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Pkn³ sP. X§Ä
kao-d _n³-Xv A-lvaZv
_pjv-dm_o-hn BÀ.
Pp-ss\-Z A-Ðp-Ê-aZv
j_m\ F³.
k-_o-\m-_o-Kw FÂ.
km_n-d \-Po-_v
kPo-\ _n.

tUm. Xm-Pp±o³ a-¶m\n

Sulaikha Publications

Dar al-Hidaya, Vengode
Kudavoor Post – 695 313
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Ph: 0471–2427 141 / 0944 6827 141

Jasin J Thangal
Sameera Binth Ahmad
Bushra Beevi R
Junaida Abdussamad
Shabana N
Sabeena Beegom L
Sabira Najeeb
Sajeena B

Dr. Thajudeen Mannani

Cover & Book Design:

Price: ` 50

All rights reserved.

This book is sold to the condition that it may not be reproduced,
stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means,
electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise
without the publisher’s prior consent.

2010þ12 hÀ-js¯ tI-c-f bq-Wn-th-gv-kn-än A-d-_-nIv
hn-`m-K-w 10þmw _m-¨n-sâ kw-`m-h-\-bm-Wv \n-§-fp-sS
I-c-§-fn-ep-ÅXv. ]qÀ-W-sa-¶v A-h-Im-i-s¸-Sp-¶nÃ.
sX-äp-IÄ Nq-|n-¡m-Wn-¡m-\p-Å k·\Êv Im-Wn-
¡Ww. A-d_ - vt- emI-¯v hf-sc {]-Nm-c¯
- n-ep-Å Iptd
sN-dp-IY- I
- f
- m-Wv hnZymÀ-Yn-IÄ Xs¶ sX-cs - ª-Sp-¯v
- m-f¯- n-te-¡v hn-hÀ¯-\w sN-bvX - n-«p-ÅXv. C-Xn\v
\-sÃm-cp A-h-Xmcn-I F-gp-Xn-¯-¶ A-d-_n-Iv hn-`m-Kw
Xe-h³ tUm. F. \n-km-dp±o³ km-dn\pw th-| k-lm-
b-§Ä sN-bv-Xp-X-¶ tUm. D-ss_-Zv kmÀ DÄ-s¸sS-
bpÅ a-ä-[ym-]-IÀ¡pw H-cm-bn-cw \μn.

þ F-Un-äÀ


2010þ12 hÀ-j-s¯ Fw.F. hn-ZymÀ-YnIÄ, A-hÀ kz-bw hn-hÀ¯-\w
sNbv-X sN-dp-IY-IÄ {]-kn-²o-I-cn-¡p-¶p F-¶-dn-ªXn k-t´m-jn-
¡p¶p. C-sXm-cp kÂ-IÀ-a-am-bn AÃm-lp kzo-I-cn-¡p-Ibpw a-äp-Å-hÀ-¡v
H-cp am-Xr-I-bm-bn-¯o-cp-Ibpw sN-¿-s« F-¶v {]mÀ-Yn-¡p¶p.
A-d-_v-cm-{ã-§fn A-h-cp-sS Ip-«n-IÄ-¡v c-k-I-cam-b hm-b-\ {]-Zm-\w
sN-¿p-¶-Xn-\m-Wv C-¯-c-¯n-ep-Å IY-IÄ {]-kn-²o-I-cn-¡p-¶Xv. Ip«n-
IÄ¡v km-aqln-I t_m-[hpw [À-ahpw hÀ-[n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn\pw _u²n-I
h-fÀ-¨-bv¡pw C¯-cw sN-dp-IY-IÄ k-lm-bn¡pw F-¶Xn kw-i-b-anÃ.
A-d-_n-Iv Un-¸mÀ-«v-saâv sN-bv-Xp-sIm-|n-cn-¡p-¶ s]m-Xp-P-\ tk-h-\-
§-fp-sS Iq-«¯n CXpw a-l¯m-b H-cp I-®n-bm-bn tN-cp-¶p F-¶XnÂ
A-`n-am-\-ap|v. C-Xn-sâ ]n¶n {]-hÀ-¯n-¨ Ip-«n-IÄ¡pw A-[ym]-I³
tUm. Xm-Pp±o³ a-¶m-\n¡pw F-sâ FÃmhn-[ B-iw-k-Ifpw t\-cp¶p.
Xp-SÀ¶pw C-¯-c-¯n-ep-Å {]-hÀ-¯\-§Ä Ip-«n-I-fp-sS `m-K-¯p-\n-¶v
D-|mhpw F-¶ D-d-t¸m-sSbpw FÃm hn-`m-Kw P-\-§fpw C-Xn-\p-th-|n
k-l-I-cn-¡-W-sa¶v A-`yÀ-Yn-¨p-sIm|pw A-\p-hm-N-I ka-£w C-Xn-s\

2012, sabv 21 tUm. \n-km-dp±o³

Imcyh«w A-d-_n-Iv hn-`m-Kw ta-[m-hn


H-cp Zi-Iw ]n-¶n-Sp-¶
tIc-fm bq-Wn-th-gv-kn-än
A-d-_n-Iv hn-`mKw

2001 P-\ph-cn 29\v H-ä-ap-dnbn H-cp ta-ibpw H-cp I-tk-c-bp-am-bn Xp-S§n-b
A-d-_n-Iv hn-`m-Kw AÃm-lp-hn-sâ a-l¯m-b A-\p-{K-l¯m kz-´am-b
H-cp _nÂ-Un§pw A-Xn-\v th-|p-¶ kuI-cy-§-fp-ambn ssP-{X-bm-{X XpSÀ-
¶p-sIm-t|-bn-cn-¡p¶p. Øm-]-I ta-[m-hn-bp-sS e-£y-§fn Nne-sX-
¦nepw C-t¸m-g-s¯ ta-[m-hn-bp-sS ITn-\m-[zm-\-¯n-eq-sS IÀ-a-]-Y¯nÂ
F-¯n¡m³ km-[n-¨-Xm-Wv C-t¸mÄ \-ap-¡v A-`n-am-\n-¡m-\m-hp-¶Xv. F-¶v
am-{XaÃ, "kÀ-h-I-em-im-e' sIm-|v AÀ-Y-am-¡p-¶ k-aq-l-¯n-se FÃm
hn-`m-Kw P-\-§Ä¡pw D-]-Im-c-{]-Z-am¡p-I F-¶ e£yw ]qÀ-¯o-I-cn-¨
Np-cp-¡w Nn-e Un-¸mÀ-«v-saâp-Ifn H-¶m-bn amdm³ A-d-_n-Iv Un-¸mÀ-«v-
saân-\v H-cp ]-cn-[nh-sc km-[n-¨n-«p|v.
X-eØ- m-\\ - K-cn I-|n-«p-Å a-l¯m-b Nn-e k-t½-f\ - §- f
- p-sS Iq-«¯nÂ
C-Sw-]n-Sn¡m³ A-d-_n-Iv hn-`m-Kw kw-L-Sn-¸n-¨ c-|v sk-an-\m-dp-IÄ-¡v
km-[n-¨n-«p-|v. 2010 G-{]n 30, 31, sa-bv 1 Xo-b-Xn-I-fn-em-bn A-´m-cm-{ã
JpÀ-B³ sk-an-\mdpw 2012 s^-{_ph-cn 14 ap-XÂ 18 h-sc l-Zo-kv sk-an-
\m-dpw þ s]m-Xp-P-\ ]-¦m-fn-¯w sIm-|v a-lm-k-t½-f-\-§-fm-bm-Wv A-h
c|pw A-hk - m-\n-¨Xv. tI-cf
- ¯
- n-sâ km-aqln-I kmw-kvI - mcn-I km-¼¯n-I
]p-tcm-KX- n-IÄ-¡v B-¡w Iq«n-b KÄ-^\ v- m-Sp-Ifn \n-¶p-Å {]-Xn-\n-[n-If- p-sS
km-¶n[yw sIm-|v c-|v sk-an-\m-dp-Ifpw tim-`n-¡p-Ib - p-|mbn. C-Xn\-nSbnÂ
sN-dp-sX-¦nepw a-l¯m-b aq-¶v \mj-WÂ sk-an-\m-dp-Ifpw a-ä-t\-Iw sNdp


]T-\-¢m-Êp-Ifpw ao-än-§p-Ifpw H-s¡-bm-bn I-gn-ª ]-¯p-hÀ-j-¡m-e-s¯
{]-hÀ-¯\-§Ä hf-sc a-l-\o-b-amWv.
2001 P-\p-h-cnbn tUm. D-ss_-Zn-sâ t\-Xr-Xz¯n B-cw-`n-¨ Cu
Un-¸mÀ-«v-saân s{]m-^. F³.C-eym-kv-Ip«n, sIm-Sph-Ån A-ÐpÂ-Jm-ZnÀ,
tUm. ap-l-½-Zv-Ipªv, ap-l½-Zv jm Xp-S-§nb-hÀ ¢m-Êp-IÄ \-bn-¨n-cp¶p.
Xp-SÀ-¶v tUm. kp-sse-am³, ap-l½-Zv ap-kv-X-^ F-¶n-hcpw tijw sFjm-
_-oKw, \-Po_v, tUm. j-\nÂ, tUm. kp-sslÂ, tUm. Xm-Pp-±o³, tUm.CÊp-
±o³, tUm. \-ko-am-_ohn, t_-\koÀ F-¶n-hcpw ¢m-Êp-IÄ \-bn-¨n-cp¶p.
¢m-Êp-IÄ ssI-Imcyw sN-¿p-¶-Xn-\p-Å ¢m-kv-ap-dn-I-fp-sS A-`m-h¯nÂ
H-cp sj-Uv A-\p-h-Zn-¨p-X-¶ kp-{_-ÒWy³ km-dn-s\bpw B³-{Uq-kv Ip«n
km-dn-s\bpw C-¯-cp-W¯n HmÀ-¡p¶p. Xp-SÀ-¶v kz-´am-b H-cp _nÂ-
Un-§n-\m-bp-Å {]-hÀ-¯-\¯n \-s½ k-lm-bn-¨ \n-ch-[n t]cn tUm.
Xp-f-ko-[-c-¡p-dp¸v, B-bn-cp-¶ cm-a-N{μ³ kmÀ, ] P-b-
{]-Im-iv kmÀ, F³-Pn-\n-bÀ tIm-bm kmÀ, tUm. ap-l-½-Zv-Ip-ªv ta¯À,
tUm. \n-km-dp±o³ F-¶n-hÀ {]-tXy-Iw ]-cm-aÀ-i-aÀ-ln-¡p¶p.
kn-e_-kv cq-]oI-c-W k-μÀ-`¯n sI.sI.A-Ðp-Ê-emw, Ip-«-tÈ-cn
aue-hn F-¶n-h-cp-sS I-¼yq-«À ]T-\w H-cp t]-¸-dm-bn DÄ-s¡m-Ån¡-Ww
F-¶ \nÀ-tZ-iw hf-sc \-¶m-bn-cp-¶p-sh-¶v R-§Ä HmÀ-¡p¶p. ap³
tUm. C-Iv_m DÄ-s¸-sS \n-ch-[n kn³-Un-t¡-äv sk\-äv sa-¼À-amÀ,
A-[ym-]IÀ, bq-Wn-th-gv-kn-än D-tZymK-ØÀ F-¶n-h-cp-sS \nÀ-tem-`am-b
k-l-I-c-W-am-Wv Un-¸mÀ-«v-saân-s\ C-¯-c¯n h-fÀ¯m³ k-lm-bn-¨Xv.
k-aq-l-¯n-sâ \m-\m Xp-d-bn-ep-Å \n-ch-[n B-fp-IÄ hn-hÀ-¯-\-m-hiym-
À-Yw F-t¸mgpw A-d-_n-Iv Un-¸mÀ-«v-saân-s\ k-ao-]n-¨p-sIm-|n-cp¶p.
A-Xp-t]m-se k-aq-l-¯n-se hnhn-[ Xp-d-Ifn tk-h-\-a-\p-jvTn-¡p-¶
\n-ch-[n hy-àn-Xz§-sf hmÀ-s¯-Sp¡m³ A-d-_n-Iv hn-`m-K-¯n-\v km-[n-
¨n-«p|v.¡v 25 ho-Xw c-|v hÀ-j-§-fn-em-bn 50 Dw Fw.^n tIm-gv-kn\v
F«pw ]n.F-¨v.Un-¡v c-|v A-[ym-]-IÀ¡pw Iq-Sn 20 Dw hn-ZymÀ-Yn-IÄ hoXw
]T-\w \-S-¯p¶p. \-sÃm-cp I-¼yq-«À em_pw \n-ch-[n A-]qÀ-h ]p-kv-XI-
§Ä DÄ-s¡m-Åp-¶ sse-{_-dnbpw C-hn-sS-bp|v. \n-ch-[n A-d-_n-Iv Nm\-
ep-IÄ e-`y-am-¡p-¶ FÂ.kn.Un. kn-Ìhpw {]-hÀ-¯n-¡p¶p.
hn-ZymÀ-Yn-I-fp-sS I-gn-hp-IÄ ]-cn-t]m-jn-¸n-¡m-\p-X-Ip-¶ ssI-sb-gp-¯p
am-kn-Ibpw {]-kn-²o-Ic- n-¡p¶p|v. tUm. \n-km-dp±o³ kmÀ No-^v F-Unädpw
tUm. F.F-kv.Xm-Pp±o³ a-¶m-\n A-knÌâv F-Un-ä-dp-am-bn "a-PÃ ssIc-f'
F-¶ t]cn H-cp A-d-_n-Iv tP-W {]-kn-²o-I-cn-¨p-h-cp¶p. \n-ch-[n
sk-an-\mÀ s{]m-ko-Unw-Kv-kv DÄ-s¸-sS A-d-_n-bnepw {]m-tZin-I `m-j-bn-
ep-am-bn A-t\-Iw ]p-kv-XI-§fpw {]-kn-²o-Ir-X-am-bn-«p|v.

H-cp Zi-Iw ]n-¶n-Sp-¶ tIc-fm bq-Wn-th-gv-kn-än A-d-_n-Iv hn-`mKw

Fw.F-bv-¡p-Å t{]mP-Îv hÀ-¡n-sâ `m-K-am-bn \n-ch-[n Cw-¥o-jv km-
ln-Xy-Ir-Xn-Ifpw _-tbm-{K-^n-Ifpw Cw-¥o-jn-te-¡v hn-hÀ¯-\w sN-¿-s¸-
«n-«p-|v. A-hs
- bÃmw {]-kn-²o-Ic- n-¨p Im-WW
- s
- a-¶v B-{K-ln-¡p¶p. \n-ch[n
e-£y-§-fp-am-bn k-ap-Zm-b-¯n-sâ Bßo-b t\-Xr-Xz-¯n-\v ]¯v Znh-kw
\o-|p-\n-¶ tZio-b in-ev-]-im-ebpw kw-L-Sn-¸n-¨n-«p|v. Xp-SÀ¶pw k-aq-
l-¯n\pw k-ap-Zm-b-¯n\pw Kp-W-s¸-Sp-¶ \n-ch-[n {]-hÀ-¯\-§Ä e-£y-
¯n-ep|v. A-sXÃmw km-£m-Xv-I-cn-¡-s¸-tS-|-Xp|v. A-Xn-s\Ãmw ssZ-
hm-\p-{K-lw D-|m-I-s« F-¶v {]mÀ-Yn-¡p¶p.

þtUm. F.F-kv.Xm-Pp±o³ a-¶m\n



AhXmcn-I 9
H-cp Zi-Iw ]n-¶n-Sp-¶ tIc-fm A-d-_n-Iv hn-`mKw 10

am-Xm-hn-sâ am-lmßyw 15
sIm-Xp-Iw a-\p-jy\pw 16
N-Xn-bp-sS ]-cn-Wn-X^ew 17
kzm-X-{´y-¯n-sâ hn-e 19
C-c 20
I-Å-·m-cp-sS a-|¯cw 21
b-YmÀ-Yam-b ku-lrZw 22
sN-¶m-bbpw Ip-dp-¡\pw 23
A-l-´ B]¯v 24
IÀ-¯-hy-w a-d-¡-cp-Xv 26
a-|\m-b ^oep 27
D-dp¼pw Nn-{X-i-e-`hpw 29
\yq CbÀ 30
acWw 32
X-¯z-Úm-\nbm-b IcSn 33
kn³{U-e 35
tam-l-`wKw 41
knw-lhpw s]¬-Ip-«nbpw 42

H-cp Zi-Iw ]n-¶n-Sp-¶ tIc-fm bq-Wn-th-gv-kn-än A-d-_n-Iv hn-`mKw

A-Zv-`p-X-ap-WÀ-¯p-¶ D-]-tZiw 51
hr-²\pw knw-lhpw 56
a-Sn-b\m-b lmdq¬ 60
Ip-c-§\pw ]m¡m-c\pw 63
am-{´n-I In-coSw 64
sN-¶m-bbpw B-«n³-Ip-«nbpw 78
F-enbpw ]m¼pw 80
H-«-Ihpw D-S-abpw 82
N-Xn-bp-sS hn-e 84
Ip-dp¡-sâ X{´w 86
I-gp-Xbpw Im-fbpw 88
{Km-ao-W\pw ar-K-§fpw 90
tIm-gn-bp-sS X{´w 92
knw-lhpw tX-\o-¨bpw 93
Im-¡-bp-sS A-l-¦mcw 95


Pmkn³ sP. X§Ä

am-Xm-hn-sâ am-lmßyw

\-lm-h³-Xv F-¶ cm-Py-¯n-\v H-cp cm-Pm-hp-|m-bn-cp¶p. {]-P-I-fp-sS t£-
a-¯nepw A-hc- p-sS h-fÀ-¨b
- nepw B cm-Pm-hv k-t´m-jn-¨n-cp¶p. H-cp Znhkw
cm-Pm-hv X-sâ {]-PI
- fn G-ähpw k-aÀ-Y\- v k-½m-\w \ÂIpw F-¶v ]-ckyw
sN-bvXp. k-½m-\w \Â-Ip-¶ k-a-bhpw A-t±-lw Xo-cp-am-\-n¨p. Xo-cp-am-
\n-¡-s¸-« B k-a-b¯n {]P-IÄ H-¯p-IqSn.
H-cp I-hn A-h-cp-sS ap¼n h-cp-Ibpw A-t±-l-¯n-sâ A-Xym-IÀ-j-
Iam-b c-N\-IÄ k-Z-Ên-\p ap¶n {]-ZÀ-in-¸n-¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. cm-Pmhpw
P-\-§fpw A-XpI-|v A-Zv-`p-X-s¸-«v ssI-b-Sn¨p. ]n-s¶ H-cp km-ln-Xy-Im-c³
k-Z-Ên-te-¡v h¶p. A-t±-l-¯n-sâ ]p-kv-XI-§Ä k-Z-Ên-\p ap¶n {]-ZÀ-
in-¸n¨p. AXn I-Y-Ifpw t\m-h-ep-Ifpw te-J-\-§fpw a-äv ]mTy-hn-j-b-
§fpw D-|m-bn-cp¶p. A-t±-l-¯n-sâ kw-`m-j-Whpw hn-h-c-W-§fpw
k-ZÊn an-I-¨p-\n¶p. Nn-{X-Im-c-·mcn H-cmÄ tÌ-Pn-te-¡v h¶p. Ah-sâ
Nn-{X-§Ä AbmÄ P-\§ - Ä-¡p ap¶n {]-ZÀ-in-¸n¨p. A-Xym-IÀ-jI - §- fmb
B Nn-{X-§Ä I-|v cm-Pmhpw k-Z-kycpw A-Zv-`p-X-s¸«p. k-½m-\w \Â-Ip-
¶-Xn-\p-th-|n cm-Pm-hv h¶p. A-t¸mÄ A-t±-l-¯n-sâ ap¼n H-cp kv{Xo
{]-Xy-£-s¸«p. cm-Pm-hv tNm-Zn¨p: \o B-cmWv, \o F-´n-\v C-hn-sS h¶p?
kv{Xo ]-dªp: A-h-scÃmw F-sâ a-¡-fmWv. A-hcn an-I¨-h³
B-sW-¶v km-£n-bm-Ip-hm-\m-Wv Rm³ h-¶Xv. A-t¸mÄ cm-Pm-hv ]-dªp:
\o-bm-Wv Cu k-½m-\-¯n-\v G-ähpw tbm-Ky. \o \n-sâ I-S-a `w-Kn-bm-bn
\nÀ-h-ln¨p. ]n-s¶ cm-Pm-hv A-hÀ-¡v k-½m-\w \ÂIn.

am-Xm-hn-sâ am-lmßyw

sIm-Xp-Iw a-\p-jy\pw

H-cp h-\¯n [m-cm-fw arK-§Ä Po-hn-¨n-cp¶p. knwlw, ]p-en-, I-cSn,
am³, ap-bÂ... A§-s\ A-t\-Iw Po-hnIÄ. h-\-¯n-sâ k-ao-]-¯p-Iq-Sn
H-cp \-Zn H-gp-In-bn-cp¶p. a-\p-jycpw ar-K-§fpw sh-Åw Ip-Sn-¡p-hm\pw Ip-
fn-¡p-hm\pw A-Xn-s\ B-{i-bn-¨n-cp¶p. Hcp Znh-kw {Km-a-¯n-se H-cp I-¨-
h-S-¡m-c³ a-Õyw I-b-äpa-Xn sN-¿p-¶-Xn-\v h-\¯n H-cp ^mÎ-dn \nÀ-an-
¡phm³ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. A-Xn-\mbn ac-§Ä ap-dn-¨p-\o-¡n h-\-s¯ \-in-¸n¨v
A-hn-sS ^mÎ-dn ]-WnXp. hn-j-en-]-vXam-b am-en-\y-§Ä ^m-Î-dn-bnÂ-\n-¶v
\-Zn-bn-te-¡v H-gpIn. A§-s\ [m-cm-fw a-Õy-§Ä \-in¨p.
H-cp Znh-kw am³ sh-Åw Ip-Sn-¡phm³ \-Znbn h¶p. A-t¸mÄ aÕyw
B-h-em-Xn ]-d-bphm³ am-\n-sâ ap¼n h¶p. am³ tNm-Zn¨p: ""F-sâ
kplrt¯, F-s´m-s¡-bp-|v hn-ti-j-§Ä?''
""a-\p-jyÀ¡pw ar-K-§Ä¡pw Po-hn-¡phm³ sh-Åw A-Xym-h-iy-amWv.
R-§Ä a-Õy-§Ä sh-Å-¯n-eq-sS \o-´p-Ibpw k-©-cn-¡p-Ibpw sN-
¿p¶p. P-\-§Ä¡pw Cu sh-Åw B-h-iy-am-W-tÃm. ]t£, Ip-d-¨p-\m-fm-bn
sh-Å-¯n-se hn-jw Im-c-W-am-bn R-§fn A-[n-I-t]cpw a-cn-¨p. _m-¡n-
bpÅ-hÀ \m-i-¯n-sâ h-¡n-em-Wv'' þaÕyw ]-d-ªp. ^m-Î-dn-¡p-th-|n
a-\p-jy³ R-§-fp-sS hm-k-Ø-ehpw \-in-¸n-¨p þ am³ ]-dªp.
a-\pjy³ b-YmÀ-Yam-b i{Xp X-s¶-bm-Wv. A-h³ {]-Ir-Xnbpw \-Znbpw
h-\hpw \-in-¸n¨p. a-\p-jy-cp-sS `m-K-t¯-¡v sIm-Xp-IpI-sf A-b-bv-¡phm³
arK-§Ä Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. sIm-Xp-Iv a-\p-jycn tcmK-§Ä D-|m¡n. a-\p- jyÀ
B-ip-]-{Xn-Ifn A`-bw tXSn. A-hcn Ip-d-¨pt]À sImÃ-s¸«p. ^mÎ-dn
A-S-¨p-]q«n. \-Znbpw h-\hpw hr-¯n-bmbn.


N-Xn-bp-sS ]-cn-Wn-X^ew

kn³-Zv-_m-Zv F-¶ {Km-a¯n hen-sbmcp Ip-fw D-|m-bn-cp¶p. A-hn-sS
a-Õy-§fpw X-h-fbpw R|pw kv-t\-l-t¯m-sS hkn-¨p-t]m¶p. B Ip-f-
¯n-se a-Õy§-sf X-h-fbpw R|pw i-{Xp-¡-fp-sS D-]-{Z-h-§-fnÂ-\n-¶v
kw-c-£n-¨n-cp¶p. th-«-¡m-c³ Ip-f-¯n-\-Sp-¯v h-cp-t¼m-sgÃmw X-h-f i-Ð-
ap-|m-¡n a-Õy-§Ä-¡v A-]-I-S-kq-N-\ \Â-In-bn-cp¶p. k-am-[m-\-¯n-
sâbpw hn-P-b-¯n-sâbpw ]m-X-bn-te-¡v R-|v Ah-sc \-bn¨p. H-cp Znh-kw
]-Xn-hp-t]m-se th-«-¡m-c³ Ip-f-¯n-\-Sp-¯v h¶p. A-t¸mÄ sIm-¡v Ah-
s\ I|p. a-Õy§-sf ]n-Sn-¡phm³ ]än-b ka-bw C-Xp-X-s¶-bm-sW-¶v
sIm-¡v D-d-¸n¨p. sIm-¡v Ip-f-¯n-sâ k-ao]-¯v h-¶p-sIm-|v ]-dªp:
""a-Õy-§tf, \n§-f-dntªm, Hcp th-«-¡m-c³ C-Xph-gn t]m-bn-«p|v. \-n§-
sf ]n-Sn-¡p-I-bm-Wv Ah-sâ D-t±-iyw. \n-§Ä-¡v hn-tcm-[-an-sæn Rm³
\n§-sf c-£-s¸-Sp-¯mw. Rm³ \n-§-fp-sS kp-lr-¯m-W-tÃm.''
sIm-¡v A-h-cp-sS a-dp-]-Sn-¡m-bn Im-¯p-\n¶p. B ka-bw a-Õy-§fpw
X-hf- bpw R|pw H-¯p-Iq-Sn B-]¯ - n-s\-¡p-dn-¨v Iq-Sn-bm-tem-Nn¨p. A-hcnÂ
H-cp aÕyw ]-dªp: ""A-h³ k-Xy-k-Ô-\m-sW-¶v \-½Ä F§-s\ hn-
iz-kn-¡pw. A-h³ \-½p-sS i-{Xphpw hen-b h-©-I-\p-am-Wv.''
""]t£, A-h-s\-¡q-Sm-sX F§-s\ c-£-s¸-Spw'' þX-h-f tNm-Zn¨p.
R-|v ]-dªp: ""i-cn-bm-Wv \n-§Ä \n-cm-i-cm-Im-sX. A-h-t\m-sSm-¸w
Rm³ BZyw t]m-bn t\m-¡mw. Ø-ew kp-c-£n-X-am-sW¦n \-ap-¡v Ah-
s\ hn-iz-kn-¡mw.
Ah-sâ A-`n-{]m-bt- ¯m-Sv F-Ãm-hcpw tbm-Pn¨p. sIm-¡v kz-bw ]-dªp:
""C-¶-t¯-¡p-Å Cc-sb In-«n.''

N-Xn-bp-sS ]-cn-Wn-X^ew

R-|v sIm-¡n-sâ ]pd-¯v Nm-Sn-¡-b-dn-bn-cp¶p. ]n-s¶ A-h-s\-bpw
sIm-|v sIm-¡v Zq-tc-¡v ]-d¶p. hr-£-§fpw ]À-h-X-§fpw ]p-g-Ifpw IS-
¶v sIm-¡v Ah-sâ Xm-a-k-Ø-e-¯v F¯n. R-|v Np-äpw I-t®m-Sn¨p.
A-t¸mÄ `-£n-¡-s¸-« a-Õy-§-fp-sS ap-Åp-IÄ In-S-¡p-¶-Xm-bn A-h³
I|p. C-Xv sIm-¡n-sâ N-Xn-bm-sW-¶v R-|v a-\-Ên-em¡n. DS-s\ R-|v
sIm-¡n-sâ I-gp-¯n i-àn-bm-bn A-aÀ¯n; A-h³ a-cn-¨p-ho-gp-¶-Xp-hsc.


kzm-X-{´y-¯n-sâ hn-e

H-cp Znh-kw "I-\-Ima-e' F-¶ Im-«nÂ-\n¶pw H-cp X-¯ {Km-a¯n F¯n.
B X-¯ Im-Sn-sâ Hm-c-¯pÅ B ho-Sn-\p Npäpw h-«-an-«p ]-d¶p. AXn-s\
I| H-cp Ip-«n hfsc k-t´m-jn¨p. "F-´m-Wv A-Xn-s\ ]n-Sn-¡p-hm-\p-Å
amÀKw' þ Ip-«n Nn-´n¨p. A-h³ ho-Sn-sâ H-cp `mK-¯v H-cp Iq-Sv Xq-¡n-bn«p.
AXn ]mepw ]-ghpw sh¨p. F-¶n-«v A-h-fp-sS h-c-hpw Im-¯n-cp¶p. Ipd-
¨p I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ X-¯ Iq«n h-¶n-cp-¶p. B-lm-cw I-gn-¨-ti-jw ]-pd-¯p
t]m-Ip-hm-\p-Å amÀ-K-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v A-hÄ B-tem-Nn¨p. ]t£, H-cp
- hpw D-|m-bnÃ. Ip-«n {]-nb
- s
- ¸-« X-¯b
- v¡
- v A-cnbpw ]mepw ]-ghpw
\Â-In. A-h³ Ah-sf X-sâ Iq-«p-ImÀ-¡v Im-Wn-¨p-sIm-Sp¯p. A-hcpw
Ah-sâ k-t´m-j¯n ]-¦p-sIm|p. F¶m hr-£-in-J-c¯n D-t]-
£n-¡-s¸-« X-sâ Ip-ªp§-sf HmÀ-¯v A-hÄ Zpx-Jn¨p. Im-«n-epÅ B
Ip-ªp-§-fp-sS I-c¨n tI-« hÆm h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw Zp-Jn¨p. A-h³ X-¯-
bp-sS A-Sp-¯v h-¶v A-h-tfm-Sv ]-dªp: ""\n-sâ Ip-ªp-§Ä hn-i-¸nepw
I-ã-¸m-Snepw BWv. \n\-¡v A-h-tcm-Sv I-S-a-bp-|v.''
X-¯ ]-dªp: ""F-\n-¡v [m-cm-fw `£-Ww In-«p-¶p|v. F-sâ ]pXn-b
Iq-«p-Imc-sâ ta F-\n-¡v ]qÀ-Wam-b Xr-]v-Xn-bmWv. ]t£, F-sâ Ip-
ªp-§Ä... F-sâ kzm-X-{´yw...'' X-¯ ]-cm-Xn-s¸«p. A-t¸mÄ h-ÆmÂ
A-hÄ-¡v c-£-s¸-Sm-\p-Å H-cp amÀ-Kw D-]-tZ-in¨p. \o aq-¶p Znh-kw `£-
Ww D-t]-£n-¡Ww. \m-emw Znh-kw \o a-cn-¨-Xm-bn `m-hn-¡Ww. cm{Xn
\n\-¡v Rm³ `£-Ww F-¯n-¨p-X-cmw. Ip-«n \n-s¶ Iq-«nÂ-\n-¶v ]p-d-s¯-
Sp-¡p-t¼mÄ \o ]-d-¶p-t]m-IWw. X-¯ h-Æm-en-sâ D]tZ-iw kzo-I-cn¨v
B _Ô\-¯nÂ-\n¶v c-£-s¸«p. Xncn-¨v X-sâ Iq«n-se¯n Ip-ªp§-sf
I-|-t¸mÄ [m-cm-fw k-t´m-jn¨p. A-hÄ h-Æm-en-\v \-μn-]-dªp.

kzm-X-{´y-¯n-sâ hn-e


Igp-X X-sâ Iq-«p-Im-c\m-b Imf-sb h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw kv-t\-ln-¨n-cp¶p. Imf-
bp-sS FÃm {]-hÀ-¯-\-§fpw A-\p-I-cn-¡p-¶ Zp-kz-`m-hw Ah-\v D-|m-bn-
cp¶p. H-cp Im-cyhpw CÃm-sX FÃm-bn-S-§-fnepw Igp-X Imf-sb ]n-´p-S-cpw.
N-´-I-fnepw h-gn-tbm-c-§-fnepw Imf-sb Igp-X A-\p-K-an-¡pw. ]-t£,
Ah-sâ Cu kz-`m-h-s¯ Im-f C-ã-s¸-«n-cp-¶nÃ. Ah-s\ kÂ-kz-`m-hn
B-¡phm³ Im-f D-t±-in¨p.
H-cp Znh-kw A-hÀ c-|p-t]cpw I-c-Sn-bp-sS A-Sp-¡Â t]mbn. Im-f I-cSn-
tbm-Sv ]-dªp: ""A-tÃtbm A-½m-hm... XoÀ-¨-bmbpw F-sâ Cu kp-lr-¯v
A-e-k\pw hn-Uv-Vnbpw Zpx-kz-`m-hn-bp-am-Wv.''
Ic-Sn ]-dªp: ""h-\-¯n _m-ep F-¶v t]-cp-Å H-cp ]pXn-b tUm-ÎÀ
D|v. C-Xp-t]m-ep-Å tcmK-§Ä t`-Z-am-¡p-¶ {]-K-Û\m-b tUm-Î-dm-Wv
A-t±-lw F-¶v Rm³ tI-«n-«p|v. A-hÀ c-|p-t]cpw knw-l¯ - n-sâ KplbnÂ
F-¯n-t¨À¶p. A-t¸mÄ Im-f D-¨¯n hn-fn-¨v tNm-Zn¨p.
""_m-eq... _m-eq... AÃtbm tUm-ÎÀ h-cq...''
\n-§Ä A-t\z-jn-¡p-¶ tUm-ÎÀ Rm-\m-Wv F-¶v knw-lw Kp-l-bv-¡-
I-¯p-\n-¶v am-\n-sâ kz-c-¯n-sâ ]-dªp. Imcyw A-dn-bp-¶-Xn-\p-ap-¼v
knw-lw Im-f-bp-sS ta Nm-Sn-hoWp. F¶m Im-f a-cn-¡p-¶-Xph-sc Igp-X
A-hn-sS \n-¶v Nn-cn¨p. Xm-a-kn-bm-sX A-h\pw knw-l-¯n-sâ C-c-bmbn.


