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hydro power

Shortens Refurbishing
Schedule by More Than
Three Years with DS PLM
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other renewable

Solar Century
Implements ENOVIA
SmarTeam in Just
Two Months
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future energy

Livermore National
Relies on ENOVIA PLM as
it Tackles Pressing Energy
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Editorial Perhaps no industry is more critical to the
world’s comfort, safety and economic well- overview
being than energy. But with demand growing 5 The Energy Industry and PLM
exponentially worldwide, energy companies
are under constant pressure to adapt and 6 DS Solutions for the Booming Energy Industry
keep pace with the changing needs of an
increasingly globalized economic community.
Sustainability is, quite simply, a must. hydro power
8 Hydro-Québec Shortens Refurbishing Schedule by
Achieving sustainability is a difficult balancing
More Than Three Years with DS PLM
act. Whether the facility is a modern nuclear plant, a wind farm or an
offshore rig, companies must bring new projects online faster and 10 UCM Resita: Business Transformation with
more efficiently than ever before. Yet while new approaches are being DS PLM
adopted, existing plants and facilities – many of which have been in
service for decades – must be maintained and upgraded to increase
output and meet increasingly stringent quality, health, safety and
environmental expectations and regulations.
other renewable
12 Solar Century: Solar Gain
There’s no debate. Meeting these challenges is a high-risk undertaking
with tight schedules and high costs for delays and overruns. To sustain
14 Wind Turbine Composites Design: Leveraging
business, energy companies must limit and manage these risks, Aerospace Advances for Improved Durability
protecting revenues, workers and the environment. Bottom line, 16 Pelamis: Harvesting the Ocean’s Power
energy companies must do what they do more efficiently. An
increasingly energy-hungry world depends on their success.

In the face of these challenges, energy companies are turning to the

oil and gas
power of PLM for managing complex project lifecycles. Just as PLM 18 Yantai Raffles Shipyard: Charting the Future With
has helped a broad spectrum of manufacturers operate more Dassault Systèmes PLM Solutions
efficiently for more than two decades, PLM is now being effectively
applied to planning, constructing, operating and maintaining both 20 ENOVIA Refined Preem
existing and new facilities throughout the global energy industry. 22 T3 Energy Services Ensures Design Revision
Accuracy with ENOVIA SmarTeam
Whether energy companies need information and project
management planning solutions to build, maintain and upgrade
plants more efficiently, or engineering analysis software to ensure
everything from wind turbines to offshore oil pipelines are equal nuclear power
to the environmental strains they encounter, Dassault Systèmes 24 Forsmark: Working Without a Glitch
PLM solutions are helping companies bring new projects online
faster and reduce costs and downtime. From training and keeping 26 Entergy Nuclear Simulates Nuclear Plant
workers safe to assembly and operating instructions, PLM Maintenance with DS PLM
solutions are poised to help keep energy installations running 28 Four Questions with EPRI: PLM and Nuclear Power
like clockwork.

Smart energy companies are tapping the power of PLM to

Plants of Tomorrow Require Innovative DS PLM Today lower risks, reduce outages, increase efficiency and improve future energy
safety for both new and existing assets. This special edition of 29 ITER Optimizes Design with 3DCS
Dassault Systèmes (DS) Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions transform the entire Contact mag celebrates these pioneers and gives you a
nuclear plant lifecycle. Whether it’s a new build, outage planning or license renewal project, window into their innovations. Their success can be yours. 30 ITER: The Energy of Tomorrow with DS PLM
DS PLM helps plant owners / operators, EPC firms and NSSS suppliers minimize costly
Contact us today, and let us show you how. 32 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Relies
downtime, reduce risk, and meet stringent government and safety regulations. Our integrated
software suite – including CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, SIMULIA and 3DVIA – delivers 3D, virtual on ENOVIA PLM as it Tackles Pressing Energy

simulation and project management tools for effective design, engineering, construction, Rolf Gibbels Challenges
operations and maintenance – allowing you to deliver projects on-time, on budget – every time. Director, Global Market Development,
Energy Industry, Dassault Systèmes
Visit to learn how PLM will power your profitable future.

©Dassault Systèmes, 2009. All rights reserved. CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, SIMULIA and 3D VIA are registered trademarks of Dassault Systèmes or its
subsidiaries in the US and/or other countries.

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Focus on Energy
With world demand for energy projected to increase by 45% by
2030*, securing long-term, environmentally friendly energy supplies
has become a top priority for governments and energy industry
companies. In this special feature on the energy sector, Contact Mag
looks at the trends and challenges ahead, Dassault Systèmes’
comprehensive PLM offering for the energy industry, and
a group of cutting-edge DS customers at the The Energy Industry and PLM
vanguard of the sustainable
energy drive.

Allan Behrens is a But it takes a lot of time to reach the new Procurement and Construction (EPC) firm
director at Cambashi, initiatives, and the amount of energy to the owner-operator. It is not possible,
a management and produced by renewable sources is less because of the complexity involved with
marketing consultancy than what is required. We need to sustain operating a plant, to wait until the plant is
firm in the UK and US. and maintain existing plants until we have finished. With downtime costing up to $1
Contact Mag spoke alternatives to replace them. Governments million a day (in nuclear plants, for
with him about the are taking a tactical approach, using example), it has to be a progressive
trends and challenges proven methods and sources, like coal process so that operator training begins
in the energy industry and the role PLM and nuclear, until new ones come along. as soon as possible. A PLM system can
can play. help operators familiarize themselves with
Q: Why is PLM relevant the different plant equipment to see how
Q: What are the major to the energy industry? they function and how to operate them.
trends and challenges in the A: The sheer size of energy projects makes
energy industry today? PLM relevant. Power plants are large-scale Finally, maintenance operations are greatly
A: Countries seek to diversify their energy projects. Companies require tools that are facilitated by a PLM system that keeps
sources. They no longer want to be at the accurate at scales ranging from kilometers track of each component, the date it was
mercy of a single supplier, but instead are to fractions of millimeters. Companies also serviced, what was done to it. With a PLM
adopting a pragmatic approach and need multiple solutions to handle the design system, operators are able to simulate the
breaking away from past habits by varying of the different plant components, and a different refurbishing tasks to ensure they
the origin and type of energy they use. Only single data management system to manage can be done safely and without
diversification can provide energy security. all these systems. It is also important to interference. This is a huge opportunity for
manage all the suppliers that participate in PLM because it can help optimize on-site
designing and building the plant. Only a operator intervention• )
robust PLM solution can orchestrate
everything efficiently.
For more information:
*2008 World Energy Outlook – OCED/IEA PLM also addresses the challenge
of handover from the Engineering,
Contact mag 5

PLM technology manages complexity and puts lifelike experience at users’

fingertips to minimize risk.
Nuclear power plants: for plant construction planning, scheduling and construction data, while collecting
complex, large-scale and sequencing in a multi-CAD and organizing data on daily operations
projects environment. Virtual definition and and maintenance spanning decades.
Nuclear power is experiencing a simulation reduces construction delays ENOVIA coordinates engineering data
renaissance, with more than 230 plants and improves collaboration. In-work and processes across the complete
planned or proposed worldwide. Highly product structures, digital mockups and product lifecycle and maintains
complex and costing as much as $10 billion engineering bills of material (BOMs) consistency by propagating changes to
each, plant construction requires efficient provide valuable early insights to project related documents. ENOVIA also tracks
management of multi-disciplinary projects developers and construction planners. project progress and overall productivity,
to meet budget and delivery obligations. and manages change orders and

DS Solutions for the The handover process from construction to Managing project workflows to ensure milestones are met

By Rolf Gibbels
] Booming Energy Industry
the owner/operator is critical, requiring
a mature, scalable collaboration and
information-management platform.

Owner/operators, major equipment

complexity and
To bridge the interoperability issues that
complicate collaboration in a fragmented
environment and achieve efficient
and projects progress efficiently.

