009

Gunnebo’s SafePay™ cash handling

system is gaining ground in the retail sector.
The famila superstore in Wechloy, northern
Germany, has had 33 SafePay units installed.

Biggest SafePay
installation in Europe
– 33 units in German famila xxl
German superstore chain, famila, checkouts and change staff. Further- exit. However, famila chose to install
is investing heavily in the SafePay™ more, there are no longer any problems six units at the servicepoints inside the
cash handling system. One of their with cash differences at the end of the store, including in the electronics and
stores has recently been fitted with 33 day,” says Wolfgang Amann. cosmetics departments, and three units
SafePay units, making it the largest Installation of the 33 units took two in the mobile checkouts. The latter are
installation of the system Gunnebo weeks and was carried out during the used at Christmas or during special sales
has ever carried out in Europe. day while the store was open. events, for example.
“We thought that installation and sys- Gunnebo and famila – part of the
In northern Germany famila is a well- tem start-up would be a major challenge Bünting Group – have worked together
known name among consumers. Its as so many units were involved, but it all in the past. Gunnebo has so far installed
largest store, famila XXL, is located in went without a problem. To minimise over 100 SafePay units in the famila
Wechloy, just outside Oldenburg in disruption we fitted a few units at a stores.
north-west Germany, and this is where time. We also spent three days checking “The famila management is very sat-
the SafePay system was installed. the system worked smoothly and train- isfied with the system – they see the
“The main problem that they wanted ing staff,” Amman explains. benefits and that the system is running
to solve was how to optimise the cash smoothly,” says Wolfgang Amann. K
handling process. This is especially The SafePay units are mainly concen-
important in such a big store with high trated at the checkouts near the main Text: maria larsson PHOTO: FAM ILA
fluctuation and a lot of cashiers that
have to open and close the checkouts,”
says Wolfgang Amann, Business Line
Manager for Retail at Gunnebo Ger-
SafePay offers many benefits. For German superstore chain, famila,
instance cash handling is far more is owned by Bünting Group, which
secure since SafePay is a closed system, also includes Combi food stores.
and it also makes life easier for person- There are currently around 20
nel. famila stores in northern Germany.
“The main advantage is that it’s sim- Bünting Group had sales of €1.2 bil-
pler and takes less time to open or close lion in 2006.

SITE PROTECTION Global #2 2009

One of Finland’s largest infrastructure projects in a long time is now complete: a relocation at the Port of Helsinki. Increased security requirements
were one of the reasons behind the port reorganisation.

New port in Helsinki stream

November 2008 saw the completion railway tracks and planning new motor- also EC regulations on port security.
of a new port in Helsinki, Finland, a ways. The new port was to be a modern “Not that we have had problems with
project worth almost a billion euros. intermodal hub. sabotage before or indeed now, but secu-
However, the investment has also rity requirements are becoming increas-
led to better flows, larger spaces and Though not very far, the move was cer- ingly stringent in the transport industry.
above all, a more secure port. tainly necessary. Because the port is the We also want to offer the best possible
main gateway for Finland’s foreign trade service,” explains Noroviita.
In 2003, Finland set out on one of its and serves trade and industry nation-
biggest ever infrastructure projects: to wide, the flows needed to be improved The Port of Helsinki has worked with
build a new port in Helsinki. The old port and there had to be greater potential to Gunnebo before and was happy to
had several drawbacks: not only was it bring together several modes of trans- bring the Swedish security group in
too cramped with limited potential for port. again. The brief was to supply gates
expansion, it was also in the city cen- “All in all the project has cost almost a and boombarriers, and to ensure that
tre which was a serious obstacle to a billion euros,” says Kari Noroviita, Direc- the functionality behind the technical
smooth flow of traffic. tor of the Vuosaari Harbour Centre. systems worked.
The solution was to move cargo traffic One important aspect of the new port “We took great pains to define which
to a new location: Vuosaari Harbour, 15 was the high security requirements. Since functions we wanted and ended up
kilometres from the old site. This partly the 9/11 attacks, US ports have introduced with a whole list of features and quite
entailed building a brand new fairway stricter requirements, which also apply to a sophisticated IT system. We presented
from the sea to the port, as well as laying ports sending cargo to the US. There are it to Gunnebo, who have done the job

Global #2 2009

“Security requirements are

becoming increasingly stringent
in the transport industry.”