I-Å-·m-cp-sS a-|¯cw

H-cp {Km-a¯n aq-¶v I-Å·mÀ D-|m-bn-cp¶p. H-cp Øe-¯v H-cp-an-¨p-IqSn
tam-j-W-s¯ NÀ-¨-sN¿p-I A-h-cp-sS ]-Xn-hm-bn-cp¶p. tam-ãm-¡-fp-sS
k¼-¯v Zn-\w-{]-Xn hÀ-[n-¨p-sIm-|n-cp¶p. B \m-«n-se k¼-¶À FÃmw
Zm-cn-{Zy-¯nepw _p-²n-ap-«n-ep-ambn. H-cp Znh-kw {Km-a-¯-eh-sâ hoSpw sIm-
Å-b-Sn-¡-s¸«p. A-t±-l-¯n-sâ kzÀ-W-In-co-Sw tamj-Ww t]mb-Xv A-dn-
ª-t¸mÄ A-t±-lw h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw tIm-]n¨p. kzÀ-W-In-co-Sw I-s|-¯p-
¶-hÀ-¡v H-cpe-£w cq-] ]m-cn-tXm-jn-Iw \Â-Ip-¶ Imcyw A-t±-lw ]-ckyw
sN-bvXp. IÅ-s\ ]n-Sn-¡p-hm-\p-Å A-h-cp-sS t]m-cm-«w CÃm-Xm-b-t¸mÄ
P-\§-sf ap-gp-h\pw hn-fn-¨p-Iq-«phm³ A-t±-lw Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. B \n-Ýbn-
¡-s¸-« Znh-kw X-s¶ P-\-§fn A-[n-I-t]cpw lm-P-cmbn. Xp-ey-\o-f-ap-Å
Hmtcm h-Sn-bp-sS I-jW-§Ä A-t±-lw A-hÀ-¡v FÃm-t]À¡pw \ÂIn.
F-¶n-«v t\-Xm-hv ]-dªp:
"AÃtbm P-\-§tf, \-½p-sS {Km-a-¯nÂ-\n-¶v B kzÀ-W-In-co-Sw tamãn-
¡-s¸«p. IÅ-s\ I-|p-]n-Sn-¡phm³ Rm³ D-t±-in-¡p¶p. A-Xn-\m-bn
Rm³ Nn-e a-{´-§Ä D-cp-hn-Spw. F-sâ a-t{´m-¨mc-Ww \n-e-bv-¡p-t¼mÄ
IÅ-sâ ssI-bn-ep-Å h-Sn H-cn-©v h-ep-Xm-Ipw. t\-Xm-hv P-\-§-tfm-Sv I-®p-
IÄ A-S-bv-¡phm I-ev-]n¨p. DS-s\ A-t±-lw a-{´n-¡phm³ Xp-S§n.
s]-s«-¶p-X-s¶ I-ų X-sâ ssI-bn-ep-Å h-Sn-bnÂ-\n-¶v H-cn-©v ap-dn-¨p-
I-fªp. C-Xv I-| t\-Xm-hv IÅ-s\ ]n-Sn-Iq-Sn P-bnen A-S¨p.

I-Å-·m-cp-sS a-|¯cw

b-YmÀ-Yam-b ku-lrZw

H-cp {Km-a¯n sNdn-sbm-cp Ip-fw D-|m-bn-cp¶p. A-Xn-\p Npäpw ap-bepw
Im-¡bpw I-c-Snbpw hfsc ku-lr-Z¯n Po-hn-¨n-cp¶p. FÃm Zn-h-khpw
cm-hn-sebpw ssh-Ip-t¶-chpw A-hÀ Ip-f-¯n-\-cnIn H-cp-an-¨p-Iq-Sp-Ibpw
ho-«p-Im-cy-§fpw \m-«p-Im-cy-§fpw NÀ-¨-sN-¿p-Ibpw sN-bv-Xn-cp¶p. B
{Km-a¯n A-{I-anbpw i-à-\pam-b H-cp th-«-¡m-c³ D-|m-bn-cp¶p. Ah-
s\ P-\-§fpw ar-K-§fpw ]-£n-Ifpw `-b-s¸-«n-cp¶p. th-«-¡m-c³ ar-K-§Ä-
¡n-Sb- n-se H-cp hn-Nn-{Xam-b ku-lmÀ-±w a-\Ê
- n-em¡n. F§-s\ I-cS- n-sbbpw
ap-b-en-s\bpw ]n-Sn-IqSpw þth-«-¡m-c³ Nn-´n-¨p.
ap-b h-cp-¶ h-gnbn A-h³ H-cp sI-Wn-sbm-cp¡n. I-cS- n-bp-sS h-gnbnÂ
th-«-¡m-c³ B-g-ap-Å Ip-gn D-|m¡n. ]n-s¶ A-h³ hr-£-¯n-sâ ]
n-dIn t]m-bn a-d-ªn-cp¶p. Cu Im-gvN-IÄ FÃmw Im-¡ hr-£-¯n-sâ
ap-I-fn-en-cp-¶v Im-Wp-¶p-|m-bn-cp¶p. A-h³ Cu hnh-cw ap-b-en-s\bpw
I-c-Sn-sbbpw A-dn-bn¨p. A-hcn Bcpw A-t¶-Znh-kw Ip-f-¯n-sâ `m-K-
t¯-¡v t]m-bnÃ. th-«-¡m-c³ \n-cm-i-\m-bn a-S§n. A-Sp-¯ Znh-kw cm-hn-
se-X-s¶ Im-¡bpw ap-bepw I-c-Snbpw H-cp-an-¨p-Iq-Sn A-hÀ th-«-¡m-c³
h-cp-¶ h-gnbn B-g-ap-Å Ip-gn Ip-gn¨p. Im-¡ a-c-¨nÃ-IÄ sIm|pw
a-®p-sIm|pw Ip-gn a-d¨p. F-¶n-«v ap-b sI-Wnbn A-I-s¸-«-Xp-t]m-se
`m-hn-¨v A-hn-sS \n-¶p. Im-¡bpw I-c-Snbpw Ip-f-¯n-sâ `m-K-t¯-¡v t]
m-bn a-dª
- n-cp¶p. Ipd-¨p I-gn-ªt- ¸mÄ th-«¡
- m-c³ ap-be
- n-s\ ]n-Sn-¡phm³
[r-Xnbn h¶p. s]-s«-¶p-X-s¶ th-«-¡m-c³ Ip-gnbn hoWp. A§-s\
B kp-lr-¯p-¡Ä Ah-sâ D-]-{Z-h-¯nÂ-\n-¶v c-£-s¸-«p. A-hÀ Im«nÂ
k-t´m-j-t¯m-sS Po-hn¨p.


sN-¶m-bbpw Ip-dp-¡\pw

H-cp Znh-kw Ip-dp-¡³ `£-Ww tX-Sn ]p-d-s¸«p. A-h³ h-\-§-fn-eq-sSbpw
]e h-gn-I-fn-eq-sSbpw k-©-cn¨p. Ah-\v hn-i¸pw Zm-lhpw i-àn-s¸«p.
FÃm Ø-e-§-fnepw A-h³ Cc-sb A-t\z-jn¨p. ]t£, H-¶pw In-«n-bnÃ.
Ip-td t\-cs- ¯ \-S¯
- ¯- n-\p-ti-jw A-h³ H-cp a-c¨
- p-h«n hn-{i-an-¡phm³
C-cp¶p. At¸m-gmWv A-hn-sS-sbm-cp In-WÀ {i-²-bnÂ-s¸«Xv. Ip-dp-¡³
A-Xn-te-¡v F-¯n-t\m¡n. In-W-dn-sâ B-g-¯n [m-cm-fw sh-Åw In-S-
¡p-¶-Xm-bn I|p. Ip-dp-¡³ i-àn kw-`-cn-¨v In-W-än-te-¡v F-Sp-¯p NmSn.
Zm-lw i-an-¡p-¶-Xph-sc sh-Åw Ip-Sn¨p. AXn-\p-tijw In-W-dnÂ-\n-¶v
c-£-s¸-Sp-hm-\p-Å amÀ-K-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v Nn-´n¨p. A-h³ In-W-dn-\v sh-fn-bn-
te-¡v t\m¡n. ]t£, B-scbpw I-|nÃ. A-h³ `-b-s¸-«v \n-e-hn-fn¡m³
Xp-S§n. A-h³ H-cp sXm-«n I|p. AXn I-b-dn-sâ Hc-äw _-Ôn-¨n-cn-
¡p¶p. I-b-dn-sâ a-tä Aä-¯v th-sdm-cp sXm-«nbpw I|p. A-h³ B
sXm-«nbn I-b-dn-bn-cp¶p. B ka-bw X-Sn-¨p-sIm-gp-¯ H-cp sN¶mb B
h-gn-tb h¶p. In-W-dnÂ-\n-¶v i-Ðw tI-« A-h³ In-W-dn-te-¡v t\m¡n.
A-t¸mÄ Ip-dp-¡³ ]-dªp: ""h-cq kp-lrt¯, Cu sh-Å-¯n-\v F-´v
a-[pcw! \o Cu sh-Åw h-¶v Ip-Sn¨pt\m¡q.''
""Rm³ F§-s\ AhnsS F-¯pw'' þsN¶m-b tNm-Zn¨p.
Ip-dp-¡³ a-dp]-Sn ]-dªp: ""Fâ kp-lrt¯, \o `-b-s¸-tS-|. B
sXm-«nbn I-b-dn-bn-cn¡q. X-Sn¨ B sN¶m-b sXm-«nbn Nm-Sn-¡-bdn.
Ah-sâ `m-cw Imc-Ww A-h³ In-W-dn-sâ B-g-¯n-te-¡v F¯n. A-tXm-
sSm¸w k-aÀ-[\mb B Ip-dp-¡³ In-W-dnÂ-\n-¶v ap-I-fn-te-¡v D-bÀ-¶p-
h¶p. sN¶m-b sh-ůn ap-§p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. Ip-dp-¡³ k-t´m-j-
t¯m-sS h-\-¯n-te-¡v a-S-§n-.

sN-¶m-bbpw Ip-dp-¡\pw

A-l-´ B]¯v

Hcp {Km-a¯n {]-i-kv-X\pw ]-Þn-X-\pam-b H-cp Ipc-§³ Po-hn-¨n-cp¶p.
Ah-sâ hm-Iv-Nm-Xp-cn-bnepw I-gn-hnepw A-h³ {]u-Vn Im-Wn-¨n-cp¶p. H-cp
Znh-kw Ipc-§³ \-Zn-bp-sS Xoc-¯p-Iq-sS \-S-¡p-t¼mÄ H-cp hen-b ap-Xe-
sb I-|p-ap«n.
ap-X-e tNm-Zn¨p: ""AÃtbm t\-Xmth, Xm-¦Ä F-hn-tS-¡v t]m-Ip¶p?''
"]-Xn-hp-t]m-se \-Zn-IS-¶v A-¡-sc-bp-Å k-tlm-Z-c§-sf t]m-bn
ImWphm³ D-t±-in-¡p-¶p.'
""\-Zn I-S-¡phm³ Rm³ Xm¦-sf k-lm-bn-¡mw.''
Ipc-§³ ap-X-e-bp-sS ap-XpI-¯v Nm-Sn-¡-b-dn-bn-cp¶p. A-hÀ ]p-d-s¸«p.
Ipc-§³ tNm-Zn¨p: ""\n\-¡v I-¼yq-«À D-]-tbm-Kn-¡phm³ A-dn-bp-tam?''
""£-an-¡Ww, F-\n-¡v I-¼yq-«À F-´m-sW-¶v A-dn-bnÃ.''
""\n-sâ Po-hn-X-¯n-sâ ImÂ-`m-Kw \-ã-s¸«p. \n\-¡v k-b³-kv A-dn-
""C-Xv k-b³-kn-sâbpw sS-Iv-t\m-f-Pnbpw bp-K-amWv. \n-sâ Po-hn-X-¯n-
sâ ]-Ip-Xnbpw \-ã-s¸«p.''
""\n\-¡v cm-{ão-bw A-dn-bp-tam?''
""Rm³ h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw tJ-Zn-¡p¶p. Rm³ cm-{ão-bw ]Tn-¨n-«nÃ.''
""A-t¸mÄ \n-sâ Po-hn-X-¯n-sâ ap¡m `m-Khpw \-ã-s¸«p. F§-s\
\n-§Ä cm-{ão-bw CÃm-sX Po-hn-¡pw.''
AhÀ \-Zn-bp-sS a-²y-`mK-s¯-¯n-b-t¸mÄ Im-äv i-àn-bm-bn ho-ip-
Ibpw a-g-s]-¿p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. \-Zn-bn-eq-sS-bp-Å bm-{X _p-²n-ap-«mbn.


ap-X-e tNm-Zn-¨p: ""\n-§Ä-¡v \o´m³ A-dn-bp-tam?''
Ip-c-§³: ""CÃ. F-\n-¡v \o´m³ A-dn-bnÃ.''
apX-e: ""\n-sâ Po-hn-Xw ap-gp-h³ \-ã-s¸«p.''
s]-s«-¶v ap-X-e sh-Å-¯n-te-¡v Xm-gv¶p. Ipc-§³ sh-ůn ap§n.
A§-s\ Ah-sâ I-Y I-gnªp.

A-l-´ B]¯v

IÀ-¯-hy-w a-d-¡-cp-Xv

H-cnS¯v H-cp kw-Lw D-dp-¼p-IÄ Po-hn-¨n-cp¶p. A-hÀ ]-cn-{i-a-im-en-Ifpw
ITn-\m-[zm-\n-Ifpw B-bn-cp-¶p. A-h-cpsS cm-Ún-bp-sS I-ev-]-\I-sf A-\
p-k-cn-¡p-¶ Im-cy¯n A-hÀ {i-²n-¨n-cp¶p. H-cp Znh-kw H-cp B-\ D-dp-
¼p-I-fp-sS am-f-¯n-sâ A-Sp-¯v F¯n.
cm-Ún B-\-tbm-Sv ]-dªp: kp-lrt¯, R-§Ä _-e-lo-\cpw A-i-
à-cp-amWv. R§-sf N-hn-«-cpXv. R-§Ä-¡v \n-s¶ Np-a-¡p-hm-\p-Å i-àn-
bnÃ. ]t£, B-\ C-sXm¶pw {i-²n-¨nÃ. A-h³ ap-¼n-te-¡v h¶p. Ip-td
D-dp-¼p-IÄ Ah-sâ Im-en-\-Sn-bnÂ-s]«p.
D-dp-¼p-IÄ H-¯p-IqSn. cm-Ún ]-dªp: \-ap-¡v Ah-sâ A-l-¦m-cw
A-h-km-\n-¸n-¡Ww. A-Xn-\v \-½Ä F-´v sN-¿pw?
Ah-sâ I-®v \-ap-¡v \-in-¸n¡mw þA-hcn HcmÄ ]-dªp. B A-`n-
{]m-b-t¯m-Sv FÃm-hcpw tbm-Pn¨p. B IÀ-¯hyw \nÀ-h-ln-¡phm³
A-hcn Nn-eÀ ap-t¶m-«p-h¶p. B-\ \-Zn-bp-sS Xoc-¯v hn-{i-an-¡p-I-bm-
bn-cp¶p. D-dp-¼p-IÄ FÃm `m-K-¯p-\n¶pw Ah-sâ i-co-c¯n I-bdn.
Ah-sâ hm-b-bp-sS `mK-¯v F-¯n-t¨À¶p.
þlm-bv F-´v a-[p-cw... D-dp-¼p-IÄ Ah-sâ Np|n I-Sn-¨p-Xq§n.
D-d-¼p-IÄ a-S-§n-h-cp-¶Xpw Im-¯v cm-Ún C-cp¶p.
HcmÄ t]m-b-Xn-\p-ti-jw th-sdm-cm-sf A-b¨p. t]mb-hÀ Bcpw a-S-
§n-h-¶nÃ. A-h-km-\w X-sâ k-tlm-Z-c§-sf A-t\z-jn-¡phm³ cm-Ún
]p-d-s¸«p. X-sâ kp-lr-¯p-¡Ä B-\-bp-sS Np-|nÂ-\n¶pw ]-©-km-c-bp-
sS a-[p-cw \p-I-cp-I-bm-sW-¶v A-hÀ a-\-Ên-em¡n. A-hÀ X-§-fp-sS IÀ-
¯-hy-s¯ hn-kv-a-cn-¨n-cn-¡p¶p.


a-|\m-b ^oep

ao-cm-Zm-kv F-¶ t]-cp-Å H-cp a{´n D-|m-bn-cp¶p; Ah-sâ ho«n a-|\
m-b H-cp `r-Xy-\pw. Ah-sâ t]-cv ^o-ep F-¶m-bn-cp¶p. H-cp Znh-kw a-{´n-
bp-sS `m-cy X-sâ _-Ôp-¡Ä-¡p-th-|n h-en-sbm-cp k-Zy X-¿m-dm¡n. P-\-
§fn an-¡-t]-scbpw A-hÄ k-Zy-bn-te-¡v £-Wn¨p. A-hÀ a-{´n-bp-sS
ho«n H-¯p-IqSn. k-Zy-bp-sS k-a-b-am-b-t¸mÄ a{´n am{Xw A-hn-sS D-|m-
bnÃ. a-{´n-sb A-dn-bn-¡phm³ th-|n `m-cy ^o-ep-hn-s\ A-b¨p. a-{´n-k-`
IqSn-b k-ab-¯v ^o-ep sIm-«m-c-¯n-sâ sh-fnbn F-¯n-t¨À¶p. A-h³
D-d-s¡ hn-fn-¨p-]-d-ªp:
b-P-am-\m... cm-Únbpw P-\-§fpw k-Zy-I-gn-¡phm³ th-|n Xm¦-sf
Im-¯n-cn-¡p-I-bmWv. th-Kw A-t§m-«v hcq.
a{´n ]p-d-t¯-¡v h¶p. A-t±-lw Ah-s\ D-]-tZ-in¨p: ^oeq, C-Xp-t]
m-ep-Å k-a-b-§fn \o ]pd-¯v Im-¯p-\nÂ-¡p-I-bm-Wv th-|Xv. F-¶n-
«v ao-än-Mv I-gn-bp-t¼mÄ Imcyw c-l-ky-am-bn h-¶p-]-d-bWw.
þRm³ C-\n A§-s\ sN-¿mw.
c|mw Znh-kw ho-Sn-sâ A-Sp-¡-f-bv-¡v Xo-]n-Sn¨p. Cu hmÀ-¯-bp-am-bn
^o-ep-hn-s\ a-{´n-bp-sS A-Sp-t¯-¡v A-b¨p. ao-än-Mv I-gn-bp-¶X
- ph-sc A-h³
sIm-«m-c-¯n-\v sh-fnbn Im-¯p-\n¶p. ao-än-Mv I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ A-h³ a-{´n-
tbm-Sv Imcyw ]-d-ªp: ""t\-Xm-th, A-Sp-¡-fbn Xo-]n-Sn¨p. FÃm ho-«p]-
I-c-W-§fpw \-in-¡phm³ km-[y-X-bp|v.''
C-Xp-tI-«v a{´n tIm-]n¨p. ""]p-I h-¶-t¸mÄ-¯-s¶ \n\-¡v hm-gbn-e
sIm-|v A-Sn-¨v Xo A-W-¨p-Iq-Sm-bn-cp-t¶m?''
""icn, C-\n Rm³ A§-s\ sN-¿mw.''

a-|\m-b ^oep

a{´n Xn-cn-s¨-¯n-b-t¸mÄ I-|Xv, A-Sp-¡-f ]qÀ-W-am-bn I-¯n-\-in-
a-säm-cp Znh-kw a{´n Ip-fn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp¶p. A-t¸mÄ A-t±-l-¯n-sâ
i-co-c-¯nÂ-\n-¶v ]p-I D-b-cp-¶-Xm-bn ^o-ep I|p. ^o-ep a-{´n ap-¼v ]-d-
ª Imcyw HmÀ¯p. DS-s\ A-h³ a-{´n-bp-sS i-co-c¯n i-àn-bm-bn
A-Sn¨p. `À-¯m-hn-sâ \n-e-hn-fn tI-«v Hm-Sn-h-¶ `m-cy A-bm-sf c-£-s¸-


D-dp¼pw Nn-{X-i-e-`hpw

B Nn-{X-ie-`w _p-²n-a-Xn-bpw kp-μ-cnbpw B-bn-cp¶p. cm-Ún-bp-sS I-ev-
]-\IÄ A-\p-k-cn-¡p-¶ Im-cy¯n A-hÄ A-e-k-bm-bn-cp¶p. `u-am-´-
co-£w A-h-fp-sS hm-k-Ø-e-am-sW-¶v A-hÄ I-cpXn. {]-tbm-P-\-ap-Å
H-cp tPm-enbpw sN-¿m-sX A-hÄ F-Ãm-bn-S¯pw ]m-dn-\-S¶p.
A-hn-sS H-cp D-dp-¼v D-|m-bn-cp-¶p. _p-²n-bnepw i-àn-bnepw A-hÄ-¡v
F-Xn-cm-fn-bm-bn Bcpw D-|m-bn-cp-¶nÃ. A-h-fp-sS {]-hÀ-¯-\-§fn D-Õm-
l-h-Xnbpw sF-ln-I-Po-hn-X-¯n-sâ k-´p-ã-bp-am-bn-cp-¶p.
H-cp Znh-kw A-hÀ c-|p-t]cpw h-gnbn I-|p-ap«n. i-e-`-¯n-sâ cq-]
hpw ku-μ-cy-hpw D-dp¼-s\ B-IÀ-jn¨p. D-dp-¼v ]-dªp: lmbv, F-´v kp-
μ-c-am-Wv \n-sâ cq]w. \n-s¶-t¸m-se ]-d-¡phm³ Rm\pw B-{K-ln-¡p¶p.
\n-sâ Nnd-Iv F-\n-¡v X-cp-tam?
""\n\-¡v ]-d-¡phm³ I-gn-bnÃ.'' þie-`w ]-dªp.
Cu a-dp]-Sn D-dp-¼n-\v Xo-sc C-ã-s¸-«nÃ. A-hÄ X-sâ ]-cn-{i-aw hÀ[n-
¸n¨p. A§-s\ i-àbpw k-¼-¶bpw B-bn-¯oÀ¶p. Ip-td Im-e-§Ä-¡p-
ti-jw i-e-`-s¯ ]n-Sn-¡p-hm³ ]Ãn F¯n. D-dp-¼v B Imgv-N I|p.
D-dp-¼v DS-s\ ]Ãn-bp-sS I®n I-Sn¨p. ]Ãn `-b-¶p-sIm-|v A-hn-sS-
\-n¶pw HmSn. ie-`w D-dp-¼n-\v \-μn-]-dªp. A-h-tfm-Sv £-a-tNm-Zn-¡p-Ibpw
sN-bvXp. A-t¸mÄ D-dp-¼v ]-dªp: B-scbpw \n-μn-¡-cpXv.

D-dp¼pw Nn-{X-i-e-`hpw

\yq CbÀ

2009 Un-kw-_À 25
ssZ-h-¯n-\v kv-XpXn. C-¶v {In-kva-kv þ Cu \à Zn-\¯n Rm³
F-sâ U-b-dn F-gp-¯v B-cw-`n-¡p-I-bmWv. C-¶p-X-s¶ Rm³ A-Xn-\v sX-
c-sª-Sp-¡phm³ Imc-Ww H-cp {In-kva-kv Zn-h-k-¯n-em-Wv s]m³-hn-f-¡m-
bn A-hÄ F-sâ Po-hn-X-¯n-te-¡v B-Zy-am-bn I-S-¶p-h-¶-Xv. H-cp hm-S-I-
s¡m- e - b m- f n- b m- b n ar- K - X p- e y- \ m- b n Po- h n- ¨ Rm³ C- ¶ v H- c p \Ã
a-\p-jy-\m-bn Po-hn-¡phm³ B-{K-ln-¡p¶p.

2010 P-\ph-cn 1
C-¶v ]p-Xp-hÀjw. A-h-tfm-Sp-Å kv-t\-lw F-\n-¡v A-S¡m³ I-gn-bp-
¶nÃ. Xp-d-¶ ]-d-ªm-tem? th-|, Rm³ H-cn-¡epw Ah-sf B-{K-ln-
¡phm³ ]m-SnÃ. Rm³ ]m-]n-bmWv.

2010 h-e-ssâ³-kv tU
C-¶v h-e-ssâ³-kv tU þ {]-W-b-¯n-sâ Zn-hkw. C-¶v Rm³ D-d-¸mbpw
A-h-tfm-Sv C-ã-am-sW-¶v ]-d-bpw. Hm C-t¸mÄ-¯-s¶ s\-©n-Sn-¡p¶p. A-h-
tfm-Sv F§-s\ ]-d-bpw?

C-Xv F-sâ B-ß-kp-lr-¯n-sâ U-b-dn-bmWv. F-sâ Poh-\p Xpeyw

kv-t\-ln-¨ F-sâ kPn. ]t£, H-cn-¡epw F-t¶m-Sv Ah-sâ C-ãw
]-d-ªnÃ. F-¶mÂ, Rm³ Ah-sâ \m-hp-sIm-|v tIÄ-¡phm³ H-cp-]m-Sv
sIm-Xn-¨n-cp¶p. F-\n-¡v Ah-s\ A-{X C-ã-am-bn-cp¶p. But he is no more.


2011 se ]p-Xp-hÀ-j¯n A§-s\ Rm³ X-\n-¨mbn. a-ssd³-ss{U-hn-se
b-Mv-tÌ-gv-kn-sâ \yqC-bÀ sk-en-t{_-j³ I-gn-ªv cm{Xn ss_¡nÂ
R-§Ä a-S-§p-I-bm-bn-cp¶p.
R§-sf H-cp kw-Lw X-S-ªp-\nÀ¯n. Ah-s\ {Iq-c-am-bn aÀ-±n¨p.
A-hÀ Ah-s\ sImÃphm³ I-¯n-bq-cn-b-t¸mÄ Rm³ X-Sp¯p. F-\n-¡v
Ip-t¯-äv Rm³ \ne-¯v hoWp. Ah-s\ A-hÀ ITm-c sIm-|v Ip-¯n-bn-«v
s]m-bv-¡-fªp. tNm-c hmÀ-¶p-sIm-|n-cp-¶ F-s¶ A-h³ tlm-kv-]n-äenÂ
F-¯n-¨p. F-\n-¡v c-|v Ip-¸n »-Uv ]p-d-¯p-\n-¶v hm-§n A-h³ tlm-kv-
]-n-äen F-¯n¨p. F-s¶ Hm-¸-td-j³ Xn-tb-ädn {]-th-in-¸n¨p. A-t¸mÄ
A-h³ ]pd-¯v F-s¶ Im-¯p-\nÂ-¸p-|m-bn-cp¶p. Hm-¸-td-j³ I-gn-ªv
tUm-ÎÀamÀ ]pd-¯p h-¶-t¸mÄ I|-Xv tUm-dn-\-cnIn a-cn-¨p-In-S-¡p-¶
A-hs - \-bmWv. t_m-[w sX-fn-ªt- ¸mÄ Rm³ BZyw A-hs - \ A-t\z-jn¨p.
A-t¸m-gm-Wv Rm³ C-X-dn-bp-¶Xv. kPn, \o-bnÃm-sX F-\n-¡v Po-hn-t¡-|.
Rm³ C-Xm \n-sâ A-Sp-t¯-¡v h-cp¶p. Rm³ C-Xm a-cn-¡p-¶p.

Belive in love
Love is painful than death
True love directs you
But a false love misleads you
Anyway, beware of hunter’s
God bless you
Good bye.

\yq CbÀ


Po-hn-X-am-sbm-cp \n-an-j-bm-{XbnÂ
bu-h-\-sa-s¶m-cp aq-V-kz-]v\w.

B kz-]v-\¯n³ Nn-d-tI-dn-¸m-dn-¸-d-¡p-t¼mþ
sf-t´ \n-\-¨n-tà a-c-W-¯n-te-¡m-Wo bm-{X-sb¶v.

]I-te \o cm-hn-s\ {]-Xo-£n-¡-cp-sX¶v


kz-]v\-§Ä sIm-|v \o sIm-«m-cw ]-Wn-bp-t¼mþ

fmd-Sn a-®n-s\ a-d-¶p-t]m-tbm?

Rm³ Rm-s\-¶ `m-hw e-l-cn-bm-b-t¸mÄ

\n-s¶ \o-bm¡n-b d-ºn-s\ a-d-¶p-t]m-tbm?


kao-d _n³-Xv A-lvaZv

X-¯z-Úm-\nbm-b IcSn

- pÀ-¶ ]pÃpw sX-fn-ª a-[p-cam-b sh-Åh
- p-ap-Å a-t\m-lc
- am-b ta¨nÂ-
Øe-¯v k-t´m-j-t¯mSpw kv-t\-l-t¯mSpw Iq-Sn H-cp-Iq-«w ar-K-§fpw
A-hÀ-s¡m-¸w Ip-td sN-½-cn-bm-Sp-Ifpw Xm-a-kn-¨n-cp¶p. F¶mÂ, a-e-bp-
sS A¸p-d-¯p-\n¶pw Zp-ã\m-b H-cp sN¶m-b C-S-bv-¡n-S-bv-¡v Ah-sc
B-{I-an-¡p-am-bn-cp¶p. h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw kv-t\-l-t¯m-Sp-Iq-Sn Pohn-¡p¶
C-hÀ-¡v sN-¶m-b-tbm-Sv tZ-jyhpw sh-dp¸pw D-|m-bn-cp¶p. an-¡ k-a-b-§-
fnepw sN-½-cn-bm-Sn³-Iq-«-s¯ B-{I-an-¡phm³ A-hk-cw ]mÀ-¯n-cn-¡p-
I-bm-bn-cp-¶p B Zp-ã³ sN-¶mb.
H-cp Znh-kw sN¶m-b th-K-Xbn a-e-ap-dn-¨p I-S-¡p-¶-Xn-\n-Sbn Ah-
sâ Im-ep-IÄ ]m-d-s¡-«p-IÄ-¡n-Sbn sX¶n. A-t¸mÄ Ah-\v N-en¡m³
]-äm-¯-hn-[w H-cp ]m-d A-h-sâ ]p-d-t¯-¡v hoWp. c-£-bv-¡m-bn th-Z-\-
tbm-sS A-h³ A-edm³ Xp-S§n.
A-Xph-gn h-¶ sN-½-cn-bm-Sv sN-¶m-b-bp-sS hn-fn-tI«p. sN-½-cn-bm-Sn-
t\m-Sv X-s¶ c-£n¡m³ B-h-iy-s¸«p. sN-½-cn-bm-Sv A-t¸mÄ HmÀ¯p þ
F-t¸mgpw X§sf B-{I-an-¡p-¶ H-cph-s\ F-§-s\ k-lm-bn-¡pw?
]m-d¡Ãv F-Sp-¯p-am-än F-s¶ c-£n¨m Rm³ C-\n \n§-sf D-]-{Z-
hn-¡n-sÃ-¶v sN¶m-b sN-½c- n-bm-Sn-t\m-Sv IcmÀ sN-bvXp. \Ã a-\Ê
- n-\p-Sa- bm-b
sN-½-cn-bm-Sv sN-¶mb-sb c-£n-¡phm³ th-|n X-sâ i-àn-bp-Å sIm-
¼p-IÄ sIm-|v IÃv F-Sp-¯p-am-än. C-Xp-sIm-|v X§sf B-{I-an-¡p¶-Xv
sN¶m-b A-h-km-\n-¸n-¡p-atÃm F-¶v B-Sv hn-iz-kn-¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp.
sN-½-cn-bm-Sv Hm-Sn A-I-ep-¶-Xn-\p ap-¼p-X-s¶ c-£-s¸-« sN¶m-b B-Sn-
sâ Im-ev i-àn-bm-bn I-Sn-¨p-]n-Sn¨p. sN-¶m-b-bp-sS ]n-Sn-bnÂ-\n¶pw sN-

X-¯z-Úm-\nbm-b IcSn

½-cn-bm-Sn-\v A-\-§phm³ km-[n-¨nÃ. B-Sn-sâ bm-N-\m-]-cam-b i-Ðw tI-
«-t¸mÄ X-¯z-Úm-\nbm-b H-cp Ic-Sn th-K¯n C-h-cp-sS A-Sp-t¯-¡v
h¶p. sN-½-cn-bm-Sn-s\ sN-¶m-b-bp-sS ]n-Sn-bnÂ-\n¶pw Ic-Sn thÀ-s]-Sp¯n.
sN¶m-b A-e-dn-s¡m-|v I-c-Sn-tbm-Sv ]-dªp: AÃtbm I-cSn! th-«-bnÂ-
\-n¶pw F-s¶ X-S-bphm³ \n\-¡v AÀ-l-X-bnÃ. A-Xn-sæn Rm-s\-§-
s\-bm-Wv Po-hn-¡p-I? sN-¶m-b-bp-sS a-dp]-Sn tI-« sN-½-cn-bm-Sv I-c-Sn-tbmSv
B-h-em-Xn-s¸«p. ]m-d-bnÂ-\n¶pw Ch-s\ c-£-s¸-Sp-¯nbm R§-sf
B-{I-an-¡nà F-¶v F-t¶m-Sv IcmÀ sN-bvXp.
Ipd-¨p t\-cw Nn-´n-¨ ti-jw Ic-Sn ]-dªp: sN¶m-b ]-dª-Xv k-Xy-
amWv. th-«-ar-K-§Ä-¡v th-«-bm-Sm-sX Po-hn¡m³ km-[n-¡nÃ. ]-t£, sN-
½-cn-bm-Sv ]-d-ªXpw k-Xy-amWv. sN¶m-b A-h-t\m-Sv IcmÀ sN-bvXp.
C-t¸mÄ A-Xn-s\ ew-Ln¨p. I-c-Sn-¡v sN-¶m-b-bp-sS Ip-X-{´-§-sf-¡p-dn-¨v
A-dn-bm-am-bn-cp¶p. C-Xv Ah-s\ B-g¯n Nn-´n¡m³ h-gn-sbm-cp¡n.
Ic-Sn ]-d-ªp: ""\n-§Ä-¡n-Sbn kw-`-hn-¨-sX-´m-sW-¶v F-sâ ap¼nÂ
Nn-{Xo-I-cn-¡mw'' F-¶v IcmÀ sN-¿p-I. A-t¸mÄ Rm³ i-cnbm-b \o-Xn
A-dn-bn-¡pw. sN-¶mb-¡v C-Xn-sâ ImTn\y-X a-\-Ên-embn. A-h³ Cu
I-cm-dn-s\ \n-ck
- n¨p. A-t¸mÄ Ic-Sn sN-¶m-bt- bm-Sv ]-dªp: ""C-Xn-\p-ti-jw
sN¶m-b sN-½-cn-bm-Sn³-Iq-«-s¯ B-{I-an-¡m-Xn-cn-¡p-Ibpw sN-½-cn-bm-Sv
]-dª-Xv k-Xy-s¸-Sp-¯p-Ibpw sN¿pw F-¶v.'' A-t¸mÄ F-´m-Wv kw-`-
hn-¨-sX-¶v Im-Wn¡mw F-¶v ]-d-ªp-sIm-|v sN¶m-b `q-an-tbm-Sv tNÀ¶p-
In-S¶p. A-t¸mÄ Ic-Sn H-cp ]m-d¡Ãv F-Sp-¯p-sIm-|ph-¶v sN-¶m-b-bp-
sS ]pd-¯v sh¨p.
A-t¸mÄ sN¶m-b sN-½-cn-bm-Sn-t\m-Sv X-s¶ c-£n¡m³ B-h-iy-s¸«p.
sN-½-cn-bm-Sv A-Xv \n-c-kn¨p. C-\n H-cn-¡epw R-§-fp-sS Iq-«-¯n-te-¡v
A-Sp-¡n-sÃ-¶v F-\n-¡v \o hm-Kv-Zm-\w sN-¿Ww. A-t¸mÄ sN¶m-b A-Xn\v
hn-k½-Xw {]-I-Sn-¸n¨p. F-¶n-«v ]-dªp: C-Xn-\v ap-¼v \n-t¶m-Sv IcmÀ sN-
bvX- X
- p-t]m-se Rm³ \n-t¶m-Sv IcmÀ sN-¿nÃ. F-¶n-«v sN-½c - n-bm-Sv ]-dªp:
""R-§-sf B-{I-an-¡p-¶ \n-s¶ k-lm-bn-¡p-¶Xn F-\n-¡v H-cp B-h-
iy-hp-anÃ.'' A-t¸mÄ Ic-Sn Nn-cn-¨p-sIm-|v ]-dªp: ""C-Xm-Wv \o-Xn.''
sN-¶mb-¡v Ah-sâ sXäm-b {]-hÀ-¯-\¯n kw-`-hn-¨-sX-´m-sW-¶v
XoÀ¯pw t_m-[y-s¸«p.