Diversifying energy sources

The drive for energy independence and
greenhouse gas reductions, wild swings in

The global energy industry is iven the nature of these challenges, PLM technology manages complexity and vendors and Engineering, Procurement collaboration with dozens of stakeholders, oil and gas prices, and rapid increases in
under pressure from every the energy industry is actively puts lifelike experience at users’ fingertips to and Construction (EPC) firms increasingly the energy industry needs a centralized total energy demand, are driving the
direction. Demand is growing searching for more efficient ways minimize risk. DELMIA allows project rely on fully integrated DS PLM and structured approach to managing development of local, sustainable energy
of working. Increasingly, leaders across managers to visualize their maintenance and environments to support a design-to- data in all its forms. sources such as hydro, wind, solar, wave
exponentially, creating pressure
the energy spectrum are coming to the installation activities and schedules as 3D operations approach that concurrently and geothermal. From enabling advanced
for new, sustainable energy
same conclusion: The same Product simulations, helping to identify unexpected optimizes design, construction and At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory composites technologies for wind-turbine
sources. New construction (see page 32), for example, ENOVIA blades, to managing the vast resources
Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions issues and determine optimal sequences. resources. The DS PLM virtual construction
and maintenance projects that help manufacturers operate more Reducing outage time pays off; each day of portfolio offers comprehensive capabilities manages massive amounts of planning required to develop reliable fusion
are increasingly complex. efficiently are equally effective in designing, outage costs $1 million for replacement technology or keep pace with soaring
Aging infrastructure must be building, operating and maintaining plants power at nuclear plants and $7 million for demand for solar panels, PLM helps
upgraded and modernized to – from nuclear and hydroelectric power to non-productive time at oil and gas alternative energy producers innovate,
meet stringent quality, health, oil refineries and from offshore production installations. At Entergy Nuclear’s Waterford develop, manage and replicate projects
safety and environmental platforms to solar and wind-energy farms. 3 plant, for example, DELMIA simulations of while managing vast networks of
a motor-replacement project identified a installations. Pelamis Wave Power (ocean
regulations. And all of these
Refurbishing projects previously unrecognized obstruction that wave farms) (see page 16), ITER (nuclear
challenges must be met more
on the rise could have added one to two days to a fusion) (see page 30), Vestas Wind Systems
efficiently than ever before, The need to extend, modernize and planned outage (see page 26). (wind farms) and Solar Century
keeping the industry profitable refurbish existing power plants offers (environmental energy system design) (see
despite increasing demands significant challenges. Many upgrade Once activities are planned, training with page 12) are just a few of the alternative
from regulators and consumers. projects involve hundreds of workers 3DVIA Virtools offers workers lifelike energy leaders meeting the unique
in unique or infrequent operations. experience in a virtual, immersive setting. demands of their markets with DS PLM• )
Equipment weighing tons often must be Crane operators, for example, can
moved through spaces with clearances experience the actual “feel” of moving a For more information:
measured in inches. Scheduling requires heavy piece of equipment in virtual reality,
precise choreography to ensure each allowing infrequent operations to be
step occurs on time and in sequence – practiced efficiently and safely. Virtual
critical in limiting outages and meeting training ensures worker readiness for project
budgets. Safety considerations are startup at the physical jobsite, without
paramount. interrupting ongoing operations.
6 Dassault Systèmes Contact mag 7
hydro power

Although the refurbishing study took six weeks to complete, from the
scanning phase through the simulation with DELMIA, Hydro-Québec was
able to eliminate 200 weeks from its refurbishment planning, saving
CAN$50 million and clearly demonstrating the real advantage of using a
solution like DELMIA.
than 30 years. But improvements and refurbishing study. Because such weeks to complete, from the scanning
repairs made to the station over the years operations require strict scheduling, phase through the simulation with
were not always documented in these planning to ensure the safety of employees, DELMIA, Hydro-Québec was able to
drawings. With no up-to-date documented and working in limited space, the flow of eliminate 200 weeks from its refurbishment
view of the plant, Hydro-Québec began tasks had to be carefully sequenced. planning, saving CAN$50 million and

Hydro-Québec Shortens Refurbishing Schedule

with its original 2D drawings. clearly demonstrating the real advantage
For example, engineers simulated the of using a solution like DELMIA to optimize
The first phase of the study involved disassembly of the alternator – removing study projects. As a result, Hydro-Québec

by More Than Three Years with DS PLM updating the drawings of Manic-3. Laser
scanning was used to map the physical
its cover and all fixed and moving parts,
including the rotor, and identifying the
plans to deploy similar virtual simulations
on other refurbishing projects and extend
plant’s current configuration. In only two best place to set down the different its use of PLM solutions to all steps of its
Hydro-Québec needed to assess the time and cost of refurbishing days, a complete, updated view of the components. With DELMIA, interferences projects, from design and engineering to

By Emmanuel Boivin-Moreau
and Emil Dobrescu
generating stations. The company used CATIA and DELMIA to
simulate and optimize the refurbishing of its Manic-3 plant.
interior was generated. Engineers
compared the updated view with the
were clearly visible on screen, allowing
engineers to adjust the trajectory of the
construction. In fact, the Hydro-Québec
Estimation Team already is using DELMIA
original drawings to see where movement of every part. Being able to to estimate concrete volumes and

ydro-Québec is an integrated electric designed to optimize existing plant output modifications had been made. The result identify and plan for such operations in a optimize the sequence of concrete
company that generates, transports and efficiency. was a realistic 3D model of the plant’s virtual simulation avoids costly physical placement in its new construction and
and distributes almost all the interior on which to base simulations. mockups and time-consuming errors in refurbishment plans• )
electricity consumed in the Canadian Manic-3 refurbishing project practice, particularly when each piece of
Emmanuel Boivin-Moreau is the CATIA
province of Québec. With more than 23,000 Many of Hydro-Québec’s plants have been CATIA for virtual design equipment is a complex assembly of
More than 96 employees and a single shareholder (the in operation for years. Refurbishing these and DELMIA for virtual different parts that can weigh hundreds of
CAO 3D Manager, Information Systems, at
percent of the Québec government), its generating fleet plants is necessary to reduce operation simulation tons. Thanks to DELMIA, engineers were
Hydro-Québec Administration and Control.
Emil Dobrescu, Mechanical Engineer, is
power Hydro- comprises 56 hydroelectric generating costs, extend plant life and optimize For the next phase of the study, engineers able to simulate each movement with the
the PDM Team Leader, Information
stations, a nuclear generating station, four energy output levels. But replacing used CATIA to create a 3D virtual model of precision of a few centimeters, exceptional
Québec generates conventional thermal generating stations outdated equipment and making repairs the station and all the equipment it for equipment of this size.
Systems, for Hydro-Québec Equipment.
is hydroelectric, and a wind farm, representing a total installed takes time and requires that a plant be contained. They then used DELMIA to
making it one of the capacity of 35.5 GW. More than 96 percent taken offline during the refurbishment. simulate the different refurbishing tasks. Savings of 200 weeks
For more information:
of the power it generates is hydroelectric, Disassembling, moving and reassembling and CAN$50 million
largest renewable making it one of the largest renewable To optimize this process, Hydro‑Québec equipment were simulated during the Although the refurbishing study took six

energy producers in energy producers in North America. decided to perform a refurbishing feasibility
North America. study on its Manic-3 generating station in a
Hydro-Québec continually focuses on its 3D virtual environment using PLM solutions
three main priorities: energy efficiency, from Dassault Systèmes. This enabled the
complementary development of company’s teams to outline all the necessary
hydroelectricity and wind power (the two project steps, foresee eventual challenges
major renewable energy sources in and optimize each refurbishing phase
Québec), and technological innovation. before embarking on the actual renovation.
Additionally, the company manages a
number of rehabilitation projects and Hydro-Québec engineers had the original
rigorous programs of periodic maintenance drawings of the Manic-3 dating back more

8 Dassault Systèmes Contact mag 9

hydro power

By Nicolas Maritan ]
UCM Resita, the leading hydropower
equipment producer on the Romanian
market, chose CATIA and ENOVIA
SmarTeam to cut operation costs by
10% and thereby reinforce its leadership.

UCM Resita: Business

Transformation with DS PLM
he energy sector in Romania is environmental regulations,” said Adrian dramatically reduce our time-to-market. that ENOVIA SmarTeam automatically
undergoing a transition process from Chebutiu, President & CEO of UCM Resita. Moreover, by moving from the previous 2D generates all the documents necessary for More about UCM Resita
a state-owned structure to a system to CATIA, the number of errors production launch. These were previously
UCM Resita has more than 230 years
competitive and liberalized entity. UCM Resita With large projects like these in the process made during the design phase have been prepared manually by UCM Resita’s of experience in the field of machine
has important manufacturing capabilities and industries, even savings of 1-2% can mean significantly cut thereby improving quality engineers, which not only took a lot of time building. For the past 45 years, UCM
expertise in hydropower equipment, but millions of dollars and make the difference by 10%,” Mrs. Azuga says. but also was prone to errors. Resita has been developing complete
needed a radical business transformation to between a profit and a loss. hydropower and hydro mechanical
DS PLM going broaden its market share on the European Optimizing knowledge reuse Future PLM projects equipment.
East at full speed! market while remaining profitable. Reduce time-to-market In parallel to the implementation of CATIA, UCM Resita has recently signed a contract
The company also performs research,
UCM Resita began its PLM Project in 2005 by a small working environment of ten ENOVIA with a Russian company to produce buses
Industries in Central and Eastern Europe development and testing activities and
have demonstrated a continuous growth In 2004, UCM Resita and Dassault implementing 72 seats of CATIA. A first SmarTeam seats was created for some of on its platform. “We want to extend the
provides specialized services such as
over the past years, certainly accelerated Systèmes’ Partner Cybernetics started CATIA Fundamentals Training class, followed UCM Resita’s key users. After five months benefits of our PLM strategy to our refurbishing and upgrading hydro units
now by the expansion of the European working together to define a smooth by a pilot project in each UCM Resita of learning, testing and tuning to comply new activities,” explains Mr. Chebutiu, in operation. In 2003 INET Group,
Union to 27 countries with Romania and transition from a 2D oriented organization to department, was delivered in order to define with UCM Resita’s requirements, the president & CEO of UCM Resita. a Swiss investment consortium,
Bulgaria. Design engineering and techni- a 3D PLM strategy based on CATIA and the company’s best practices and optimum solution was extended to 72 seats. acquired UCM Resita.
cal support capabilities have become the ENOVIA SmarTeam. working methodologies. This structured In addition to the acquisition of new seats,
new business drivers consolidating the
approach optimized the learning process “We needed to implement ENOVIA UCM Resita wants to migrate some of its
well established manufacturing activities
(see the example of UCMR in Romania). “For the last year, we have been looking while minimizing disruption and downtime. SmarTeam in order to shorten new product licenses to the CATIA PLM Express Portfolio
for leading-edge design solutions to development times and reuse the to take advantage of the Knowledgeware
It is of no surprise, then, that Dassault develop high-quality, innovative and Today, the engineering processes are experience and know-how from former concept and to develop ENOVIA
Systèmes has created a new organiza- competitive products. Our goal is to reduce standardized on the CATIA development projects,” states Mrs Azuga. SmarTeam’s workflow capabilities to More about Cybernetics
tion dedicated to this part of Europe. Its operation costs by 10% and increase platform, rather than being largely separate, as streamline its business processes • ) Cybernetics is the leading Romanian
headquarters is conveniently located in product quality while complying with in the past, where each UCM Resita She adds, “We were using a file-based supplier of PLM Solutions including
Vienna, Austria, nearby Microsoft’s HQ, CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA. Strong
department used its own CAD system. man­a gement system and had difficulty For more information:
and is now the hub for all DS teams ser- involvement of Cybernetics’ engineers
ving customers and partners in Austria
“To establish interdisciplinary project teams, accessing information. We lost many
the use of the same system is of vital documents and spent hundreds of hours during specification and implementation
and in Central/Eastern Europe. phases, as well as the education of
importance,” underlines Mrs. Azuga, recreating them. Now, ENOVIA SmarTeam
UCM Resita’s engineers, has been
Further to the East, we continue to implementation and IT director of UCM Resita. provides us with a robust platform that essential. Over a period of five months,
strengthen our very successful Moscow- securely stores and provides universal four engineers have been sent to
based organization serving Russia After a 12-month use period, UCM Resita access to product knowledge. Data from the UCM Resita site to provide the
and the CIS countries. teams have achieved astonishing results. CATIA can be shared, in real time, by our necessary technical support.
Patricia Doherty “The design of new assembly parts that engineering teams.”
Dassault Systèmes used to take several weeks now takes a
couple of hours. This means that we can Another major advantage for UCM Resita is
10 Dassault Systèmes Contact mag Contact mag 11
other renewable