New fairways, roads and railways were a necessary part of the project. In total the new port covers an area of 200 hectares. Gunnebo has developed a
system that enables a loading and unloading speed of 30 km an hour.

mlines cargo traffic

completely in line with our wishes,” unit, and forwards the image to the com- basis, and a quarter of the value of all
Noroviita continues. puter for identification. Assuming the Finland’s foreign trade passes through
vehicle and its load have been entered the port.
The port covers an area of 200 hec- in the database, the boombarriers open “We now have an integrated port
tares/500 acres, and almost 60 per cent automatically and the vehicle can enter for cargo transport, which we are very
is enclosed within a perimeter fence. straight away at a speed of 30 km/h. pleased about. We have improved flows,
This called for almost 50 boombarriers “One demand was that vehicles could increased security and generally stream-
and 30 or so automated gates. travel at that speed, because it’s crucial lined the logistics around the harbour.
For the port’s functionality require- that things flow smoothly in the har- We can also expand, at least doubling
ments in entrance control, flows and bour. That’s why we also provide back-up our traffic,” Kari Noroviita concludes. K
monitoring, Gunnebo built a program- systems,” says Marko Heiskanen, Coun-
mable control system known as a PLC try Manager Gunnebo Finland, adding text: K A RI N SP J U TH
(Programmable Logic Controller). Among that the contract is their largest to date. Photo: SK Y P HOTO, P ORT OF HE LSINK I
other things, this enables automatic Gunnebo Finland has carried out work
access control. The port operator receives totalling 800 000 euros for the Port of
Read more about
data for a database regarding lorries Helsinki.
Gunnebo’s solutions
and containers due for arrival, and this is
for The logistic sector:
sent on to the access point. As a vehicle The new port came into service in
approaches the gate a camera photo- November 2008. Some 2 000 lorries
graphs its registration plate and cargo load and unload in the area on a daily


Metro a growing market in China

– Orders for 4.5 million euros in 2009 alone

The metro in China is rapidly which create panic, such as a power cut,
expanding, and Gunnebo
automatic pedestrian gates
the gates open immediately. Together
are chosen for a good pas- with the gates’ strength and durability,
senger flow at several loca- this is an important feature for all metro
authorities, particularly in China.

gunnebo HAs undertaken metro

projects all over the world, includ-
ing in Singapore, Montreal, Toulouse,
Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei,
Barcelona, Nanjing, Shenyang, Stock-
holm, Shenzhen, Bangkok, Dubai, New
Delhi, Seoul, Bogotá, Jakarta, Hong
Kong and Tehran.
“The market opportunities for Gun-
nebo automatic pedestrian gates are
Gunnebo has become the world's ment has recently announced a new growing as is the need to provide effi-
leading specialist in entrance traffic infrastructure budget for the peri- cient transport systems using e-ticket-
control solutions for metro gates. od up to 2012. This includes three new ing. These types of systems benefit the
And the market is growing, despite metro lines to add to the existing net- operator and the passenger. We see tre-
the economic crisis. In China alone, work. A sum of 44 billion euros is set for mendous potential for this market sec-
Gunnebo has received orders worth the construction of these new lines, link- tor,” says Stephen Bates. K
4.5 million euros in 2009. ing the suburbs across the city and rang-
ing in length from 24–46 k­ ilometres. Text: Thomas P orquet
Gunnebo’s first success in China was
in 2003, when the company supplied Gunnebo's focus on entrance gates
gates for a huge railway project in Hong
for public transport has been success-
ful because many countries around the FACTS
“In the period of 2002 to 2003, we sup- world are currently installing automatic
plied some 516 gates for the Hong Kong fare collection systems. Many older tick- K Public mass transit generates the
KCRC West and East rail project. Since eting systems are being converted and lowest carbon footprint compared to
then Gunnebo has developed a lot of automated, as fast-growing economies other means of travel.
strong business in the country, particu- expand their public transport networks K High energy costs and congestion
larly in Beijing. All the expansion of lines and develop their infrastructure. This is a discourage individuals from traveling
running up to the Olympic Games are process which is still going on despite the by car and encourage them to use
based on the Hong Kong model,” says global credit crisis, since these projects public mass transit as a quick and
Stephen Bates, Business Development are seen as an important part of the cost-effective means of transport.
Manager at Gunnebo Entrance Control. countries’ development and growth. K Emerging countries invest heavily
Orders received by Gunnebo in 2009 The demand for better safety is in the development of infrastructure.
for product supply in China amount to increasing due to more and more peo- K Due to increasing populations
4.5 million euros for new metro lines in ple passing through the different sys- and more urbanisation, there is a
Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and tems every day. Gunnebo’s products trend towards migrating into cities,
Shenyang, with additional orders on are all supplied with different kinds of particularly in emerging countries.
the way. functions to ensure a safe exit in case
Moreover, Beijing municipal govern- of emergencies like fire. In situations