_pjv-d _o-hn BÀ.


H-cp {]-`p-Ip-Spw-_-¯n-em-Wv kn³{U-e P-\n-¨Xv. A-Ñ-\-½-am-cp-sS I-®nep-
®n-bm-bn-cp-¶p AhÄ. `w-Kn-bp-Å D-Sp-¸p-I-fp-a-Wn-ªv H-cp ]q-¼m-ä-sb-t¸m-
se Xp-Ån-¨m-Sn \-S-¶ kn³-{U-e-bp-sS Po-hn-Xw s]-s«-¶m-Wv I-ã-X-bn-em-
A-h-fp-sS A-½ A-kp-Jw h-¶v In-S-¸n-embn. G-ähpw \Ã Nn-InÕ-IÄ
\Â-In-bn«pw c-£-s¸-«nÃ. A-½-bp-sS a-c-W-t¯m-sS sIm-«m-cw t]m-epÅ
B ho«n A-Ñ\pw a-Ifpw X-\n-¨mbn.
Ip-d-¨p-Im-ew I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ kn³-{U-e-bp-sS A-ѳ ho|pw hn-hm-lw
I-gn-¨p. c-|p s]¬-a-¡-fp-Å H-cp Zp-ã-sb-bm-Wv A-bmÄ-¡v `m-cy-bm-bn
e-`n-¨Xv. B kv-{Xo-bp-sS s]¬a-¡Ä A-h-sc-t¸m-se X-s¶ hn-cq-]n-Ifpw
Zp-ã-Ifpw B-bn-cp¶p. kn³-{U-e kp-μ-cn-bm-b-Xp-sIm-|v B s]¬-Ip-«n-
IÄ-¡v A-h-tfm-Sv hen-b A-kq-b-bm-bn-cp¶p.
c-|m-\-½-bpw s]¬-a-¡fpw tNÀ-¶v B ho-«n-se FÃm tPm-en-Ifpw
kn³-{U-es - b-s¡m-|m-Wv sN-¿n-¨n-cp-¶Xv. ]m{Xw I-gp-Ip-I, X-d Xp-Sb
- v¡p-I,
Xp-Wn A-e¡p-I Xp-S-§n-b-sXÃmw A-h-fp-sS am{Xw tPm-en-bmbn. FÃm
tPm-enbpw sN-bvX - p-XoÀ-¯t- i-jw A-Sp-¡f- b
- n-se shdpw X-db
- n-em-Wv A-hÄ
D-d§m³ In-S-¡p-¶Xv. hn-cq-]n-Ifm-b k-tlm-Z-cn-am-cm-I-s« FÃm ku-I-cy-
§-fp-ap-Å hn-im-eam-b In-S-¸p-ap-dn-bn-se Xq-hÂ-sa-¯-bn-em-Wv D-d-§n-bn-
cp-¶Xv. ITn-\-am-bn A-[zm-\n-s¨-¦nepw kn³-{U-e-bv¡v H-cn-¡epw \Ã
h-kv{X-§Ä In-«n-bn-cp-¶nÃ. Im-Wm-s\m-cp N-´-hp-anÃm-¯ k-tlm-Z-cn-am-
À¡msW¦n hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å h-kv-{X-§fpw B-`-c-W-§fpw [m-cm-f-am-bn


H-cp Znh-kw B cm-Py-s¯ cm-P-Ip-am-c³ H-cp hen-b hn-cp¶pw \r-¯-
]-cn-]m-Snbpw \-S¯m³ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. {]-[m-\-s¸-« FÃm B-fp-I-sf-bpw
£-Wn-¡p-Ibpw sN-bvX - p. {]-`p-Ip-Spw-_a- m-bX
- n\m kn³-{U-eb
- p-sS ho«nepw
£-W¡-¯v In«n. hn-cq-]n-Ifm-b k-tlm-Z-cnamÀ £-W¡-¯v I-|v k-t´m-
jw sIm-|v Xp-Ån-¨m-Sn. hn-cp-¶n-\v t]m-Im-\p-Å H-cp-¡-§fpw B-cw-`n¨p.
k-tlm-Z-cn-am-sc A-Wn-bn-s¨m-cp-¡p-¶ Npa-X-e ap-gp-h³ kn³-{U-e-bv-¡mbn.
A-h-cp-sS h-kv-{X-§Ä tX-¡p-I, X-e-ap-Sn No-In-s¡m-Sp¡p-I Xp-S§n-b
tPm-en-IÄ sN-bv-Xp-sIm-|n-cn-¡p-t¼mÄ k-tlm-Z-cn-amcn H-cp-¯n kn³-
{U-e-tbm-Sv tNm-Zn¨p: ""cm-P-Ip-amc-sâ Iq-sS \r-¯-¯n-\v h¶m sIm-Åm-
sa-¶v \n-\¡pw B-{K-l-ap-t|m, kn³-{U-te?''
""\à h-kv-{X-§Ä D-|m-bn-cp-s¶¦n Rm\pw h-cp-am-bn-cp¶p'' þ
kn³{U-e ]-dªp.
""\o A§-s\ X-s¶ hn-Nm-cn-¡Ww'' F-¶v ]d-ªv k-tlm-Z-cnamÀ
Ah-sf I-fn-bm-¡n Nn-cn¨p.
hn-ti-j-s¸-« h-kv-{X-§Ä A-Wn-ªn«pw Im-gv-Nbn H«pw N-´-anÃm-¯
Cu s]¬-Ip-«n-IÄ Ip-Xn-c-h-|nbn Ib-dn sIm-«m-c-¯n-te-¡v bm-{X
FÃm-hcpw s]m-bv-¡-gn-ª-t¸mÄ kn³{U-e \n-cm-i-tbm-sS A-Sp-¡-f-
bp-sS aq-ebn sN-¶n-cp-¶v hn-§n-hn-§n I-cªp. s]-s«-¶v C-cp-f-S-ª
A-Sp-¡-fbn kzÀ-Ko-bam-b H-cp {]-Im-iw \n-dªp. {]-Im-i-c-iv-an-IÄ-¡p
\-Sphn kzÀ-W-h-kv-{X-§Ä [-cn-¨ H-cp amem-J \nÂ-¡p¶-Xp I-|v
kn³{U-e A-¼-c¶p.
""\n-§Ä B-cmWv? F-hn-sS \n-¶m-Wv h-cp-¶-Xv?'' þ kn³{U-e ]-cn-{`-
a-t¯m-sS tNm-Zn¨p.
""am-em-J-bm-bn-¯oÀ-¶ \n-sâ A-½q-½-bm-Wv Rm³. C-\n ]-dbq, \n\-
¡v cm-P-Ip-am-c-t\m-sSm-¯v \r-¯w sN¿m³ B-{K-l-ap-t|m?'' amem-J
A-h-tfm-Sv tNm-Zn¨p.
""D|v. F-\n¡pw \r-¯-¯n-\v t]mIm³ B-{K-l-ap-|v.'' C-S-dp-¶
kzc¯n kn³{U-e ]-dªp.
""\n-sâ B-{K-lw Rm³ km-[n-¨p-Xcm³ t]m-Ip-I-bmWv. ]-t£, R-m³
]-d-bp-¶-Xp-t]m-se \o sN-¿-Ww.'' amem-J ]-dªp.
XoÀ-¨-bmbpw Rm³ sN-¿mw. F-´m-Wv th-|-sX-¶v ]-dªm am{Xw
aXn. kn³{U-e D-d-¸p-\ÂIn.
""BZyw \o tXm-«-¯n-te-¡v t]m-IWw. A-hn-sS \n-¶v hen-b H-cp a-¯-
§ a-dn-¨p-sIm-|p-h-c-Ww.'' amem-J ]-dªp.
kn³{U-e amem-J ]-d-ª-Xp-t]m-se sN-bv-sX-¦nepw a-¯-§ sIm-|v
F-´v sN-¿m-\m-sW-¶v A-hÄ A-Z`v- p-Xs - ¸«p. ]t£, th-Kw X-s¶ A-hÀ¡Xv


a-\-Ên-embn. amem-J X-sâ Zn-hy-i-àn-bp-Å h-Sn-sIm-|v a-¯-§bn H-¶v
sXm«p. D-S³-X-s¶ a-¯-§-bp-sS Øm\-¯v a-t\m-l-cam-b H-cp kzÀ-W-
¡p-Xn-ch-|n {]-Xy-£-ambn. kn³{U-e A-¼-c-t¸m-sS A-XnÂ-¯-s¶ t\m-
¡n-\n¶p. A-t¸mÄ amem-J ]-dªp: ""\o th-Kw t]m-bn B F-en-s¸-«n-
F-Sp-¯p-sIm-|p-hcq. AXn B-dv F-en-¡p-ªp-§Ä Im-Wpw.'' kn³{U-e
A-Xp-t]m-se sN-bvXp.
""F-en-s¸-«n-bp-sS AS-¸p Xpd-¶v F-en-¡p-ªp§-sf Hm-tcm-¶m-bn ]-p-d-
t¯-¡v hn-Sq.'' amem-J ]-dªp.
kn³{U-e F-en-s¸-«n-bp-sS AS-¸v sa-sà Xp-d¶p. ]p-d-¯p-h-¶ Hmtcm
F-en-¡p-ªn-sâbpw X-ebn amem-J sXm«p. B \n-an-jw X-s¶ F-en-
IÄ I-cp¯p-ä B-dv Ip-Xn-c-I-fm-bn amdn.
""\-ap-¡v Ip-Xn-c-h-|nbpw Ip-Xn-c-Ifpw Bbn. C-\n H-cp h-|n-¡m-c-s\-
¡q-Sn th-Ww.'' amem-J ]-dªp.
""F-en-s¸-«nbn C-\n F-en-IÄ hÃ-Xpw Dt|m F-¶v t\m-¡n-bm-tem?''
kn³{U-e tNm-Zn¨p.
""F¶m A§-s\ sN¿q. \à H-cp F-en-sb In-«nbm \-ap-¡v h-|n-
¡m-c-\m-¡mw.'' amem-J ]-dªp.
kn³-{U-e- F-en-s¸-«n Xp-d¶p. aq-s¶-en-IÄ ]pd-¯v NmSn. AXnÂ
G-ähpw X-Sn-¨ F-en-bp-sS Xe-b amem-J a-{´-h-Sn-sIm-|v X«n. s]-s«-¶v
F-en H-cp h-|n-¡m-c-\m-bn amdn.
""\n-sâ B-{K-lw C-Xm km-[n-¡phm³ t]m-hp-I-bmWv. Cu h-|nbnÂ
\n\-¡v sIm-«mc-¯Â t]m-Imw.'' amem-J ]-dªp.
""Cu Iodn-b D-Sp-¸p-I-fp-an-«p-sIm-|v Rm³ F-§-s\-bm-Wv sIm-«m-c-
¯n t]m-hp-I? Im-h¡mÀ F-s¶ ]p-d-¯m-¡pw.'' kn³{U-e ]-dªp.
amem-J a-{´h-Sn aq-¶p {]m-hiyw hoin. kn³-{U-e-bp-sS Iodn-b D-Sp-
¸p-IÄ c-Xv\-§Ä ]-Xn-¨ ]-«p-h-kv-{X-§-fm-bn amdn.
""C-\n Rm³ \n\-¡v F-sâ G-ähpw hn-e-s¸-« k-½m-\w X-cmw.'' amem-J
a-t\m-l-cam-b H-cp tPm-Un kv-^Sn-I sN-cp-¸p-IÄ A-hÄ-¡v k-½m-\n¨p.
kn³{U-e k-t´m-jw sIm-|v Xp-Ån-¨mSn. A-hÄ am-em-J-tbm-Sv \-μn-
]-d-ª ti-jw h-|nbn I-b-dm³ Xp-S§n. s]-s«-¶v amem-J Ah-sf
X-S-ªp-\nÀ-¯n-s¡m-|v ]-dªp: ""H-cp Imcyw \o {]-tXy-Iw HmÀ-an-¨p-sIm-
ÅWw. AÀ-[-cm{Xn I-gn-ªv H-cp an-\n-äp t]mepw \o A-hn-sS \nÂ-¡-cpXv.
Im-cWw, B ka-bw I-gnªm \n-sâ h-|n a-¯-§bpw Ip-Xnc-IÄ
F-en-¡p-ªp-§fpw h-|n-¡m-c³ F-enbpw B-Ipw. \n-sâ h-kv-{X-§Ä
]-g-b-Xp-t]m-se Io-dn-bXpw B-Ipw.''
""cm{Xn ]-{´-|p-aW - n-¡p ap-t¼ Rm³ Xn-cn-¨p-hc- pw.'' kn³{U-e ]-dªp.
A-hÄ h-|nbn I-bdn. h-|n-¡m-c³ Ip-Xn-cI-sf Hm-Sn¨p. hf-sc


thKw Ip-Xn-ch-|n sIm-«m-c-¯n-se¯n.
kzÀ-W-¡p-Xn-c-h-|nbn A-Xn-kp-μ-cnbm-b H-cp cm-P-Ip-am-cn h-cp¶-Xv
sIm-«m-c-¯n-se FÃm-hcpw t\m-¡n-\n¶p. cm-P-Ip-am-c³ Hm-Snh-¶v h-|n-
bnÂ-\n-¶v C-d§m³ Ah-sf k-lm-bn¨p. cm-P-Ip-am-c-t\m-sSm-¯v kn³{U-e
\r-¯-a-Þ-]-¯n-se-¯n-b-t¸mÄ hn-cp-¶n-\v h-¶ B-fp-IÄ ]-c-kv]-cw
tNm-Zn¨p: ""B-cm-WnhÄ? F-{X kp-μ-cn-bm-bn-cn-¡p-¶p.''
A-hÄ B-cm-sW-¶v am{Xw BÀ¡pw a-\-Ên-em-bnÃ. A-h-fp-sS A-Xp-
eyam-b ku-μcyw Ah-sc A-Zv-`p-X-s¸-Sp¯n. C-{Xbpw ku-μ-cy-ap-Å
B-scbpw A-hÀ C-Xn-\p-ap-¼v I-|n-«nÃ. cm-P-Ip-am-c³ kn³-{U-e-bp-am-bn
\r-¯w sN-bvXp. FÃm-hcpw Ah-sf A-`n-\-μn¨p. \r-¯-¯n-\p-ti-jw hn-
in-ã-t`m-Py-§Ä hn-f¼n. kn³{U-e A-ev-]-ka-bw A-h-fp-sS k-tlm-Z-cn-
am-cp-sS A-Sp-¡Â sN-¶n-cp¶p. A-hÀ-¡v Nn-e a-[p-c-]-e-lmc-§Ä sIm-Sp-
¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. kp-μ-cnbm-b Cu cm-P-Ip-am-cn B-cm-sW-¶v A-hÀ
A-Zv-`p-X-s¸«p. cm-P-Ip-am-c³ F-t¸mgpw A-h-fp-sS Iq-sS-¯-s¶-bp-|m-bn-
cp¶p. kn³-{U-e-bv-¡v hf-sc k-t´m-j-ambn. A-h-fp-sS Po-hn-X¯n H-cn-
¡epw C-{Xbpw k-t´m-jw D-|m-bn-«nÃ. FÃmw ad-¶v A-hÄ B-Ëm-Z¯ - nÂ
ap-gpIn. t¢m¡n ]-{´-|S- n¡m³ Xp-S§ - n-bt- ¸mÄ kn³{U-e sR-«n-t¸mbn.
amem-J ]-dª-Xv A-hÄ A-t¸m-gm-Wv HmÀ-¯Xv.
bm-{X-]-dbm³ t]mepw \nÂ-¡m-sX cm-P-Ip-amc-sâ ssI hn-«p-sIm-|v
kn³{U-e Hm-Sn sIm-«m-c¯ - n-\v ]p-ds
- ¯¯n. X-sâ Ip-Xn-ch - |
- n-bp-sS Øm\-
¯v H-cp a-¯-§-bm-Wv A-hÄ I-|Xv. kn³{U-e X-sâ h-kv-{X-¯n-te-¡v
t\m¡n. A-Xv ]-g-b-Xp-t]m-se Io-dn-¸-dn-ªn-cn-¡p¶p. Xn-cn-ªp-t]mepw
t\m-¡m-sX A-hÄ ho-«n-te-¡v HmSn. ho-«n-se-¯n-b-t¸m-gm-Wv kn³{U-e
A-Xv {i-²n-¨Xv. amem-J k-½m-\n-¨ sN-cp-¸p-Ifn H-sc-®w am-{X-ta ImenÂ
DÅq. a-tä-Xv F-hn-sStbm \-ãs - ¸-«n-cn-¡p¶p. k-tlm-Zc- namÀ h-cp-¶X- n-\p-ap-¼v
A-hÄ B sN-cp-¸v H-fn-¸n-¨p-sh¨p. A-ev-]w I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ k-tlm-Z-cnamÀ
ho-«n-se¯n. A-h-tcm-Sv kn³{U-e ]-cn-`-h¯n ]-dªp:
""\n-§Ä t]m-bn-«v F-{X t\-c-am-bn?''
""ka-bw t]m-b-sXm¶pw R-§-f-dn-ªnÃ. A-{X c-k-am-bn-cp¶p. hf-sc
kp-μ-cnbm-b H-cp cm-P-Ip-am-cn A-hn-sS h-¶n-cp¶p. A-hÄ R-§Ä-¡v a-[p-
c-]-ZmÀY-§Ä X-¶p.'' aq-¯-k-tlmZ-cn ]-dªp.
kn³-{U-e-bv-¡v hf-sc k-t´m-j-ambn. ""B cm-P-Ip-am-cn-bp-sS t]-sc-
´m-Wv?'' kn³{U-e tNm-Zn¨p.
""A-h-fp-sS t]-cv BÀ-¡pw A-dn-ªp-IqSm. B-cm-sW-¶p-t]mepw a-\-
Ên-em¡m³ I-gn-ªnÃ. F-¦nepw cm-P-Ip-amc-\v A-h-sf hf-sc C-ã-s¸-s«-
¶m-Wv tXm-¶p-¶-Xv.'' k-tlm-Z-cn-amcn C-fb-hÄ ]-dªp.
hm-kv-X-h-ambpw A-hÄ hf-sc kp-μ-cn-bm-tWm? \n-§-sf-t¸m-se


F-\-n¡pw Ah-sf H-¶v ImWm³ I-gn-sª-¦nÂ. A-Sp-¯ {]m-hiyw F-s¶-
¡q-Sn sIm-|p-t]m-Ip-tam? \n-§-fp-sS H-cp ]-g-b h-kv{Xw Iq-Sn F-\n-¡v
X-cWw. sIm-«m-c¯n t]m-Im-\p-Å-XtÃ.
B ]-d-¨n k-tlm-Z-cn-amÀ-¡v C-ã-s¸-«nÃ. A-hÀ Ah-sf A-h-Ú-
tbm-sS t\m-¡n-b-ti-jw X-§-fp-sS ap-dn-I-fn-te-¡v I-b-dn-t¸mbn.
kn³{U-e t]m-b-Xn-\p-ti-jw cm-P-Ip-am-c³ sIm-«m-c-¯nepw ]-cn-k-c¯p-
sam-s¡ A-t\z-jn¨p. A-hÄ F-t§m-«v t]m-sb-¶v BÀ¡pw I-s|¯m³
I-gn-ªnÃ. ]pÂ-¯-In-Sn-bnÂ-\n-¶v H-cp kv-^-Sn-I-s¨-cp-¸p am{Xw cm-P-Ip-
amc-\v In«n. A-Xv X-t¶m-sSm-¸w \r-¯w sNbv-X kp-μ-cn-bp-tS-Xm-sW-¶v
cm-P-Ip-amc-\v a-\-Ên-embn.
]n-tä Znh-kw sX-cp-ho-Yn-Ifn cm-PIo-b hn-f-¼-c-ap-|mbn. ""cm-P-Ipamc-
sâ ]-¡-ep-Å kv-^-Sn-I-s¨-cp-¸v ]m-I-am-Ip-¶ bp-h-Xn-sbtb cm-P-Ip-am-c³
hn-hm-lw I-gn-¡q''sh-¶m-bn-cp-¶p AXv.
cm-P-`-S·mÀ BZyw cm-P-Ip-Spw-_-§-fn-em-Wv sN-¶Xv. cm-P-Ip-amc-sâ
h-[p-hm-Im-\p-Å B-{K-l-t¯m-sS cm-P-Ip-am-cnamÀ a-Õ-c-_p-²n-tbm-sS sN-
cp-¸n-«v t\m¡m³ ap-t¶m-«v h¶p. F¶m A-hcn BÀ¡pw X-s¶ B
kv-^-Sn-I-s¨-cp-¸v ]m-I-am-bnÃ. h-ep-¸-s¨-dp-¸w Iq-Sm-sX FÃm s]¬-Ip-«n-
IÄ¡pw A-hk-cw \Â-I-W-sa-¶m-bn-cp-¶p cm-P-I-ev]-\. cm-P-`-S·mÀ sNcp-
¸p-am-bn {]-`p-Ip-Spw-_-§-fn-te-¡v \o§n. ]-e ho-Sp-IÄ I-b-dn-b-ti-jw
H-Sphn kn³-{U-e-bp-sS ho-«n-ep-sa¯n.
""Rm³ BZyw C-«p-t\m-¡mw... Rm³ B-Zyw...'' F-¶p hn-fn-¨p-]-d-ªp-
sIm-|v kn³-{U-e-bp-sS hn-cq-]n-Ifm-b k-tlm-Z-cnamÀ a-Õ-cn-¨v Hm-Sn-h¶p.
F-§-s\-sb-¦nepw ]m-I-am-sW-¶v h-cp¯m³ {i-an-¨p-t\m-¡n-sb-¦nepw
A-fhn hf-sc hy-Xym-k-ap-Å-Xn\m I-gn-ªnÃ.
""C-\n sN-cp-¸n-«p-t\m¡m³ B-sc-¦nepw ho-«n-ep-t|m?''
""C-hn-sS C-\n B-cp-anÃ.'' k-tlm-Z-cnamÀ H-cp-an-¨p-]-dªp. `-S·mÀ kn³-
{Ue-sb I|p. A-hÄ hf-sc kp-μ-cn-bm-sW-¶p-Iq-Sn I-|-t¸mÄ A-h-fp-
sS A-cn-In-te-¡v \o§n.
""A-hÄ C-hn-Sp-s¯ th-e-¡m-cn-bmWv. A-h-fp-sS Imen C-«p-t\m-t¡
-|-XnÃ.'' k-tlm-Z-cnamÀ G-I-kz-c¯n ]-dªp.
cm-P-`-S·mÀ B A-`n-{]m-b-t¯m-Sv tbm-Pn-¨nÃ. A-hÀ ]-dªp:
""FÃm s]¬-Ip-«n-IÄ¡pw A-hk-cw \Â-I-W-sa-¶m-Wv cm-P-I-ev-]-\.''
kn³-{U-e-tbm-Sv sN-cp-¸v C-«p-t\m¡m³ `-S·mÀ B-h-iy-s¸«p. A-h-fpsS
Imen A-Xv ]m-I-amb-Xv I-|-t¸mÄ k-tlm-Z-cn-amÀ A-¼-c¶p. kn³{U-e
th-Kw AI-¯v sN-¶v a-tä sN-cp¸pw Iq-Sn F-Sp-¯p-sIm-|p-h-¶-tXm-sS
`-S-·mÀ-¡v ]qÀ-W-t_m-[y-ambn. A-h-fp-sS k-tlm-Z-cn-amÀ-¡v A-Xv hn-iz-
kn¡m³ t]mepw I-gn-ªnÃ.


k-tlm-Z-cnamÀ A-h-tfm-Sv am-¸p-tNm-Zn¨p. kn³{U-e A-h-tcm-Sv ]-dªp:
""F-\n-¡v \n-§-tfm-Sv H-cp ]n-W-¡-hp-anÃ. F¶pw Rm³ \n§-sf kv-t\-ln-
¡pw.'' cm-P-`-S·mÀ kn³-{Ue-sb sIm-«m-c-¯n-te-¡v sIm-|p-t]mbn. sIm-
«m-c¯n A-hÄ-¡v cm-PIo-b h-c-thÂ-¸v e-`n¨p. G-Xm-\pw Zn-h-k-§Ä-
¡p-ti-jw cm-P-Ip-am-c-\p-am-bp-Å kn³-{U-e-bp-sS hn-hm-lw BÀ-`m-S-am-bn
k-tlm-Z-cn-am-tcm-Sv kn³{U-e £-an¨p. A-hÄ sIm-«m-c¯n cm-P-Ip-
am-c-\p-sam-¯v G-sd-¡m-ew k-t´m-j-am-bn Po-hn¨p.



F¶n \n-¶-I-ep-¶ ]-£n-sb t\m-¡n Rm³
Ft´m hn-Nm-cn-¨p I-®oÀ Xp-S¨p.

I-fI-fw ]m-Sp-s¶m-c-cp-hn-sb-t¸m-se Rm³

I-c-fn-se t\m-hn-\v Iq-sSm-cp-¡p¶p.

F-´n-\p th-|n-tb X-\n-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p Rm³

F-\n-¡m-bv am{Xw XoÀ-s¯m-cm-¸pÂ-¡q«nÂ.

H-cp \q-dv kv-t\-l-s\m-¼c-§Ä ]-IÀ-¶n«pþ

sam-Sphn ]-dn-s¨-dn-b-s¸-«-h-fmbn

Rm-\n¶pw a-\-Ên-sâ im-]-tam-£-¯n-\mbv,

s\m-¼-c-§Ä-¡n-Sbn h-kn-¡p¶p.


Pp-ss\-Z A-Ðp-Ê-aZv

knw-lhpw s]¬-Ip-«nbpw

H-cp hym-]m-cn X-sâ I-¨-h-S-¯n-\m-h-iyam-b N-c-¡p-IÄ hm§phm³ th|n
H-cp bm-{X-t]mIm³ Xo-cp-am-\n-¨p. Cu A-h-k-c¯n X-sâ aq-¶v s]¬-
a-¡-sfbpw hn-fn-¨v Xm³ t]m-bn-h-cp-t¼mÄ F-´v sIm-|p-hc-Ww F\vv
Hm-tcm-cp-¯-tcm-Sm-bn tNm-Zn¨p.
aq-¯a-IÄ hm-¸t- bm-Sv C-{]-Im-cw ]-dªp: ""hm¸m, Rm³ B-{K-ln¡p¶-
Xv hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å ap-¯n-sâ am-e-bm-Wv.'' c-|m-a-s¯ a-IÄ hm-¸-tbm-Sv
B-h-iy-s¸-«-Xm-I-s« kzÀ-W-¯n-sâ hm-¨pw. A-h-fp-sS ssI-bn-em-I-s«
t\-c-s¯ X-s¶ `w-Kn-bp-Å H-cp h-f-bp-|m-bn-cp¶p. C-hÀ c-|p-t]-cnÂ-
\-n¶pw XoÀ¯pw hy-Xy-kv-Xam-b H-cp B-{K-l-am-bn-cp-¶p C-f-b a-I-fp-tSXv.
A-hÄ hm-¸-tbm-Sv kv-t\-l-_-lp-am-\-t¯m-sS ]-dªp: ""F-sâ h-μy-
]-nXmth, F-sâ B-{K-lw þ A§v h-cp-t¼mÄ F-\n-s¡m-cp sh-fp-¯ tdmkm
]p-jv-]w sIm-|ph-¶v Xc-Ww F-¶p-Å-XmWv. A-hÄ A-Xp-sIm-|v D-t±-
in¨-Xv X-sâ B-{K-lw H-cn-¡epw ]n-Xm-hn-s\ _p-²n-ap-«n-¡-p-¶-Xm-bn-cn-¡-
cp-sX-¶mWv. B a-IÄ ]q-¡-fp-sS ssh-hn-[y-`w-Kn B-kz-Zn-¡p-¶ Iq«-¯n-
em-bn-cp¶p. ssi-X-b-Im-e-am-sW-¶ h-kvXp-X HmÀ-¡m-sX-bm-Wv A-hÄ
X-sâ B-{K-lw ]n-Xm-hn-\p ap¼n A-h-X-cn-¸n-¨Xv. a-c-§Ä-¡p ap-IfnÂ
a-ªv ]p-X-¸m-bn am-dn A-´-co-£-am-sI ITn-\ X-Wp-¸p-Å-Xm-bn amdn. I-S-
ep-IÄ Cc-¼n C-{]-Im-cw ssi-Xy-Im-ew sIm-Sp-¼n-cn-s¡m-| th-fbnÂ
sh-fp-¯ tdm-km-]p-jv-]w kw-L-Sn-¸n¡p-I F¶-Xv A-t§b-äw {]-bm-k-I-
c-am-bn-cp¶p. C-¶-s¯-t¸m-se X-Wp-¯ Im-em-h-Ø-bp-Å `q-J-Þ-§-fn-
te-¡v ]p-jv]-§Ä kp-e-`am-b {]-tZ-i-¯p-\n-¶v ]q-¡Ä F-¯n¡m³ I-gn-
ªn-cp-¶nÃ. Im-cWw, A-§-s\-sbm-cp C-d-¡pa-Xn \-S¯m³ th-|


hn-am\-§Ä A-hn-sS D-|m-bn-cp-¶nÃ. C-¶m-I-s« X-Wp-¸p-Å cm-Py-§fnÂ
a-c-§fpw ]q-¡fpw Ir-jn-sN¿m³ th-|n Ir-{Xn-a {]-Xn-tcm-[w \Â-Ip-¶
l-cn-X-`-h\-§Ä e-`y-amWv. A-h-bp-sS Ip-d-hp-Imc-Ww C-f-ba-IÄ tNm-Zn-
¨Xm-b sh-fp-¯ ]p-jv-]w t\Sp-I F¶-Xv B ]n-Xm-hn-s\ kw-_-Ôn-¨n-S-
t¯m-fw {i-a-I-cam-b tPm-en-bm-bn-¯oÀ-¶p. A-hÄ X-sâ ]n-Xm-hn-s\ ZpxJ-
¯n-em-gv-¯p-¶ B-{K-l-am-Wv ]-d-ª-sX-¶v I-cp-Xn-bn-cp-¶nÃ.
B ]n-Xm-hn-sâ a-¡-fnÂh-¨v G-ähpw ku-μ-cy-apÅ-Xv C-f-b- a-IÄ-¡m-
bn-cp¶p. A-h-fp-sS B-hiyw t]m-se X-s¶ sh-fp-¯ tdm-km-¸q-¡Ä
In«pwh-sc ]-cn-{i-an¡m³ B ]n-Xm-hv Zr-V-\n-Ý-b-sa-Sp¯p.
bm-{X-bv-¡p-ap-¼v `m-cy-sbbpw X-sâ aq-¶v a-¡-sfbpw I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³
Npw-_n¨p. A-{]-Im-cw A-hcpw A-t±-l-¯n-\v Npw-_\-§Ä \Â-In A-t±-
l-s¯ bm-{X-bm¡n. A-\y-cm-Py-¯p-\n-¶v I¨-h-S km-[\-§Ä hm-§p-¶-
Xn-\m-bn A-t±-lw ]p-d-s¸«p.
I¨-h-S km-[\-§Ä hm-§n-b-ti-jw X-sâ cm-Py-t¯-¡v a-S§m³ hym-
]-m-cn Xo-cp-am-\n-¨p. aq-¯a-IÄ B-h-iy-s¸-«-Xp-t]m-se X-s¶ hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å
ap-¯n-sâ am-e hm§n. ]n-¶o-Sv C-f-b-a-I-fp-sS B-h-iy-{]-Im-cw kz-À-W-¯n-
sâ hm¨pw A-t±-lw I-c-Ø-amvIn. X-sâ {]n-b-s¸-« C-f-b-a-I-fp-sS B-hiyw
\n-d-th-äp-¶-Xn-\m-bn sh-fp-¯ tdm-km-]p-jv-]w A-t\z-jn-¨v FÃm tXm-«-§-
fnepw ]-cXm³ Xp-S§n. ]t£, \nÀ-`m-Ky-sa-¶p ]-d-bs«, A-t±-l-¯n-\v
A-Xv I-s|-¯m-\m-bnÃ.
bm-{X-bn-ep-S-\o-fw Hmtcm tXm-«w Im-Wp-t¼mgpw {]-Xo-£-tbm-sS sh-
fp-¯ ]p-jv-]w e-`n-¡p-¶-Xn-\p-Å Xn-c¨n \-S¯n. A-t±-l-¯n-sâ Cu
A-Xy-]qÀ-ham-b tNmZyw tI-«v P\-§Ä A-Zv-`p-Xw ]q-|p. A-hÀ A-t±-l-
¯n-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""\n-§Ä hn-Nm-cn-¡p-¶p-t|m, Cu a-ªn-sâ C-S-bnÂ-
\n-¶v tdm-km-¸q {]-Xy-£-s¸-Sp-sa-¶v?'' Cu ITn-\ X-Wp-¸p-Å A-´-co-
£¯n A-Xn-\p-Å km-[y-X-bnà F¶-Xv ]-IÂ-t]m-se hm-kv-X-h-amWv.
]qPyw Un{Kn skÂ-jy-kn-\p Xm-sg-bm-Wv A-´-co-t£m-jv-amhv. _p-²n-
]-cam-b Cu a-dp-]-Sn-IÄ tI-«-t¸mÄ I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ H-cp-]m-Sv th-Z-\n¨p.
X-sâ sNdn-b a-I-fp-sS B{K-l km-£m-Xv-Im-c-¯n-\v H-cp h-gn Im-Wm-sX
A-t±-l-¯n-sâ am-\-kn-I-hy-Y \n-an-jw-{]-Xn hÀ-[n-¨p-sIm-|n-cp¶p. A-hÄ
X-t¶m-Sv ]-dª-Xv \n-Êm-cam-b H-cp B-{K-l-amWv. H-cp `m-chpw X-s¶
A-hÄ GÂ-¸n-¨n-«nÃ. \à Im-em-h-Øbn kp-e-`-am-bn e-`n-¨n-cp-¶-Xm-Wv
{]-kvXp-X ]q-¡Ä. Nn-´bn hym-]r-X-\m-bn \-S-¡p-¶ th-fbn A-hn-sS
H-cp sIm-«m-cw I|p. A-Xn-sâ Npäpw A-]-cn-Nn-Xam-b ]q-t´m-«-ap-|v. tXm«w
c-|p `m-K-am-bn-«m-Wp-ÅXv. H¶n th-\ Im-em-h-Ø-bmWv. A-hn-sS-bm-