ENOVIA methodology provides business benefits Design Rule Tools for buness process automation
at Solar Century

Solar Gain ENOVIA allows us
to synchronize information
Lofty Ambitions
“Among the advantages of ENOVIA
SmarTeam is control over change orders
and the communication of engineering
within and beyond our
] By Nick Lerner
enterprise more intelligently.
concerns in a targeted way so that the
correct expertise can be efficiently brought
to a project,” Burgess said. “These factors
UK environmental energy system design and engineering firm By also using DRLTools, developed by “Measuring and reporting project progress in allow people access to pertinent information
Solar Century is equipped with an IT infrastructure delivering self- Design Rule, to augment ENOVIA SmarTeam, relation to business expectations is now and, as the company grows, these software
Burgess is able to more easily configure and a simple process that offers the benefits tools enable us to create new elements
managed efficiency and automation - in record time.
fully utilize ENOVIA SmarTeam objects and of being concurrent, consistent and in to our workflow to accommodate varying
associated data, design his own forms and real time,” Burgess said. “This delivery of circumstances within our extended

ased in London and Waterloo, UK, value-added reseller Design Rule, they have objects and link their content with the same current business intelligence allows decisions supply chain. As the system grows, the
Solar Century designs and installs introduced a flexible ENOVIA SmarTeam- powerful ENOVIA SmarTeam technology and to be made that are based on more reliable further automation that DRLTools helps
solar panels across the world and based methodology that provides the tools reporting systems that are used by the world’s information.” develop will create more intelligent
is the premier firm for this increasingly to efficiently manage all future business leading design-to-manufacture enterprises. objects, while the data that they contain
significant part of the building industry. expectations. “Like many growing companies, Hiller added, “The technology used by the or relate to become an increasingly
Solar Century was running a range of diverse He said, “Design Rule’s ENOVIA SmarTeam world’s leading manufacturers to unlock the valuable business asset. Also, because the
Up on the Roof business management software which Productivity Tools (DRLTools) allow us to value of company data was deployed at system integrates with the Microsoft Office
With property owners increasingly aware was not effectively connected. This led to synchronize information within and beyond Solar Century in just two months. By utilizing suite of software, applications such as Excel
of their carbon footprint, Solar Century is inevitable operational inefficiencies which our enterprise more intelligently,” Burgess Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA SmarTeam can be used to great effect and its data ENOVIA SmarTeam supports
experiencing rapid business expansion, with we recognized and sought to address using said. “Automatic actions are generated methodology in a company with the size bi-directionally integrated with ENOVIA Innovation at Solar Century
consequent increased demands on its own Design Rule’s expertise.” from object input. This saves time on of Solar Century, its ability to improve SmarTeam to create further efficiencies.”
infrastructure. The company employs around every job because the data builds into a efficiency is magnified. Profitability and
100 people - and counting. Mat Burgess, the Free The Power single complete system that delivers all the working efficiencies become instantly visible, Estimates suggest that if every building
company’s development manager, described Generating your own power and selling it into information that people need in the way that while a complete workflow methodology in London were equipped with solar ENOVIA SmarTeam
how by partnering with UK Dassault Systèmes’ the grid will become more profitable in the UK they need it.” becomes available.” panels, the scheme could pay back and DRLTools benefits:
as it grasps the realities of sustainability, and in three years and provide more than
• Concurrent working practices
Solar panels bring sustainable advantage this spells sunny times for Solar Century. Design Magnified Vision Many of Solar Century’s customers benefit from enough energy for the city’s needs for
• Greater control over processes
Rule MD Bob Hiller commented, “Inevitably, All information in ENOVIA SmarTeam is validated a service that includes technical consultancy, generations. The same is true for the whole
• Interoperability with Windows-based
companies that grow fast from a small ‘in process.’ Solar Century data covering system design, panel manufacture and final planet. Solar Century is positioned to take applications
base have the same issues to deal with as workflows, documentation, CAD, Bills of installation. The company also devises and advantage of market growth, as it • Increased operational optimization
larger companies. Many outgrow their IT Materials, version control, budgets, project delivers other systems, including wind turbines. prossesses an IT infrastructure that is robust • Quick, intuitive and flexible software
infrastructure even before it has delivered progression, materials specification, suppliers, The company has a strong network of partners enough to take the company safely into its configuration
any real business benefits. To deal with Solar purchasing and quotations are managed who are now able to collaborate with Solar future and is increasingly becoming an AEC • Greater control over the product lifecycle
Century’s plans, an ENOVIA SmarTeam solution using SmarTeam Engineering Express, Century, generating concurrent working industry standard technology toolset • ) • Visibility of project status
that matches the business’ current and future Workflow, BOM and Community Workspace. practice. This allows for great productivity • Audit trial and adherence to standards
requirements has been deployed that can DRLTools is an enabler for delivering greater gains since there is less reliance on
For more information: • Fast accurate communications enabled across the extended enterprise
grow with them and is indeed grown by them user acceptance and consequent productivity completion of one part of a project before
using their own resources.” efficiency benefits. another can start.
12 Dassault Systèmes Contact mag 13
other renewable

Wind turbine manufacturers must rapidly develop best design and

manufacturing practices that will help them meet market demand by
reducing design lead time . . . and optimizing manufacturing processes.
complexity of these materials also presents In particular, the properties of composite associativity with the zones and plies
difficult challenges in optimizing design and blades can be tightly controlled and varied definition. The latest FEA software provides
manufacturing methods – especially over over their span through the appropriate engineers with advanced capabilities for
such extensive lengths. As a relatively young selection of ply orientation, thickness and simulating realistic composites behavior,
and fast-growing industry, wind turbine lay-up. including delamination and failure.
manufacturers must rapidly develop best
design and manufacturing practices that will The ability to tailor composites to specific Aerospace best practices also use
help them meet market demand by reducing loads and other requirements is among simulation to identify manufacturing
design lead time, improving blade durability, their greatest strengths, but also increases problems in the virtual environment,
Wind Turbine Composites Design: Leveraging and optimizing manufacturing processes. the complexity of the design process.
Optimizing the properties of the blades is
making the first iteration of a design
correct or very close to correct and

Aerospace Advances for Improved Durability

From a design and manufacturing critical to delivering the needed bending eliminating the need for trial and error on
standpoint, wind turbine blades have many strength and fatigue performance while the shop floor. Composites design and
similarities to helicopter rotorcraft blades minimizing cost and weight. Common manufacturing data can also be linked to
and other aerospace structures. Wind failure issues currently challenging the nesting, laser projection, and tape laying
With wind-installed capacity growing at a rate of 35% per year, wind
turbine manufacturers, therefore, have the composite wind turbine blade industry and fiber placement systems to streamline

By Rani Richardson
turbines are the composite industry’s fastest-growing application.
Ultra-light, strong and durable, composites are ideal for producing
unique opportunity to adapt and apply the
best practices developed and refined over
include manufacturing errors, such as
waviness or overlaid laminates; bad
downstream processes.