Global #2 2009

Easy to sabotage water supply

– Botkyrka invests in improved security

By investing in fencing around

the reservoir, Botkyrka Municipal-
ity has tightened security and
eradicated graffiti problems.

A town can easily be rendered Administration which require munici- “The co-operation with Gunnebo has
helpless if its water facilities are palities to take measures to prevent been very good. I think they have good
sabotaged. Yet they are often unauthorised access to water facilities,” products and are true professionals.
relatively unprotected. Botkyrka Lyberg explains. Everything has run faultlessly and it feels
Municipality, south of Stockholm, is good to work with a stable company.” K
now taking these dangers seriously. To raise security around the water-
“We wanted to improve security,” works and water towers, the munici- Text: K A RI N SP J U TH
explains Ronny Lyberg, Construction pality had Gunnebo Secure fencing PHOTO: B ENGT SP J U TH
and Project Manager in the munici- installed, which is a strong eight mil-
pality. limetre mesh, fitted with a Gunnebo

The situation regarding Botkyrka’s

Power Fence electric alarm. The Power
Fence is 9 000 volts (the fencing around FACTS
water facilities was problematic. Not animal enclosures is usually 1 800 volts).
only did people enter the area to put If anyone touches the fence an alarm is K Gunnebo Security Power Fence
graffiti on the towers, but the perimeter also sent to the municipality’s water and uses high-voltage impulses in
security was so poor that the fencing sewage call-out team and security com- the alarm wires, giving would-be
could be cut with the most basic pliers. pany, and the police are alerted. intruders a painful, but harmless,
The municipality therefore decided to “Today, no unauthorised individuals can shock. If anyone attempts to force,
increase security and Gunnebo was con- enter the area at all,” says Lyberg proudly. cut or climb the power fence an
tacted for advice and installation. alarm also goes off.
“We have planned to improve security Installation began in September 2008 K The contract in Botkyrka was
over several years. There are also regu- and six months later the final inspection worth approximately €300 000 in
lations from Sweden’s National Food was carried out. all.

SITE PROTECTION Global #2 2009

The vatican state is visited by thousands of people every day. Security is therefore very important.

The Vatican Apostolic Library

chooses access control by Gunnebo
Over 150 000 manuscripts and more course the safety of persons studying With this installation, the Vatican Apos-
than 1 600 000 printed books are and working in the Library itself. tolic Library joins the long list of import­
contained in the Vatican’s Apostolic ant institutions that have granted their
Library, which makes it a book-lover’s Aesthetics in this case is at least as approval to Gunnebo’s solutions. K
paradise – or, at any rate, as close as important as security.
one can get to that on earth. To fully comply with these require- Text: Mauro B onetto
ments, the barrier of choice was Hidden PHOTo: P atrick Leahy
At the end of the sixteenth century, the Gate. Its glass panels are transparent
books, that had become too numerous and thus do not take light from the site
for the rooms which hosted them, were where they are installed; at the same
moved by Sixtus the Fifth to their new time they are extremely strong.
home, where they are still to be found.
The evident importance of the Library’s The opening and closing of the motor-
collection means that the technology ised panels are also practically inaudible,
used to take care of them must be con- an important aspect in such a place as
stantly updated. This includes access the Vatican’s Apostolic Library. Installed
control ensuring that the books may at the entrance to the Library, Hidden
only be consulted by authorised indi- Gate will provide discreet presence con-
viduals is a first important step towards trol. It is also durable enough to cope Motorised panels were chosen for access control
guaranteeing their safety, as well as of with the heavy flow of people. to the Apostolic Library.