knw-lhpw s]¬-Ip-«nbpw

Is«, ]-¨-]n-Sn-¨p-\nÂ-¡p-¶ a-c-§fpw [m-cm-fw `w-Kn-bp-Å ]q-¡fpw Zr-iy-
am-Ip¶p. c-|m-as - ¯ hn-`m-K¯n a-ªp-IW - §- fm a-db
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Im-Wmw. AXn C-e-I-fnÃ. ]q-hn-sâ A-S-bm-fw t]mepw Im-Wm-\nÃ. A-Zv-
`p-X-t¯m-Sp-Iq-Sn A-Xn-s\ \n-co-£n-¨ A-t±lw, th-\Â Im-em-h-Ø-bp-Å
tXm-«¯n sh-fp-¯ tdm-km-]p-jv-]w I-|p. hym-]m-cn ]p-jv-]w ]-dn-¡phm³
A-\p-hm-Z-¯n-\m-bn tXm-«w D-Sa-sb hn-fn¨p. ]t£, B hn-fn-¡v a-dp]-Sn
\Â-Im³- B-scbpw I-|nÃ. k-t´m-jm-[n-Iy¯m A-t±-lw B a-c-¯nÂ
-\n-¶v H-cp ]q-hv ]-dn¨p. B ]q-hv e-`y-am-b-Xn-s\ Xp-SÀ-¶v A-t±-l-w h-f-sc-
b-[n-Iw k-t´m-jn¨p. A-hn-sS \n-¶v aS§nb A-t±-lw h-gn-at[y H-cp
knw-l-s¯ I|p. `o-I-c\mb B knw-lw A-t±-l-s¯ ]n-´p-SÀ¶p. A-Xn-
tLm-c-am-bn A-Xv KÀ-Ön¨p. F-¶nSvv B hym-]m-cn-tbm-Sv tNm-Zn¨p: ""F-sâ
A-\p-hm-Zw Iq-Sm-sX Cu tdm-km-]p-jv-]w ]-dn-¡m³ \n\-¡v F§-s\ ss[-
hym-]m-cn, {Ip-²-\m-bn \nÂ-¡p-¶ knw-l-t¯m-Sv ]-dªp: ""Rm³ hnfn-
¨n-cp-¶pþk-½X - t- ¯m-sS ]q-hv ]-dn-¡p-¶X- n-\mbn. ]t£, B-scbpw I-|nÃ.
A-\p-hm-Zw hm-§m-sX ]q ]-dn-¨Xn A-t§b-äw Rm³ tJ-Zn-¡p¶p. Cu
]q-t´m-«w \n-tâ-Xm-sW-¶v F-\n-¡v A-dn-bnÃm-bn-cp-¶p.'' a-dp]-Sn tI-«-ti-
jw knw-lw hym-]m-cn-tbm-Sv H-cp Z-bbpw Iq-Sm-sX ]-dªp: ""XoÀ-¨-bmbpw
\o F-sâ tdm-km-]q-hv F-Sp-¯p þ A-Xv F-sâ tXm-«-¯nÂ-\n-¶v tam-ãn¨p.
Rm³ \n-s¶ sImÃm³ t]m-hp-I-bmWv. `-b-¶p-t]m-b hym-]mcn, ""\o F-\-n-
¡v am-¸p-X-cWw, F-s¶ sImÃ-cpXv. C-Xn-sâ hn-e \n\-¡v \Â-Imw'' F-¶v
knw-lt- ¯m-Sv ]-dªp. knw-lw hym-]m-cn-bp-sS a-dp]-Sn tI-«t- i-jw ]-dªp:
""F-\n-¡v \m-Wb-§Ä th-|. \n-sâ ho«n \o Xn-cn-s¨-¯p-t¼mÄ BZyw
Im-Wp-¶-sXt´m A-Xv F-\n-¡v \Â-IWw. A-§-s\-sb¦n Rm³ \n-
s¶ sh-dp-sX hn-Smw.'' hym-]m-cn-bnÂ-\n-¶v A§-s\ kXyw hm§n. a-\Ê - nÃm
a-\-tÊm-sS B I-cmdn hym-]m-cn k½-Xw aqfn. Im-cWw, Xm³ ho-«n-se-
¯p-t¼mÄ X-t¶m-Sv G-sd C-ã-ap-Å C-f-ba-IÄ ]p-d-¯p-|m-Ipw. X-sâ
h-chpw {]-Xo-£n-¨v A-hÄ C-cn-¡p-¶p-|m-Ipw. A-t±-l-¯n-sâ Nn´-IÄ
A§-s\ Im-Sp-Ib-dn s]m-bv-s¡m-|n-cp¶p. C-Xn-\p-ti-jw knw-lw X-sâ
tXm-«-¯n-te¡pw hym-]m-cn X-sâ ho-«n-te¡pw t]mbn.
X-sâ ]n-Xm-hn-sâ B-K-a-\hpw Im-¯v h-gn-I-®p-am-bv C-cp¶ B kv-t\-
l-a-bnbm-b a-IÄ A-t±-l-¯nsâ hc-hv I-|v [r-Xn-bn A-cn-In-te-¡v
HmSn. \nÀ-`m-Ky-sa-¶p ]-d-bs«, hym-]m-cn BZyw I-|Xpw B a-I-sf-¯-s¶-
bmWv. ]n-Xm-hn-sâ ]-¡Â sh-fp-¯ ]p-jv-]w I-|v A-h-fp-sS k-t´m-jw
hÀ-[n¨p. A-tX-k-abw, B ]n-Xm-hn-sâ Zpx-Jw C-c-«n¨p. Zpx-J-t¯m-Sp-Iq-Sn
B kvt- \-la- p-Å ]n-Xm-hv \n-jvI- f
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- am-b a-It- fm-Sv ]-dªp: ""a-Itf, C-Xnsâ
hn-e cXv\-§Ä sIm-t|m [-\w sImt|m \n-I¯m³ ]-äm-¯-XmWv. A-{X-


bv-¡v hn-e sIm-Sp-¯m-Wv Cu ]q-hv I-c-Ø-am-¡n-bXv. A-Xn-sâ hn-e H-cn-
¡epw F-\n-¡v \ÂIm³ B-hnÃ. hÀ-[n-¨ Iu-Xp-I-t¯m-Sp-Iq-Sn B ]-n-Xm-
hn-s\ D-äp-t\m-¡n-s¡m-|v B a-IÄ A-t±-l-t¯m-Sv Xm-¦Ä hn-j-an-¡p-¶
-Xn-sâ Im-c-Whpw ]q-hn-sâ hn-ebpw B-cmªp. Zpx-Jn-X\m-b ]n-Xm-hv
a-I-tfm-Sm-bn ]-dªp: ""Rm³ \n-sâ Im-cy¯n Zpx-Jn-X-\mWv. a-Itf,
\n-sâ Im-cy-tamÀ-¯v Rm³ `-b-¡p¶p. Rm³ ho-«n-se-¯p-t¼mÄ BZyw
Im-Wp-¶ h-kv-Xp-hn-s\ sIm-Sp-¡m-sa-¶v knw-l-¯n-\v sIm-Sp-¯ hm-¡n-\p
ta-em-Wv Cu ]p-jv-]w C-¶v \n\-¡v e-`y-am-bn-cn-¡p-¶Xv. Cu ]q-hn-sâ hn-
e-bm-bv \n-s¶ B knw-lw Xn-¶p-tam-sb-¶v Rm³ `-b-¡p-¶p. ]n-Xm-hv
\-S-¶ kw-`-h-saÃmw a-I-tfm-Sv ]-dªp.
`-b-c-ln-Xbmb B a-IÄ ]n-Xm-hn-s\ B-iz-kn-¸n¨p. A-§v im-´-\m-
bn-cn-¡Ww. hn-j-an-¡-cpXv. F-s¶-tbmÀ-¯v `-b-s¸-Sp-Ibpw A-cpXv. F-\n¡v
\Ã Nn-´m-ti-jnbpw _p-²nbpw D-|v A-t§-¡v A-hn-Sp-s¯ IcmÀ \n-d-
thäm³ I-gn-bpw. F-s¶ t]mIm³ A-\p-h-Zn-¡-Ww. XoÀ-¨-bmbpw knw-l-
¯n-sâ A-cn-InÂ-\n-¶v Xn-cn-¨p-h-cm-\p-Å A-\p-hm-Zw A-h³-X-s¶ F-\n-¡v
A-Sp-¯ Znh-kw {]-`m-X-¯nÂ-¯-s¶ knw-l-¯n-sâ A-cn-In-te-¡v
t]-mIm³ B ]n-Xm-hv a-IÄ-¡v A-\p-hm-Zw \ÂIn. sIm-«m-c-¯n-te-¡p-Å
h-gn tNm-Zn-¨p a-\-Ên-em¡n, [o-cam-b a-\-tÊm-Sp-Iq-Sn ho-«n-ep-Å-h-tcm-Sv
bm-{X-]d-ªv ]p-d-s¸«p.
B knw-lw am-{´n-I-\m-b- H-cp cm-Pm-hm-bn-cp¶p. ]-IÂ-k-a-b-§fnÂ
A-t±-lw X-sâ ]-cn-hm-c-§-fp-am-bn knw-l-¯n-sâ cq-]¯n Np-än-\-S-¡pI-
bm-bn-cp¶p. s]¬-Ip-«n sIm-«m-c¯n sN¶-Xv ssh-Ip-t¶-cw B-bn-cp¶p.
A-t¸m-gm-Is«, cm-Pm-hv knw-l-¯n-sâ cq-]-¯n-em-bn-cp¶p. am-{´n-I\m-b
A-t±-lw Ah-sf kzo-I-cn¨p. Du-jv-a-fam-b h-c-thÂ-¸v \ÂIn. ]n-¶o-Sv
a-\-pjyÀ kw-km-cn-¡pw-t]m-se kw-km-cn-¡p-Ibpw X-sâ I-Y A-h-tfm-Sv
]-d-bp-Ibpw sN-bvXp. Xp-SÀ-¶v A-h-tfm-Sv hn-hm-lm-`yÀ-Y-\ \-S¯n. AXnÂ
A-hÄ-¡v ]qÀ-W tbm-Pn-¸m-bn-cp¶p. A-t±-lw X-sâ i-cnbm-b cq-]w {]-m]- n- ¨p.
Zn-h-k-§Ä-¡p-ti-jw B sIm-«m-c¯n hn-hm-lm-tLm-j-¯n-\v sIm-Sn-
tbdn. A§-s\ CW-IÄ k-t´m-j-t¯m-Sp-Iq-Sn A-h-cp-sS Zm-¼-Xy-Po-hn-Xw
A-§-s\-bn-cn-s¡, H-cp Znh-kw cm{Xn A-h-tfm-Sv `À-¯m-hv ]-dªp:
""\m-sf \n-sâ k-tlmZ-cn hn-hm-ln-X-bmIm³ t]m-hp-I-bmWv. \n\-¡v A-hn-
sS t]m-bn-h-cmw. A-Xn-\v Rm³ H-cp X-S-Ê-am-hp-I-bnÃ. A-hÄ X-sâ `À-¯m-
hn-\v \-μn-]-dªp. F-¦n X-sâ ]n-Xm-hn-s\-bpw a-äp ho-«p-Im-scbpw

knw-lhpw s]¬-Ip-«nbpw

ImWm³ I-gn-bp-w. sIm-«m-c¯ - n-te-¡v h-¶t- i-jw X-s¶-¡p-dn-¨v H-cp A-dnhpw
A-hÀ-¡v CÃ. Xm³ a-c-W-s¸-s«-¶m-Wv A-h-cp-sS Nn´.
A-hÄ bm-{X ]p-d-s¸«p. kn-w-l-¯n-sâ th-jw sI-«n am-{´n-Icm-b ]-cn-
Nm-c-I-·m-cpw k-lm-b-¯n\v Ah-sf ]n-´p-SÀ¶p. A-hÄ ho-«n-se¯n. Ip-
Spw-_-¡mcpw ho-«p-Imcpw kp-lr-¯p-¡fpw Ah-sf k-t´m-j-t¯m-sS kzo-
I-cn¨p. A-hÄ Ah-sc FÃm-h-scbpw k-am-[m-\n-¸n-¨p. I-Y-I-sfÃmw
A-hÀ-¡v hn-h-cn-¨p-sIm-Sp¯p. I-eym-W-¨-S-§p-IÄ I-gn-bpwh-sc ho-«p-Im-
tcm-sSm-¯v A-hÄ I-gnªp. ]n-¶o-Sv A-h-cp-sS A-\p-hm-Z-t¯m-sS `À-¯m-
hn-sâ A-Sp-t¯-¡v a-S§n. `m-cy Xn-cn-¨p-h-¶-t¸mÄ cm-Pm-hv k-t´m-jn¨p.
A§-s\ k-t´m-j-I-cam-b Zm-¼-Xy-Po-hn-Xw \-bn-¨p-sIm-|n-cp-¶ A-hÀ-¡v
H-cp B¬-Ip-ªv P-\n¨p. AXn A-hÀ A-Xn-bm-bn B-tam-Zw ]q|p.
A-§-s\-bn-cn-s¡ H-cp Znh-kw cm-Pm-hn-\v X-sâ `m-cy-bp-sS c-|m-a-s¯
k-tlm-Z-cn-bp-sS hn-hm-l-¯n-\v £-Ww e-`n¨p. C¯-h-W X-t¶m-sSm-¸w
Xm-¦fpw h-c-W-sa¶v `m-cy A-t±-l-t¯mSv ]-dªp. X-\n-¡v hcm³ B-{Kl-
ap-s|¶pw F-\n-¡v \n-s¶ ]n-cn-ªn-cn¡m³ I-gn-bn-söpw Cu A-h-k-
c-¯nÂ-¯-s¶ \n-t¶m-sSm-¸w hcm³ \nÀ-hm-l-an-söpw A-t±-lw A-dn-
bn¨p. X-sâ hc-hv A-]I-Sw h-cp-¯n-sh-¡p-sa¶pw H-cp {]-Im-i-c-iv-an
F-§m\pw F-sâ Xebn ho-Wp-t]mbm F-sâ cq-]w X-s¶ am-dn-t¸m-
Ip-sa-¶pw A-dn-bn¨p. B cq-]w H-cp sh-fp-¯ ]-£n-bp-tS-XmWv. A§-s\
H-cp `q-J-Þ-¯nÂ-\n-¶v a-säm-¶n-te-¡v am-dn-am-dn-¸-d¡m³ F-sâ ta-Â
hn-[n-¡-s¸-Spw. B-tLm-j-§Ä-¡n-Sbn H-cp {]-Im-i-c-iv-an t]mepw
incÊn ho-gm-sX t\m-¡m-sa-¶v A-hÄ `À-¯m-hn-t\m-Sv ]-dªp. k-t´m-
j-t¯m-sS `m-cy-bp-sS Ip-Spw-_-¡m-sc ImWm³ ]p-d-s¸«p. X-§-fp-sS
Ipªn-s\bpw Iq«n.
`À-¯m-hn-\p-th-|n h-en-sbm-cp ap-dn X-s¶ A-hÄ Xn-c-sª-Sp¯p.
]-t£, ZuÀ-`m-Ky-him hm-Xn-en-\p ap-I-fn-ep-Å kp-jn-cw Bcpw I-|n-
cp-¶nÃ. A-Xn-\p-Ån-eq-sS {]-Im-i-c-iv-an I-S-¶p-sN¶p. km-[phm-b a-lm-
cm-Pm-hn-sâ t]Â {]-Im-i-c-iv-an ]-Xn-¡p-I-bpw A-t±-lw H-cp sh-fp-¯
]-£n-bm-bn am-dp-Ibpw sN-bvXp. A-t±-lw H-cp-]m-Sv hn-j-an¨p. I-eym-W-¨-
S-§p-IÄ-¡p-ti-jw ap-dn-bn-se-¯n `À-¯m-hn-s\ t\m¡n-b A-hÄ-¡v A-hn-
sS H-cp sh-fp-¯ ]-£n-sb am-{X-ta ImWm³ I-gn-ªpÅq. Imcyw a-\-Ên-
em-¡n \n-Ê-lm-bbmb B s]¬-Ip-«n D-d-s¡ I-cbm³ Xp-S§n. Imc-Ww
B-cm-ª s]¬-Ip-«n hm-Xn-en-\v kp-jn-c-ap-Å Im-cyw A-dn-ªn-cp-¶nÃ.
hn-j-an-¨n-«v Im-cy-an-sÃ-¶p ]d-ªv kv-t\-l-a-kr-W\mb B cm-Pm-hv
`m-cy-sb k-am-[m-\n-¸n¨p. `q-apJ-¯v G-gp-hÀ-j-t¯-¡v ]-d¡m³ F-t¶m-Sv
I-ev-]n-¡-s¸-«n-cn-¡p¶p. Rm³ \n-\-s¡m-cp sh-fp-¯ Xq-h X-cmw. A-XnÂ-
\-n¶pw Rm³ t]m-Ip-¶ Zn-¡v G-Xm-sW-¶v \n-\-¡v A-dn-bmw. Rm³ t]-m-


Ip-¶ `m-K-t¯-¡v F-s¶ ]n-´p-SÀ-¶v hcm³ C-Xv \n-s¶ Xp-W-bv-¡pw.
A-h-km-\w h-sc \o Iq-sS h-cWw; Rm³ G-gp hÀ-j-§Ä Xm-|n h-cp-¶-
Xp-hsc. F-sâ hnP-bw \n-sâ ssI-I-fn-emWv. \o \-½p-sS Ip-ªn-s\
Ah-sâ ap-¯-Èn-bp-sS ssI-Ifn GÂ-¸n-¡Ww. A§-s\ B ]m-hw
]-£n ho-«nÂ-\n-¶v bm-{X-bmbn. ]n-¶m-se A-t±-l-¯n-sâ `m-cybpw C-d§n.
CXn Ip-Spw-_¡mÀ A-Xn-bm-bn hn-j-an¨p. B kv-t\-l-ap-Å `m-cy-bm-I-s«
`À-¯m-hn-s\ ]n-´p-S-À-¶p-sIm-|n-cp¶p. A§-s\ B bm-{X \o-| G-gp
hÀ-jw \o|p. A-hÀ-¡m-I-s« bm-sXm-cp £o-Whpw A-\p-`-h-s¸-«nÃ. H-cp
\n-an-jw t]mepw A-t±-l-s¯ thÀ-]n-cn-ªnÃ.
A-§-s\ G-gp hÀ-jw A-h-km-\n-¡m-dmbn. A-hÄ A-Xn-bm-bn k-t´m-
jn¨p. ZuÀ-`m-Ky-sa-¶Ãm-sX F-´p ]-d-bm³, B sh-fp-¯ Xq-h A-hfp-
sS ssI-bnÂ-\n-¶v \-ã-s¸«p. A-Xph-sc B Xq-h H-cp am-{´n-I-¡-®m-Sn
t]m-se B-bn-cp¶p. Xq-h ssI-bn-ep-Å-t¸m-sgÃmw AXn t\m-¡nbmÂ
X-sâ `À-¯m-hn-s\ ImWm³ A-hÄ-¡v km-[n-¨-cp¶p. F¶m A-hÄ
Np-äp-]mSpw t\m-¡n-bn«pw ]n-¶o-Sv B ]-£n-sb ImWm³ A-hÄ-¡v I-gn-
ªnÃ. Cu thÀ-]m-Sv Ah-sf H-cp-]m-Sv th-Z-\n-¸n-¨. Cu {]-Xnk-Ôn F§-
s\ Xc-Ww sN-¿-W-sa-¶v A-hÄ Nn-´n-¨p-Xp-S§n.
Cu A-h-k-c¯n A-hÄ kq-cy-s\ I|p. kq-cy-t\m-Sm-bn ]-dªp:
""\o tem-Ihpw A-Xn-ep-Å-Xn-s\bpw {]-Im-in-¸n-¡p¶p. \n-sâ {]-Im-i-am-
I-s« FÃm-bn-S-¯pw ]-c-¡p¶p. \o `q-anbn F-hn-sS-sb-¦nepw H-cp shfp-
¯ ]-£n-sb I-t|m?
kqcy³ A-hÄ-¡v a-dp]-Sn \ÂIn: £-an-¡Ww, Rm³ H-cp sh-fp-¯
]-£n-sb I-|nÃ. ]t£, Rm³ \n-\-s¡m-cp hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å k-½m-\w
\Â-Imw. H-cp `w-Kn-bp-Å B-`-c-W-s¸-«n þ CXn A-]qÀ-ham-b H-cp k-½m\-
ap|v. ]t£, H-cp hy-h-Ø-bp|v. \n\-¡v ITn-\am-b B-hiyw tXm-¶pt¼m-
gÃm-sX \o CXv Xp-d¡ - c- pXv. A-hÄ kq-cy-t\m-Sv \-μn-]d- ªp. F-¶n-«v \-S¶p
\o§n. kqc-b³ ad-ªv N-{μn-I hm-\n-ep-Zn¨p. N-{μ-t\mSpw A-hÄ ]-dªp:
tem-Iw C-cp-fn-em-Ip-t¼mÄ \o {]-Im-i-]q-cn-X-am-¡p¶p. `q-an-bp-sS G-sX-
¦nepw H-cp `mK-¯v sh-fp-¯ ]-£n-sb I-t|m? Xm³ k-©-cn-¨ h-gn-I-fn-
sem-¶pw A§-s\ H-cp ]-£n-sb I-|n-sÃ-¶v N-{μ\pw ]dªp. kqcy³
]-d-ª-Xp-t]m-se N-{μ\pw hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å k-½m-\w \Â-Im-sa¶pw A-Xym-
hiyw h-cp-t¼m-gÃm-sX F-Sp-¡-cp-sX¶pw ]d-ªv H-cp ap-« \ÂIn. N-{μ-\v
\-μn sNmÃn A-hÄ A-hn-sS \n-¶v bm-{X-bmbn. ]n-¶o-Sv h-S-¡³-Im-än-t\-mSpw
X-sâ {]n-b-Xa-s\ I-t|m-sb-¶ tNmZyw A-hÄ B-hÀ-¯n-¨p þ ""Hm `w-Kn-
bp-Å Imtä, \o G-sX-¦nepw a-c-¨nÃ-bn H-cp sh-fp-¯ ]-£n C-cn-¡p¶Xv
I-t|m? A-t¸mÄ Im-äv ]-dªp: Rm³ A-Xn-s\ I-|nÃ-tÃm. ]n-¶o-Sv
sX-¡³-Im-än-s\ I-| A-hÄ kq-cy-t\mSpw N-{μ-t\mSpw h-S¡ - ³-Im-än-t\-mSpw

knw-lhpw s]¬-Ip-«nbpw

tNm-Zn-¨ tNmZyw B-hÀ-¯n¨p. A-t¸mÄ Im-äv ]-dªp: AsX. Rm-s\m-cp
am-{´n-I-{]m-hn-s\ I|p. A-Xv sN-¦-S-en-\p ap-I-fn-eq-sS ]-d-¶p-t]m-hp-I-
bm-bn-cp¶p. A-Xv G-gp hÀ-j-s¯ X-sâ bm-{X ]qÀ-¯n-bm-¡n-bn-cn-¡p¶p.
A-Xv C-t¸mÄ H-cp am-{´n-I\m-b ]m-¼p-am-bn aÃn-«p-sIm-|n-cn-¡p-I-bm-bn-
cp¶p. b-YmÀ-Y¯n A-sXm-cp am-{´n-Ibm-b cm-Ún-bmWv. A-Xn-sâ
D-t±iyw \n-\-¡pw \n-sâ `À-¯m-hn-\p-an-Sbn {]-iv\-§Ä D-|m-¡n, X½nÂ
AI-än A-hÄ-¡v cm-Pm-hn-s\ hn-hm-lw I-gn-¡m-\mWv.
C-Xv tI-« km-[phm-b `m-cy-bv-¡v k-¦-S-ambn. A-hÄ X-sâ `À-¯m-hn-s\
c-£n¡m³ F-´m-Wv amÀ-K-sa-¶v Nn-´n¨p. A-Xn-\p-Å h-gn Im-äv X-s¶
A-hÄ-¡v ]-d-ªp-sIm-Sp¯p. \o sN-¦-S-en-sâ Xo-c-t¯-¡v t]m-IWw.
A-hn-sS \n\-¡v a-c-¡-jW-§Ä Im-Wmw. A-XnÂ-\n-¶v H-cp a-c-¡j-Ww
F-Sp-¯v knw-l-s¯bpw ]m-¼n-s\bpw A-Sn-¡-Ww. A-t¸mÄ A-hÀ ]-g-b
cq-]-¯n-em-Ipw. Cu k-μÀ-`¯n \n-sâ `À-¯m-hn-s\ \o c-£n-¡Ww.
ss[-cy-am-bn \n-sâ `À-¯m-hn-s\bpw sIm-|v \m-«n-te-¡v a-S-§Ww.
A-hÄ sX-¡³-Im-än-t\m-Sv \-μn-]-dªp. ]n-¶o-Sv I-SÂ-¯o-c-t¯-¡v
a-S-§n. A-hn-sS I-| a-c-¡-j-W-§fn H-s¶-Sp-¯v ]m-¼n-sâ ]pd-¯v
A-Sn¨p. ]m-¼v ]-cm-P-b-s¸-«v cm-Ún-bp-sS cq-]w {]m-]n¨p. knw-l-s¯bpw
A-{]-Im-cw sN-bvXp. knw-lw cm-Pm-hmbn. ]t£, A-Xn-\p-ti-jw ]m-hw
`m-cy F-´v sN-¿-W-sa-¶-dn-bm-sX Ip-g-§n-t¸mbn. Im-äv D-]-tZ-in-¨-sXÃmw
ad-¶v kv-X-Ï-bm-bn \n-¶p-t]m-bn B km-[p-kv-{Xo. A-hk-cw ap-X-se-Sp-¯
cm-Ún `m-cy-sb A-hn-sS D-t]-£n-¨v `À-¯m-hn-s\bpw Iq-«n X-sâ sIm-«m-
c-¯n-te-¡v t]mbn. A-t±-l-s¯ ho|pw I-s|¯m³ X-sâ bm-{X Xp-S-
cm³ A-hÄ D-d-¨ Xo-cp-am-\-sa-Sp¯p.
A-hÄ X-sâ `À-¯m-hn-s\ X-«n-sb-Sp-¯ cm-Ún-bp-sS sIm-«m-c¯nÂ
F¯pw ap-¼v ]-e cm-Py-§-fnÂ-\n¶pw cm-Py-§-fn-te-¡v k-©-cn-¨p-sIm-|n-
cp¶p. A-hn-sS-sb¯n-b L-«¯n hen-b B-tLm-j-¯n-\p-Å a«-§Ä
H-s¡- A-hn-sS Zr-iy-ambn. A-Xv cm-Ún-bp-sS I-eym-W-¯n-\p th-|n-bp-Å
H-cp¡-§Ä B-sW-¶v A-hÄ-¡v a-\-Ên-embn. X-sâ `À-¯m-hm-Wv A-h-fp-
sS {]-Xn-{ip-X h-c³ F¶pw A-hÄ Xn-cn-¨-dnªp. A-hÄ X-sâ inc-Êv
B-Im-i-¯n-te-¡v D-bÀ-¯n A-{I-anbm-b cm-Ún-bp-sS ssI-I-fnÂ-\n-¶v
`À-¯m-hn-s\ c-£n-¡-tW-sb-¶v {]mÀ-Yn¨p.
B A-h-k-c¯n kqcy³ sIm-Sp-¯ s]-«n-sb-¡p-dn-¨v A-hÄ-¡v HmÀ-a
h¶p. A-hÄ B s]-«n Xp-d-¶-t¸mÄ AXn Xn-f-§p-¶ hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å
kzÀ-W¯m \nÀ-an-Xam-b H-cp X-«w B-Wv I-|Xv. A-Xv in-cÊn [-cn-
¨p-sIm-|v A-hÄ sIm-«m-c¯n {]-th-in¨p. B in-tcm-hk - v{- Xw I-|t- ¸mÄ
cm-Ún A-Zv-`p-Xw Iqdn. A-Xp-t]m-se-sbm-¶v X-\n¡pw th-W-sa-¶v A-hÄ
B-{K-ln¨p. G-Xv I-¨-h-S-¡m-c-\m-Wv C-Xv \n\-¡v hn-ä-sX¶pw hn-e-sb-


s´¶pw A-hÄ B-cmªp. A-t¸mÄ [o-cbmb B `m-cy ]-dªp: Cu
in-tcm-h-kv{Xw hn-e-a-Xn-¡m-\m-hm-¯-XmWv. A-Xn-sâ hn-e amw-khpw
c-àhpw B-Ip¶p. ]t£, A-h-fp-sS kw-km-cw cm-Ún-¡v a-\-Ên-em-bnÃ.
{Iq-cbm-b cm-Ún ho|pw A-h-tfm-Sv B-cm-ªp þ F-´m-Wv \o D-t±-
in-¡p-¶Xv? ]m-hw `m-cy ]-dªp: Cu in-tcm-h-kv{Xw hn-ev-]-\-bv-¡v sh-
¡m-\p-ÅXÃ. \n-sâ a-W-hm-f-t\m-Sv- Ah-sâ A-d-bnÂ-sh-¨v kw-km-cn-¡m³
F-\n-¡v A-hk-cw \Â-Inbm Cu in-tcm-h-kv{Xw \n\-¡v Rm³ k-½m-
\-am-bn \-Â-Imw. X-sâ `À-¯m-hn-s\ ImWm³ D-t±-in-¨m-Wv `m-cy C-{]-Im-
cw ]-d-ªXv.
BZyw `-bw Imc-Ww cm-Ún A-h-fp-sS B-hiyw \n-c-kn¨p. ]n-¶o-Sv
k½-Xw aqfn. ]t£, A-Xv B in-tcm-h-kv{Xw X-«n-sb-Sp-¡m-\p-Å A-S-hm-
bn-cp¶p. A-hÀ H-cp N-Xn- {]-tbm-Kn¡m³ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. a-b-§m-\p-Å Kpfn-I
Nm-bbn I-eÀ-¯n cm-Pm-hn-\v \ÂIm³ ]-cn-Nm-cnI-sb N-«w sI-«n. A-t¸mÄ
cm-Pm-hv D-d-§p-Ibpw A-hÄ ]-d-bp¶-Xv tIÄ-¡m-Xn-cn-¡p-Ibpw sN-¿p-¶-
Xn-\p th-|n-bm-bn-cp¶p.
ssh-Ip-t¶-cw A-dbn {]-th-in-¨ a-W-hmf-\v Kpfn-I I-eÀ¯n-b Nm-b
\ÂIn. ]m-hw `m-cy-sb ]-cn-Nmcn-I A-d-bn-se-¯n¨p. D-d-§p-¶ `À-¯m-hn-
sâ I-«n-en-sâ H-cp h-i-¯n-cp-¶v A-hÄ hn-e-]n¨p. Rm³ \n-sâ ]n-¶m-se
G-gp hÀ-jw Xn-I¨p. \n-sâ A-Sp-¯v F-¯n-s¸-Spwh-sc H-cp-]m-Sv k-ln¨p.
A-h-km-\w \o F-s¶ ad-¶v D-t]-£n¨p. \-½p-sS aI-s\ \o a-d¶p. F-¶n«v
A-hÄ I-cbm³ Xp-S§n. Km-V-\n-{Z-bn-em-bn-cp-¶ ]m-hw cm-Pm-hv C-sXm¶pw
A-dn-ªn-cp-¶nÃ. H-Sphn A-h-tfm-Sv ]pd-¯p hcm³ cm-Ún ]-dªp.
IcmÀ ]qÀ-¯o-I-cn-¡p-¶-Xn-\m-bn in-tcm-h-kv{Xw cm-Ún-¡v \ÂIn. ZpxJn-
X-bm-bn ]m-hw `m-cy A-hn-Sw hn-«n-d§n.
A-h-fp-sS \nÀ-`mKyw HmÀ-¯v I-c-bp-Ibpw `À-¯m-hn-sâ A-h-Ø-tbmÀ-
¯v hn-j-an-¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. ]n-¶o-Sv A-hn-sS H-cp Im«n {]-th-in-¨v
A-hn-sS X-\n-¨n-cp-¶v I-cbm³ Xp-S§n.
Zpx-Jn-X-bm-bn C-cn-¡p-¶ th-fbn N{μ³ \ÂIn-b ap-«-bp-sS Imcyw
A-hÄ-¡v HmÀ-a h¶p. A-sX-Sp-¯v s]m-«n¨p. A-t¸mÄ A-XnÂ-\n-¶v kzÀ-
W-¯n-sâ hen-b H-cp tIm-gnbpw 12 tIm-gn-¡p-ªp-§fpw ]pd-¯p h¶p.
A§-s\ tIm-gn B km-[p-kv-{Xo-bp-sS ap-¶n-eq-sS \-S¡m³ Xp-S§n. A-hÄ-
¡v Npäpw Ip-ªp-§fpw k-©-cn¡m³ Xp-S§n. ssh-Ip-t¶-c-am-b-t¸mÄ
tIm-gn-¡p-ªp-§Ä FÃmw hen-b tIm-gn-bp-sS Nn-d-In-\-Snbn H-cp-an-¨p-
IqSn. Cu Imgv-N Ah-sf A-Zv-`p-X-s¸-Sp¯n. A-hÄ X-sâ `À-¯m-hn-s\
c-£n-¡m-\pw A-t±-l-t¯m-sSm-¯v A-h-cp-sS G-I ]p-{X-\p-sam-¸w Po-hn-
¡m\pw B-{K-ln¨p.
A-hÄ B tIm-gn-sbbpw sIm-|v cm-Ún-bp-sS- sIm-«m-c¯ - n-\S- p-s¯¯n.

knw-lhpw s]¬-Ip-«nbpw

]-g-b-Xp-t]m-se cm-Pm-hn-s\ Im-Wn-¡m-sa¦n C-Xn-s\ \Â-Im-sa-¶v
]-dªp. ]-g-b X{´w {]-tbm-Kn-¡m-sa-¶v I-cp-Xn- cm-Ún A-Xv k-½-Xn¨p.
ssh-Ip-t¶-cw ]-cn-Nmc-I³ cm-Pm-hn-sâ A-dbn I-bdn. C¶-se C-hn-
sS sIm-Sp-¦m-äp-|m-bn-cpt¶m F-¶v B-cmªp. C-sÃ-¶v ]-cn-Nmc-I³ a-dp]-Sn
]-dªp. X-te-Znh-kw \-S-¶ Im-cy-§Ä cm-Pm-hn-s\ A-dn-bn¨p. A-t±-l-
¯n-sâ Nm-bbn hn-jw I-eÀ¯m³ cm-Ún ]-d-ª Im-cyhpw D-WÀ-
X-sâ kz-]v-\-¯n-sâ c-lkyw cm-Pm-hv a-\-Ên-em¡n. A-t±-lw cm{Xn
Nm-b Ip-Sn-¡m-Xn-cn¡m³ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. Kpfn-I I-eÀ¯n-b Nm-b ]-cn-Nmcn-I
A-hn-sS sh¨p. A-hÄ t]m-b-Xn-\p ]n-¶m-se A-Xv F-Sp-¯v I-fªp.
cm-{Xn-bm-b-t¸mÄ \nÀ-a-eam-b `m-cy A-dbn {]-th-in¨p. A-hÄ X-sâ
I-Y cm-Pm-hn-t\m-Sv ]-dbm³ Xp-S§n. A-t±-l-¯n-sâ A-Sp-¯v F-¯pwh-sc
Xm³ A-\p-`-hn-¨ hy-Y-IÄ... C¶-se cm{Xn kw-`-hn-¨ Im-cy-§fpw A-hÄ
hn-h-cn¨p. Xm³ A-t±-l-¯n-sâ `m-cy-bm-sW-¶v A-t±-l-s¯ a-\-Ên-em-¡n-
A§-s\ cm-Pm-hv X-sâ ]qÀ-hm-h-Ø-bn-te-¡v a-S§n. A-t±-lw kp-μ-
cnbm-b X-sâ `m-cy-sb A-hn-sS I|p. kv-t\-l-t¯m-Sp-Iq-Sn A-h-tfm-Sv
]-dªp: ""{]n-b-X-ta, Rm³ am-bm-tem-I-¯m-bn-cp¶p. F-¶nÂ-\n-¶v \n-s¶
A-Iäm³ cm-Ún F-´v {i-aw \-S¯n. \o F-t¶m-Sv £-an-¡Ww. F-sâ
amÀ-K-¯nÂ-\-n-¶v \o k-ln-¨ I-ãX-IÄ FÃmw Rm³ F¶pw HmÀ-¡pw.''
A-hÀ H-cp-]m-Sv k-t´m-jn¨p. {Iq-cbm-b cm-Ún-sb `b-¶v A-hÀ B
cm{Xn X-s¶ A-hn-sS \n¶pw Xn-cn-¨p-t]mbn. H-Sphn A-hÀ A-h-cp-sS
sIm-«m-c-¯n-se¯n. A-hn-sS Ah-sc Im-¯v {]n-b-]p{X³ D-|m-bn-cp¶p.
I-gn-ª G-gp hÀ-j-§-fmbn Ah-sc ImWm³ Im-¯n-cp-¶ {]n-b-]p-{X³.
A-hÀ a-I-\p-sam-¯v C-W-]n-cn-bm-sX Z-¼-Xn-I-fm-bn k-t´m-j-t¯m-sS
Im-e-§-tfm-fw Po-hn¨p.


jlm-\ F³.