lightweight blades with tremendous performance capabilities. several decades in the aerospace industry bonds, delamination and voids; leading- Applying aerospace best practices to the
to help their businesses succeed in a tough edge erosion; trailing-end splits; and challenges of wind turbine composites
Applying aerospace
ith high hopes riding on this Increased power is accomplished primarily competitive environment. damage caused by lightning strikes. design and manufacturing gives
alternative energy source, the by increased length; according to CMR, manufacturers the opportunity to effectively
best practices to wind turbine blade industry is the fastest-growing segment of the market Harnessing the wind Lessons learned in the rotorcraft blade address common challenges such as
the challenges of working hard to improve manufacturing is for turbines with a capacity of 1.6 MW or with composites industry can be used to dramatically delamination, leading-edge erosion,
wind turbine efficiency and address blade failure issues. higher – requiring blades of 37 meters Composites dominate both the wind improve wind turbine design and trailing-edge splits and manufacturing
But challenges remain great, with failure (123 feet) to more than 60 meters (200 turbine blade and rotorcraft blade markets manufacturing and reduce failure rates. errors such as overlaid laminates.
composites design rates as high as 20% within three years. feet) and weighing 12,000 pounds each. due to their superior fatigue characteristics The aerospace industry has developed
and manufacturing and stiffness-to-weight ratio, their unique best practices such as structural zone- By borrowing best practices from the
creates the Wind turbines: more Composite materials are ideal for producing ability to fabricate complex geometries, based modeling and a grid-based aerospace industry, wind turbine
plentiful, powerful wind turbine blades, yet the structural and their potential for aeroelastic tailoring. approach using analysis thickness laws or manufacturers can achieve better design
opportunity to According to the World Resources Institute, stacking sequences that can be applied and layout results that will deliver more
effectively address production of wind turbines and systems early in the lifecycle of a part. Both design reliable performance and help the wind
common challenges. has increased by a factor of 5.2 since 2000,
and by a factor of 115 since 1990. In 2008,
approaches save time that can be used to energy industry continue to grow its
create more iterations in pursuit of a contribution to a clean, sustainable energy
the Institute estimates that composite wind superior design. future•)
turbine blades worth an estimated $5.9
billion were delivered globally. Composites Best practices for For more information:
Market Reports (CMR) estimates that by better blades To download a copy of the Dassault
2017, the global value of all wind turbine Best practices pioneered in aerospace Systemès white paper “Wind Turbine
blades will reach $34 billion. design can also substantially improve the Blade Composites Design: Leveraging
analysis process by integrating design Aerospace Advances for Improved
Wind turbines are not only becoming more
Durability,” please visit
with finite element analysis (FEA) for fast
plentiful – they’re becoming more powerful. design-analysis iterations in full

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other renewable
The Pelamis is a semi-submerged
floating structure, composed
of cylindrical steel sections
linked by hinged joints.

The Pelamis is designed

for offshore locations,

Harvesting the Power

giving maximum flexibility
and scalability.

of the Ocean The fluids we do
use are biodegradable
“It allows us to analyze ‘what-if’ scenarios of
nonlinear behavior that we cannot test for, such
as a ship driving into a farm of machines. Even
SIMULIA, a deciding factor in its choice of
solutions from the Dassault Systèmes brand.

Pelamis Wave Power Ltd chose Abaqus from SIMULIA to perform place to install a wave farm. PWP works
and nontoxic. though this is highly improbable, it is nevertheless “Abaqus has become the global finite
with project developers to select sites that a remote possibility and, for safety reasons, element package at PWP, which we now
complex, nonlinear, finite element analyses (FEA) of its products meet criteria such as the availability of grid is done and where they incorporate input from we need to be able to design our machines to use for practically all our analysis needs,”
and soon adopted it for all its design analysis needs. capacity, wave energy levels that produce the the different departments such as hydraulic resist this type of impact.” said Jon Benzie “We use it for initial concept
highest yield of electricity, and sites that do systems, electrical layouts and production analysis, general design work, detailed

elamis Wave Power Ltd (formerly known Pelamis Wave Power has 75 employees with not interfere with other water users such as  assembly requirements. Since the lifespan of PWP also selected Abaqus because of its sub- design work and what-if scenarios. We
as Ocean Power Delivery Ltd) is an expertise in areas such as mechanical, structural, merchant shippers, fishing fleets and a machine can reach 20 years, PWP performs modeling capabilities, which allow it to perform are also looking to expand the types of
Edinburgh-based company founded off-shore and hydraulics engineering as well recreational users. Also important are a considerable number of design iterations extensive and highly focused studies on the analyses we can do by tying it into our dedicated
in 1998 to develop a novel offshore wave as control systems and naval architecture. It environmental concerns, which is why on components that are put to the test with different sub-parts of a machine, thereby in-house analysis program to directly model
energy converter called Pelamis. The Pelamis positions itself as manufacturer and assembler environmental impact studies are normally respect to fatigue performance and stress increas­ing the precision and reliability of the machine behavior in the waves. By coupling
is a semi-submerged, articulated structure of the Pelamis technology, supplying machines required in order to obtain a permit to install analyses. Once the global design is complete, data. The software’s extensive material modeling this with Abaqus, we should get direct results
composed of cylindrical sections linked by to utilities and energy companies such as EDF and operate a project at a site. “We believe PWP creates the detailed design, which to date capabil­ities are also important to PWP since they of the machine’s structural component-level
hinged joints. The wave-induced motion of or Scottish Power. Power projects consist of our technology has the potential to be one has been independently verified by third-party need to experiment with different materials for behavior, hence providing additional stress
these joints is resisted by hydraulic rams, which arrays of interlinked Pelamis machines known of the most environmentally benign forms consulting firm WS Atkins. The Pelamis is then machine design to understand the behavior of and fatigue analyses”• )
pump high-pressure oil through hydraulic as ‘wave farms.’ of electricity generation,” said Max Carcas, assembled and installed by PWP’s offshore new materials as they seek to make machines
motors via smoothing accumulators. The Business Development Director at PWP. “We and installation team, which also performs all as efficient, cost effective and environmentally
hydraulic motors drive electrical generators to Cost effective energy of make sure that we have no greases or fluids maintenance activities. sound as possible. Finally, PWP was impressed
For more information:
produce electricity. considerable potential in direct contact with the seawater. This is why with the technical support provided by
The World Energy Council estimates a large everything is sealed and the fluids we do use Digital modeling and
global market potential for wave energy of are biodegradable and nontoxic,” he adds. simulation with Abaqus
2000TWh/year - similar in scale to the existing PWP’s modeling program combines
nuclear or hydroelectricity sectors. With one of To develop a Pelamis machine, PWP begins advanced numerical work and computer
the lowest ‘opening costs’ of any preceding with an initial concept that comes from either simulations with extensive use of
technology, PWP states that wave energy has information received from prototype testing or experimental models. Numerical modeling
the potential to be one of the most cost-effective from existing designs to which performance is a vital part of the program, as it
options over time – provided that there is improvements for certain climatic conditions allows rapid design evaluations and
volume deployment into the market. A key need to be added. The initial design is then tested optimizations to be made. Much of the testing
challenge that has faced the company is both computationally and with scaled prototypes PWP performs revolves around nonlinear
not just the technical challenge of producing during tank tests, where large waves are analyses, which is why it turned to SIMULIA.
a good-quality, reliable product, but the simulated and nonlinear behavior is observed. “We needed to extend our finite element
need for political support to create the Once the global machine is defined, PWP capabilities, and Abaqus from SIMULIA was
‘feeder markets’ necessary for first projects. engineers design the key machine components. by far the best solution available,” said Jon
Another challenge is finding the right This is where most of the finite element analysis Benzie, senior engineer at PWP.
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oil and gas

CATIA’s inherent information-sharing CATIA and ENOVIA VPLM for simulation of rather than the two years it would have taken
capabilities make it simple for suppliers and assembly and human maintenance flow. without the use of PLM,” Lan Gongying said.
clients to review designs and update “This helps us to ensure that the design can With Taisun, YRS will be able to build
information. And with SIMULIA, engineers actually be assembled and maintained, a offshore structures up to70% faster and see
are able to conduct finite element analysis key factor given the limited space on increases in design productivity of as much
on the fly to determine structural weaknesses offshore vessels,” said Lan Gongying, PLM as 30%. This will allow a savings of more
and quickly and seamlessly assess the user, Yantai Raffles Shipyard. than two million man hours on each semi-
impact of design changes made in CATIA. submersible built, as well as increase YRS’s
Better engineering with DS PLM overall building capacity.
YRS uses DELMIA to enhance manufacturing DS PLM solutions also have empowered the

Yantai Raffles Shipyard

efficiency by virtually simulating company to build its own mega structure, a DS PLM solutions also have transformed the
manufacturing processes in 3D. YRS crane known as Taisun. After seven years to way YRS does business with third-party
engineers can accurately determine what conceptualize and one year to build, Taisun suppliers. ENOVIA has opened the lines of

Charting the Future With Dassault resources are needed for each production
scenario, identify the best procedures and
has a lifting capacity of 20,000 metric tons
– the equivalent of 10,000 cars in one lift.
communication by making information easy
to share and update.