Global #2 2009

Sales increase
fivefold in Romania
When Eutron Invest took over as 2002 and 2007, for example, economic “Customers rely on Gunnebo’s prod-
Gunnebo’s distributor in Romania, growth averaged 5 per cent. As a result ucts because they offer reliable, secure
Gunnebo held a fairly modest position people have more money at their dis- storage,” explains Dan Tone, General
in the country. Five years later, the posal, the state has increased its tax rev- Director of Eutron Invest Romania.
situation has improved dramatically. enues and investment has increased.
Gunnebo’s products can now be found In other words, Gunnebo saw a highly The fact that business has expand-
in both the bank and retail sector. interesting zone when it was looking for ed is especially evident in the annual
a new distributor in Romania in 2003. accounts. In 2003 Eutron Invest Roma-
Romania, with a population of almost 22 Gunnebo finally settled on Eutron nia sold Gunnebo products to a value of
million, has changed considerably since Invest Romania, a privately owned com- 170 000 euros. In 2008 the figure was
the turn of the millennium. Between pany that supplies security solutions closer to 1 million euros.
and equipment for cash handling. It remains to be seen if growth can
continue at the same rate. The global
Eutron’s range of Gunnebo products financial crisis has affected Romania as
initially focused on secure storage, well, but this need not have an adverse
Dan Tone, Gen- such as fireproof and burglary-resistant impact on Eutron Invest’s business,
eral Director of
Eutron Invest
safes. according to Tone.
Romania, can However, as business developed their “Generally speaking the market for
look back on a range and customer base grew. Today security products in Romania is very
fivefold increa­
se in sales of the distributor also sells Gunnebo’s price-sensitive. But despite the financial
­Gunnebo prod- safe deposit lockers, data media safes, situation we are seeing increased inter-
ucts in Romania,
where the mar- filing cabinets and document cabinets, est in security solutions,” Dan Tone con-
ket for security for example. Buyers include banks and cludes. K
products seems
to be increasing
financial companies, service stations,
year on year. cash-in-transit companies and retailers. Text: K A RI N SP J U TH

SERVICE Global #2 2009

Invaluable gold and silver

treasure from Sweden’s his-
tory is kept in the Gold Room.
A move from mechanical to
electronic high-security locks
has enabled the Museum
of National Antiquities to
increase flexibility and control.

Stefan Anderberg (pictured

right) is delighted with the

Locks from Gunnebo protect

The priceless gold treasures in the gold collars, along with Sweden’s larg- had been locked in vaults for many
Museum of National Antiquities’ Gold est preserved gold treasure, the Timbo- years. The decision to lock up the finest
Room in Stockholm are protected holm treasure, which comprises seven pieces was taken after several objects of
by electronic high-security locks kilograms of pure 24 carat gold. historical importance were stolen from
from Gunnebo. The new SafeLock 3 other museums around Sweden, but in
with functions such as logging, user The riches are kept in one of the most the long run it was not really feasible
hierarchies, delayed opening and a secure rooms in Northern Europe. The to keep them locked up. The objects are
‘four-eyes function’ has increased the Gold Room was built in 1994 and is a cultural heritage that belong to the
museum’s security and flexibility, as approximately 700 m2. It is blasted into Swedish people,” says Head of Security
well as its level of control. the rock beneath the Museum of Nation- Stefan Anderberg.
al Antiquities and is made of heavily rein- He adds that museum security is one
The Gold Room attracts 150 000 visitors forced concrete with double bank vault of the most difficult things to get right.
a year and contains 300 kg of unique, standard. “On the one hand we are talking about
priceless gold and silver objects from “When the museum began drawing incredible pieces of treasure, while on
antiquity, including three magnificent plans for the room in 1992, the objects the other we want as many people as

Global #2 2009

Read more about LOCKS:

unique cultural heritage

possible to get as close as they can. The “We also wanted to bring the locks Several people now have access to the
difficulty lies in concealing the security into the 21st century with new functions safe with different levels of authorisa-
and emphasising the beauty,” Ander- such as logging, multiple users and alarm tion.
berg explains. control, while also spreading security “The new locks are far smoother and
between more people,” says Anderberg. easier than the old rattling ones, and as
The display cases are specially made Head of Security I have better control
from very thick steel and extremely thick The museum finally settled on and greater flexibility. It used to be both
Optiwhite glass. The room is also fitted ­ afeLock 3, following a recommenda-
S complex and time-consuming to add
with CCTV, alarms and burglary-resist- tion from Gunnebo. or take away authorisations, now I can
ant ventilation. The decision to change “We liked the fact that SafeLock 3 do it within an hour,” Stefan Anderberg
the locks on the room’s three doors was offers triple-aspect security. A person concludes. K
taken in the summer of 2008. cannot influence or enter their code
“The room is opened and closed every unless another has activated the scan-
day for visitors, and the locks were begin- ner. It is also possible to use a physical Text: LE ENA SE K K A T
ning to get slightly worn. key with the code,” Anderberg explains. PHOTo: A NNA HÅ LLA MS