A-Zv-`p-X-ap-WÀ-¯p-¶ D-]-tZiw

Hcp I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ þ ]-«-W-¯n-em-bn-cp-¶p A-t±-lw Xm-a-kn-¨n-cp-¶Xv.
t]-cp-tI-« Ip-Spw-_-¯n-se am-\ybm-b H-cp kv-{Xo-sb-bm-Wv A-t±-lw hnhm-
lw I-gn-¨Xv. AXn A-bmÄ-¡v aq-¶v Ip-«n-IÄ D-|m-bn þ c-|v B¬-Ip«n-
I-fpw H-cp s]¬-Ip-«n-bpw. A-bm-fp-sS `m-cy I-dp-¯-hfpw a-t\m-ss[-cy-ap-Å
-h-fp-am-bn-cp¶p. A-Xp-sIm-|v A-hÀ X-s¶-bm-Wv Ip-«nI-sf h-fÀ-¯n-bXpw
Kp-W-]mT-§Ä ]Tn-¸n-¨-Xpw. km-l-N-cy-§Ä-¡-\p-k-cn-¨v A-h-À a¡-sf
F¶m I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ F-t¸mgpw bm-{X-bn-em-bn-cp¶p. I-¨h-Sw sa-¨-
s¸-Sp-¯p-¶-Xn\pw k-¼mZyw hÀ-[n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn\pw th-|n AbmÄ ]-e
\m-Sp-I-fn-eq-sSbpw k-©-cn-¡p-am-bn-cp¶p. ho-«p-Im-cy-§-sfÃmw `m-cy-sb
GÂ-¸n-¨m-Wv AbmÄ bm-{X sN-¿m-dp-ÅXv. A§-s\ hÀ-jM-MÄ I-S-
¶p-t]mbn. H-cn-¡Â A-bm-fp-sS `m-cy-bv-¡v am-c-Iam-b A-kp-Jw _m-[n¨p.
tcm-Kw t`-Z-am-Ip-¶-Xn-\m-bn B I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ FÃm Xn-c-¡p-Ifpw am-än-
sh-¨v `m-cy-sb Nn-In-Õn-¡m-\m-bn ]p-d-s¸«p. H-cp-]m-Sv tUm-ÎÀ-am-sc k-ao-
]-n-¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. ]t£, H-cp t`-Z-hp-anÃm-bn-cp¶p. a-cp-¶p-IÄ ^-en-
¡m-sX-bmbn. A-hÀ hn-[n-¡v Io-g-S-§n-s¡m-|n-cp¶p. A-t¸mgpw A-h-cp-sS
H-tc-sbm-cp Zpx-Jw a-¡-sf-¡p-dn-¨m-bn-cp¶p. A-hÀ a-cn¨m I-¨-h-S-¡mc-\v
H-ä-bv-¡v a¡-sf h-fÀ¯m³ km-[n-¡nÃm-bn-cp¶p. Hmtcm Znh-kw I-gn-bp-
t´m-dpw `m-cy-bp-sS A-kp-Jw Iq-Sn-s¡m-|n-cp¶p. d-ºn-t\m-Sv {]mÀ-Yn-¡p-
I-bÃm-sX A-bmÄ-¡v th-sd h-gn-sbm-¶p-anÃm-bn-cp¶p.
Xm³ a-cW - ¯
- n-te-¡v A-Sp-¡p-Ib- m-sW-¶v a-\Ê
- n-em¡nb B D-½ X-sâ
`À-¯m-hn-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""Fsâ {]n-b-Xam, \-½p-sS a-¡Ä h-gn-sX-äp-¶

A-Zv-`p-X-ap-WÀ-¯p-¶ D-]-tZiw

{]m-b-¯n-emWv. Nn-e A-h-k-c-§fn Ah-sc A-Sn-¨p h-fÀ-¯Ww. A-§-
s\-bp-Å km-l-N-cy-ap-|mbm \n-§Ä Ah-sc A-Sn-¡p-¶Xn F-\n-¡v
hn-tcm-[-anÃ.'' F-¶n-«v A-hÀ H-cp h-Sn D-bÀ-¯n-¸n-Sn-¨p-sIm-|v C-{]-Im-cw
Iq-«n-t¨À¯p, ""]t£, \n-§Ä Ah-sc Cu h-Sn-sIm-|v am-{X-ta A-Sn-¡m-
hq.'' I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ `m-cy-bp-sS D-]-tZ-iw {i-²-tbm-sS tI«p. A-Zv-`p-Xw
tXm¶n-b AbmÄ A-{]-Im-cw sN-¿m-\p-Å c-l-ky-sa-´m-sW-¶v tNm-Zn¨p.
F-´m-Wv B h-Sn-bp-sS c-l-kyw? FÃm h-Sn-Ifpw H-cp-t]m-se-btÃ? F-´p-
sIm-|m-Wv A-hÀ X-sâ a¡-sf a-cym-Z ]Tn-¸n¡m³ B h-Sn X-s¶ D-]-
tbm-Kn-¨-Xn-sâ s]m-cpÄ?
A-t¸mÄ B al-Xn ]-dªp: ""C-Xn-sâ c-l-kyw Fâ-Sp-¡Â \n-ÝnX-
am-bn-cn-¡p-w. Rm³ G-ähpw Iq-Sp-XÂ _-lp-am-\n-¡p-¶, kv-t\-ln-¡p-¶
Xm-¦-tfm-Sp-t]mepw A-Xv hy-à-am-¡m³ F-\n-¡v km-[yaÃ. A§-s\ I-¨-
h-S-¡m-c³ h-kzn¿-¯v \n-d-th-äm-sa-¶v `m-cy-tbm-Sv hm-Kv-Zm-\w sN-bvXp.
AXn B D-½ k-am-[m-\-s¸«p. F-¦nepw A-hÀ A-Xv D-S-¼-Sn-bm-¡n-
sh¡m³ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. ]-Ån-bn-se C-am-an-s\-s¡m-|v a-X] - c
- am-b co-XnbnÂ
A-hÀ H-cp D-S-¼-Sn-bp-|m¡n. AXn C-{]-Im-cw F-gp-Xp-Ibpw sN-bvXp:
""]-c-a-Im-cp-WnI-sâ \m-a-¯nÂ, Cu \-iz-cam-b sF-ln-I-Po-hn-X-¯nÂ-
\-n¶pw hn-S-]-d-bp-¶ C-¶h-sâ a-IÄ W¶-hÄ h-kzn¿-¯v sN-¿p-¶Xvþ
im-iz-Xam-b ]m-c-{Xn-I Po-hn-X-¯n-te-¡p-Å A-h-fp-sS ImÂ-sh-¸v F-¶
\n-ebn B-Zyw-X-s¶ AÃm-lp AÃm-sX th-sd B-cm-[y-\nà F-¶v Rm³
km-£y-s¸-Sp-¯p¶p. ap-l-½-Zv\-_n Ah-sâ Zq-X-\m-sW-¶v km£yw h-ln-
¡p¶p. kzÀ-Khpw \-c-Ihpw k-Xy-am-Ip¶p. A-hÄ X-sâ `À-¯m-hn-t\m-Sv
h-kzn¿-¯v sN-¿p-¶Xv, A-hÄ Po-hn-¨n-cp-¶mepw a-cn-¨mepw i-cn A-hÄ
Ah-s\ G-ev-]n-¨ h-Sn-sIm-|Ãm-sX a¡-sf in-£n¡m³ ]m-SnÃ. A-h-fp-
sS a-cW- t- i-jw a¡-sf a-cym-Z ]Tn-¸n-¡m-\p-Å amÀK-§Ä A-hf - p-sS `À-¯m-
hn-s\ t_m-[n-¸n-¨n-«p|v. AÃm-lp-hn-sâ \m-a¯n Rm³ A-Xn-\v km£yw
h-ln-¡p¶p. AÃm-lp B-Ip-¶p km-£n-Ifn G-ähpw D-¯a³.
D-S¼-Sn F-gpXn-b ti-jw H-cp tIm-¸n I-¨-h-S-¡m-c\pw A-k tIm-¸n
C-amapw kq-£n-¨p-t]m¶p. A-[n-Iw Xm-a-kn-bm-sX B kv{Xo a-c-W-¯n-\p
Io-g-S§n. £-am-io-ebm-b X-sâ `m-cy-bp-sS thÀ-]mSn I-¨-h-S-¡m-c\pw
a-¡fpw H-cp-]m-Sv Zpx-Jn¨p. cm-{Xnbpw ]-I-ep-sa-¶nÃm-sX Zpx-Jw B Ip-Spw-
_-s¯ th-«-bm-Sn-s¡m-|n-cp¶p.
I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ B h-Sn c-l-ky-am-bn H-cp Øe-¯v kq-£n-¨p-sh¨p.
A-Xymh-iy L-«-¯n-eÃm-sX AbmÄ A-Xv ]p-d-s¯-Sp-¯n-cp-¶nÃ. a-¡Ä
a-cym-Z-tI-Sv Im-Wn¨m B h-Sn D-]-tbm-Kn-¨v a¡-sf in-£n-¨n-cp¶p.
]n-¶o-Sv I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ a-säm-cp kv-{Xo-sb hn-hm-lw I-gn¡m³ Xo-cp-am-
\-n¨p. ]t£, aq-¶v Ip-«n-I-fp-Å H-cm-sf hn-hm-lw sN¿m³ Bcpw X-¿mdm-


bnÃ. A-h-km-\w H-cp kv{Xo A-Xn-\v X-¿m-dmbn. ]t£, I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³
H-cp \n_-Ô-\ sh¨p. X-sâ a¡-sf h-fÀ-¯-W-sa¶pw A-hÀ-s¡¶pw H-cp
D-½-bm-bn-cn-¡-W-sa-¶pw. B kv{Xo A-bm-fp-sS FÃm \n-_-Ô-\-Ifpw Aw-
Ko-I-cn¨p. ssh-Im-sX A-h-cp-sS hn-hm-lhpw \-S¶p.
]t£, Ip-«n-IÄ Ah-sc `-b-s¸-«n-cp¶p. X-§-fp-sS D-½-bp-sS a-c-W-ti-
jw Ah-sc Im-Wp-¶-Xp-t]mepw A-hÀ-¡v sh-dp-¸m-bn-cp¶p. ]t£, B
c-|m-\-½ Ip-«nI-sf kv-t\-ln-¡p-Ibpw em-fn-¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. Ip-d-¨p\-mÄ
I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ Ip-«n-Ifpw A-h-tcm-S-Sp-¯p. F-{X-t¯m-f-sa¶m I-¨-h-S-
¡m-c³ Ip-«nI-sf A-Sn¡m³ ap-XnÀ¶m A-hÀ A-bm-sf X-S-ªn-cp¶p.
A-Xp-sIm-|v Ip-«n-IÄ Ah-sc C-ã-s¸«p. A-hc-sS kw-c-£-W¯n Ip-
«n-IÄ k-t´m-j-`-cn-X-cmbn. A-Xp-sIm-|p-X-s¶ I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ c-|mw-`m-
cy-sb C-ã-s¸-«n-cp¶p. A-bm-fp-sS B ]-cnK-W-\ A-hÀ-¡v Ip-«nI-sf Iq-
Sp-XÂ kv-t\-ln-¡m\pw {i-²n-¡m\pw {]-tNm-Z-\-ambn.
Ip-d-¨p\mÄ I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ c-|m-\-½-bp-sS kz-`m-hw amdm³ Xp-S§n.
Ip-«n-I-tfm-Sv A-hÀ ]-cp-i-am-bn s]-cp-amdm³ Xp-S§n. A-h-tcm-Sp-Å {i-²bpw
]-cn-KW- \ - bpw Ip-dª
- p-sIm-|n-cp¶p. C-fb
- ½
- b
- p-sS s]-s«-¶p-Å am-ä¯nÂ
Ip-«n-IÄ Zpx-Jn¨p. A-hÀ¡pw Ip-«n-IÄ¡pw C-S-bn-ep-Å A-´-co-£w IqSp-
XÂ {]-bm-k-I-c-am-bn amdn. A-hÀ-¡n-S-bn-ep-Å {]-iv-\w Iq-Sp-XÂ h-i-fmbn-
s¡m-|n-cp¶p. C-f-b-½ ]-d-bp-¶ Im-cy-§Ä Ip-«n-IÄ A-\p-k-cn-¡m-Xmbn.
C-\n A-\p-k-cn-¨mÂ-¯-s¶ A-Xv ssh-Inbpw sh-dp-t¸m-Sp-Iq-Sn-bp-am-bn-cp-¶p
Ip-«n-I-fp-sS Im-cy¯n B kv{Xo ]-cm-Xn-s¸«p. Im-cWw, Ip-«nI-sf
Bcpw A-Sn-¡-cp-sX-¶v AbmÄ \n_-Ô-\ sh-¨n-cp¶p. A§-s\ A-Sn-¨v
a-cym-Z ]Tn-¸n-t¡-| B-hiyw h¶m A-bm-sf A-dn-bn-¡-W-sa-¶v ap-¶-
dn-bn-¸v \Â-In-bn-cp¶p.
X-sâ ]pXn-b `m-cy-bp-sS ]-cm-Xn i-à-am-b-t¸mÄ AbmÄ a¡-sf ]-gb
h-Sn-sIm-|v A-Sn¡m³ Xp-S§n. B kv{Xo `À-¯m-hn-sâ a-\Ên Ip-«n-
IÄ-s¡-Xn-sc hn-jw Ip-¯n-sh-¨p-sIm-|n-cp¶p. A-Xn-sâ A-Sn-Øm-\¯nÂ
I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ Ip-«n-I-sf aÀ-±n¨p. A-Xv Ip-«n-IÄ-¡v Xm-§m-hp-¶-Xn-\-¸p-d-
am-bn-cp¶p. aÀ±-\w sIm-|v Ip-«n-I-fp-sS i-co-c-¯n-\v bm-sXm-cp Ip-g-¸hpw
kw-`-hn-¡p-¶nà F-¶p-Å Imcyw B kv{Xo {i-²n-¨n-cp¶p. aÀ±-\w Iq-Sp-
t¼mgpw Ip-«n-I-fp-sS B-tcmKyw sa-¨-s¸-Sp-¶p-|m-bn-cp¶p. A-h-km-\w
A-hÀ-¡v a-\-Ên-em-bn, B h-Snbn Ft´m c-l-ky-ap-s|¶v. A-Xv I-|p-
]-n-Sn¡m³ A-hÀ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. ]t£, I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ BÀ¡pw A-dn-bm-¯
Ø-e-¯m-bn-cp-¶p A-Xv H-fn-¸n-¨p-sh-¨n-cp-¶Xv. ]t£, B kv{Xo `À-¯mhv
F-hn-sS-bm-Wv h-Sn H-fn-¸n-¡p-¶-sX-¶v \n-co-£n-¨p-sIm-|n-cp¶p. A-h-km\w
A-hÀ I-|p-]n-Sn-¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. `À-¯m-hv ]pd-¯p t]m-b A-hk - c¯nÂ

A-Zv-`p-X-ap-WÀ-¯p-¶ D-]-tZiw

A-hÀ h-Sn ssI-¡-em¡n. A-Xv kq-£v-a-am-bn ]-cn-tim-[n¨p. ]t£, B
c-lkyw I-|p-]n-Sn-¡m-\-hÀ-¡m-bnÃ. A-Xp-sIm-|p-X-s¶ B h-Sn Zq-sc
F-hn-sS-sb-¦nepw sIm-|p-t]m-bn I-f-ªn-«v ]I-cw a-säm-cp h-Sn b-Ym-Øm\-
¯v sh¡m³ A-hÀ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. A-{]-Im-cw sN-¿p-Ibpw sN-bvXp.
]n-¶o-Sv ]-Xn-hp-t]m-se A-hÀ Ip-«n-I-sf-¡p-dn-¨v `À-¯m-hn-t\m-Sv ]-cm-Xn
]-d-ªp-sIm-|n-cp¶p. AbmÄ ]pXn-b h-Sn-sIm-|v Ip-«nI-sf XÃn-s¡m-
|n-cp¶p. h-Sn am-dn-b-Xn-\p-ti-jw Im-cy-§Ä Iq-Sp-X hy-Xy-kv-X-amhm³
Xp-S§n. A-Xv Ip-«n-I-fp-sS B-tcm-Ky-s¯bpw i-co-c-s¯bpw tam-i-am-bn
_m-[n¨p. `m-cy-bp-sS ]-cm-Xn Iq-Sp-¶-Xn-\-\p-k-cn-¨v AbmÄ Ip-«nI-sf D-]-
{Z-hn-¨p-sIm-|n-cp¶p. Znh-kw I-gn-bpw-tXmdpw Ip-«n-I-fp-sS B-tcm-Ky-¯n-
ep-Å am-äw ]n-Xm-hv {i-²n¡m³ Xp-S§n. Cu am-ä-¯n-sâ Imc-Ww I-¨-h-
S-¡mc-\v A-dn-bnÃm-bn-cp¶p. F-¶mÂ, `-£-W-]m-\ob-§Ä I-gn-¡p-¶
Im-cy¯n Ip-«n-IÄ-¡v bm-sXm-cp am-ä-hp-anÃm-bn-cp¶p. km-[m-c-W Po-hn-
X-co-Xn-bm-bn-cp-¶p A-h-cp-tSXv. A-t¸mÄ Cu am-ä-¯n-sâ c-lkyw F-´m-
sW-¶v A-bmÄ Nn-´n¨p.
]n-Xm-hn-sâ kwi-bw h-Sn-bn-te-¡v Xn-cnbm³ Xp-S§n. A-Xn-sâ `m-c¯nÂ
sNdn-b hy-Xym-k-ap-Å-Xp-bn A-bmÄ-¡v tXm¶n. Ip-«nI-sf aÀ-±n-¡p-t¼mgpw
h-Sn ssI-bn-se-Sp-¡p-t¼mgpw A-bmÄ-¡v B am-äw hy-à-ambn. ]pXn-b
h-Sn sIm-|p-Å A-Sn Ip-«nI-sf Iq-Sp-XÂ th-Z-\n-¸n¡m³ Xp-S§n. H-cp
Znh-kw `m-cy A-Sp-¡-f-tPm-en-bn-em-bn-cp-¶-t¸mÄ AbmÄ h-Sn kq-£v-a-ambn
]-cn-tim-[n-¨p. h-Snbn AbmÄ Ip-td hy-Xymk-§Ä I|p. A-Xv Iq-Sp-
XÂ ]-cp-¡\ - m-bn-cp¶p. ]-t£, B-Zy-t¯-Xv Iq-Sp-XÂ an-\p-ka- p-ÅX
- m-bn-cp¶p.
am-{X-aÃ, ]pXn-b h-Sn Iq-Sp-XÂ `m-c-ta-dn-b-Xp-am-bn-cp¶p. A-t¸m-fm-Wv ]-n-Xm-
hn-\v a-\-Ên-em-bXv, Ip-«n-I-fp-sS B-tcmKyw £-bn-¡m-\p-Å Imc-Ww h-Sn-
bp-sS am-ä-am-sW¶v. X-sâ kz-´w a-¡-fÃm-¯-Xp-sIm-|m-Wv c-|mw-`m-cy
Ip-«nI-sf C-{X-tb-sd sh-dp-¯-sX-¶v A-bmÄ-¡v a-\-Ên-embn. ]-g-b h-Sn
F-hn-sS-bm-Wv D-t]-£n-¨-sX-¶v I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ `m-cy-tbm-Sv Xn-c¡n. ]t£,
A-hÀ ]-dbm³ X-¿m-dm-bnà A-hÀ H-gn-ªp-am-dn-s¡m-|n-cp¶p.
A-h-km-\w B kv-t\-l-k-¼-¶\m-b ]n-Xm-hn-\v `m-cy-sb Xz-em-Jv sN-
tÃ-|n-h¶p. F-¦nepw A-bmÄ-¡v c-|mw-`m-cy-tbm-Sv kv-t\-l-ap-|m-bn-cp¶p.
]n-¶o-Sv B ]n-Xm-hv \-ã-s¸-« h-Sn Xn-cn-s¨-Sp¡m³ H-cp-]m-Sv {i-an¨p. ]-t£,
A-t±-l-¯n-\v A-Xv I-s|-¯m-\m-bnÃ. A-h-km-\w C-\n-sbm-cn-¡epw a¡-
sf XÃn-sÃ-¶v AbmÄ i]-Yw sN-bvXp.
Ip-d¨- p\mÄ I-gn-ªt- ¸mÄ Ip-«n-If - p-sS B-tcmKyw sa-¨s - ¸Sm³ XpS§n.
h-Sn am-äp-¶-Xn-\p ap-¼p-Å A-h-Ø-bn-te-¡v A-hÀ Xn-cn-sI h¶p. ]n-¶oSv
B I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ im-k-\-bn-eq-sSbpw D-]-tZ-i-¯n-eq-sSbpw a¡-sf
h-fÀ¯n. Ip-«n-IÄ ]n-Xm-hn-s\ ho-«p-Im-cy-§fn-e k-lm-bn¡m³ Xp-S§n.


Ip-«n-IÄ h-ep-Xm-Ip-¶X
- ph-sc C-\n-sbm-cp hn-hm-lw sN-¿n-sÃ-¶v A-bmÄ
Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. Im-cWw, ]pXn-b `m-cy X-sâ a¡-sf D-]-{Z-hn-¡p-sa-¶v AbmÄ
`-b-s¸-«n-cp¶p. A-Xv A-h-cp-sS `m-hn-sb tam-i-am-bn _m-[n-¡p-sa-¶v A-bmÄ-
B A-]-cn-Nn-Xbm-b kv{Xo ho-«nÂ-\n¶pw t]m-b-Xn-\p-tk-jw B IpSpw-
_¯n k-am-[m-\hpw k-t´m-jhpw h-¶p-tNÀ¶p.

A-Zv-`p-X-ap-WÀ-¯p-¶ D-]-tZiw

k-_o-\m-_o-Kw FÂ.

hr-²\pw knw-lhpw

hf-sc ]-|v H-cnS-¯v Pp-ss\-Zv F-s¶m-cp hr-²³ Po-hn-¨n-cp¶p. H-cp Znhkw
hr-²³ X-sâ Iq-«p-Imc-s\ k-μÀ-in-¡m-\m-bn Zq-sc-bp-Å ]-«-W-¯n-te-¡v
t]mIm³ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. A§-s\ hr-²³ X-sâ bm-{X B-cw-`n¨p. h-gn-at[y
A-t±-lw h-en-sbm-cp A-eÀ-¨ tI-«p. A-eÀ-¨ tI-« `m-K-t¯-¡v t]m-bn
t\m-¡p-t¼mÄ A-hn-sS Iq-«n-e-S-bv-¡-s¸-« \n-ebn In-S-¡p-¶ H-cp kn-w-
l-s¯-bm-Wv I-|Xv.
hr²-s\ I-|-bpS-s\ knw-lw A-t±-l-t¯m-Sv ]-dªp: ""AÃtbm I-cp-
WbpÅ a-\p-jym, Zm-lw F-s¶ sImÃp¶p. F-s¶ Cu Iq-«nÂ-\n¶pw
]-p-d-s¯-¯n¡q. AÃm-lp-hm-sW km£n, Ipd-¨v sh-Åw Ip-Sn-¨v Zm-lw
am-än-b-Xn-\p-ti-jw Rm³ Cu Iq-«nÂ-¯-s¶ Xn-cn-¨v h-¶v In-S-t¶m-fmw.
DS-s\ hr-²³ ]-dªp: AÃtbm Im-«n-se cm-Pmth, ]-änÃ. F-s¶-s¡m-
|v A-Xn-\v km-[n-¡nÃ. \n-Ý-b-ambpw \o Iq-«nÂ-\n-¶v ]pd-¯p h¶mÂ
Cu A-h-Øbn B-Zyw F-s¶ \o `-£-W-am-¡n-bm-tem?
A-t¸mÄ knw-lw ]-dªp: ""A-Ã-tbm, h-en-b-h\m-b a-\p-jym, Rm³
H-cn-¡epw A-Xv sN-¿nÃ. F¶m Rm³ \n-t¶m-Sv F-sâ Po-hn-Xm-h-km-\w
h-sc \-μn-bp-Å-h-\m-bn-cn-¡pw.
B Zpx-Jn-X\m-b knw-l-¯n-sâ hm-¡p-IÄ B hr-²³ tI«p. knw-l-
t¯m-Sv B hr²-\v A-en-hv tXm-¶n. Iq-Sn-sâ hmXn Xp-d-¶p-sIm-Sp¯p.
]p-dt- ¯-¡v h-¶ knw-lw DS-s\ B hr-²t- \m-Sv ]-dªp: ""BZyw `-£n-¡p¶-
Xv \n-s¶-bm-bn-cn-¡pw. A-Xn-\p-ti-jw am-{X-ta Zm-lw am-äp-¶p-Åq.''
knw-l-¯nÂ-\n-¶v c-£-s¸Sp-I A-km-[y-am-sW-¶v hr²-\v a-\-Ên-embn.
F-¶mepw B hr-²³ knw-l-t¯m-Sv ]-dªp: ""F-s¶ s]-s«-¶v sImÃ-


cpXv. sImÃp-¶-Xn-\p-ap-¼v t]m-Ip-¶ h-gnbn Im-Wp-¶ A-©p-t]-tcm-Sv
F-s¶ sImÃp-¶-Xn-s\¸-än A-`n-{]m-bw A-dn-ª-ti-jw am-{X-ta F-s¶
A-t¸mÄ knw-lw ]-dªp: ""\n-sâ B-hiyw Rm³ Aw-Ko-I-cn-¡mw.
A-ht- cm-Sv \n-s¶ sImÃp-¶X - n-s\-¡p-dn-¨p-Å A-`n-{]m-bw Rm³ tNm-Zn¡mw.''
]n-s¶ A-hÀ c-|p-t]cpw h-gn-bn-eq-sS k-©-cn-¨p. H-cp am-hn³-Np-h«nÂ
F-¯p-¶-Xph-sc bm-{X Xp-SÀ¶p. DS-s\ hr-²³ B am-hn-t\m-Sv tNm-Zn¨p:
""AÃtbm amth, Rm³ ]-d-bp¶-Xv \o tIÄ-¡Ww. F-¶n-«v R-§Ä-
¡nSbn \o \o-Xn ]p-eÀ-¯-Ww.'' D-S³-X-s¶ hr-²³ Xm\pw knw-lhpw
X-½n-ep-Å I-Y hn-h-cn-¨p-sIm-Sp¯p.
am-hv hr-²-t\m-Sv ]-d-ªp: ""[m-cm-fw P\-§Ä Fâ-Sp-¡-te-¡v h-cm-dp|v;
F-sâ X-W-en-\p-th-|n C-hn-sS C-cn-¡m-dp-ap|v. A-Xn-\p-ti-jw A-hÀ
F-´m-Wv sN-¿p-¶-sX-t¶m? A-hÀ F-sâ a-c-s¡m-¼p-IÄ ap-dn-¡p-Ibpw
F-sâ ^e-§Ä ]-dn-s¨-Sp-¡p-Ibpw H-cp am-§ t]m-epw ti-jn-¡m-sX A-hÀ
\-in-¸n-¡p¶p. A-Xn\m \n\-¡v Rm³ \Ã-Xv ]-d-bnÃ. F-sâ A-`n-{]-m-
b¯n knw-lw \n-s¶ sImÃWw.
]n-s¶ A-hÀ A-hn-sS-\n-¶v k-©-cn-¨p.Ipd-¨p I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ H-cp H-«-
I-s¯ I|p. DS-s\ hr-²³ H-«-I-t¯m-Sv tNm-Zn¨p:
""H-«-Ita, Rm³ ]-d-bp¶-Xv \o tIÄ-¡Ww. tI-«n-«v R-§Ä-¡n-SbnÂ
\o \o-Xn hn-[n-¡-Ww.'' A§-s\ knw-l-hpw Xm\pw X-½n-ep-Å I-Y H-«-I-
¯n-\v hr-²³ hn-h-cn-¨p-sIm-Sp¯p.
H«-Iw A-h-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""Rm³ sN-dp-¸-am-bn-cp-¶-t¸mÄ h-en-b i-àn-
am-\m-bn-cp¶p. F-sâ b-P-am\-\v F-s¶ hen-b C-ã-am-bn-cp¶p. F¶mÂ
C-t¸mÄ Rm³ h-b-Êm-b-t¸mÄ b-P-am-\³ F-s¶ D-t]-£n¨p. F-s¶-
s¡m-|v H-cp D-]-tbm-Khpw CÃ F-¶m-Wv b-P-am-\³ ]-d-bp-¶Xv. A-Xn\-mÂ
a-\p-jy-scÃmw \-μn-bnÃm-¯-h-cmWv. A-Xp-sIm-|v F-sâ A-`n-{]m-b¯nÂ
knw-lw \n-s¶ sImÃWw.
A-t¸mÄ knw-lw hr-²-t\m-Sv ]-dªp. \o A-hÀ ]-dª-Xv tI-«ntÃ?
FÃm-hcpw \n-sâ Im-cy¯n \n-s¶ sImÃ-Ww F-¶p-X-s¶-bm-Wv ]-d-bp-
¶Xv. H-cmfpw \n-s¶-¡p-dn-¨v \Ã A-`n-{]m-bw ]-d-ªnÃ-tÃm. A-Xn\mÂ
C-\n H-cmfpw \Ã-Xv ]-d-bnÃ.
A-t¸mÄ hr-²³ ]-dªp: ""F-´m-bmepw \-ap-¡n-hn-sS \nÀ-t¯-|.
\-½p-sS I-cmdn A-©p-t]-tcm-Sv A-`n-{]m-bw tNm-Zn¡mw F-¶m-Wv ]-dª - Xv.
\-½Ä c-|p-t]-tcm-S-tà A-`n-{]m-bw tNm-Zn-¨pÅq. DS-s\ knw-lw ]-dªp:
""F¦n \o ]-d-bp-¶-Xp-t]m-se.''
ho|pw A-hÀ k-©-cn¨p. F¶m hr²-sâ a-\Ên Zpx-Jw hym-]-n¨n-
cp¶p. ]n-s¶ A-hÀ I-|v hf-sc D-b-c¯n ]-d-¡p-¶ H-cp I-gp-I-s\-bmWv.

hr-²\pw knw-lhpw

D-S³-X-s¶ hr-²³ hf-sc D-¨¯n hn-fn-¨p-tNm-Zn¨p: ""AÃtbm I-gpIm,
\o `q-an-bn-te-¡v C-d-§n-hcq. F-¶n-«v R-§Ä-¡n-Sbn \o-Xn hn-[n¡q.
D-S³-X-s¶ X-sâ I-Y A-Xn-t\m-Sv ]-d-ªp. F-s¶ sImÃ-cp-Xv F-¶v \o
knw-l-t¯m-Sv ]-d-bWw. F-t¶m-Sv \o Icp-W Im-Wn-¡-Ww.''
I-gp-I³ B hr-²-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""F-s¶ I|m FÃm P-\-§fpw
I-sÃ-dn-bpw. Iq-Sm-sX a-e-ap-Ifn C-cn-¡p-¶ F-sâ Ip-ªp§-sf th-«-bm-
Sp-Ibpw sN-¿pw. A-Xn\m F-sâ A-`n-{]m-b¯n knw-lw \n-s¶
`-£-W-am-¡Ww. \n-Ý-b-ambpw a-\pjyÀ I-cp-W-bnÃm-¯-h-cm-Wv.''
]n-s¶ A-hÀ I|-Xv H-cp No-¦-®n-sb-bmWv. A-Xn-t\m-Sv hr²³ X-sâ
I-Y hn-h-cn-¨p-sIm-Sp-¯p. F-¶n-«v ]-dªp: ""R-§Ä-¡n-Sbn \o \o-Xn
No¦-®n ]-dªp: ""Rm³ sh-Å-¯nÂ-\n¶pw X-e D-bÀ-¯p-t¼mÄ
A-[n-Iw P-\-§fpw ]-d-bm-dp-|v þ F-s¶ sImÃ-W-sa¶v. A-Xn\m F-sâ
A-`n-{]m-bw knw-lw \n-s¶ `-£-W-am-¡-W-sa-¶p X-s¶-bm-Wv.''
A-t¸mÄ hr-²³ kz-bw ]-dªp: ""F-\n-¡v B-cnÂ-\n¶pw c-£ D-|m-
InÃ. H-cmfpw X-sâ {]-hr-¯nbn \Ã-Xv ]-d-bnÃ.'' F-¶mepw hr-²³
knw-l-t¯m-Sv A-©m-a-s¯ B-tfmSpw A-`n-{]m-bw tNm-Zn¡mw F-¶v B-h-
A-hÀ Ipd-¨v k-©-cn¨p. A-t¸mÄ h-gnbn H-cp Ip-dp-¡³ \nÂ-¡p¶-
Xv I|p. A-Xn-t\m-Sv Xm-\pw knw-lhpw X-½n-ep-Å I-Y hn-h-cn-¨p-sIm-Sp¯p.
F-¶n-«-Xn-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""R-§Ä-¡n-Sbn \o \o-Xn hn-[n-¡-Ww.''
A-t¸mÄ Ip-dp-¡³ ]-dªp: ""\n-§Ä ]-d-bp-¶Xm-b kw-`h-§Ä F-\-n-
¡v t\-cn-«v I|m am-{X-ta \n-§Ä-¡n-Sbn Rm³ A-\p-Iq-eam-b \o-Xn
hn-[n-¡q. hr-²\pw knw-lhpw Ip-dp-¡\pw Iq-«n-sâ A-Sp-t¯-¡v t]mbn.
A-h-À Iq-«n-\-Sp-¡Â F-¯n-t¨À¶p. A-t¸mÄ Ip-dp-¡³ tNm-Zn¨p: ""\n-§-
fp-sS I-Y Xp-S-§p¶-Xv C-hn-sS \n-¶m-tWm?''
hr-²³ ]-dªp: ""A-sX.'' Ip-dp-¡³ hr-²-t\m-Sv tNm-Zn¨p: ""A-t¸mÄ
\o F-hn-sS-bm \n-¶n-cp-¶Xv? \n-sâ Ø-ew Cu Iq-«n-sâ F-hn-sS-bm-bn-
cp¶p? Iq-«n-sâ ap-¶n-em-bn-cpt¶m \o \n-¶n-cp-¶-Xv?''
hr-²³ Ip-dp-¡-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""hn-[n-IÀ-¯mth, Rm³ A-hn-sS-bm
\n-¶-Xv.'' A-t¸mÄ Ip-dp-¡³ tNm-Zn¨p: ""knw-l-¯n-sâ Øm-\w F-hn-sS-
knw-lw ]-dªp: ""Rm³ Iq-«n-\p-Ån-em-bn-cp-¶p.'' A-t¸mÄ Ip-dp-¡³
]-dªp: ""Iq-«n F-hn-sS-bm-bn-cp-¶p \o \n-¶n-cp-¶-Xv? Iq«n F-§-s\-
\n-¶p F-¶v Im-Wm-sX Rm-s\§-s\ A-`n-{]m-bw ]-d-bpw?''
knw-lw Iq-«n-\pÅn I-bdn. F-¶n-«v ]-dªp: ""Rm³ C-hn-sS-bm \n-¶Xv.
F-sâ X-e C-hn-sS-bm-bn-cp¶p. F-sâ hm A-hn-sS-bm-bn-cp-¶p.''