Systèmes PLM Solutions

the fastest way to fabricate vessels and This manufacturing marvel would not have
pinpoint possible problems before they been possible without DS PLM solutions to “Using ENOVIA VPLM to manage full 3D
happen. simulate the entire design process and digital mock-ups and standardize product
« ensure it would meet the building development processes, we were able to

ingapore-headquartered Yantai DS PLM for improved design,
The use of CATIA But designing and building ships involves requirements. Using CATIA for offshore outsource work to the best partners and
Raffles Shipyard (YRS) Ltd. is a testing and manufacturing large volumes of data that are accessed, structural design, DELMIA for crane suppliers and ensure strict quality control,
and its intelligent leading offshore and marine processes shared and managed by different parties in production and simulation, and ENOVIA design precision and other mission-critical
templates for design fabrication specialist. At its production YRS realized it needed to quickly move from the lifecycle. ENOVIA VPLM ensures a VPLM for creating digital 3D mock ups, YRS elements in the end-to-end process of
facilities in Yantai, China, YRS specializes in 2D paper-based systems to a 3D-based smooth flow of information among the users accelerated Taisun’s building process, planning, designing, building and project
allows YRS designers the construction of marine and offshore model to stay ahead of the competition. It by providing a central data repository. Its reducing design errors that could have management,” explains YRS Executive
to work more efficiently projects that include jack-up drilling rigs, adopted CATIA for offshore structural advanced relational design manages the driven up costs and significantly improving Chairman Brian Chang. “Moving forward,
and gives them the semi-submersible drilling rigs, pipe lay designs and now has more than 50 users. knowledge captured in CATIA designs, production efficiencies. our PLM platform will be an integral part of
vessels, floating production, storage and “The use of CATIA and its intelligent automatically propagating any changes our strategic plan to drive future business
freedom to come up offloading vessels (FPSO) and other templates for design allows YRS designers across hundreds of parts and communicating YRS engineers used DS PLM solutions to and become the ‘Yard of Choice’ for partners
with more creative and prototype vessels, as well as luxury yachts. to work more efficiently and gives them the them to the relevant teams. evaluate, understand and solve many of the and clients.”
innovative ideas YRS is the largest rig builder in China, freedom to come up with more creative and unique problems it faced in building a crane
boasting state-of-the-art building facilities, innovative ideas,” said Liu Hu, IT Manager, YRS also uses the virtual assembly of such magnitude. “YRS was able to design The benefits it has accrued from deploying
Liu Hu, IT Manager,
Yantai Raffles Shipyard including Taisun, the world’s largest crane. Yantai Raffles Shipyard. capabilities of DS Digital Mock Up (DMU) in Taisun in an unprecedented six months DS PLM have motivated YRS to further
expand its existing solution. It recently
With the Shipbuilding and Energy industries deployed DS ENOVIA MatrixOne, which will
enjoying double-digit growth worldwide, play a central role in managing the
YRS is poised to increase sales and expand collaborative product development business
its market share. But like its competitors, the and data processes of YRS and its
company is under pressure to deliver vessels partners•)
faster and at a lower cost. To stay truly
competitive, YRS needs to demonstrate For more information:
consistency in innovation, product quality
and customer service by optimizing its work
processes and use of resources.
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oil and gas

Preem’s Refinery
in Lysekil, Sweden.

Lars-Martin Arendal
ENOVIA Refined Preem By Dora Lainé
Preem adopted ENOVIA trong demand for refined products Flexible plant data Role-based workflow Moreover, once all processes are documented,

SmarTeam to manage the

compels companies like Preem to management with ENOVIA ENOVIA SmarTeam management they can be measured and analyzed to enable
voluminous design data and
produce fuel at an accelerated pace in
a cost-effective way. At the same time, To manage data and product documentation,
is flexible enough to In the near future, Preem will expand its
implementation by adopting ENOVIA SmarTeam
continuous improvement. Following the
successful deployment of ENOVIA SmarTeam
technical documentation for the environmental regulations require cleaner, Preem chose Dassault Systèmes’ ENOVIA adapt over the years for workflow management to check and approve at the Lysekil refinery, Preem management at the
equipment in its Lysekil refinery. more efficient refining methods, forcing refining SmarTeam. “Among the four candidates we as the needs of new drawings. The company will map its internal Gothenburg refinery is considering implementing
ENOVIA SmarTeam enhanced companies to improve their processes for benchmarked, we found ENOVIA SmarTeam to workflows in ENOVIA SmarTeam, using its role- ENOVIA SmarTeam as well, which would enable
optimized plant output during their 30- to 40- be more graphic, more visual,” says Arendal. the plant evolve. based approach, to enable standardized the two plants to share common parts, processes
safety, quality and accessibility
year life span. Preem was also impressed by the flexibility of automatic approval process management. It will and related information, thus benefiting from
of data and documents. ENOVIA SmarTeam. Preem customized its also handle drawing check-in and check-out. economies of scale • )
Long life span requires solution to suit the specific needs of the refinery that the refinery is correctly maintained over By activating a formalized, documented
robust data management business. “For document numbering, we have time. “We have considerably enhanced the workflow that is managed by the system, Preem
For more information:
capabilities a specific numbering system that an out-of-the- safety and quality of our data and documents will avoid human error and optimize all processes
At the PreemRaff Lysekil refinery, engineers box system cannot natively manage,” says thanks to ENOVIA SmarTeam,” says Arendal. in accordance with standard procedures.
needed to replace the company’s obsolete Arendal. “With ENOVIA SmarTeam, we made
About Preem PDM system with a more robust solution these changes with no problem. ENOVIA Project view over the plant structure, drawings and documents,
and meta data for a specific document.
About Technia
that could keep track of all equipment- SmarTeam has great flexibility that enables
Preem AB is the largest oil company Technia is one of the leading suppliers
in Sweden. It accounts for 80% of Swedish related data and documentation. The new users to easily tailor it to the needs of their of Product Lifecycle Management Solu-
refinery capacity and 30% of Nordic refi- system was to become the long-term library sector. Plus, additional customizations can tions for creating and managing product
nery capacity. In total, over 17 million tons for equipment designs, where engineers be done over the lifetime of a project to meet information throughout the entire product
of crude oil are refined each year, making could find relevant drawings for many years changes in methodology.” lifecycle. Technia, with more than 110
Preem the biggest refiner in the Nordic to come. Refineries have long life spans, employees, is a strategic partner of more
region. Over 60% of the production is and Preem wanted a system from a well- As the primary application for refinery technical than 200 companies. It has offices in
exported, making Preem one of the Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki and
established company that would provide it documentation management, ENOVIA
largest exporters in Sweden. The com- Oslo. Technia’s customers include: Erics-
with support long into the future. “It’s SmarTeam serves as the master register of
pany has 1400 employees and sales in son, Elcoteq, ESAB, Danaher Motion, GE
important to follow the evolution of a plant functions and equipment. Thanks to ENOVIA Healthcare, Marioff, Metso Paper, Mölnlycke
2006 of SEK 68 billion (US$11.3 billion).
Preem owns two refineries - PreemRaff over a long period of time, and ENOVIA SmarTeam’s vault functionality protecting Health Care, Nokia, Perkin Elmer Life
Lysekil and PreemRaff Gothenburg, which SmarTeam is flexible enough to adapt over approved files, document safety is ensured. Sciences, Proximion, Scania, Sectra
are among the most modern in Europe. the years as the needs of the plant evolve,” Preem uses ENOVIA SmarTeam to manage Mamea, and Sony Ericsson. says Lars-Martin Arendal, CAD system/ revisions to equipment designs, ensuring Drawing of piping - shows the location
design engineer, Preem. that the correct parts are used for repairs and of the pipes at the plant.

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oil and gas

the report also pushes metadata from

ENOVIA SmarTeam to T3’s distributed ERP
(enterprise resource planning) systems.
“We no longer need to do dual entry of data,
so ENOVIA SmarTeam has become the hub
at the spoke of the wheel for us,” Wolfe says.
Once we had our process defined to an A FAST START, A BRIGHT FUTURE

T3 Energy Services Ensures

ENOVIA SmarTeam will eventually become
acceptable level, we could integrate another product the designated repository for all revision-
line and bring them onboard quickly. Being able to do controlled documents at T3 Energy.
“Documents for legal, human resources,

