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Curriculum Vitae

Victor Bertolazzo
Personal Info
Address : Piazza Costituzione 20, 37045 LEGNAGO (VR), Italy
Phone : +393454300746
Mail :
LinkedIn :
Skype : victor.bertolazzo

I’m a graduate student in Mechatronics Engineering, with a mainly mechanical background: I’m interested in
multibody simulations and finite elements analysis.
I studied as group member coupled thermo-mechanical behaviour of a piston during Diesel cycle phases, by
means FE software simulation in both static and transient regime.
I participated in industrial needle valve study, where weakly fluid solid interaction coupling has been analysed
by means of CFD and FE instruments, moreover I used FE method to solve mechanical components stress
states the whole time in University. I designed an automated factory model taking into account machineries,
control loops and communication interfaces.

Education & Formation

Jan 2017-Present
My final project regards the simulation of pile entering manoeuvre performed by a front end wheel loader: its
development is carried out with UW-Madison SBEL collaboration.

Sept 2014-Present : Mechatronics Engineering, Master Degree at University of Trento

The course is held in English language and it covers subjects as Mechanical Design, Theory of Finite Elements,
Vehicle Dynamics, Simulation of Multibody Systems and Control Design. Several exams need the development
of a project, that links theoretical part to the virtual or physical implementation.

Sept 2011-Oct 2014 : Industrial Engineering, Bachelor Degree at University of Trento

It yields the basics in Solid and Fluid Mechanics, Dynamics of Systems and Materials Science.
Final Degree Mark : 98/110
Thesis Title : On the perfomances of a HAWT studying the influence of alignment, turbulence and coherence

May 2014-Sept 2014 : Internal Trainee at Fluid Machines Laboratory, DICAM, University of Trento
I applied for it in bachelor thesis preparation, working on data analysis about experimental measurements and
strengthening my knowledge about wind turbines, turbulence theory and Matlab programming.

Events & Fairs

19-21/04/2017, Parma : 1st Chrono-MBDyn user meeting
I attended the meeting where those two multibody open-source libraries experts exchanged ideas about further
09-13/01/2017, Madison,WI : Project Chrono Tutorial
I participated at the intensive tutorial about Project Chrono, a C++ based community effort used as a multi-
physics simulation tool.
13-16/10/2016, Rome : Maker Faire Rome 2016
On October as a Maker at Innovation Fair I showed up a mechatronic pendulum clock, developed during a
university course.

Italian : mothertongue.
English : good level.

Digital Competences
Programming Languages : C,C++,Processing,Ruby,
Scientific Programs : Ansys APDL,Ansys Fluent, Matlab, Pointwise, SimEvents, Simulink.
Libraries : ProjectChrono.

Soft Skills
Team Work. Problem Solving. Experienced in multicultural environment.

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