A-t¸mÄ- Ipd-¡³ hr-²-t\m-Sv tNm-Zn¨p: ""Iq-«n-sâ hmXn Xp-d-¶n-cp-
t¶m, AtXm A-S-¨n-cp-t¶m?'' hr-²³ ]-dªp: A-S-¨n-cp¶p. A-t¸mÄ
Ip-dp-¡³ hr-²-t\m-Sv ]-dªp. F¦n hmXn \o A-S-bv-¡-s¸-« \n-e-bn-
em-¡Ww. D-S³-X-s¶ A-Xn-sâ hmXn A-S¨p.
Ip-dp-¡³ knw-lt- ¯m-Sm-bn ]-dªp: ""\-· sN-bvX- n-«v \-· Im-Wn-¡m-¯
ar-Kta, \n\-¡v B hr-²³ \-· sN-bvXp. F-¶n-«v \o B hr-²-t\m-Sv \-μn-
tI-Sv Im-Wn¨p. Iq-Sm-sX A-t±-l-s¯ sImÃm\pw {i-an¨p. A-Xn\m \-nsâ
_m-¡n Po-hn-Xw ap-gp-h³ Cu Iq«n X-s¶-bm-Is«. \n-s¶ C-XnÂ-\n-¶v
H-cm-fpw Xp-d-¶p-hn-SnÃ.
]n-s¶ hr-²t- \m-Sm-bn Ip-dp-¡³ ]-dª
- p: \o \-· sN-¿p-¶Xn B-ßmÀ-
Y-X Im-Wn¨p. A-Xn\m \o \n-sâ bm-{X Xp-S-cp-I. \n\-¡v \-· D-|m-Ipw.
hr-²³ Ip-dp-¡-t\m-Sv \-μn ]d-ªv X-sâ ]-«-W-¯n-te-¡p-Å bm-{X

hr-²\pw knw-lhpw

a-Sn-b\m-b lmdq¬

hf-scb[nIw a-Sn-b\m-b H-cp Ip-«n-bm-bn-cp-¶p lm-dq¬. A-[n-I-k-a-bhpw
A-h³ I-gn-¨p-Iq-«p¶-Xv D-d-¡-¯nepw sh-dp-sX C-cn-¡p-¶-Xn-ep-am-bn-cp-¶p.
]m-h-s¸-« X-sâ D-¸-tbm-sSm-¸-am-Wv A-h³ Po-hn-¨n-cp-¶Xv. D-½-bm-I-s«
X-\n¡pw X-sâ a-I\pw B-lm-c-¯n-\p-th-|n h-f-sb-b-[n-Iw tPm-en-IÄ
sN-bvXp. a-Iâ a-Snbn D-½ Ah-s\ in-£n-¨n-cp¶p. F¶m A-h\nÂ
H-cp Kp-Whpw D-|m-bnÃ.
H-cp Znh-kw A-ht- \m-Sv tZ-jy-t¯m-sS ]-dªp: a-Sn-b\
- m-b ]p-{Xm, \-nsâ
Cu Znh-kw a-Sn am-än F-s´-¦nepw tPm-en-¡v t]m-bn `£-Ww k-¼m-Zn-
¡Ww. C-sæn \n-s¶ ho-«nÂ-\n¶pw ]p-d-¯m-¡pw. A§-s\ lmdq¬
ho-«nÂ-\n¶pw ]p-d-s¸«p. B-Zy-s¯ Znh-kw A-h³ H-cp IÀ-j-I-s\m-¸w
H-cp ]-IÂ ap-gp-h³ tPm-en-sN-bvXp. Ah-sâ tPm-en-¡p-Å {]-Xn-^-e-am-bn
Ipd-¨v \m-Wb-§Ä \ÂIn. B \m-W-b-§-fp-am-bn ho-«n-te-¡v ]p-d-s¸«p.
h-gn-¡p-sh-¨v A-h³ H-c-cp-hn I|p. A-h³ DS-s\ A-Xn-te-¡v NmSn. A-t¸m-
tg¡pw ssI-bn-ep-cp-¶ \m-Wb-§Ä sh-ů - n-te-¡v hoWp. A-h³ \m-Wb-
§Ä Xn-cªp. F¶m A-h\-Xv In-«n-bnÃ. ]n-s¶ A-h³ Zpx-Jn-X-\m-bn
ho-«n-te-¡v a-S-§n.
lmdq¬ kw-`-hn-¨ Imcyw D-½-tbm-Sv ]-dªp. D-½ tZ-jy-t¯m-sS A-h-
t\m-Sv ]-dªp: \n\-¡v \m-Wb-§Ä ssI-bnÂ-\n¶pw t]m-¡-än C-«p-Iq-
Sm-bn-cp-t¶m? F¦n A-Xv I-f-bnÃm-bn-cp¶p.
A-h³ D-½-tbm-Sv ]-dªp: D-½m, \m-sf Rm³ A§-s\ sN-bv-tXm-fmw.
c-|m-a-s¯ Znh-kw IÀj-I³ {]-Xn-^-e-am-bn H-cp ]m{Xw ]m sImSp-
¯p. AX-h³ t]m-¡-än-te-¡v sh-¨p. Ipd-¨v \-S-¶-t¸mÄ ]m ap-gp-h-³


Ah-sâ h-kv-{X-¯nepw tZ-l-¯n-ep-am-bn H-gpIn. ]m-{X¯n H-cp Xp-Ån-
t]-mepw ti-jn-¨nÃ. kw-`-hn-¨ Imcyw A-h³ D-½-tbm-Sv ]-dªp. D-½ tZjy-
t¯m-Sp-Iq-Sn ]-dªp: \n\-¡v B ]m aq-Sn-s¡m-|v h-¶p-Iq-Sm-bn-cp-t¶m?
A-t¸mÄ A-h³ ]-dªp: A-Sp-¯ Znh-kw A§-s\ sN-¿mw. F-t¶m-Sv
tZ-jy-s¸-S-cp-tX D½m.
aq-¶m-a-s¯ Znh-kw A-h³ tPm-en-¡m-bn ]p-d-s¸«p. {]-Xn-^-e-am-bn
H-cp sNdn-b tIm-gn-sb sIm-Sp¯p. A-h\-Xv s]-«n-bn-em-¡n aq-Sn-s¡-«n ho«n-
te-¡v ]p-d-s¸«p.
ho-«n-se-¯n-b-t¸mÄ tIm-gn N¯p. C-Xv I-| D-½-bv-¡v tZjyw h¶p.
A-hÄ tZ-jy-t¯m-sS a-I-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""\o F-´v {]-hr-¯n-bm Cu Im-
Wn-¨Xv. \n-\-¡-dn-bn-tà a-\p-jy\pw ar-K-§Ä¡pw Po-hn¡m³ hm-bp thW-
sa¶v. hm-bp-hnÃm-sX Cu tIm-gn F§-s\ Po-hn-¡pw. \n-\¡ - X- n-s\ ssIbnÂ
sIm-|p-hc - m-am-bn-cp-¶ntÃ? hf-sc hn-ja- t- ¯m-sS A-h³ D-½t- bm-Sv ]-dªp:
A-Sp-¯ Znh-kw Rm³ A§-s\ sN-¿mw, F-t¶m-Sv tZ-jy-s¸-S-tà D½m.
\m-em-a-s¯ Znh-kw IÀj-I³ Ah-\v H-cp ]q¨-sb sIm-Sp¯p. A-h³
ssIbn A-Xn-s\ sIm-|p-h¶p. h-gn-bnÂ-sh-¨v ]q-¨ Ah-sâ ssI-bn-Â-
\-n¶pw Nm-Sn-t¸mbn. ho-«n-se¯n-b A-h³ D-½-tbm-Sv \-S-¶ kw-`h-§Ä
]-dªp. A-t¸mÄ D-½ h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw tZ-jy-t¯m-sS A-h-t\m-Sv ]-dªp:
\n-sâ Im-cy¯n C-sX-s´m-cp A-Zv-`pXw. \o A-Xn-s\ sI-«n-s¡m-|p-hcm-
A-h³ ]-d-ªp: A-Sp-¯ Znh-kw Rm-\§-s\ sN-¿mw. F-t¶m-Sv tZjy-
s¸-S-cp-tX D½m.
A-©m-a-s¯ Znh-kw A-h³ H-cp I-im-¸p-Imc-sâ A-Sp-¡-em-Wv tPmen-
¡v t]m-bXv. {]-Xn-^-e-am-bn H-cp B-«n³-Ip-«n-sb e-`n¨p. A-h³ A-Xn-s\
I-b-dp-sIm-|v sI-«n h-en-¨n-g-¨p-sIm-|v ho-«n-te-¡v h¶p.
B-«n³-Ip-«n-sb h-en-¨n-g-¨p-sIm-|p-¶ aI-s\ I-|v D-½ tZ-jy-t¯m-sS
]-d-ªp: lm-dqt\, \n-\-¡-Xn-s\ tXmfn Np-a-¶p-sIm-|v h-¶p-Iq-Sm-bn-cp-
t¶m? A-Xn-s\ C§-s\ h-en-¨n-g-¨-sX-´n\m?
lmdq¬ ]-dªp: A-Sp-¯ Znh-kw Rm-\-§-s\ sN-bv-Xp-sIm-Åmw.
F-t¶m-Sv tZ-jy-s¸-S-cp-tX D½m.
B-dm-a-s¯ Znh-kw A-h³ H-cp B-«n-Sb-sâ A-Sp-¡-em-Wv t]m-bXv.
H-cp ]-IÂ ap-gp-h³ A-h³ tPm-en sN-bvXp. {]-Xn-^-e-am-bn H-cp I-gpX-sb
sIm-Sp¯p. A-Sp-¯ Znh-kw cm-hn-se F¯m³ th-|n-bn-«p-Iq-Sn-bm-Wv I-gpX-
sb \Â-In-bXv.
lmdq¬ sN-bv-XXv, Igp-X Ah-s\ h-ln-¡p-¶-Xn-\p ]I-cw A-h³ B
I-gpX-sb Np-a-¶p-sIm-|v ho-«n-te-¡v ]p-d-s¸«p.

a-Sn-b\m-b lmdq¬

lmdq¬ t]m-Ip-¶ h-gn-bn-em-bn-cp-¶ ssdlm-\ F-¶p t]-cp-Å H-cp
cm-P-Ip-am-cn-bp-sS sIm-«mcw. ssdlm-\ sIm-«m-c-¯n-sâ ap¶n \nÂ-¡p-I-
bm-bn-cp¶p. A-t¸m-gm-Wv A-hÄ B A-Zv-`p-X-¡mgv-N Im-Wp-¶Xv. cm-P-Ip-
am-cn-¡m-Is- « hn-jm-Zt- cm-Kw _m-[n-¨n-cp¶p. F-¶m B A-Zv`- p-Xs
- ¸-Sp¯p-¶
Imgv-N Ah-sf Nn-cn-¸n¨p. A§-s\ cm-P-Ip-am-cn-¡v _m-[n-¨ hn-jm-Z-tcm-Kw
lm-dq¬- Imc-Ww t`-Z-am¡m³ km-[n¨p. A§-s\ cm-Pm-hv lm-dq-Wn-s\
bpw D-½-sbbpw sIm-«m-c¯n Xm-a-kn-¸n-¨p. lm-dq-Wn-s\ ]Tn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn-
\m-bn ]-Þn-X·mÀ F¯n. A-h³ A§-s\ ]T-\¯n A-`n-hr-²n {]-m-]-n-
¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. lm-dq-Wn-sâ a-cym-Zbpw A-¨-S-¡hpw cm-Pm-hn-s\ A-Zv-
`p-X-s¸-Sp-¯n. Ah-s\ X-sâ a-IÄ-¡v hn-hm-lw sN-bv-Xp-sIm-Sp¯p.
Ip-d-¨p\mÄ I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ cm-Pm-hv a-c-W-s¸-Sp-Ibpw lmdq¬ \o-Xn-
am\m-b cm-Pm-hv B-bn-¯o-cp-Ibpw sN-bvXp.


Ip-c-§\pw ]m¡m-c\pw

Pmknw F-¶p t]-cp-Å H-cp a-\p-jy-\v B-dv ]-ip-¡Ä D-|m-bn-cp¶p. A-t±-
l-¯n-\-Sp-¡Â \n-¶m-bn-cp-¶p B-fp-IÄ ]m hm-§n-bn-cp-¶Xv. AbmÄ
]men [m-cm-fw sh-Åw tNÀ-¯m-bn-cp-¶p P-\-§Ä-¡v \Â-In-bn-cp-¶Xv.
F¶m A-X-hÀ-¡v A-dn-bnÃm-bn-cp¶p. A§-s\ ]m-enÂ-\n¶pw A-t±-l-
¯n-\v \m-ev-]-Xn-\m-bn-c-t¯m-fw ZnÀ-lw k-¼m-Zn¡m³ km-[n¨p.
H-cp Znh-kw Pmknw I-SÂ-amÀ-Kw Zq-sc-bp-Å cm-Py-t¯-¡v bm-{X-t]-mbn.
A-hn-sS \n¶pw hn-Ir-Xn-¡p-«\m-b H-cp Ip-«n-¡p-c§-s\ hm§n. Ipd-¨p
Znh-kw I-gn-ªv Pm-knw \m-«n-te-¡v Xn-cn¨p. bm-{X-¡n-Sbn I-¸-enÂ-sh¨v
Ipc-§³ Pmknansâ ]-W¡ - n-gn F-Sp¯p. A-Xv I-| Pmknw X-sâ ]-W¡ - ngn
Ip-c§-sâ ssI-bnÂ-\n-¶pw hm§m³ {i-an¨p. F¶m Ipc-§³ ap-I-fn-
te-¡v Nm-Sn I-¸-en-sâ ap-I-fn-te-¡v t]mbn. A-t¸mÄ FÃm P-\-§fpw
Ipc-§³ ]-W-¡n-gn F-´m-Wv sN¿p-I F-¶v t\m-¡n-s¡m-|n-cp¶p.
A-t¸m-tg¡pw Ipc-§³ ]-W-¡n-gn-bp-sS Nc-Sv s]m-«n¨p. F-¶n-«v B
I-¸-en-sâ ]-c-¸n-te-¡v ]-W-¡n-gn X«n. Ipd-¨v \m-Wb-§Ä A-hn-sS-¯-s¶
In-S¶p. Ipd-¨v I-S-en-te-¡v D-cp-|p-t]mbn.
Pm-kn-an-\v Ip-d¨v \m-Wb-§Ä I-¸e - nÂ-\n¶pw H-cp-an-¨p-Iq«m³ km[n¨p.
]t£, C-cp-]-Xn-\m-bn-cw \m-Wb-§Ä am-{X-ta ti-J-cn¡m³ km-[n-¨p-Åq.
Pm-kn-an-sâ A-Sp-¡Â-\n-¶v ]m hm-§p-¶ HcmÄ ]-dªp: ""C-Xm-Wv \n-
sâ k-Xy-k-Ôam-b \m-W-b§Ä. _m-¡n I-Sen ho-Wp-t]-m-b C-cp-]-Xn-
\m-bn-cw \m-Wb-§Ä \o ]men sh-Åw tNÀ-¯p-|m-¡n-b-Xm-Wv.''
C-XnÂ-\n¶pw l-dmam-b ]-Ww \-ã-am-Ip-sa-¶v Pm-kn-an-\v a-\-Ên-embn.
Imc-Ww AÃm-lp l-dman A-\p-{K-lw sN-¿p-I-bnÃ.

Ip-c-§\pw ]m¡m-c\pw

km_n-d \-Po-_v

am-{´n-I In-coSw

A-¶v A-[n-Im-c-¯n-sâ {]u-Vnbpw i-ànbpw \n-e-\nÀ-¯n-bn-cp-¶ D-¶-
Xcpw B-`n-Pm-Xy-cpam-b cm-Pm-¡·mÀ hm-Wn-cp-¶, i-àcm-b N-{I-hÀ-¯namÀ
knw-lm-k-\-Ø-\m-bn-cp-¶, \o-Xnbpw X-{´hpw sIm-|v P-\-§-sf `-cn-¨n-
cp-¶, \m«n sF-iz-cyhpw k-¼-Zv-k-ar-²nbpw \n-e-\nÀ¯n-b cm-Pm-¡-·m-
cp-sS Cu I-Y-IÄ þ ]qÀ-h-]n-Xm-¡-·m-cp-sS Cu I-Y-IÄ þ A-§v hn-Zq-c-
tZ-i-¯v Im-e-§Ä-¡p ap-¼m-Wv k-w-`-hn-¨Xv.
A§-s\ \qdp _-lmAv F-¶ cm-Pm-hv X-sâ ]n-Xm-hv \q-dp-fn-bmC-sâ
Im-e-ti-jw `-c-W-ta-sä-Sp¯p. X-sâ ]qÀ-hn-I-cp-sS am-Xr-I-bnÂ, ]n-Xm-¡-
·m-cp-sS N-cybn A-t±-lw `c-Ww Xp-S§n. ]t£, \dp _-lmC-\v H-cp
Zpx-Jw am{Xw ti-jn¨p. X-sâ cm-Ún X-t¶m-sSm-¸-anÃ. \qdp _pZqÀ
F-¶v t]-cp-Å H-cp a-I-fÃm-sX X-\n-¡v a-¡-sfm-¶p-anÃ. A-hÄ cm-Pm-hn-sâ
FÃm-saÃm-am-bn-cp-¶p A-hÄ kz-´w t]-cp-t]m-se X-s¶ N-{μ-tim-`-bp-Å-
h-fm-bn-cp¶p. F¶Ã, ]qÀ-W-N{μ³ t]mepw A-h-fp-sS ku-μ-cy¯nÂ
\m-Wn-¨p X-e-Xm-gv-¯n-bn-«p-|m-Ipw.
X-sâ ]n-Xm-hn-sâ sIm-«m-c¯n kv-t\-l-hm-Õ-ey-§-tfm-sS cm-P-Ip-
am-cn Po-hn¨p. cm-Pm-hv Ah-sf \-¶m-bn h-fÀ-¯p-Ibpw kw-c-£n-¡p-Ibpw
sN-bvXp. cm-Py-¯n-sâ hnhn-[ `m-K-§-fnÂ-\n-¶v A-hÄ-¡m-bn A-[ym-]-I-
sc¯n. hnhn-[ I-e-Ifpw hn-Úm-\-§fpw Ah-sf A-hÀ ]Tn-¸n¨p. cm-Pmhv
Ah-sf \m-Sp-Im-Wm\pw ]p-Xp-Im-cy§Ä ]Tn-¨-dn-bm\pw A-b-¡m-dp-|m-
bn-cp-¶p. X-sâ G-I k-´-Xn-sb cm-Pm-hv hÃm-sX kv-t\-ln-¨n-cp¶p.
A-h-fp-sS ]-cn-N-c-W¯n hf-sc {i-²m-ep-hm-bn-cp-¶p A-t±lw. A-h-fp-sS
H-cm-{K-lhpw cm-Pm-hv \n-c-kn-¨nÃ.


Ime-§Ä I-S-¶p-t]m-Ip-t´mdpw X-sâ a-IÄ km-l-kn-IX-sb C-ã-
s¸-Sp¶-Xw ]pXn-b ]pXn-b tem-Iw I-s|-¯m³ B-{K-ln-¡p-¶Xpw cmPm-
h-dn-ªnÃ. cm-Py-¯n-sâ G-sX-¦nepw tIm-Wn-ep-Å A-]qÀ-h k-½m-\-§-
sf-¡p-dn-¨v tI«m D-S³-X-s¶ A-hÄ cm-Pm-hn-s\-s¡m-|v A-Xv h-cp-¯n-¡p
am-bn-cp¶p. A§-s\ A-Zv-`p-Xm-h-lam-b Ip-td A-]qÀ-h h-kv-Xp-¡Ä A-hÄ-
¡v kz-´-am-bn-cp-¶p. C´y³ Im-Sp-Ifn \n-¶p-Å ap-b-en-sâ h-en-¸-¯n-
ep-Å B-\-IÄ, FÃm `m-jbpw kw-km-cn-¡p-Ibpw ]m-«-]m-Sp-I-bpw, cm-Pm-
hn\pw cm-P-Ip-am-cn¡pw h-W-§p-Ibpw sN-¿p-¶ A-h-fp-sS ]m-h kp-μ-chpw
A-Zv-`p-Xhpw B-bn-cp¶p.
A§-s\ cm-P-Ip-am-cn Iu-am-c-{]m-b-sa¯n. F-¦nepw A-h-fp-sS kz-`m-
h-ip-²n¡pw k-Xv-{]-Ir-Xn¡pw I-f-¦-am-bn H-cp tcm-Kw am{Xw A-h-ti-jn-¨p.
sN-dp-sX-¦nepw A-Xv Ku-c-h-X-c-am-bn-cp¶p. hen-b hen-b s]m-«n-s¯-dn-IÄ
sNdn-b Xo-s¸m-cnbn \n-¶m-WtÃm D-|m-Ip-¶Xv. bm-sXm-cp {]-bm-k-hp-
ap-|m-In-sÃ-¶v \mw I-cp-Xp-¶-h-bmIpw hen-b \m-i-§-fp-am-bn h-¶p-tN-cp-
¶Xv. cm-P-Ip-am-cn F-´v B-{K-ln-¡p-¶pthm A-Xv In-«m-sX A-hÄ-¡v D-d-
¡-ap-|m-bn-cp¶Ã. A-Xv F-{X hn-j-a-I-chpw hn-Zq-c-hp-am-Is«, cm-Pm-hv A-Xv
A-hÄ-s¡-¯n-¨p-sIm-Sp¯p. Im-cWw, X-sâ a-I-fp-sS hn-Úm-\-¯n-sâ
am-äp-Iq«m³ A-Xv k-lm-bn-¡p-sa-¶-t±-lw [-cn¨p.
H-cp Znh-kw cm-hn-se \qdp kp-ZqÀ A-e-k-am-bn tIm-«p-hm-bn-s«-gp-t¶ä-
t¸mÄ Np-äp-ap-Å-sXm-s¡ A-Zv-`p-X-§fpw A-]qÀ-h-§-fp-sa-¦n-epw FÃmw
X-s¶ hnÀ-¸p-ap-«n-¡p-¶-Xm-bn tXm¶n. FÃmw A-hÄ-¡v a-Sp-¯-Xp-t]mse.
DS-s\ A-hÄ X-sâ G-ä-hpw A-Sp-¯ ]-cn-Nm-cn-Ibpw k-tlm-Z-cn-sb-
t¸m-se kv-t\-ln-¡p-Ibpw sNbv-X ZnÀ-l-asb hn-fn¨p. A-hÄ Hm-Sn-h-¶n-«v
tNm-Zn-¨p: ""`h-Xo {]-`m-X-`£-Ww sIm-|p-h-c-s«-tbm?'' \qdp kpZqÀ
]-dªp: ""ZnÀl-a, AXÃ, \o Im-hÂ-¡m-tcm-Sv F-\n-¡v Ip-Xnc-sb H-cp¡m³
]-dbq. F-\n-¡v hoÀ-¸p-ap-«p¶p. Rm³ sIm«m-c D-Zym-\¯n Np-än-\-S-I-Im³
B-{K-ln-¡p-¶p.'' ""D-¯-c-hv'' ZnÀ-l-a {]-Xn-h-Nn¨p.
A-hÀ s]-s«-¶p-X-s¶ X-sâ P-b-am-\-¯n-¡v A-Wn-bn-s¨m-cp¡n-b Ip-
Xnc-sb X-¿m-dm¡n. c-|p-t]cpw Iq-Sn ]q-t´m-«-¯n DÃ-kn-¨v \-S¶p.
]-g-§fpw ]q-¡fpw \n-dª B tXm-«-¯n-sâ hnhn-[ \n-d-§fn ]-£n-IÄ
]m-dn-\-S¶p. B-cm-a¯n A-hÀ k-©-cn¨p. cm-P-Ip-am-cn-sb I-|v ]-£n-
IÄ ]m-«p-]mSm³ Xp-S-§n-b-Xp-t]mse.
A§-s\ A-hÀ H-cp hr-£-¯-Wen C-cp-¶p. aq-Ibpw Zpx-Jn-X-bp-ambn
tXm¶n-b cm-P-Ip-am-cn-tbm-Sv ZnÀla tNm-Zn¨p: ""A-hn-Sp-s¯ hn-iz-kv-Xbmb
F-t¶m-Sv ]-d-ªm-epw, F-´m-Wv F-sâ b-P-am-\-¯n-¡v kw-`-hn-¨-Xv?''
""F-\n-¡v Iq-«p-IqSm³ H¶pw In-«p-¶nÃ. A-sX-s¶ a-Sp-¸n-¡p-¶p'' \-qdpÂ
kpZqÀ ]-dªp.

am-{´n-I In-coSw

""F-´m-Wv Cu ]-d-bp-¶Xv, `h-Xn F-´m-Wp-t±-in-¡p-¶Xv? A-Xv
]-dªm D-S³ km-[n-¸n-¨p-Xcm³ Ggmw I-Sen a-Õy-¯n-sâ h-b-än-
\-pÅn B-sW-¦nepw R-§Ä X-¿mÀ'' ZnÀ-l-a A-h-sf k-am-iz-kn-¸n¨p.
C-t¸m-gp-Ås - XÃmw F-s¶ a-Sp-¸n-¡p¶p. F-s´-¦nepw ]p-Xnb-Xp thWw.
F-sâ a-\-Ên-s\ k-t´m-jn-¸n¡m³ ]p-Xn-b-sX-s´-¦n-epw th-Ww'' cm-P-
Ip-am-cn ]-dªp.
""Ip-amco, A-hn-Sp-s¯ P-·-Zn-\w Ip-d-¨p-\mÄ-¡p-ti-jw \-S-¡p-t¼mÄ
\mw hen-b B-tLmj-§Ä kw-L-Sn-¸n-¡p¶p. C-t¶-h-sc-`h-Xn sXm-«n-
«nÃm-¯ H-cp k-½m-\w X-cp-sa-¶v a-lm-cm-Pm-hv hm-Kv-Zm-\w sN-bv-Xn-«n-tÃ?
þZnÀ-l-a HmÀ-a-s¸-Sp¯n. cm-P-Ip-am-c-bp-sS I-®p-IÄ Xn-f§n.
""F-´m-Wm k-½m-\-sa-¶v \o A-dn-bp-tam?'' A-hÄ tNm-Zn-¨p. ""bm-{Xm-
kw-L-§-sfm¶pw Ip-td-\m-fm-bn C-Xph-gn h-¶n-«nÃ. ]n-s¶ F-hn-sS \-n¶pw
]n-Xm-hn-\v k-½m-\w In-«p-I? Rm³ Im-Wm-¯-sXm¶pw C-t¸mÄ cm-Pm-hn-
sâ ssI-bn-enÃ-tÃm. A-Xp-sIm-|v F-\n-¡v hn-izm-kw h-cp-¶nÃ.''
ho|pw A-hÄ ]-g-b]-Sn Xp-SÀ¶p. F-¶n-«v A-hÄ X-e-bp-bÀ¯n, NnÃ-
Ifn k-t´m-j-t¯m-sS ]m-dn-¡-fn-¡p-¶ ]-£nI-sf t\m¡n. A-h-bn-sem-
¶v kp-μ-cam-b \n-d-¯n-se Nn-d-Ip-I-fp-sÅm-cp ]£n. c-P-Ip-am-cn-¡-cn-In-
se-¯n A-h-fp-sS ]-«p-dpam sIm-¯n-sb-Sp-¯v ]-d-¶-I¶p. A-ev-]-ka-bw
I-gn-ªv Xn-cn-sI h-¶v Xqhm-e A-h-fp-sS ssIbn sIm-Sp¯p. k-t´m-jw
sIm-|v Xp-Ån-¨mSn-b cm-P-Ip-am-cn ]-dªp:
""t\m-¡q ZnÀl-a, F-sâ Xqhm-e B-Im-i-temI-¯v ]-d-¶p-bÀ-¶v Xn-cn-
sI C-Xm F-sâ ssIbn h-¶n-cn-¡p¶p. B Xq-hm-ebn Ib-dn C-cn¡m³
am{Xw Rm³ sN-dp-Xm-bn-cp-s¶-¦nÂ... A-sæn Cu Ip-ªn-¡n-fn-sb-
t¸m-se B-Im-i-¡o-dp-I-f-¡pÅn ]-d-¶p-\-S¡m³ I-gn-ªn-cp-s¶-¦nÂ.
FÃmw ap-I-fnÂ-\n-¶v ImWm³ F-´v c-k-am-bn-cn-¡pw. Cu sIm-«m-chpw
]-q-t´m-«hpw FÃmw...''
A-hÄ k-t´m-jm-Xn-tc-I¯m ]p-f-In-X-bmbn. In-fn-I-sf-t¸m-se ssI
c|pw B-«n ap-t¶m-«v \-S¶p. ""Hm, Rm-s\m-cp Ip-cp-hn-bm-bn-cp-s¶-¦nÂ...
]-d¡m³ I-gn-sª-¦nÂ... A-Xm-sW-\n-¡v th-|-Xv?''
ZnÀ-la- bpw A-hÄ-¡v ]n-¶m-se Hm-Sn-s¨-¶v `-bt- ¯m-sS tNm-Zn¨p. ""`hXo,
F-´m-W-hnS-¶v ]-d-ª-Xv?'' A-hÄ tNmZyw B-hÀ-¯n¨p. \q-dpÂ-_pZqÀ
A-Xp-X-s¶ ]-d-ªp-sIm-|n-cp¶p. ""F-\n-¡v D-b-c¯n ]-d-¡Ww, ZnÀ-
l-a... Cu ]-£n-I-sf-t¸m-se A-§p-bÀ-¶p-bÀ-¶v ]-d-¡Ww. ]t£, A-km-
[y-a-tà Ip-am-co?'' ]-£n-IÄ ]-d-¡p¶p, a-\p-jy³-\-S-¡p¶p. C-Xv AÃm-
lp-hns\-d kw-hn-[m-\-atÃ. B-Imi-¯v ]-d-¶p-\-S-¶ H-cm-sf-¸-äbpw
C-Xph-sc \mw tI-«n-«nÃ-tÃm.'' þ ]-cn-Nmcn-I {]-Xn-h-Nn¨p.