Design Revision Accuracy

it that way, and keep it contained to a small group manufacturing – it will branch out from
of users in the beginning, was highly beneficial. engineering until eventually every group at
T3 uses ENOVIA SmarTeam for its product

with ENOVIA SmarTeam

Danny Wolfe, Engineering Manager for T3’s Pressure Control Group
data management,” Wolfe says.
could integrate another product line and says. ENOVIA SmarTeam Navigator makes
bring them onboard quickly. Being able to product data widely available throughout The company is even working on mapping its
do it that way, and keep it contained to a the company in an affordable way. ISO/APQ1 quality system, with plans to store

ouston-based T3 Energy Services, SmarTeam also easily maintains part, model, small group of users in the beginning, was and manage its data in ENOVIA SmarTeam.
Inc., designs, manufactures and drawing and assembly relationships while highly beneficial.” FOCUS ON RAZORLEAF T3 Energy also plans to begin using the
repairs custom-machined well- improving revision control. The outsourced support T3 Energy receives “items” capability of ENOVIA SmarTeam to
control performance parts and components Wolfe says the same approach was from Razorleaf Corporation, a Dassault represent physical components, in place
for oil and gas industry installations along the ENOVIA SmarTeam’s check-in and check- used with view-only users, including T3’s Systèmes consulting partner, also solidified of its current document-centric approach.
U.S. Gulf Coast, as well as in Canada, Mexico out features ensure that all users, regardless manufacturing, sales and quality control the company’s choice. “We have a very high T3 Energy further plans to extend ENOVIA
and around the globe. The company’s more of location, access the latest version and teams. These users rely on ENOVIA level of confidence in Razorleaf’s product SmarTeam to link with its computerized
than 500 employees are spread across that no changes are overwritten accidentally. SmarTeam’s Navigator web interface, a and process knowledge,” Wolfe says. “We numeric control (CNC) milling machines,
multiple sites in North America and work with T3 Energy currently has 24 sites and six capability that proves its value on a continuing get an entire team of experts that are all very eliminating the potential for errors and their
suppliers and partners worldwide. product lines that use ENOVIA SmarTeam. basis. “Remote access is paramount as new good and respond well to customer needs.” associated costs.
Therefore, keeping everyone in synch is groups and partners come on board,” Wolfe
T3 Energy has long relied on 3D CAD critical. For example, Razorleaf helped T3 Energy “Some of our single components are
software for its product designs. But as the create a Bill of Materials (BOM) report that 20,000-plus pounds, so having the right
number of T3 locations proliferated and the STAGED IMPLEMENTATION associates an individual item with all of its version of a design available to the
distance between them increased, so did One of ENOVIA SmarTeam’s key advantages related documents. This report is a hybrid of shop floor can easily prevent a mistake
the challenges of managing its product data for T3 Energy was the ability to start small items and document specifications, with parts that would cost $10,000 to $20,000,”
and securing its intellectual property. and roll out in a step-wise fashion across and their related documentation all included Wolfe says. With such savings, ENOVIA
the company’s key product lines. T3 Energy in one navigable, hierarchical structure. SmarTeam is quickly paying for itself and
To solve these challenges T3 Energy began with its Pressure Control Group. generating a substantial return on T3
selected ENOVIA SmarTeam from Dassault The BOM report accommodates T3 Energy’s Energy’s investment• )
Systèmes. ENOVIA SmarTeam met T3 “We used Pressure Control as our pilot to unique needs by creating a snapshot of the
Energy’s need for multiple data vaults work out our implementation process,” says “parent-child” links, allowing users to access For more information:
serving widely dispersed physical sites. Its Danny Wolfe, engineering manager for T3’s associated sub-documents stored with
multi-CAD capabilities ensured compatibility Pressure Control Group. “Once we had our the BOM. The same code that generates
with T3 Energy’s 3D CAD system. ENOVIA process defined to an acceptable level, we
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nuclear power

Each of Forsmark’s three water

boiler reactors produces every
year enough electricity to cover
Stockholm’s needs.

By Erik Johansson,
Technia AB ]
Forsmark Nuclaer Power plant, located in North Roslagen,
is one of Sweden’s largest producer of electricity.
Working without a Glitch
« Efficiency and traceability are some of the most More about Forsmark
Forsmark Nuclear Power plant in Sweden selected ENOVIA SmarTeam to share data between different
important benefits derived by using ENOVIA SmarTeam. Forsmark is the most recently built nuclear
environments, thus increasing efficiency. Technia met Christer Eriksson, Business Information Officer at
Forsmark, to better understand how PLM supports plant lifecycle management. Today it’s much easier to find the right information of power plant in Sweden. The three reactors
were all commissioned between 1980
any particular part of the plant. It has also helped us and 1985. The total power output is
approximately 3,160 MW. Forsmark has
Contact Mag: What are the biggest where many experienced employees will soon they involved using different systems that did obtain a common view of the plant’s structure. 950 employees and an annual turnover
challenges facing the Nuclear Power retire. A major portion of our staff has been not necessarily communicate with one another. of around SEK 5.5 billion. The company
industry? working with us since the plants were built a few It was functional, but we needed to increase C.M.: How was the solution implemented? Furthermore, specific task-oriented was founded in 1973 by Vattenfall AB and
Christer Eriksson: Our company and decades ago. As a result, our company risks efficiency by sharing data between different C.E.: The implementation started back in 2006 documentation, for example maintenance Mellansvensk Kraftgrupp AB. The current
business face big changes – we are in the and involved only documentation management.
owners are Vattenfall (66%) Mellansvensk
losing indispensable knowledge related to environments. Furthermore, the sources often tasks, can more easily be defined and linked
Kraftgrupp (25.5%) and E.ON Kärnkraft
middle of major modernization projects of these plants. Information resides in these became corrupt when adding the “same” data Over the years we expanded the use of the to the documentation for the actual equipment Sverige (8.5%).
plants and facilities, and we have an aging staff employees’ minds and passing it onto future in different systems. We conducted a study of system, and now all product data is managed in question. Review and approval flows can
employees requires that we consolidate all different PLM systems and found that ENOVIA with ENOVIA SmarTeam. It was not until the last be tailored for specific document types and
information in one place. This is where PLM SmarTeam suited our needs best. few months that we used the system as it was thus be supported by the PLM system.
PLM for the process industry strategies come into play. Through PLM we can meant to be used, thereby deriving the most Control of revisions is very well supported in
Data management through PLM (Product C.M.: How many people use the solution? benefit from our implementation. Today all our
record and then leverage this knowledge, the system. The ability to classify a
Lifecycle Management) has historically
leading to better management of our plants and C.E.: We’re managing all our documentation legacy systems are integrated into one. document’s lifecycle in different work-classes
been associated with product development More about Technia
in the manufacturing industries. However, documentation. Companies in our business often with ENOVIA SmarTeam. As a result, our entire is a particular strength of the PLM system.
Technia is one of the leading suppliers
petroleum corporations and nuclear power use many different systems for asset and staff of more than 1000 employees is involved C.M.: What are the specific benefits that
of Product Lifecycle Management Solu-
plants have now seen the benefits of PLM document management, which store data in at some level. This is important because you have seen so far? C.M.: What is in store for the future? tions for creating and managing product
as well. Companies in the process industry different formats and locations, making it everyone should be able to collaborate using C.E.: Efficiency and traceability in our work. C.E.: We plan to expand our PLM information throughout the entire product
apply PLM strategies to record data about difficult to find the correct information when the same system. A key reason we wanted to Today it’s much easier to find the right implementation. The next step in our PLM lifecycle. Technia, with more than 110
equipment and assets, as well as specifica- something fails. Furthermore, we have an manage all information with one system was information of any particular part of the plant. It employees, is a strategic partner of more
strategy is to integrate the import/export
tions, general documents, service contracts than 200 companies. It has offices in
increasing number of safety and environmental because we wanted to bring together the entire has also helped us obtain a common view of capability so that, for example, our
and spare parts. A short stoppage of their Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki and
production costs them a fortune. Using regulations to follow, and this can be managed company and share a common culture across the plant’s structure. As mentioned earlier, our subcontractors can work with us using the
by our PLM System. the different organizations. There are often systems are now fully integrated with one Oslo. Technia’s customers include: Erics-
PLM for Asset Data Management has been same system. We’re also planning to optimize
son, Elcoteq, ESAB, Danaher Motion, GE
seen to significantly reduce the risk of unex- many different subcultures in a company due to another and communication between them has our project environment in order to have even
Healthcare, Marioff, Metso Paper, Möln-
pected stoppages by facilitating planned C.M.: Why has Forsmark invested in PLM? the fact that they generally work with several been possible thanks to our PLM system. better control over project documents • ) lycke Health Care, Nokia, Perkin Elmer
shutdowns. It can also lead to more efficient C.E.: It all began with a need to manage our information systems. The maintenance LifeSciences, Proximion, Scania, Sectra
planning of upgrades and thus contributes document and product data in a coherent and department has its own culture, whereas Mamea, and Sony Ericsson.
to creating a safer workplace. For more information:
consistent way. Other possibilities existed, but constructors have another, for example.

