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Lesson Plan Template

Name: Shaikha AbuBaker Grade Level: 4 Date: 22 Oct2018

Subject: English Number of Students: 24 MST: Nature

CCSS Standards:
the verb to be in present tense (is-are)

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes): By

the end of the Lesson the Student will be able to:

Identify verb to be in present tense is-are.


Teacher books /

Student book(s) Literacy skills book pg. 25 activity 3

Worksheets/ papers Write sentence using is-are (ice cream) worksheet

write and past is-are sentences.
Teacher materials Glue/ scissors

Student materials/ Build sentence using is-are.

manipulatives Is-are Pocket chart.
Technology timer

other /

Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image

is Is is a form of the verb to be, is only used in the
singular first person.

are are a form of the verb to be, are only used in the
Students’ Prior Knowledge (What do the students already know that enables them to
understand the lesson?)
Students know how to identify plural nouns and singular nouns.
Possible Problems and Misconceptions (What are some problems that students will face because
it is assumed that they have the previous knowledge?):
1. 1. Students Misbehavior
2. 2. Confuse in using (is-are)
Solutions (How/ What can be done to resolve the problems/misconceptions?):

1. Using group point jar.

2. Use (is-are) display templet.
Lesson Schedule
Targeted teacher language (What will the teacher say throughout the lesson?):
 Using (is – are) in a sentence.
Student language (What language will the students use throughout the lesson?):
 Using (is – are) in a sentence.

Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge): time:

students will do the classroom duties. (attendance Calendar, morning message, and resources
distributer) 10
Students will sing the (song of sounds).
Students will read the weekly story (This plane).

Interduce is and are:

Ask students: what plural mean? What singular mean?
Give me a plural noun? Can you put it in a sentence?
Give me a singular noun? Can you put it in a sentence?
Explain that we use are with plural and is with singular.

Mezna and Wafa are friends.

Parents are coming for a meeting.
Salha is a smart girl.
Core (introduce and practice new concepts & procedures)
We are in the English class.
Group 1: will work on the pocket chart. students will write a sentence using is-are in color strips
papers. Then they will put the strips in the correct pocket.
Group2: using small cards of is-are, color paper clip, and rectangle sticky note students will
write a sentence and hang it on the thread. 15
Group3: students will choose a noun and they will change it to a plural noun. then they will
write 2 sentences using is- are.
Group4: using small pieces of arrows they will create two sentences using is- are then they will
glue it in an A3 paper.

Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or assessment):

The teacher will ask students to clean up

She will ask a student to rise thumb up if they how to write sentence using is -are.
In pairs, students will work in literacy skills book pg. 25 activity 3. 5