""A§-s\ ]-d-b-cp-Xv ZnÀl-a. X-sâ Cu B-{K-lw ]q-h-Wn-bm-sX F-\-n-
¡v k-am-[m-\-anÃ.'' A-hÄ ]-d-ªp. X-sâ a-I-fp-sS B-{K-lw tI-« cm-Pmhv
sR-«n-s¯-dn¨p. cm-Pm-hv X-sâ a-{´n-tbm-Sv D-]-tZ-iw tXSn. hn-j-®-\m-bn
a{´n ]-dªp: ""C-sX§-s\ kw-`-hn-¡pw?''
cm-P-Ip-am-cn DuWpw D-d-¡-hp-anÃm-sX Zpx-Jn-X-\m-sW-¶v F-\n-¡-dn-bmw.
]t£, C-Xv A-km-[yam-b H-¶-tÃm. A-h-fp-sS Nn´-sb am-än-¡-f-bp-¶
a-sä-s´-¦nepw A-Zv`p-X k-½m\-§Ä \Â-In-bm-tem?'' a{´n tNm-Zn¨p.
A-sXÃmw Rm³ ]-d-ªp-t\m¡n. ]t£, A-hÄ h-g-§p-¶nÃ. Rm³
Ah-sf hÃm-sX kv-t\-ln¨p. A-hÄ-¡v Rm³ kÀ-h h-gn-I-fpw Xp-d-¶n«p.
H-cp\mÄ cmPyw `-cn¡m³ A-hÄ-¡v {]m-]v-Xn-bp-|m-I-s« F-¶m-Wv Rm-
\m-in-¨Xv. Ah-sf Rm³ A-Xn-bm-bn kv-t\-ln-¡p¶p. A-h-fp-sS Cu
A-h-Ø F-\n-¡v k-ln-¡nÃ. cm-Pm-hv hn-Xp-¼n-s¡m-|v ]-dªp. ""F-¦nÂ,
cm-P-Ip-am-cn-bp-sS Cu B-{K-lw km-[n-¸n¡m³ H-cp aÕ-cw {]-Jym-]n-¡mw.
\-sÃm-cp k-½m-\hpw {]-Jym-]n-¡pw'' a{´n ]-d-ªp. ""]t£, Cu A-km-
[y-am-b-sX§-s\ km-[n-¡pw?'' cm-Pm-hv tNm-Zn¨p. ""\-ap-¡v {i-an-¡mw.
A-t¸mÄ C-Xv A-km-[y-sa-¶v Ip-am-cnbpw a-\-Ên-em-¡-s«'' a{´n ]-dªp.
A-Sp-¯ Znh-kw cm-hn-se FÃm Xp-d-bnepw s]-« P-\-§-sf-s¡m-|v
sIm-«m-cw \n-dªp. A-hcn {]-K-Û\m-b tXmÂ-¸-Wn-¡m-c-\p-|m-bn-cp¶p.
ar-Zp-eam-b tXm-ep-sIm-|p-|m¡n-b c-|p Nn-d-Ip-IÄ AbmÄ sIm-|p-h-
¶n-cp¶p. cm-P-Ip-am-cn D-bÀ-¶ Ø-e-¯p-\n-¶v Nm-Sn A-Xn Ib-dn ]-d-¡p-I.
C-Xm-bn-cp-¶p A-bm-fp-sS X-{´w. a{´n H-cp Im-hÂ-¡m-c-t\m-Sv A-Xv ]-co-
£n¡m³ I-ev-]n¨p. AbmÄ NmSn. ]t£, \-Sp-shm-Sn-ªv Xm-sg hoWp.
a-sämcmÄ tcm-a-\nÀ-an-Xam-b Nnd-Iv sIm-|p-h-¶n-cp¶p. AXpw ]-co-£n-NNp.
]-t£, ^-ew X-ssY-h. A-hcn H-cp kn-²-\p-|m-bn-cp¶p. AbmÄ X-sâ
a-{´-§Ä sIm-|v cm-P-Ip-am-cn-sb {]o-Xn-s¸-Sp-¯m-s\-¯n-b-Xm-bn-cp-\\p.
]t£, a-äp hen-b im-kv-{X-Ú-·m-scbpw Nn-´-I-scbpw t]m-se A-bmfpw
]-cm-P-b-s¸«p. cm-P-Ip-am-cn k-¦-S-s¸-«v Hm-Sn A-h-fp-sS ap-dn-bn-te-¡v t]mbn.
C-Xp I-| cm-Pmhpw a-{´nbpw hn-j-®-cmbn. I-c-ªp-sIm-|v ap-dn-bn-en-
cp-¶ cm-P-Ip-am-cn P-\m-e-¡-cnIn H-cp A-]-cnNn-X i-Ðw tI«p. Ip-am-cn
P-\m-e-¡-cn-In-te-¡v \o-§n þ A-hn-sSb-Xm ISpw I-dp-¯ \n-d-¯n-ep-Å
H-cp ]-£n P-\m-e-bp-sS NnÃp-Ifn ap-«p¶p, Nn-d-Ip-IÄ A-Sn-¡p-Ibpw
sN-bvXp. P\m-e Xp-d-¶-t¸mÄ s]-s«-¶v ap-dn-¡pÅn I-bdn-b ]-£n Nnd-
I-Sn-¨v ]-d¶p, h-«w-Np-än I-fn¨p. F-¶n-«v Nn-d-Ip-sIm-|v Hc-Sn A-Sn¨p. s]-
s«-¶v A-sXm-cp `q-X-¯m-\m-bn amdn.
- p-am-cn t]-Sn-¨p-hnd-¨v \n-e¯
- p-hoWp. C-Sdn-b t]-Sn-¨c- |
- i-ЯnÂ
tNm-Zn¨p: ""B-cm-Wv \o'' C-Sn-\m-Zw t]m-ep-Å i-Яn AbmÄ a-dp]-Sn
\ÂIn: ""Rm³ A-km-[y kz-]v-\-§-fp-sS `q-X-¯m-\mWv. BÀ-s¡-¦nepw

am-{´n-I In-coSw

B-{Kl-§Ä km-[n-¡m-sX h¶m Rm³ A-hn-sS {]-Xy-£-s¸-Spw. \o
F-´m-Wv D-t±-in-¡p-¶-Xv? \n-sâ A-km-[yam-b kz-]v-\w Rm³ km-[n-¸n¨p-
X-c-s«-tbm?'' A-bm-fp-sS B-IÀ-jWo-b kw-km-cw tI-«v A-ev-]w au-\w
]-m-en-¨-ti-jw A-hÄ tNm-Zn¨p: ""F-s¶ ]Tn-¸n¡m³ \n-§Ä-¡v I-gn-bp-
sa-¶mtWm ]-d-bp-¶-Xv?''
""AsX, H-cp sIm-¨p-Ip-cp-hn-sb-t¸m-se B-Imi-¯v ]m-dn-\S-¶v Xm-sg-
bp-Å Im-gv-N-I-sfÃmw sN-dn-sbm-cp anTm-bn-t]m-se t\m-¡n-¡m-Wmw. \n\-
¡v B-tem-Nn-¡m\pw `m-hn-¡m\pw t]mepw I-gn-bm-¯ kp-μ-c-¡-gvN-IÄ
Im-Wmw'' `q-X¯m³ a-dp]-Sn \ÂIn. ap-dn-bp-sS hmXn Xpd-¶v ZnÀ-l-a
A-I-t¯-¡v h-¶Xpw `q-X-¯m-s\ I-|Xpw A-hÄ hn-fn-¨p-Iqhm³ Xp-S§n.
]-t£, \qdp _pZqÀ Ah-sf A-S-¡n-\nÀ¯n. F-¶n-«v ]-dªp: ""t\m-¡q
ZnÀl-a, C-Xv A-km-[y-kz-]v-\-§-fp-sS `q-X-¯m-\m-Wv. F-sâ B-{K-lw km-
[n-¸n-¡m³ h-¶X - m-Wv.'' ZnÀ-la- t]-Sn-¨p-hn-d¨
- p-sIm-|v ]-dªp: ""Cu tImew
t]-Sn-s¸-Sp-¯p¶p. I-|n-«v C-Xv \-in-¨ ]n-im-Nm-sW-¶v tXm-¶p-¶p.'' F-¶n«v
D-d-s¡ hn-fn-¨p-]-dªp: ""t]m, `q-Xta. R-§Ä-¡v \n-sâ H-cp k-lm-bhpw
th-|. \n-sâ a-c-Whpw \m-i-hp-am-bn \o t]m-hp-I''. cm-P-Ip-am-cn \n-e-hn-
fn¨p: ""Ip-d-¨p-Iq-Sn Im-¯p-\nÂ-¡q ZnÀl-a. C-t±-l-sa-sâ B-{K-lw km[n-
""\n\-¡v Rm³ C-Xv km-[n-¨p-Xcm³ \o F-\n-s¡m-cp Imcyw sN-bv-Xp-
X-c-Ww'' þ `q-Xw ]-d-ªp. ""A-sX-´m-Wv?'' Ip-am-cn tNm-Zn¨p.
""\n-sâ AÑ-sâ In-co-Sw F-\n-¡v thWw. ]t£, A-Xv A-km-[y-am-W-
tÃm. A-Xv ]qÀ-h-]n-Xm-¡-fnÂ-\n-¶v F-sâ ]n-Xm-hn-\v A-\´-cw In-«n-b-
XmWv. A-Xv BÀ¡pw ssI-am-äw sN-¿nÃ. F-sâ ssI-h-i-ap-Å Cu h-kvXp-
¡-sfÃm-sa-Sp-t¯mfq. F-¶n-«v F-\n-¡v B-{K-lw km-[n-¨p-X-cq.'' Ip-am-cn
F-\n-¡v A-sXm¶pw B-h-iy-anÃ. B In-co-Sw amäw. C-sæn Imcyw
\-S-¡nÃ. \o B-tem-Nn-t¨mfq. Xo-cp-am-\-ambm FÃm cm-{Xn-bn-epw Np-h¶
]m-ds- ¡«n Im-Sn-sâ-bpÅn F-sâ sNdn-b km-bq-Py¯n Im-¯n-cn¡mw.
\n-sâ Iq-sS In-co-S-ap-s|¦n \n-sâ B-{K-lw Rm³ km-[n-¨p-X-cpw.''
F-¶n-«v `q-X¯m³ H-cp i-Ð-ap-|m¡n. ]-g-b ]-£n-st¸m-se cq-]w am-dn
]-d-¶p-t]mbn. C-sXÃmw I-|p-\n-¶ ZnÀ-l-a t]-Sn-¨v \n-e-hn-fn¨p.
""Ah-s\ hn-iz-kn-¡-cp-Xv Ip-amco. A-h³ N-Xn-b\m-b `q-X-amWv. cm-Pm-
hn-sâ Øm-\w X-«n-sb-Sp-¡m-\p-Å X-{´-am-Wn-Xv.''
a-dp-]-Sn-sbm¶pw ]-d-bm-sX Ip-am-cn A-h-fp-sS sa-¯bn `q-X¯m³
]-d-ª-sXÃmw B-tem-Nn-¨p-sIm-|v In-S¶p. Cu-sbm-cp Imcyw F§-s\
km-[n-¡pw? Zn-hk-§Ä ]-eXpw I-gnªp. cm-Pm-hv X-sâ a-I-fp-sS B-{K-
l-¯n-sâ Imcyw X-s¶ a-d¶p. A-hÄ Iq-Sp-XÂ hm-in-I-f D-t]-£n¨p.


A§-s\ Ip-am-cn-bp-sS ]n-d¶mÄ Zn-\-sa¯n. ]-«-W-¯n-sâ \m-ep-]mSpw
A-e-¦m-c-§fpw B-tLm-j-§fpw sIm-|v \n-dªp. FÃm-hcpw k-t´m-j-
¯n-emWv. cm-Py-¯n-sâ \m-\m Zn-¡nÂ-\n¶pw k-½m-\-§fpw ]m-cn-tXm-jn-
I-§fpw F¯n.
B-tLm-j ]-cn-]m-Sn-IÄ A-´y-¯n-te-¡-Sp-¯-t¸mÄ cm-Pm-hv a-I-fp-sS
A-Sp-s¯¯n. A-h-fp-sS s\-änbn kv-t\-l-t¯m-sS Npw-_n-¨n-«v ]-dªp:
""F-sâ k-½m-\-sa-s´-¶v Im-W-tWm?''
Ip-am-cn ]p-©n-cn-¨p-sIm-|v X-sâ ]n-Xm-hn-s\m-¸w A-S-¨p-]q«n-b H-cp
dq-an-\p ap-¶n-se¯n. ]m-dm-hp-Im-sc H-gn-hm¡n-b tk-jw cm-Pm-hv a-I-tfm-Sv
]-dªp: ""\n\-¡v 15 h-b-Êmbn. A-Xp-sIm-|v \-½p-sS Cu cm-Py-¯n-sâ
Nn-e c-l-ky-§Ä \n\-¡v ]-d-ªp-X-cm-w.''
""\-½p-sS cm-Py-¯n-\v Rm-\-dn-bm-¯ c-l-ky-§-fp-t|m'' þ Ip-am-cn
tNmZn¨p. ""AsX. Ip«o, A-Xv In-co-S-¯n-sâ c-l-ky-am-Wv.'' X-e-bnÂ-\n-¶v
In-co-Sw ssI-bn-se-Sp-¯p-sIm-|v cm-Pm-hv ]-dªp.
]-|p\mÄ ap-XÂ F-sâ ]qÀ-h-]n-Xm-¡Ä ap-gp-h³ ssI-am-dn-h-¶ In-
co-Sa- m-WnXv. C-Xv am-{´n-I In-co-Sa- mWv. C-Xv \-½p-sS ap-¯¨-\v H-cp `q-X¯m³
]-Wn-Xp-sIm-Sp-¯-Xm-WnXv. Cu In-co-S-¯n-sâ am-{´n-I-i-ànbn FÃm
i-{Xp-hn-s\bpw X-IÀ¡m³ \-ap-¡v I-gnªp. Cu cm-Py-¯n-\v \o-Xnbpw
k-am-[m-\hpw In«m³ th-|n ]-eXpw sN¿m³ km-[n¨p. ]t£, C-Xv \-nÀ-
an¨ B `q-X¯m³ `-c-W-Im-cy-§fn C-S-s]-«v C-hn-sS A-{Ia-§Ä \-S-
¯m³ {i-an¨p. A-Xv ap¯-ѳ A-\p-h-Zn-¨nÃ. Ah-s\ Im-«n-\pÅn H-cp
ap-dnbn A-S-¨n-«n-cn-¡p-I-bmWv. Cu In-co-Sw kq-£n-¡-W-sa-¶v ap-¯-ѳ
X-sâ aI-\v \nÀ-tZ-iw sIm-Sp¯p. A-Xv sXmSm³ \-½p-sS c-à¯n ]-n-d-
¶-hÀ-t¡ km-[n-¡q. a-äm-sc-¦nepw sXm«m B \n-an-jw A-h³ \-in-¡p-w.
A§-s\ \q-dp-fn-bm-Av F-¶ F-sâ ]n-Xm-hn-sâ a-c-W-ti-jw C-sX-\n-¡v
In«n. AÃm-lp F-\n-¡v a-äv k-´m-\§-sf X-cm-¯-Xn\m \-½p-sS
c-à¯n ]n-d¶-Xv \o am-{X-amWv.
ap-¯p-c-Xv\-§Ä ]-Xn-¨ In-co-S-¯n-te-¡v A-h-sfm-¶v t\m¡n. cm-Pm-hv
kw-km-cw Xp-SÀ¶p. A-Xp-sIm-|v Cu D-¯-c-hm-Zn-Xw G-sä-Sp¡m³ \o
_m-[y-Ø-bmWv. \n-s¶-t¸m-se H-cp s]¬-Ip-«n-¡v F-{X-t¯m-fw A-Xv
_p-²n-ap-«m-sW-¶v F-\n-¡-dn-bmw. F-sâ a-c-W-ti-j-am-Wv A-Xv Rm³ \n-
s¶ GÂ-¸n-¡p-I. ]t£, C-t¸mÄ Rm³ H-cp ZoÀ-L-bm-{X \-S¯m³
B-{K-ln-¡p¶p. A-Xph-sc \o C-Xv kq-£n-¡Ww.
Ip-am-cn Nn-cn-¨p-sIm-|v ssI-IÄ \o-«n AXn sXm«p. A-Xv an-¶n-¯n-
f§n. cm-Pm-hv A-Xv A-h-fp-sS X-ebn sh-¨p-sIm-Sp-¯p. \n-sâ ]n-Xm-¡-
sf-t¸m-se \o-Xn-am\m-b H-cp `-c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-bm-h-W-sa-¶v Rm³ B-{K-ln-
¡p¶p. \o Cu In-co-Sw kp-c£ - n-Xam-b Øe-¯v kq-£n-¡Ww. F-s¶-¦nepw

am-{´n-I In-coSw

\o F-sâ a-c-W-hmÀ-¯-b-dnªm A-¶v \o C-Xv X-ebn [-cn-¡W-w.
\n-\-¡-dn-bm-¯- ]-e c-l-ky-§fpw A-¶v \n\-¡v sh-fn-s¸-Spw. A-¶v \n\-
¡v h-en-sbm-cp c-lkyw a-\-Ên-em-Ipw. A-sX-´m-Wv ]n-Xmth? A-hÄ
tNm-Zn¨p. C-Xv \o BÀ-s¡-¦nepw sIm-Sp¯m A-h³ Cu cm-Py-¯n-sâ
`-c-Wm-[n-Im-cn B-bn-¯o-cpw. Zpx-Jn-Xbm-b Ip-am-cn In-co-Sw hm-§n X-sâ
]-«p-Ip-¸m-b¯n H-fn-¸n-¨p. A-Xp-am-bn A-hÄ X-sâ dq-an-te-¡v t]m-bn
B-tem-N-\ Xp-S§n.
Ip-td Zn-h-k-§Ä-¡p-ti-jw cm-Pm-hv bm-{X-t]mbn. a{´n `-c-W-Im-cy-
§Ä {i-²n¨p. Ip-am-cn X-sâ am-{´n-I In-co-Sw c-l-ky-am-bn kq-£n¨p.
ZnÀ-l-a-bÃm-sX a-ämcpw hn-h-c-a-dn-ªnÃ.
]q-t´m-«¯n X-\n-¨n-cp-¶v Ip-am-cn B-tem-N-\ Xp-S§n. Cu In-co-Sw
\-ãs - ¸-Sp-¯m-sX F§-s\ ]-£n-Is - f-t¸m-se ]d-¶p \-S¡ - mw. Zpx-Jn-Xbm-b
Ip-am-cn-sb I-|v ZnÀ-l-a-bv-¡v I-Sp-¯ hnj-aw tXm¶n. ssI-t\m-«-¡m-cn
j-Cu-e-bp-sS A-Sp-t¯-¡v t]m-Im-sa-¶v ZnÀ-l-a D-]-tZ-in¨p. Ip-am-cn k-½-
hr-²bm-b a-{´-hm-Zn-\n Xm-a-kn-¡p-¶ h-k-Xn-bn-te-¡v cm-hn-se X-s¶
c-|mfpw t]mbn. Ip-am-cn-tbm-Sv ZnÀ-l-a ]-d-ªp: ""Ip-amco, Cu a-{´-hm-Zn\n
\Ã-htfm tam-i-¡m-cntbm AÃ. C-Xv c-|v kz-`m-hhpw Im-Wn-¡p-¶h-sc
F-\n-¡v C-ã-aÃ. \-· sX-fn-ª ip-²P-ew t]m-se-bmWv. Xn-·-bp-sS sNdn-
sbm-cp Xp-Ån A-Xn-s\ tI-Sp-h-cp-¯pw. A-hÄ ]-d-bp-¶-sXm-s¡ tI-t«mfq.
]t£, A-sXÃmw sN-t¿-|-XnÃ.'' Ip-am-cn ]-dªp: ""A-sX-\n-¡-dn-bmw.
A-h-fp-sS am-{´n-I ]-fp-¦v F-´p ]-d-bp-¶p F-¶p am{Xw Rm³ tIÄ-¡pw.
c-|p-t]cpw Z-lbn {]-th-in¨p. a-{´-hm-Zn-\n A-Xn-\pÅn X-sâ am-{´n-I
]-fp¦n t\m-¡n-bn-cn-¡p-¶p. Ah-sc A-hÄ {i-²n-¨nÃ. A-hÄ ]-dªp:
""h-cq... C-cn¡q. A-sX ZnÀl-a, Rm³ \Ã-hfpw No-¯-bp-aÃ. Rm³ F-sâ
\·-sb Xn-·-bp-sS Xp-Ån sIm-|v tI-Sp-h-cp¯n. ]t£, A-Xv Rm³ a-{´-
hm-Zn-\n B-bX - n-sâ {]-Xn-^e
- a- m-Wv.'' cm-PI
- p-am-cn-sb t\m-¡n-s¡m-|v A-hÄ
tNm-Zn¨p. ""F-´m-Wv `-h-Xn-¡v th-|-Xv?'' F-sâ B-{K-lw F§-s\ km-
[n-¡p-sa-¶v F-\n-¡-dn-bWw. A-hÄ ]-dªp. a-{´-hm-Zn-\n D-d-s¡ Nn-cn¨p.
Ip-td a-{´-§Ä D-cp-hnSm³ Xp-S§n.
""F-´m-WnXv? kzÀ-W-¯nepw sh-Ån-bnepw ap-§n-¡n-S-¡p-¶ Ip-am-cn
]-d¡m³ B-{K-ln-¡p¶p. C-Xv A-]I-Sw ]n-Sn-¨ ]-Wn-bmWv. hn-[n-bnÂ-
\n-¶v Hm-Sn-t¸m-Im-\m-InÃ.''
F-¶n-«v a-{´-hm-Zn-\n Nn-cn-¨p-sIm-|v þ ""Ip-td hÀ-j-§Ä-¡p-ti-jw
\n-§-fp-sS A-\-´c-hÄ ]-d¡m³ Xp-S-§pw. ]t£, C-t¸mÄ `q-X-k-lm-b-
anÃm-sX C-Xv km-[yaÃ. H-tc H-cp h-gn am-{X-am-Wn-hn-sS-bp-Å-Xv.'' Nn-cn-¨p-
sIm-|v Ip-am-cn tNm-Zn-¨p: ""A-sX-´m-Wv a-{´-hm-Zn-\o?'' A-hÄ ]-dªp:


""kp-μco, A-Xv H-cp X{´w {]-tbm-Kn-¨m-Wv. ]-d-bp¶-Xv tIÄ¡q. BÀ¡pw
I-gn-bm¯-Xv \n-sâ ssI-IÄ-¡v t\-Sm-\m-Ipw. \n\-¡v Rm³ h-gn ]-d-ªp-
k-t´m-jw sIm-|v cm-P-Ip-am-cn Xp-Ån-¨mSn. ""a-\-Ên-embn. ]t£, H-cp
tNm-Zy-ap|v. F-\n-¡v B sN-¦-sÃ-hn-sS-sbt¶m Im-Sn-sâ h-gntbm A-dn-
bnÃ. Rm³ F-hn-sSbpw A-Xv I-|n-«nÃ.''
a-{´-hm-Zn-\n Nn-cn-¨p-sIm-|v ]-d-ªp: ""A-XmÀ¡pw hy-àaÃ. A-Xv
ImWm³ D-t±-in-¨p-t]m-Ip-¶-hÀ-t¡ A-Xv ImWm³ I-gnbq. \μn. F-´m-
Wn-t¸mÄ sN-t¿-|-sX-¶v F-\n-¡v a-\-Ên-em-bn.'' a-{´-hm-Zn-\n-bp-sS hm¡p-
I-fnÂ-\n-¶v a-\-Ên-emb-Xv \-S-¸m-¡m-\p-Å \n-Ý-b¯n Ip-am-cn A-hn-sS
\n-¶nd-§n \-S¶p; A-hÄ-¡p ]n-dIn ZnÀ-l-a-bpw. hf-sc Zpx-Jn-X-bm-bn-
cp-¶p. hf-sc Zpx-Jn-X-bm-bn¶ Ah-sf a-{´-hm-Zn-\n-bp-sS A-Sp-¯v sIm|p-
t]-mI - c
- p-Xm-bn-cp-¶p F-¶m-Wv A-hÄ Nn-´n-¨Xv. ]t£, k-t´m-jh - X
- nbm-b
Ip-am-cn ]-dªp: ""ZnÀl-a, \o-bm-Wv F-sâ k-t´m-j-¯n-sâ Im-c-W-¡mcn.
Cu In-co-Sw ssI-hn-Sm-sX F-sâ B-{K-lw k-^-eo-I-cn¡m³ F-\n-¡v I-gn-
bpw. a-{´-hm-Zn-\n ]-dª-Xv \o tI-«ntÃ. Rm³ In-co-S-hp-am-bn `q-X-¯m-sâ
A-Sp-¯v t]m-bn-«v F-sâ B-{K-lw km-[n-¨p-Xcm³ ]-d-bp-I. A§-s\
]-d¡m³ I-gn-hp-In-«p-t¼mÄ In-co-Sw sIm-Sp-¡m-sX A-Xp-am-bn Hm-Sn-t¸m-
hp-I. C-Xv \Ã H-cp B-i-b-a-tÃ?''
ZnÀ-l-a t]-Sn-¨p-sIm-|v ]-dªp: ""\o sN-¿p-¶-Xn-\v F-sâ ]n-´p-W-
bn-sÃ-¦nepw Rm\pw Iq-sS h-cmw. Ip-am-cn-sb X-\n-¨-b¡m³ F-\n-¡m-hnÃ.''
""\-μn ZnÀl-a. ]qÀ-W-N-{μ-sâ sh-fn-¨¯n C-¶v \-ap-¡v t]m-Imw'' Ip-amcn
]-dªp. t]-Sn-¨p hn-d-¨ ZnÀ-l-a ]n-dp-]n-dp¯p. ct|m aqt¶m Zn-h-k-§Ä-
¡p-ti-jw ]p-d-s¸-Spw. ZnÀ-l-a A-hn-sS \n¶pw t]mbn.
aq-¶p\mÄ I-gn-ª-ti-jw ]qÀ-W-N-{μ-\p-Å cm-{Xn-sb¯n. A-¶v AÀ[-
cm-{Xn-bnÂ, X-sâ sIm-«m-c-¯n ]«n s]m-Xn-ª X-sâ In-co-Sw ]p-d-s¯-
Sp¯p. ]t£, A-Xn-se ]-¨ ap-¯v ap-¼-t¯-Xp-t]m-se Xn-f-§n-bnÃ. cm-P-
Ip-am-cn A-Zv-`p-X-s¸«p. A-Xv X-sâ h-kv-{X-§Ä-¡pÅn a-d-¨p-sh-¨v A-hÄ
]p-d-¯n-d§n. H¶pw ]-d-bm-sX ZnÀ-l-a Iq-sS \n¶p. h-\-a-[y-¯n-se B
Kp-l e-£y-am-¡n A-hÀ t]mbn.
cm-P-Ip-am-cn ]-dªp: ""t]-Sn-t¡-| ZnÀl-a. \-ap-¡v h-gn- ]n-g-¡nÃ. s]
s«-¶v ap¶n `o-am-Im-c-\m-sbm-cp ]-£n {]-Xy-£-s¸«p. B ]-£n In-g-¡p-
`m-Kt- ¯-¡v ]-d¶ - p-t]mbn. Ip-am-cn X-sâ Ip-Xnc-sb B `m-Kt- ¯-¡v ]-mb
- n¨p.
Ipd-¨v bm-{X sN-bv-X-t¸m-tg-Ivpw AI-se sNdn-b {]-Im-iw I|p. B Zn-i-
bn-te-¡v A-hÄ k-©-cn-¨p. A-t¸m-tg-t¡m, B {]-Im-iw sN-dn-sbm-cp
Iq-c-bnÂ-\n-¶m-Wv h-cp-¶Xv. B h-en-b ]-£n Iq-c-bp-sS hmXn Xp-d¶p.
A-hÄ ZnÀ-l-a-tbm-sSm-¸w Ip-Xn-c-¸pd-¯p \n-¶nd-§n Xp-d-¶p-In-S-¶ hm-Xn-

am-{´n-I In-coSw

en-eq-sS A-I-¯p-I-S¶p. AI-¯v sa-en-ª, ap-jn-ª h-kv-{X-§Ä [-cn-¨
\n-e-¯n-cn-¡p-¶ H-cp h-b-Ê\m-b a-\p-jy-sâ tXmf-¯v B ]-£n C-cn-¡p-
¶p. A-bmÄ-¡p ap¶n Ip-td Xn-f-§p-¶ sN-dp-{]m-Wn-Ifpw D|v. cm-P-Ip-
am-cn-bp-sS h-ch
- d- n-ª AbmÄ A-hÄ-¡p-t\-sc t\m¡n. A-Xp I-|v c-|p-t]
cpw t]-Sn-¨p-hn-d¨p.
""kzm-KXw. Rm³ C-hn-Sp-s¯ h-gn-\nÀ-tZ-i-I-\mWv. F-hn-tS-¡m-Wv
\n-§Ä-¡v t]m-tI-|-Xv?''
""R-§Ä-¡v I-dp-¯ Im-«n-se-¯-Ww.'' Ip-am-cn ]-dªp. ""A-Xn-\pÅnÂ
R-§Ä-¡v Np-h-¶ ]m-d-¡q-«¯n t]m-I-Ww.''
""A-hn-sS \n-§Ä F-´v hm§m³ t]m-Ip-¶p.''
""H¶pw hm-§p-¶nÃ.''
""]n-s¶ F-´v hnÂ-¡m³?''
""H¶pw hnÂ-¡m-\Ã.''
""]n-s¶ F-´n-\v t]m-Ip-¶p?''
""Ip-d-ª h-kv-Xp-¡Ä-¡p ]I-cw hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å-h hm-§m\pw a-äp-aÃm-
sX Bcpw Ahn-s t]m-Im-dnÃ.''
Ip-am-cn Nn-cn-¨s - Im-|v ]-dªp: ""F-\n-¡v \n-§Ä h-gn-Im-Wn¨m am{Xw
hr-²³ Nn-cn-¨p-sIm-|v ]-dªp: ""\-½p-sS B-{Kl-§Ä \-s½ k-Xym-
h-Ø-bnÂ-\n¶pw am-än-\nÀ-¯p¶p. \n\-¡p ap¶n Rm-s\m-cp D-Zm-l-c-W-
amWv. C-hn-sS Cu {]m-Wn-I-sf-bÃm-sX F-\n-¡v ImWm³ I-gn-bnÃ. C-Xv
F-sâ A-l-¦m-c-¯n-\p-Å in-£-bmWv. A-Xp-sIm-|v \-¶m-bn Nn-´n-¡q
""AsX. \n-§Ä h-gn ]-d-ªp-Xcq. {]-`m-X-¯n-\p ap-t¼ F-\n-¡v A-hn-
sS F-¯-Ww.''
""A-Xv Zq-sc-sbm-¶p-aÃ. C-hn-tS-¡p-Å h-gnbn \o H-cp ]-g-b In-WÀ
""AsX, I-|p.''
""A-Xm-Wv hgn. A-hn-sS sN-¶n-«v \n-sâ Ip-Xnc-sb A-Xn-sâ sXm-«nbnÂ
sI-«n A-Xn-\p-Ån-en-cp-¶v In-W-än-\p-Ån-en-d-§p-I.''
A-{Xbpw ]d-ªv AbmÄ \nÀ¯n. F-¶n-«v X-sâ {]m-Wn-I-fn-te-¡v
t\m¡n. ""F-{X am{Xw \n§-sf ImWm-\ Rm³ B-{K-ln-¨p. C-t¸mÄ
\-n§-sf t\m-¡p¶-Xv F-\n-¡v sh-dp-¸mWv. ]t£, \n§-sf hn-«p-t]mIm³
F-\n-¡v I-gn-bp-¶nÃ. F-sâ Po-hn-Xm-h-km-\w h-sc-bp-Å hn-[n C-Xm-Wv.''
]n-¶o-Sv AbmÄ hm-hn-«p I-cbm³ Xp-S§n.
cm-P-Ip-am-cnbpw ZnÀ-l-abpw k-t´m-j-t¯m-sS ap-t¶m-«p t]mbn.