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nuclear power

Entergy Nuclear officials estimate that if not identified and planned for in
advance, the obstructions could have added one to two days to the outage,
at a cost of $1 million-$2 million.
of potential impacts on operations or unrecognized obstructions. Entergy Nuclear Although not currently in use at Waterford
electricity production, and wherever officials estimate that if not identified and 3, radiation simulation offers the capability
radiation exposure can be reduced,” says planned for in advance, the obstructions to accurately predict radiation exposures
John M. Mahoney, corporate innovation could have added one to two days to the and test different scenarios and placements
leader for Entergy Nuclear. outage, at a cost of $1 million-$2 million. of workers to identify and develop
procedures with the lowest total exposure.
The RCP motor simulation was so DSIS delivers
successful – spotting two previously on-demand solution Cutting costs by eliminating

Entergy Nuclear Simulates Nuclear unrecognized obstructions that could

have added one-to-two days to the project
To validate DS PLM’s effectiveness in
simulating complex maintenance projects,
physical simulations
3D models, 4D visualization of the project

Plant Maintenance with DS PLM

– Waterford 3 is investing in CATIA and Waterford 3 turned to the modeling and and schedule, and simulations with DS
DELMIA software and training to create simulation experts at Dassault Systèmes PLM allow Entergy Nuclear to generate
future models and simulations in-house. Industry Services (DSIS). Working from new engineering ideas and explore
The use of Entergy is a U.S. energy provider with nearly 15,000 employees,
Entergy Nuclear management also is
evaluating ENOVIA for global collaborative
engineering drawings, photographs and
AREVA laser scans, DSIS modeled the
alternative solutions faster and at less cost
than pilots with custom-built mockups. DS
30,000 megawatts of generating capacity, and 2.7 million customers.
DS PLM during the Entergy Nuclear manages the second-largest fleet of nuclear reactors
lifecycle management for planning,
construction and long-term maintenance
complete environment in CATIA. It then
simulated the removal processes
PLM also helps outage planners coordinate
all tasks, test and change sequences, and
planning process in North America with 11,022 megawatts of capacity – roughly of new nuclear power plants. developed by Waterford 3 in DELMIA to boost contractors’ productivity. “3D
reduces overall equivalent to the peak power demand of New York City in 2003. test for any unanticipated issues. The modeling and simulation with DS PLM was
CATIA accurately models
risk and improves work, including data collection, modeling, that extra check to gain the comfort level

ost US nuclear power plants are Orleans, Louisiana. Dassault Systèmes complex facilities and a complete simulation video, was we had to have,” says Don Marpe, the
scenario planning for having their licenses extended, Industry Services (DSIS), the DS Waterford 3 began operating in 1984, long completed in about six weeks. project manager who led the early use of
any major project. bringing their permitted life from professional services arm, conducted before 3D technology was available to the DS solutions on the fire protection, RCP
40 years to 60 years or more. Maintaining virtual modeling and simulation for the nuclear industry. DSIS used CATIA to Minimizing radiation exposure motor, and ICI thimble projects.
John M. Mahoney, Innovation
and updating the plants often require projects, leveraging CATIA to create virtual create accurate 3D models of the RCP through simulation
Leader, Entergy Nuclear
complex, one-of-a-kind maintenance models, DELMIA for virtual simulation, and motor removal path and equipment. DELMIA provides for simulation of potential Improving training and
operations. Many involve moving objects DS-partner AREVA’s laser scanning Models were built from the original plans radiation exposure, a critical element of the capturing institutional
that weigh tons through spaces with solution to capture updates to the plant not for the facility, with dimensions validated ICI thimble replacement planning scenario. knowledge
clearances of as little as two inches. reflected in the original plans. to within 0.25 inches using AREVA laser Nuclear plant refueling, which occurs only
scans. Mahoney notes that the models once every 18-24 months, involves about
Planners must have confidence the operations Waterford 3 has accepted the simulations “provided project planners, workers and 2,000 discrete tasks, half a dozen
ENTERGY NUCLEAR are feasible, safe and can be completed in for a project to replace a 9,700-horsepower engineers with a true representation of contractor companies and dozens of
brief maintenance shutdown periods. reactor coolant pump (RCP) motor that plant areas that cannot normally be skilled craftspeople – few of whom have
Traditional tools, including physical mockups, weighs more than 57 tons. Other projects accessed during power operations.” ever been inside the plant’s containment
tabletop exercises and walkthroughs, are in process include analyzing the potential building. 3D video simulations improve
effective but expensive, and each day added impact of a fire on a fire-control panel in a DELMIA simulations improve workers’ familiarity with their surroundings
to an outage by unanticipated issues can add key plant area and replacing the in-core planners’ “comfort level” and reduce the risk of human error• )
$1 million to the cost. instrumentation (ICI) “thimbles” used to Once the 3D models were built, all
monitor core processes. underlying engineering processes were For more information:
In search of a better way, Entergy Nuclear simulated in the DELMIA DPM Assembly Entergy:
chose Dassault Systèmes PLM for three “We are using 3D PLM digital simulation for package as an animated video. The
projects at its Waterford 3 plant near New large projects where risk is high because simulation identified two previously

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nuclear power future energy

ITER Cutaway

ITER Optimizes
Design with 3DCS
] By Mike Ulicny
& John Sienkowski

Four Questions with EPRI:

imensional Control Systems, Inc. “DRIVING” THE DESIGN 3DCS is a state-of-the-art
(DCS), a Dassault Systèmes Premier The use of 3DCS at ITER had a positive dimensional tolerance analysis
PLM and Nuclear Power
CAA Gold Software Partner, has influence on the design and assembly
tool for simulating design
assisted ITER with the implementation of process. 3DCS tolerance analysis modeling
3DCS CATIA-based software in the design helped ITER establish realistic tolerance
and manufacturing assembly
process of the ITER fusion powerplant. The requirements with respect to function, processes. Fully integrated
The Electric Power Research Institute blueprints into 3D CAD models. They can precisely what they need to do before they
joint international research and development performance and cost. The up-front analysis in CATIA, 3DCS Tolerance
(EPRI) is a global, not-for-profit laser-scan the actual facilities to capture attempt it. That’s especially helpful when
project aims to demonstrate the scientific and is beneficial in the early stages of the project, Analysis software has been
corporation that performs collaborative the changes and document dimensions to you’re tasked with doing something that has
technical feasibility of fusion power. when changes can be made with no negative successfully implemented in
R&D and technology deployment for its fractions of an inch. Then they can use PLM never been done before or is only done effect on cost or timing. “ITER is finding that
members, the owners and operators of to simulate the maintenance operations, during an outage, which normally occurs only the ITER fusion project in
INTEGRATED TOLERANCE ANALYSIS many of its engineers now prefer to wait for
electric power generation and delivery train workers, and manage information once every 18 to 24 months. With PLM, owner DCS was contracted by ITER to dimensionally analysis results before making their “next
Cadarache, France. This is
systems. John Gaertner, Technical through the entire plant lifecycle. operators can develop simulations that work assess several aspects of a fusion plant. For move” since the data helps “drive the believed to be the “first ever”
Executive, and Ken Barry, Senior Project like video games to give the workers near over eight months the DCS Team meticulously decision-making process,” noted Jens Reich use of tolerance analysis
Manager, specialize in nuclear power. Q: So how has the industry real-life experience in a virtual environment, created 3DCS Tolerance Analysis Models of the ITER Project Office, Design Integration for this type of product.
managed all these years before they report to the job site. representative of the design and - Configuration Control. Tolerance analysis
Q: Today’s nuclear power without 3D PLM? manufacturing processes of the ITER plant. modeling has never been more accurate,
plants are having their A: Very well, but at great expense. In the Q: What about PLM DCS’s mission was clear: to streamline efficiently performed and easy to use • )
licenses extended from 40 nuclear industry, you never do anything and new plants? selective dimensional aspects of the product
years to 60 years. What are until you’re sure you can do it right, so the A: The benefits will be much the same as and ensure that all components can be For more information:
some of the challenges, and industry invests significant time and for existing plants, but they will be achieved assembled the first time, without the need for
how can PLM help? resources in trying to anticipate and cover more readily because the new plants are rework or modification. “Because of the
A: About 20 years ago, experts realized the every possibility. PLM can be a much being designed in 3D PLM. Because they complexity involved in assembling a fusion
plant, it is necessary to have a comprehensive
More about DCS
condition of the plants was so good that more efficient and effective way, because will be built from the ground up using
assembly process,” stated Bob Kaphengst, DCS is a world-class provider of
they should be able to run for much longer it allows you to plan virtually instead of these technologies, applying it to long- dimensional engineering consulting
than 40 years. To do so, however, major physically. And it offers the potential to term maintenance will come more easily president and CEO of DCS. He credited the
services and software solutions. DCS
“robustness” of 3DCS as the reason it was
maintenance and modifications are often add that extra margin of safety and and naturally• ) able to handle many non-traditional assembly
provides corporations the tool set for
needed that were not anticipated in the precision the industry constantly strives improving and validating the design in a
methods. The assembly process required virtual prototype arena. Two core software ELM Coil
original design. So the industry is facing for, at a very attractive cost. For more information:
significant complex modeling, which was Support Rail
many new planning and logistical technologies are available to aid in design
handled fairly easily using the capabilities of and production quality: Tolerance Analysis
challenges, and investigating the Q: What is the benefit of
To download the expanded flyer, visit: 3DCS, such as multistage assembly and Quality Data Analysis and Reporting.
contribution PLM can make. Owner using PLM to train workers? modeling, pin-ability, hole winking, collision
operators can translate their paper A: With lifelike 3D models, workers can see
detection, etc.
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future energy

of vessel

« Without ENOVIA VPLM,

Design Office engineers use CATIA to create
‘skeletons’ or design templates. By providing
Future trends
ITER plans to expand its DS PLM solutions to
a rigorous yet flexible framework to the sub- drive the project forward and further optimize
Cross-section of vessel we would need a much contractors who will create ITER’s highly control over the data and its distribution.
Cryostat, magnets, vessel
and internal components
larger Design Office team. complex components, the skeletons ensure ENOVIA, for example, will be used to provide
and in-vessel components adherence to quality standards. The reuse of the backbone for a procurement tool,
systems found in a given ‘room,’ ENOVIA design skeletons also reduces the time enabling bidding agencies to have upstream