PROFILE Global #2 2009

EU meetings
demand security
From July 1, 2009, Sweden has the police authorities collaborate during the but because this time practical and
Presidency of the Council of the Presidency to jointly achieve the goal of logistical responsibility rests with the
European Union, for six months. securing the open meetings. Secretariat, we are more independent
This means that during this period, and more like a separate government
Sweden leads the EU’s work at all For Peter, preparations for Sweden’s department ourselves, which makes
levels and represent the EU in the Presidency began more than a year ago our job easier. We have various areas of
wider world. It also entails a hundred when work commenced to recruit per- responsibility within the group such as
or so meetings between top-level sonnel for the Secretariat. Peter is the media, technology, premises and prepa-
European politicians in Sweden – Group Manager, responsible for six peo- ration, transport, security, conference
open meetings that need to take place ple who deal with transport and security services and meeting co-ordination.”
under secure conditions. issues. The meetings vary from informal min-
“In 2001, the Ministry for Foreign isters’ meetings to a great many meet-
“The Secretariat is an organising body Affairs was responsible for these issues, ings and conferences for senior officials
and overall responsibility for security and experts. Common to all of them are
rests with the Swedish Police,” says high security demands.
Peter von Sydow, Group Manager for
Safety & Transport in the Secretariat for “There is a standard for how the
EU Meetings. premises should be built, and we take
During Sweden’s half-year Presidency, the security guard service we use in
a total of around 112 meetings will be Stockholm with us when we travel
held. The meetings take place at 20 or so round the country, so the confidence
locations around Sweden as a means of in our suppliers will be there from the
simultaneously showing off the country word go,” Peter explains.
to foreign visitors. “Compared to the last time Sweden
“Our challenge as an organising body Peter von Sydow held the EU Presidency, in 2001, Europe is
is to create open meetings under secure Age: 42 now a much calmer place. The main dif-
conditions. We are responsible for the Family: Married with three children ference is that today there are 27 mem-
meeting venues, for ensuring there is Lives: In the country in the outskirts of ber states compared to 15 in 2001.”
appropriate entrance control and that Kungsängen, Stockholm. In spring 2010 the Secretariat will offi-
the right people are in the right place. Background: Graduated from Swe- cially be dissolved and Peter will return
The Swedish Police are responsible for den’s Police Academy in 1992, has to his position with the Swedish Nation-
everything outside of the premises and worked in personal protection and al Police Board.
they are our major partner with whom security. Sweden took over the Presidency from
we share information – and there are Employer: Currently the Government the Czech Republic and will hand over to
strict requirements for that,” says Peter. Offices of Sweden, on leave from the Spain at the end of 2009. K
Sweden’s National Criminal Police, the Swedish National Police Board.
Swedish Security Service and the local Text & PHOTO: Linda Gårdlö v

Global #2 2009

Peter von Sydow will make sure that

all EU delegates are safe when Sweden
takes over the Presidency in July 2009.

EU Presidency
The Presidency rotates every six
months and the country holding the
Presidency shall act as a driving force
in the EU’s legislative and political
decision-making process.
On January 1, 2001 Sweden took
over the Presidency of the Council for
the first time. This meant that Swed-
ish ministers chaired all the Council
meetings and that Swedish govern-
ment officials were responsible for
the meetings in the work groups pre-
paring the Council’s business.