ITER: The Energy

enables them to use 3D to search and needed to make duplicate components. access to complex data.
download all components for a given room
using a customized automatic location “One designer took my methodology and ITER is investigating the use of ENOVIA

of Tomorrow with DS PLM

attribute function, simplifying the process of added his own ideas to the skeleton. The first MatrixOne to manage project workflows and
verifying component compliancy or the component took him six weeks, the second as a repository for all engineering data,
impact of a design change. one week, and the third just days,” said including product/geometry breakdown
David Lightowlers, vacuum-vessel design structure views, documents, configurations,

Harnessing nuclear fusion as TER is an international organization ENOVIA, the Design Office ensures that the DELMIA: process analysis coordinator, ITER. requirements, 2D/3D coherency, and more,
a new energy source for mankind composed of the central ITER body and millions of complex critical parts in and platform in a collaborative mode.
seven domestic agencies: the European around the tokamak will interface clash-free ITER is introducing DELMIA as its process International collaboration,
is the goal of ITER, the world’s
Union, Japan, the People’s Republic of China, at assembly time. analysis platform. DELMIA planning tools will local ownership Finally, a key element of the DELMIA
largest fusion energy research India, the Republic of Korea, the Russian be used to optimize resource usage Using DS PLM, the ITER Design Office implementation will be to verify virtually
project. ITER’s objective is to build Federation, and the USA. Each domestic ENOVIA VPLM: throughout assembly and maintenance provides master designs to distributed whether the intended plant assembly will
a demonstration fusion power plant agency will develop elements of the ITER power single-source database processes. The process detailing features, teams of designers, engineers and operate to specifications. This could save
capable of producing electricity in plant, which will cost €10 billion to construct ENOVIA VPLM acts as a single repository for including tools for defining equipment subcontractors around the world. The ability hundreds of millions of euros in testing the
a safe and environmentally and operate, and that will be located in all design data. It enables engineers to work kinematics and robotics, will allow deeper to delocalize has given domestic agencies a project’s numerous interfaces before building

friendly way. ITER selected

Cadarache in the south of France. together on the most current designs within analysis of critical processes and the sense of local ownership of their work. It is begins• )
the context of a part, a large assembly, or an associated equipment, using 3D models also crucial in a project where fusion
Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA, ITER’s key business challenge is to entire product; important capabilities that directly linked to the latest digital mock-up. expertise is rare and cooperation among For more information:
ENOVIA, and DELMIA to engineer orchestrate a pioneering international both improve decision-­making and promote multi-national teams is essential.
the reactor and plant, structure its scientific research project via a small central design reuse. ITER simulates collision-free paths in the
design methodology, and ensure team. Real-time coordination and assembly and maintenance context thanks to
long-term data interoperability collaboration are vital to the project’s success ENOVIA VPLM gives ITER design teams the solutions of DS software partner Kineo
since the participants span the globe. access to consistent up-to-date product CAM. ITER also uses DELMIA to simulate and
across the organization. Vacuum vessel - Me-
Considerable effort will be spent information. The ability to design concurrently validate critical parts of the assembly schedule
chanical design
on coordinating the design of a phenomenally on a project of this complexity is essential. by linking DELMIA operations to the project
Inside the tokamak complex facility made up of 10 million parts Concurrent design also permits ITER to keep master schedule in Primavera. ITER also is
with extremely rigorous quality requirements. the size of its design office to a minimum. “We considering a possible integration of DELMIA
have a limited team of about 90 designers, with remote-handling supervision tools.
CATIA: a global design solution meaning that the design effort has to be
CATIA is the master 3D design solution for distributed. Without ENOVIA VPLM, it would Concurrent engineering,
both the tokamak (a toroidal device for be very difficult to do the job, and we would quality assurance
producing controlled nuclear fusion) and the need a much larger Design Office team,” said The ITER Design Office selected Dassault
plant that will house it. The ITER Design Eric Martin, Design Office Head, ITER. Systèmes PLM solutions because it offers the
Office creates the plant breakdown structure only integrated solution that could deliver a
up to ‘build to print’ level, and domestic ENOVIA VPLM also provides a rich search unified vision of the mechanical and plant
agencies then take over the design of specific capability. For plant design, for example, design data, enable concurrent engineering
components. Using the digital mock-up engineers use virtual ‘Room Books’ that over a widely distributed network, and ensure
30 Dassault Systèmes (DMU) capabilities available in CATIA and provide full details of all assemblies and control by a small central design team. ITER Contact mag 31
future energy

ENOVIA Engineering Central helps LLNL demonstrate good
stewardship of taxpayer resources to the Department of Energy.
Frank Papp, NIF CIO, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Systèmes ENOVIA PLM. With more than particularly well-suited for ECMS,” says in processing engineering change
1,600 users throughout LLNL, ENOVIA Michael McDaniel, PLM process leader requests (ECRs) and engineering change

Lawrence Livermore National

Engineering Central provides a single and Engineering Records Center manager. orders (ECOs). Documents are now routed
digital source of information across the electronically based on detailed workflows
complete product lifecycles of various Ease of use is critical to ensure quick in Engineering Central. ECRs and ECOs

Laboratory Relies on ENOVIA PLM as business units. By controlling CAD models

that drive many other documents, the
training and greater productivity,
especially given the matrix organization of
that formerly took up to a week to process
can now be completed in a day.

it Tackles Pressing Energy Challenges

system effectively ensures that all related LLNL, in which personnel move in and out
documents reflect all revisions. Pioneered of projects as needed. Out-of-the-box “Some of the greatest gains in productivity
by NIF, ECMS is now used by eleven other functionality with configurable solutions and accuracy have been achieved in the
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), a US Department
LLNL business units. helps adapt the system to particular LLNL
processes. Tight integration with other
creation and handling of bills-of-material
(BOMs),” says Ed Krieger, PLM strategist at
of Energy (DOE) research and development facility, pursues “We’re not just controlling drawings and software supports external business NIF. “By automatically extracting BOM data
Engineering Central research projects ranging from energy independence and documents, but managing the underlying systems required for electronic data directly from Engineering Central into ERP,
is at the core of environmental protection to national and nuclear security. data within the CAD model,” says Bernie transfers among downstream processes. we eliminated substantial workload and
our Enterprise Merritt, NIF configuration management potential for error.” Support documents for

t the National Ignition Facility (NIF), with plans to achieve fusion ignition in and integrations manager. “By managing “By allowing the organization to streamline bids and quotes that once took a week or
Configuration legions of LLNL scientists, 2010 – a feat never before accomplished. this source data, we maintain strict control work processes and leverage design data, more to process are usually completed in
Management System. engineers, technicians and Practical use of the technology for power over data and processes required by DOE ECMS has increased operational efficiency less than a day. Similar gains were made in
designers have developed the world’s plants could follow in about ten years. regulations.” in engineering processes, as well as an automated warehousing system.
Bernie Merritt, NIF Configuration
Management and Integrations largest laser system. At least 60 times more downstream procedures in groups outside
Manager, Lawrence Livermore powerful than any previous laser, NIF will Challenges of a With the total cost of NIF at $3.5 billion, of engineering, including those in ERP and “As our research efforts move into the
National Laboratory
direct 500 terawatts (a thousand billion Vast R&D Facility DOE and Congressional reviewers maintain Procurement,” McDaniel says. “As the data- future, we must rely on the state-of-the-art
watts) of light at a nugget of frozen hydrogen As one of the most ambitious projects ever close oversight of funding, especially in driven engine of ECMS, ENOVIA Engineering technology and process control that
isotope smaller than a pea. undertaken at LLNL, NIF faced significant light of a desire for increased transparency Central has resulted in significant enterprise- continues to be built into ECMS,” says
challenges in managing massive stores of into how tax dollars are spent. wide efficiency gains.” Darwin Dobson, PLM enterprise manager
Temperatures greater than 100 million data associated with the project – at LLNL. “Without the capabilities of state-
degrees Celsius will start a nuclear fusion especially regarding equipment design “The system provides a granular overview At the LLNL Engineering Records Center of- the-art PLM systems, such projects
reaction – the same process that makes and safety protocols for the system’s of productivity and the overall progress of (ERC), documents are stored for long-term would not be practical”• )
stars shine – and release up to 20 times nuclear materials. This included data for the project in monthly status reports to the retention per DOE and National Archives
more energy than that used by the laser. current work, plus thousands of legacy DOE,” says Frank Papp, NIF CIO. “It Records Administration guidelines. For more information:
The technology could be applied to create documents from the previous ten years demonstrates our ability to meet major Integrating ENOVIA Engineering Central
fusion-driven power plants to generate and hundreds of thousands more expected project milestones within a fixed budget with the ERC process automated many
vast amounts of clean, inexpensive throughout the 30-year NIF lifecycle. and available resources.” formerly manual steps, increasing ERC To download the expanded flyer, visit:
electricity from hydrogen fuel. throughput by six times – from 15 documents
This daunting task was addressed with an Broad Scope of ENOVIA per day to more than 100 per day.
NIF recently demonstrated the ability to Enterprise Configuration Management “ENOVIA was selected based on numerous
focus the high-energy laser onto a target, System (ECMS) based on Dassault factors, but certain capabilities are Five-fold productivity gains were achieved
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