How the EU is organised

The EU Member States’ collaboration
is based on five institutions. These are
the bodies that put forward propos-
als, take decisions and ensure that
the EU’s common rules are followed.
The Council of the European Union,
the European Parliament and the
European Commission draw up the
policies and laws which are applied.
The Court of Justice and the Court of
Auditors play no part in decision-mak-
ing but are important in ensuring the
quality of the EU’s work. Together the
five institutions have approximately
42 000 employees. In addition to the
five institutions there are a number of
consulting, regulatory and executive

Holders of the Presidency up to and

including 2015:
2009 – Czech Republic, Sweden
2010 – Spain, Belgium
2011 – Hungary, Poland
2012 – Denmark, Cyprus
2013 – Republic of Ireland, Lithuania
2014 – Greece, Italy
2015 – Latvia, Luxembourg



Portable ATM ideal for

Eiffel Tower renovation
The legs of the Eiffel Tower are being in BL Bank, CUFR.
renovated, turning the entire area “This solution also integrated the
where a fixed ATM was present for a requirements related to this specific site
long time into a building site. The ATM (shade, setting-up…), its brand image
is now away from the highly frequented and renown.”
location, but customer catchment area. It is worth remembering that the Eif-
“Gunnebo France suggested the cus- fel Tower is celebrating its 120th anniver-
tomer a tailored solution in the shape sary this year. With more than seven mil-
of a turnkey portable unit. The unit can lion visitors a year, this new ATM, which
be moved around as renovation of the came into service in early April, quickly
tower’s legs progresses,” says Thierry regained its usual customer flow.
Pignon, Sales Engineer for key accounts


Strong demands for security when a

new terminal is built for the royal family
Gunnebo Middle East has further complex. The purpose of the new termi- tify what they needed and gave us the
strengthened its position as a security nal is to be an elegant gateway for the responsibility to deliver it. We knew how
solution provider for airports. After royal family, senior government officials important security was for this project
Abu Dhabi and Bahrain International and other important visitors to Qatar. and implemented our practices to deliv-
Airports, Doha International Airport The Emiri Terminal will also include er the best possible security solutions,”
can now be added to the exclusive private quarters for the Emir, a press cen- says Jacob Touma, General Manager
project portfolio in the region. tre and a business centre. Of course sig- Gunnebo Middle East.
nificant security features are necessary, Gunnebo will start the installation of
At Doha Airport in Qatar, a new termi- and these will be delivered by Gunnebo. custom-made gates, barriers and bol-
nal is being built – The Emiri Terminal ”The executive team responsible for lards in late 2009. In total the contract
– which is separated from the passenger the Emiri Terminal were quick to iden- is worth over 718 000 euros.


Contract with major

Italian bank for locks
In January 2009, Gunnebo Italy signed a new contract
with one of the country’s largest banks, Banco Popolare.
The contract means that Gunnebo will deliver 20 Secur-
Wave units, Gunnebo’s new generation of integrated secu-
rity systems for banks, which was launched in 2008.
Banco Popolare chose Gunnebo since they considered
the company to have the most qualified system.
Banco Popolare has more than 2 400 branches in Italy
and has been one of Gunnebo Italy’s largest clients.
­Gunnebo has already supplied the bank with turnstiles
and safes, for example.

Global #2 2009


Better surveillance for telecom chain

Gunnebo Canada is consolidating its Canada under several corporate ban- “We are proud to say the ‘total pack-
position in the retail sector. A prime ners. What began as a small contract age’ we have created is now considered
example of this is its growth with one three years ago, providing physical lock- the standard for all new stores going
of its most significant retail accounts: a ing hardware and safe products, has forward, and all renovations of existing
national telecommunications company grown to include IP-based intrusion stores,” says John Haining, Country Man-
with some 300 plus locations across monitoring and digital surveillance. ager for Gunnebo Canada.


Bank increases access with SafeStore Auto

Read more about
One of Germany’s largest savings years. Gunnebo was also the only com- SAFESTORE AUTO:
banks has migrated to Gunnebo’s pany to offer an automated safe deposit
automated safe deposit locker system, locker system – SafeStore Auto – that safestoreauto
SafeStore Auto. This not only increases works around the clock.
accessibility for customers, but the
bank now also has a single network An analysis at the time by Sparkasse
for all its safe deposit systems. Hannover revealed that the two banks
worked under very different standards
The two banks Stadtsparkasse Hannover for their deposit locker systems.
and Kreissparkasse Hannover merged Of the total of 98 safe deposit locker
to form the new Sparkasse Hannover systems at Sparkasse Hannover, around
in 2003. The move made it one of Ger- a third were traditional systems where
many’s largest savings banks. an employee accompanied customers
“At the time of the merger Sparkasse to open the locker. These were to be
Hannover had a total of more than replaced by automated systems.
48 000 safe deposit lockers with 28 000 The decision to introduce a shared
customers,” recalls Karl-Heinz Mensing, solution was made in 2003. Six years
Deputy Head of Organisation at Spar- later and the bank is enjoying results
kasse Hannover. beyond its expectations. Sparkasse Han- Major new bank, Sparkasse Hannover, has had
“The figures encouraged us to evolve nover now has a more far-reaching solu- SafeStore Auto installed. This has led to more cus-
tomers using safe deposit lockers and a reduction
our safe deposit locker solutions and tion than any other bank in the world. in the workload for bank personnel.
update our existing systems. The prime “We now have a much better overview
goal was to move to automated sys- of the safe deposit lockers and their use,”
tems.” says Karl-Heinz Mensing. In addition, the safe deposit lockers are
available around the clock and so are
A reliable partner was sought to imple- One clear result is that use of the increasingly being used by corporate
ment the ambitious project. Security automatic safe deposit locker systems customers, since they have access to
experts Gunnebo were chosen as the has increased and has minimised the their locker’s contents outside their own
bank had worked with them for many amount of work required by employees. business hours.


Spanish airports choose PasSec from Gunnebo

Santander and Almería airports have the figures are increasing annually, due installation of anti-return gates at the
chosen the Gunnebo PasSec anti-return to the growth of low cost airlines. Zaragoza airport.
gate to provide fast transit of passen- Spanish Airports and Air Navigation The PasSec model installed was PasSec
gers from the secure to the insecure air- (AENA), which is in charge of the main- 2 HSW (wide version of the anti-return
port zones. tenance and management of public civil gate). Both airports decided to install
The two airports have together more airports, selected Gunnebo as distributor two units of the gate in order to facili-
than 1.8 million passengers per year and because of Gunnebo Spain’s successful tate passengers’ transit.

Gunnebo AB, Box 5181, SE-402 26 Göteborg, Sweden
Artist produces Gunnebo’s Artist LG Lundberg painted fences

most expensive fencing

for seven years but found very few
buyers. One exhibition changed all
that. Today the works are worth
thousands of euros.

– 16 000 euros for two square metres

Could you imagine paying around gigantic paintings several metres high a special exhibition of LG’s fence paint-
16 000 euros for a couple of square and wide. ings. The artist himself was sceptical
metres of Gunnebo fencing? about the idea and was quite prepared
If the fencing is painted in oils and There are two fascinating and interest- for a flop. However, the exhibition was
signed by artist LG Lundberg, that is ing aspects to this story. Firstly that LG a roaring success. Interest in the fence
the price you will have to pay. chose to paint a single motif for seven paintings grew to a tremendous level
Lundberg’s fencing pictures are hot years, and secondly that he stuck to and many of the hundreds of paintings
property among today’s art collectors. this despite hardly selling any pictures that had been gathering dust for dec-
But it’s not that many years ago that at all. ades now sold for tens of thousands of
he used to throw away these very “That’s probably why I persevered and euros – each.
articles of value. painted fences for so many years. A lot “It was something of a redemption for
of people said ‘How can Lundberg paint me. The lean years of the 1970s, when I
In 1972, artist LG Lundberg painted his fencing when he’s actually a good art- could barely pay the rent, paid off retro-
very first Gunnebo fence. He was fasci- ist?’. Because of that, I couldn’t stop,” actively,” LG comments.
nated by the pattern of the fencing and says LG, explaining that the fence peri-
chose it as a motif for an oil painting. od was preceded by a period of realistic So are there any new fence paintings in
This marked the beginning of Lundberg’s motifs that people had really taken to. the pipeline?
‘fence period’ between 1973 and 1980, “No, there won’t be any more. The only
during which he painted fences, virtu- It all changed in the early 2000s when things I’ve added are a few etchings and
ally to the exclusion of anything else. Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall con- lithographs.” K
The motif was the same but the size of tacted LG. Konsthall, one of the leading
the canvas varied from small pictures to stages in the art world, wanted to put on Text & PHoto: bengt spjuth

GUNNEBO and GUNNEBO – For a safer world are registered trademarks of Gunnebo AB. Other registered trademarks of Gunnebo are Chubbsafes, Fichet-Bauche, Rosengrens, SecureLine,
SafePay™, Gateway and Troax. In addition the Group has several registered product brand names and locally registered trademarks.