""F-´m-Wn-\n Ip-amco, \n-§Ä In-Wä- n-en-d§ - p-It- bm? \n-§Ä¡-Xv km[-y-
aÃ. A-Xv `-h-Xn-sb \-in-¸n-¨p-I-f-bpw. \-ap-¡v th-Kw Xn-cn-¨p-t]m-Imw''
þZnÀ-l-a ]-dªp.
cm-P-Ip-am-cn a-dp-]-Sn-sbm¶pw ]-d-bm-sX In-W-än-\-cn-In-te-¡v t]mbn.
]-n-¶o-Sv ]-d-ª-Xp-t]m-se-sbÃmw sN-bvXp. F-¶n-«v ZnÀ-l-a-tbm-Sv ]-dªp:
""F-´m-Wn-hn-sS Im-¯n-cn-¡p-¶-sX-¶v F-\n-¡-dn-bnÃ. \n\-¡v C-hn-sS
Im¯p-\nÂ-¡mw. A-hn-tS-¡v h-c-W-sa-¶nÃ.''
hn-Xp-¼n-s¡m-|v ZnÀ-l-a ]-dªp: ""`-h-Xn-¡-dn-bnÃ, F-\n-¡v \n§-sf
]n-cn-bm-\m-In-söv. F-¶p am-{XaÃ, F-sâ kz-´w i-co-c-t¯¡mÄ `-h-Xn-
bp-sS Im-cy-¯n-em-sW-\n-¡v t]Sn. A-Xp-sIm-|v Ip-am-cn C-hn-sS \n¡q.
Rm³ t]m-bn Cu ]-gb - In-Wd- n-sâ DÅn F-´m-sW-¶v A-t\z-jn-¨p-hc- mw.''
cm-P-Ip-am-cn ZnÀ-l-a-tbm-Sv ]-dªp: ""\o Cu Im-e-¯n-sâ kw-`m-h-\-
bmWv. ]t£, C-t¸mÄ Rm³ X-\n-sb t]m-Imw. Cu km-l-kn-I-XbnÂ
\n\-¡v H-cp Ip-ä-hp-anÃ.''
F-¶n«-hÄ sXm-«n-bp-sS DÅn I-bdn. H¶pw Nn-´n-¡m-sX ZnÀ-l-abpw
A-hÄ-¡v ]n-¶m-se NmSn. s]-s«-¶v Ip-td ao-ä-dp-IÄ Xm-tg-¡v sXm-«n C-d§n.
A-hÀ c-|mfpw ]-ck - v]c - w sI-«n-¸n-Sn-¨n-cp¶p. A§-s\ sXm-«n \n-e¯ - nd§n.
c-|mfpw ]-Xn-sb F-gp-t¶-äp. ]p-d-t¯-¡v t\m¡n. A-t¸mg-Xm A-hÀ H-cp
Im-Sn-\p \-Sp-hn-em-Wv. FÃmw I-dp-¸p-\ndw. c-|p-t]cpw hf-sc `-b-t¯m-sS
\-S-¶p-\o§n. h-gnbn ap-gp-h\pw C-cp«v. FÃm- h-gnbpw H-cp-t]mse.
ZnÀ-l-a ]-dªp: ""Ip-amco, \-ap-¡v a-S-§mw. t]-Sn-¨n-«v F-\n-¡v \-S¡m³
ZnÀ-la- t]-Sn-¨p-hnd-¨v \-S¡m³ Xp-S§n. ZnÀ-la- ap-¶n-ep-Å F-´ntet¡m
Nq-|n-¡m-Wn¨p. A-sXm-cp `-b-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶ Im-gv-N-bm-bn-cp¶p. Xo-¡-« t]-m-
se Np-h-¶ H-cp `-b¦-c³ IÃm-bn-cp-¶p AXv. H-cp hen-b ap-dn-bp-sS h-en¸-
ap-|-Xn\v. kp-μ-c-am-bn I-¯n-\nÂ-¡p-¶ Ip-td hn-f-¡p-IÄ A-Xn-\p Np-äp-
""C-Xm-Wv Np-h-¶ IÃv'' þ Ip-am-cn hn-fn-¨p-]-dªp. ""C-Xm-Wv \-½p-sS
e-£yw.'' t]-Sn-¨p-hn-d-¨ ZnÀ-l-a-bp-sS ssIbpw ]n-Sn-¨v Ip-am-cn B IÃn-\-Sp-
t¯-¡v \-S¶p.
A-hn-sS F-¯n-b-t¸m-tg¡pw Imgv-N A-hÄ-¡v hy-à-ambn. A-hn-sS
I-| hn-f-¡p-IÄ hen-b hen-b IÃp-IÄ t]m-se-bp-Å C-g-ªp-\-S-¡p-¶
]m-¼-p-I-fp-sS I-®p-I-fm-bn-cp¶p. Ip-am-cn A-Sp-s¯-¯n-b-t¸m-tg¡pw I-S-
¶p-t]mIm³ ]m-¼p-IÄ A-hÀ-¡v h-go \nÀ-tZ-in-¨p-sIm-Sp¯p. k-am-[m-\-
t¯m-sS A-h-fXn I-bdn. AXm, A-hn-sS-sbm-cp \o-Nam-b knw-lm-k\-
¯n `q- X - ¯ m- \ n- c n- ¡ p¶p. A- b m- f p- s S h- e - X p- ` mK- ¯ v sN- d n- s bm- c p
In-W-änÂ-\n-¶v Xo-Pzme-IÄ D-b-cp¶p. C-S-Xp-`mK-¯v H-cp hen-b Iq-Sp

am-{´n-I In-coSw

\-nd-sb I-dp-¯ F-enIÄ. Ah-IÄ C-f-In-a-dn-bp¶p.
Cu Imgv-N I-|v t]-Sn-¨ Ip-am-cn \ne-¯v ap-«p-Ip-¯n C-cp-¶p. -At¸m-
gm-Wv C-Sn-apg-¡w t]m-se `q-X-¯m-sâ i-Ðw þ ""\qdp _pZqÀ cm-P-Ip-am-
cn-¡v kzm-KXw. \n-§-fp-sS ku-μcyw Cu C-cp-| h-\-s¯ {]-Im-i-]q-cn-
X-am-¡n-bn-cn-¡pw. Rm³ {]-Xo-£n-¨n-cn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp¶p. \n-§Ä \-½p-sS
IcmÀ k-½-Xn-s¨-¶v I-cp-Xp-¶p.''
Zpx-J-t¯m-sSbpw A-Xn-te-sd B-th-i-t¯m-sSbpw Ip-am-cn ]-dªp:
""AsX. \n-§Ä B-h-iy-s¸-«-Xp-am-bn-«m-Wv Rm³ h-¶Xv. ]t£, BZyw
F-sâ B-{K-lw \-S-¯n-¯-cn-I. F-¶n-«v \n-§Ä-¡v Rm³ In-co-Sw X-cmw.''
H-cp Nn-cn-Nn-cn-¨v `q-X¯m³ tNm-Zn¨p: ""F-´m-Wv B-{K-lw Ip-am-co?''
""A-Xv... F-s¶ ]-d¡m³ k-lm-bn-¡p-I.''
""\-½p-sS IcmÀ \n-§Ä a-d-¶p-thm?'' þ H¶p-Iq-sS D-d-s¡ Nn-cn-¨n-«v
`q-X-¯m³ ]-dªp.
F-¶n-«v ]-cn-l-kn-¨p-sIm-|v ]-dªp: ""Hm Ip-amco, H-cp a-\p-jy-Po-hn-¡v
]-£n-I-sf-t¸m-se ]-d¡m³ I-gn-bp-tam?''
t]-Sn-¨p-hnd-¨v Ip-am-cn ]-dªp: ""A-Xv H-cp A-km-[yam-b B-{K-l-am-
sW-¶v F-\n-¡-dn-bmw. ]t£, X-\n-¡v A-Xn-\v km-[n-¡p-sa¶pw A-Xv km-
[n-¸n-¨p-X-cm-sa¶pw F-t¶m-Sv hm-Kv-Zm-\w sN-bv-Xn-tÃ?''
X-sâ tXä-IÄ ]p-d-¯p Im-«n-bn-«v, s]-cp-¼m-¼n-s\-t¸m-se No-än-s¡m-|v
`q-Xw ]-dªp: ""H-cp a-\pjy³ X-\n-¡v {]m-]y-aÃm¯-Xv B-{K-ln-¡-cpXv.
A§-s\ B-{K-ln¨m X-sâ hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å ]-eXpw \-ã-s¸-Sp-t¯-|n-
h-cpw. C-Xv t\m¡q, Cu Im-Wp-¶ F-en-IÄ ap-gp-h\pw cm-P-Ip-am-c-·mcpw
{]-`p-¡f- p-amWv. A-km-[y-amb-Xv B-{K-ln-¨h
- MÀ. A-sæn AÀ-la- Ãm¯-
Xv B-{K-ln-¨hÀ. A§-s\ A-hÀ F-t¶m-Sv IcmÀ \-S¯n. Rm³ hn-e-]-n-
Sn-¸p-Å-XÃm-sX tNm-Zn-¡nÃ. A-Xv ]qÀ-¯n-bm¡m³ I-gnbm-X h-cp-t¼mÄ
C-XmIpw A-h-cp-sS A-h-Ø.''
""\o kp-μ-cnbm-b Ip-amcn, e-`y-am-bXn sh-t¨-ähpw hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å
H-¶n-\p ]I-cw \o F-t¶m-Sv X-sâ X-e-bn-ep-Zn-¨ H-cp A-km-[y B-{K-lw
]n-t¶m-«v am-dn Ip-am-cn ]-dªp: ""A-t¸mÄ \o F-s¶ N-Xn-¡p-I-bm-bn-
cp¶p. AÃ, \o \n-s¶-¯-s¶ N-Xn-¨p.''
""\o \n-sâ cmPyw \-ã-s¸-Sp-¯n.''
c-|p ssIbpw sIm-|v In-co-S¯n ap-dp-sI-¸n-Sn-¨v Ip-am-cn ]-dªp:
""F¶m Cu In-co-S¯n sXmSm³ \n\-¡v I-gn-bnÃ. A-Xv \n-\-¡-dn-bn-
]-cnlm-k cqt]-W `q-X¯m³ ]-dªp: ""\o P-\n-¡p-¶-Xn\pw ap-t¶
F-\n-¡-dn-bmw. Cu In-co-Sw \nÀ-an¨-Xv F-sâ A-Ñ-\mWv. Rm³ B In-coS-


¯n-sâ c-lk - y-ad- n-bp-¶h
- \- mWv. A-Xv ssI-hi - s
- ¸-Sp-¯p-sa-¶v Rm³ kXyw
sN-bv-X-XmWv. Cu Zn-h-k-¯n-\m-bn Rm³ Im-¯n-cn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp¶p. \n-sâ
]n-Xm-¡·mÀ ]-e-scbpw Rm³ N-Xn¡m³ {i-an¨p. ]t£, A-h-scÃmw
\n-s¶¡mÄ X-{´-im-en-If - m-bn-cp¶p. A-hÀ A-Xv Im-¯p-kq-£n¨p. C-t¸mÄ
C-Xv Rm³ ssI-hn-SnÃ.''
ZnÀ-l-a-bp-sS X-«¯n I-b-dn-¸n-Sn-¨p-sIm-|v `q-X¯m³ `o-j-Wn-
kzc¯n ]-dªp: ""H-¶pIn In-co-Sw X-cn-I. C-sæn \n-sâ kp-μcnbm-b
Cu ]-cn-Nm-cnI-sb Rm³ Xo-bn-se-dn-bpw. F¶m A-hÄ F-\n-¡n-¶v
\-sÃm-cp A-¯m-g-¯n-\v h-I-bm-Ipw.''
cm-P-Ip-am-cn hm-hn-«p I-cªp. tXm-gnbm-b ZnÀ-la-sb Xo-bn-se-dnbm³
`q-X¯m³ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. t]-Sn-¨p-hnd-¨v I-c-bp-¶ X-sâ tXm-gn-sb cm-P-Ip-
am-cn t\m¡n. `q-X-¯n-sâ A-Sp-s¯-¯n In-co-S-hp-am-bn A-hÄ A-bm-fn-te-
¡v ssI-\o«n. Nn-cn-¨p-sIm-|v `q-an Ip-ep-§p-¶ i-Яn `q-X¯m³ hnfn-
""A-h-km-\w... C-Xm Cu cmPyw F-sâ A-h-Im-i-amIm³ t]m-Ip¶p.
Cu C-cp-| Im-Sv D-t]-£n-¨v Rm³ kp-μ-cam-b sIm-«m-c¯n h-kn-¡pw.
P-\-§-fp-sS kz¯pw kzÀ-W-hp-saÃmw Rm³ F-sâ J-P-\mhn Iq-«pw.
Cu In-co-S-i-àn-sIm-|v \n-§Ä sN-bv-X-Xn-s\Ãmw {]-Xn-Im-cw Rm³
D-d-s¡-bp-d-s¡ cm-P-Ip-am-cn s]m-«n-¡-c-ªp. ""F-sâ \m-ita! F-´m-Wv
Rm³ sN-bv-XXv? F-sâ ]n-Xm-hn-s\bpw cm-Py-s¯bpw Rm³ \-in-¸n¨p.
Cu im-]-¯n-\p Imc-Ww Rm³ X-¶. F-sâ A-km-[yam-b B-{K-l-§Ä...
Cu h-\¯n Rm³ C-\n F-sâ Po-hn-X-Im-ew ap-gp-h³ H-ä-bv-¡v I-gn-bWw.
B-{K-ln¡m³ ]m-SnÃm¯-Xv B-{K-ln-¨-Xn-sâ in-£-bm-WnXv.
s]-s«-¶v H-cp i-Ðw tI-«v A-hÀ D-WÀ¶p; ]-cn-N-b-ap-Å iÐw. AXm,
X-sâ-bS- p-¯v ]n-Xmhpw ]-cn-Nm-cI - cpw hen-b Xo-Pzm-eI- f
- p-ta-´n \nÂ-¡p¶p.
X-sâ ]n-Xm-hv \qdp _-lmC-s\ Ip-am-cn t\m¡n. F-¶n-«v t]-Sn-¨c-|v
]-dªp: ""Hm-Sn-t¸m-Iq ]n-Xmth. Cu i-]n-¡-s¸-« `q-Xw A§-sb D-]-{Z-hn-
¡pw. Ah-sâ ssIbn In-co-S-ap-|v.''
hn-P-bm-c-h-t¯m-sS `q-X¯m³ Nn-cn¨p. ""\qdp _-lmC-\v kzm-K-Xw.''
""\o \n-sâ ]pXn-b cm-Pm-hn-\v Xm-Wp-h-W-§p-¶n-tÃ?''
D-d-¨ i-Яn cm-Pm-hv ]-dªp:
""\n-sâ Øm-\w C-cp-«n-emWv. A-hn-sS-¯-s¶-bmIpw \o. F-¶n-«v cmPmhv
ssI-I-fp-bÀ-¯n X-sâ In-co-Sw sXm«p. D-S³ X-s¶ `q-X-¯m-s\ Xo hngp§n.
A-h³ I-c-bm\pw A-«-l-kn-¡m\pw Xp-S§n. s]-s«-¶v A-h³ H-cp sNdn-b
Xo-bm-bn-¯oÀ¶p. cm-Pm-hv H-¶p-Iq-Sn In-co-S¯n sXm-«Xpw A-hn-sS-bp-
|m-bn-cp-¶ F-en-IÄ ap-gp-h\pw ]p-cp-j-·mcpw Ip-Xn-c-Ifpw B-bn-¯oÀ¶p.

am-{´n-I In-coSw

A-h-scÃmw cm-Pm-hn-sâ ssI Npw-_n-¨v Xm-Wp-h-W§n.
Np-äp-]m-Spw ]-cn-{`-a-t¯m-sS t\m¡n-b cm-P-Ip-am-cn ]n-Xm-hn-t\m-Sv tNm-
Zn¨p: ""F-t¸m-gm-Wv A-§v h¶-Xv ]n-Xmth? C-hn-sS F§-s\ F-¯n?''
]n-Xm-hv Ah-sf t\m-¡n ]-dªp: ""FÃmw A-dn-bn-¨p-sIm-|v ZnÀ-l-a
F-\n-¡v I-¯-b-¨n-cp¶p. A-t¸mÄ Rm³ H-cp hym-P-In-co-S-hp-am-bn H-cm-sf
A-b¨p. A-h-tfm-Sv Rm³ am-{´n-I In-co-Sw sXm-S-cp-sX-¶v ]-d-ªn-cp¶p.
Rm³ Xn-cn-sI h-cp-¶-Xph-sc \n-sâ h-kv-{X-¯nÂ-\n-¶v H-¶v A-Xn-sâ
ta sh-¡m\pw Rm³ ]-dªp. A-t¸mÄ hym-P-In-co-S-am-Wv \n-s¶ N-Xn-
¨Xv. A-Xm-Wv b-YmÀ-Y In-co-S-¯n-\p ]I-cw A-hÄ sIm-|p-h-¶Xv. Xn-cn-
sI-sb¯n-b DS-s\ A-Xp-am-bn Rm³ C-§v t]m¶p. ZnÀ-l-a-bp-sS B-ßmÀ-
Y-Xbpw \n-t¶m-Sp-Å kv-t\-l-hp-anÃm-bn-cp-s¶¦n \m-saÃmw \-in-¨p
t]-m-Ip-am-bn-cp¶p. Cu `q-X-¯n-sâ N-Xnbn \-½p-sS \m-Sv Nm-¼-em-Ip-am-
F§-s\ Rm-\n-hn-sS F-¯n F-¶v tNm-Zn-¨mÂ, sIm-«m-c-¯n-sâ hm-Xn-
en-\p ap¶n ]-g-b H-cp In-Wdpw H-cp sXm-«n-bp-ap-|v. Cu c-lkyw F-\n-
¡Ãm-sX A-dn-bnÃ. A-¶v F-sâ ]n-Xma-l³ Cu `q-X-s¯ ]q-«n-bn-«-t¸mÄ
H-cp hen-b IÃv A-hn-sS sh-¨n-cp¶p. A-Xv am-{´n-I In-co-S-¯n-sâ i-àn
sIm-|Ãm-sX Xp-d¡m³ I-gn-bnÃ.
C-t¸mÄ C-Xv \n-\-s¡m-cp ]mT-am-bntÃ? A-km-[y-am-b-sXm¶pw B-{K-
\m-Wn-¨v cm-P-Ip-am-cn X-e-Xm-gv¯n.
]n-Xm-hv A-hÄ-¡c - n-In-se-¯n hm-Õe
- y-t¯m-sS A-hf- p-sS I-cw {K-ln¨p.
""a-Itf, a-\pjy³ A-h-\v I-gn-bp¶-tX B-{K-ln-¡m-hq.''
hn-ja- t- ¯m-sS \qdp _pZqÀ ]n-Xm-hn-s\ t\m¡n. F-¶n-«v c-|v ssIbpw
D-bÀ-¯n A-hÄ am-{´n-I In-co-Sw kv-]À-in¨p. A-t¸mÄ A-Xm A-Xn-ep-Å
]-¨ c-Xv-\w Xn-f-§p¶p. A-hÄ ]p-©n-cn¨p. F-´p-sIm-|m-Wv A-¶v c-Xv\w
Xn-f-§m-Xn-cp-¶-sX-¶v A-hÄ-¡v a-\-Ên-embn.
cm-Pm-hv ]-dªp: ""B-sc-¦nepw cm-Pm-hn-s\ N-Xn¡m³ {i-an-¨m-ep-Å
Nn-e A-S-bm-f-§-fm-WnXv. C-\n \-ap-¡v sIm-«m-c-¯n-te-¡v Xn-cn-¨p-t]m-Imw.
Cu sIm-Spw-Im-«n-te-¡p-Å h-gn \-ap-¡v A-S-¨p-I-f-bmw. C-\n F-\n-¡v k-am-
[m-\n-¡mw. In-co-S-¯n-sâ Im-cy¯n C-\n F-sâ Ip-am-cn D-t]-£ Im-Wn-
A§-s\ cm-Pm-hn-t\m-sSm-¸w Ip-am-cn sIm-«m-c-¯n-te-¡v a-S§n. \qdpÂ
_-lm-Av a-cn-¡p-¶-Xph-sc FÃm-hcpw k-t´mj-¯n Po-hn¨p. A-Xn-\p-
tk-jw \qdp _pZqÀ `-c-W-ta-sä-Sp¯p. \o-Xn-bp-Å P-\-tk-h-Ibm-b
`-c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-bm-bn-cp-¶p AhÄ. a-c-Wwh-sc ZnÀ-l-a Ah-sf ]n-cn-ª-Xp-


X-sâ aq-¯a- I-s\ hn-fn-¨p-hc
- p-¯n \qdp _pZqÀ am-{´n-I In-co-S¯
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c-lkyw ]-d-ªp-sIm-Sp¯p. X-sâ ssI sIm-|v In-co-Sw sXm-«Xpw A-Xn-
sâ ]-¨-ap-¯v {]-Im-in¨p.
A§-s\ B cm-P-hw-iw k-t´m-j-t¯msS, k-ar-²n-tbmsS, \o-Xn-]-qÀ-
ham-b `c-Ww \-S¯n. Im-e-§-tfm-fw P-\-§Ä-¡v kv-t\-lhpw k-ar-²nbpw

am-{´n-I In-coSw

kPo-\ _n.

sN-¶m-bbpw B-«n³-Ip-«nbpw

H-cp Znh-kw cm-hn-se sN¶m-b `-£-W-a-t\z-jn-¨v ]p-d-s¸-«p. A-kv-Xa-bw
h-sc `-£-W-a-t\z-jn-¨pÅ bm-{X Xp-SÀ¶p. s]-s«-¶v H-cp-Iq-«w B-«n³-
]-ä§-sf I|p. C-{X-bp-a-[n-Iw B-«n³-]-ä-s¯ I-|-t¸mÄ sN-¶m-b-¡v
F-s´-¶nÃm-¯ k-t´m-j-ambn. sIm-gp-s¯mcp B-«n³-Ip-«n-sb dm-©n-sb-
Sp-¡m-sa-¶ D-t±-iy-¯n sN¶m-b B-«n³-Iq-«-¯n-\p \-Sp-hn-te-¡v Nm-Sn-
hoWp. ]t£, A-t¸m-gm-Wv ap«³h-Sn-bp-am-bn \nÂ-¡p-¶ B-«n-Sb-s\ I|Xv.
\n-cm-i\m-b sN¶m-b a-säm-c-hk-cw t\m-¡n Ip-d-¨I-se C-cp-¶p.
B-«nS-b³ A-{i-²-\m-b-t¸mÄ X-Sn-¨p-sIm-gp-¯ H-cp B-«n³-Ip-«n ]n-¶n-
embn. sN-¶m-b-bm-I-s« H-ä-¨m-«-¯n-\v B-«n³-Ip-«n-bp-sS A-Sp-s¯¯n.
A-t¸m-gm-Wv B-«n³-Ip-«n a-\-Ên-em-¡p-¶Xv, Xm³ B-«n-S-b-\nÂ-\n¶pw
B-«n³-Iq-«-¯nÂ-\n¶pw hf-sc A-I-se-bm-sW¶v. sN-¶m-b-bnÂ-\n¶pw
c-£-s¸-Sm³ Ah-s\m-cp X{´w sa-\ªp. D-d-¨ a-\-tÊm-sS B-«n³-Ip-«n
sN-¶mb-sb k-ao-]n-¨p. Ah-\v kemw ]-dªp. F-¶n-«v sN-¶m-b-tbm-Sv
]-dªp: ""B-«nS-b³ \n\-¡v kemw ]-d-bm³ ]-dªp. Iq-«¯n F-s¶
`-£-W-am-¡p-¶-Xn-\v \n\-¡v \-μnbpw A-dn-bn¨p. \n\-¡v k-½m-\-am-bm-Wv
F-s¶ \n-sâ-b-Sp-¡Â A-b-¨n-cn-¡p-¶Xv. Rm³ \n-sâ I-ev-]-\-bn³-Io-gn-
emWv. \o C-ã-ap-Å hn-[¯n F-s¶ `-£n-¨p-sIm-Åp-I. ]t£, A-h-
km-\-am-bn F-\n-s¡m-cp B-{K-l-ap|v. \n-sâ ap-¼nÂ-\n-¶v, Bcpw tI-«n-
«nÃm-¯ F-sâ a-t\m-l-cam-b i-Яn H-cp ]m-«v ]mSm³ F-\n-¡-hk-cw
sN¶m-b B-«n³-Ip-«n ]-dª- X
- n-s\-¡p-dn-¨v B-tem-Nn¨p. F-¶n-«v B-«n³-
Ip-«n-tbm-Sv ]-dªp: ""Ip-g-¸-anÃ... \o tNm-Zn-¨-Xn-\v Rm³ A-hk-cw


\Â-Ip¶p. \o F-gp-t¶-äv \n-¶v ]m-Sp-I.'' B-«n³-Ip-«n ]mSm³ Xp-S§n.
sN¶m-b k-t´m-jw sIm-|v \r-¯w sN¿m³ Xp-S-§n. B-«n³-Ip-«n
A-Xn-sâ i-Ða- p-bÀ-¯n \n-eh- n-fn B-Ip-¶X
- ph-sc ]mSm³ Xp-S§n. A-t¸mÄ
B-«nS-b³ B-«n³-Ip-«n-bp-sS i-Ðw tIÄ-¡p-Ibpw X-sâ k-lm-bw B-«n³-
Ip-«n-¡v B-h-iy-ap-s|-¶v a-\-Ên-em-¡p-Ibpw sN-bvXp. A-Xn-s\ Xn-cbm³
Xp-S§n. Ipd-¨p ka-bw sIm-|v B-«nS-b³ A-Xn-\-Sp-¯v F-¯n-t¨À¶p.
B-«n-Sb-sâ h-Sn sN-¶m-b-bp-sS X-ebn ]-Xn-¡p-¶-Xph-sc sN¶m-b A-dn-
ªnÃ. sN¶m-b B-«n³-Ip-«n-sb D-t]-£n-¨v, \-ã-s¸-«-Xn-s\-¡p-dn-¨v tJ-
Zn-¨p-sIm-|v Hm-Sn-c-£-s¸«p.

sN-¶m-bbpw B-«n³-Ip-«nbpw

F-enbpw ]m¼pw

H-cp I-¨-h-S-¡mc-\v H-cp tXm-«-ap-|m-bn-cp¶p; tXm-«-¯n-\p a-[y-`m-K-¯m-bn
H-cp ho-Spw. A-Xn-\-Sp-¯v H-cp tKm-UuWpw D-|m-bn-cp¶p. tXm-«-¯nÂ-
\-n¶pw e-`n-¡p-¶ `-£-W-km-[\-§Ä A-Xn-\-I-¯m-Wv kq-£n-¨n-cp-¶Xv.
B tKm-Uu-Wn-\pÅn F-en-bp-sS H-cp am-f-ap-|m-bn-cp¶p. F-en F¶pw
X-\n-¡m-h-iy-ap-Å `£-Ww tKm-Uu-WnÂ-\n¶pw F-Sp-¯v X-sâ Iq«nÂ
sIm-|p-t]m-bn ti-J-cn-¨p-sh-¡pw. A-h³ `£-Ww I-gn-¨n-«v DÃm-k-t¯m-
sS tXm-«¯n t]m-Ipw. ]n-s¶ X-sâ am-f-¯n-te-¡v a-S-§pw. A-h³ thsd
H-¶n-s\-¡p-dn-¨pw Nn-´n-¨n-cp-¶nÃ. Ah-\v B-hi - y-apÅ-Xv Ah-sâ ssIbnÂ
H-cp Znh-kw am-f-¯n-te-¡v a-S-§n-b-t¸mÄ A-hn-sS-sbmcp ]m-¼n-s\-bm-
Wv ImWm³ I-gn-ªXv. Fen-bp-sS am-f-s¯ ]m-¼v A-Xn-sâ ho-Sm-¡n-bn-
cn-¡p-¶-p. F-en `-b-s¸-«p-sIm-|v A-Xn-sâ D-½-bp-sS A-Sp-¡-te-¡v HmSn.
F-¶n-«v D-½t- bm-Sv B-he
- m-Xn t_m-[n-¸n-¨p. A-t¸mÄ D-½ A-ht- \m-Sv ]-dªp:
""lm Iãw! \-ap-¡v ]m-¼n-s\ t\-cnSm³ I-gn-bnÃ. A-Xn\m \o th-sd
H-cp Iq-Sv D-|m¡v. ]t£, F-en D-½-bp-sS hm-¡v tI-«nÃ. A-h³ D½-sb
D-t]-£n-¨v, F-en-I-fp-sS cm-Pm-hn-sâ A-Sp-¡Â t]m-bn B-h-em-Xn-s¸«p.
A-t¸mÄ A-h-t\m-Sv cm-Pm-hv ]-dªp: ""\-½Ä ]m-¼n-sâ `-£-W-am-sW-
¶p-Å Imcyw \o a-d-¶p-t]m-tbm? \o t]m-bn th-sdm-cp am-f-ap-|m-¡q.''
C-Xv tI-«v F-en cm-Pm-hn-sâ ap-¼nÂ-\n-¶v I-c-ªp-. F-¶n-«v ]-dªp:
""AÃtbm t\-Xm-th... A-Xv F-sâ ho-SmWv. H-cp A-{I-an A-Xv F§-s\
ssI-¡-em-¡pw? C-Xv tI-«n-«v cm-Pm-hv H¶pw an-|n-bnÃ. cm-Pm-hnÂ-\n-¶v
Ah-\v k-lm-b-sam¶pw e-`n-¨nÃ. cm-Pm-hv Ah-s\ ssI-hn«p. A-h³ tXm«-


¯n-te-¡v a-S§n. F-¶n-«v D-bÀ-¶ H-cp sIm¼n I-b-dn-bn-cp-¶p-sIm-|v
H-cp X{´w B-tem-Nn¨p. X-sâ ho«n I-b-dn-¡qSn-b ]m-¼n-s\ F-§-s\-
sb-¦nepw A-hn-sS \n-¶v Hm-Sn-¡Ww. F-en Xm-tg-¡v t\m-¡n-b-t¸mÄ tXm«-
ap-S-a H-cp a-c-¯n-sâ Np-h«n In-S-¶p-d-§p¶-Xv I|p. s]-s«-¶v F-en-¡v
H-cp _p-²n D-Zn¨p. F-en ]-Xp-s¡ tXm-«-¯n-te-¡v C-d§n. F-¶n-«v tXm-«-
¡mc-sâ Npäpw H-¶v I-d§n. ]n-s¶ Ah-sâ i-co-c-¯n-\v Ip-dp-sI NmSn.
F-¶n-«v hm I-¨-h-S-¡m-c-sâ aq¡n I-bän.
I-¨h- S- ¡
- m-c³ tIm-]t- ¯m-sS D-d¡
- ¯
- nÂ-\n-¶v Nm-Sn-sb-gp-t¶äp. A-t¸m-
gm-Wv F-en-sb Im-Wp-¶-Xv. tXm-«-¡m-c³ F-en-bp-sS A-Sp-t¯-¡v \o§n.
]t£, F-en Hm-Sn-bnÃ. tZ-jy-¡m-c\m-b Ah-sâ ap¼n \n¶p. I-¨-h-S-
¡m-c³ F-en-sb A-Sn-¡p-¶-Xn-\p-th-|n ]n-´p-SÀ¶p. A-t¸mÄ F-en Ipd¨v
]n-·mdn. ho|pw tXm-«-¡m-c³ ]n-´p-SÀ¶p. F-en ]n-s¶-bpw Zq-cw ]m-en-¨p.
tXm-«¡ - m-c³ ho|pw F-en-¡p ]n-¶m-se sN¶p. A§-s\ A-h³ ]m-¼nsâ
am-f-¯n-se¯n. ]m-¼n-s\ I-| AbmÄ F-en-bp-sS Imcyw ad-¶v ]-m-¼n-s\
XÃn-s¡m¶p. i-{Xp-hnÂ-\n-¶v c-£-s¸-« F-en am-f-¯n-te-¡v a-S§n.

F-enbpw ]m¼pw

H-«-Ihpw D-S-abpw

H-cnS-¯v H-cp I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ D-|m-bn-cp¶p. D-¸v Npa-¶v N-´bn F-¯n-
¡p-¶-Xn-\m-bn H-cp H-«-Iw A-bmÄ-¡p-|m-bn-cp¶p. A-bmÄ-¡v H-«-I-t¯mSv
bm-sXm-cphn-[ Im-cp-Wyhpw CÃm-bn-cp¶p. A-Xn-\v h-ln¡m³ I-gn-bp-¶-
Xn-t\¡mÄ `m-cw A-Xn-sâ ap-XpIn sh-¨p-sIm-Sp-¡pw.
H«-Iw {]m-b-sa-¯p-¶-Xn-\p ap-¼p-Xs¶ hf-sc A-h-i-\m-bn-¯oÀ¶p.
H-cp Znh-kw H«-Iw X-sâ Iq-«p-Im-c\m-b ap-b-en-s\ I-|p-ap«n. sa-en-ªv
A-h-i\m-b H-«-I-s¯ I-| ap-b kp-J-hn-hc-§Ä A-t\z-jn-¨p. I-¨-hS-
¡m-c³ X-t¶m-Sv Im-Wn-¡p-¶ ]o-U-\-§-sf-¡p-dn-¨v H«-Iw ap-b-en-t\m-Sv
hn-h-cn¨p. C-Xv tI-« ap-b hf-sc Zpx-Jn-¨p. I-¨-h-S-¡m-c-\nÂ-\n-¶v X-sâ
Iq-«p-Imc-s\ c-£n-¡m-\p-Å h-gn B-tem-Nn¨p. Ipd-¨v B-tem-Nn-¨-ti-jw
ap-b H-«-I-t¯m-Sv tNm-Zn¨p: ""\o N-´-bn-te-¡v t]m-Ip-¶ h-gnbn hÃ
Ip-fhpw D-t|m?'' H«-Iw ]-dªp: ""D-|v.'' A-t¸mÄ ap-b ]-dªp: ""\-nsâ
h-gn-bn-ep-Å G-sX-¦nepw H-cp Ip-f¯n \o ap-«p-Ip-¯p-I. A-t¸mÄ \n-sâ
]p-d-¯p-Å D-¸v sh-ůn A-en-bpw. C-Xv \o Xp-SÀ¶m \n\-¡v B-izm-
kw e-`n-¡pw.''
D-]-tZ-iw \ÂIn-b ap-b-en-\v H«-Iw \-μn ]-dªp. A-Sp-¯ X-h-W I-¨-
h-S-¡m-c³ D-¸v I-b-än-hn«p. ap-b-en-sâ D-]-tZ-i-{]-Im-cw Ip-f-¯n-\-Sp-s¯-
¯n-b-t¸mÄ AXn ap-«p-Ip¯n. D-¸v ]-Ip-Xn-tbm-fw A-en-bp-¶-Xph-sc
AXn Xm-gv-¶n-cp¶p. `m-c-¯n-sâ tXm-Xv \Ãh-®w Ip-d-ª-t¸mÄ a-\
Ên ap-b-en-\v \-μn-]-d-ªp-sIm-|v \-S-¶p-\o§n.
Ip-td-¡m-ew H«-Iw Cu {]-hr-¯n Xp-SÀ-¶-t¸mÄ I-¨-h-S-¡mc-\v H-«-I-
¯n-sâ X{´w a-\-Ên-embn. H-cp Znh-kw D-¸n-\p ]-I-c-am-bn H-«-I-s¯-


s¡m|v I-¼n-fn Np-a-¸n¨p. H«-Iw ]p-©n-cn-¨p-sIm-|v I-¨-h-S-¡m-c-t\m-Sv
]-dªp: ""\n\-¡v a-Xn-bm-thm-fw \o Np-aen sh-t¨m. A-Xv ap-gp-h³ sh-
ůn A-en-ªp-sIm-Åpw.''
Ip-fw A-Sp-¯p-X-s¶-bp-|tÃm F-¶ B-izm-k¯n H«-Iw \-S¶p.
Ip-f-¯n-\-Sp-s¯-¯n-b-t¸mÄ ]-Xn-hp-t]m-se AXn ap§n. I-¼n-fnbnÂ
sh-Åw \-\-ª-t¸mÄ A-Xn-sâ `m-cw hÀ-[n¨p. `m-c-¯n-sâ ]-Ip-Xn Ip-d-
sª-¶p- I-cp-Xn bm-{X Xp-S-cm³ `m-hn-¨-t¸mÄ H-«-I-¯n-\v F-gp-t¶Â¡m³
H-«-I-¯n-\v A-hn-sS \n-¶v A-\-§m³ I-gn-ªnÃ. H«-Iw I-¨-h-S-¡m-c-
t\m-Sv tNm-Zn¨p: ""C-¶v \o F-sâ ap-XpIn F-´m-Wv sh-¨-Xv?'' I-¨-h-S-
¡m-c³ ]-dªp: ""\n-s¶ H-cp ]mTw ]Tn-¸n¡m³ Rm³ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. C-¶v
\n-sâ ap-XpIn I-b-änb-Xv I-¼n-fn-bm-Wv.'' H«-Iw ]-dªp: ""\o Imc-Ww
F-sâ ap-XpIn `m-cw hÀ-[n-¨p.''
A§-s\ H-«I - ¡
- m-c\pw H-«I
- hpw H-cp A-\p-cR
- vP
- \
- ¯n F-¯n-t¨À¶p.
H«-Iw X-sâ tPm-en Xp-S-cm-sa¶pw I-¨-h-S-¡m-c³ Aan-X `m-cw A-Xn-sâ
ap-XpIn I-b-än-sÃ-¶p-ap-Å Xo-cp-am-\-sa-Sp¯p.

H-«-Ihpw D-S-abpw

N-Xn-bp-sS hn-e

{Km-a¯n H-cp Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³ D-|m-bn-cp¶p. A-t±-lw kz-]v-\ hym-Jym-
\¯n {]-kn-²-\m-bn-cp¶p. H-cp Znh-kw kp¯m³ A-bm-sf sIm-«m-c-
¯n-te-¡v hn-fn-¸n¨p. Abm kpÂ-¯m-sâ A-Sp-s¯-¯n kemw ]-dªp.
kp¯m³ A-bm-tfm-Sv ]-dªp: ""Rm³ C¶-se H-cp `-bm-\-Iam-b kz-
]-v-\w I|p. A-Xv F-s¶ hÃm-sX `-b-s¸-Sp¯n. ]t£, B kz-]v-\w Rm³
a-d¶- p-t]mbn. \o A-Xn-s\-¡p-dn-¨v F-\n-¡v ]-dª
- p-Xc
- W
- w.'' Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³
kpÂ-¯m-sâ hm-¡v tI-«v A-Zv-`p-X-s¸-«p. AbmÄ kpÂ-¯m-t\m-Sv ]-dªp:
""A-§v I-| kz-]v-\-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v Rm³ F§-s\ A-dn-bm-\mWv? am-{X-aÃ,
\n-§Ä A-Xv a-d-¶p-t]m-hp-Ibpw sN-bv-Xp.''
C-Xv tI-« kp¯m³ tIm-]n-ã-\m-bn A-bm-sf A-Sn¡m³ I-ev-]-n¨p.
C-Xv tI-« Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³ `-b-s¸-«v kpÂ-¯m-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""F-\n-¡v aq¶p
Zn-h-k-s¯ ka-bw A-\p-h-Zn-¨p-X-c-Ww.'' kpÂ-¯m³ k-½-Xn¨p. aq-¶p
Zn-h-k-s¯ ka-bw A-\p-h-Zn¨p.
ho|pw AbmÄ sIm-«m-c-¯n-te-¡v ]p-d-s¸«p. tdm-Un-eq-sS Np-än-¡-d§n.
Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³ a-\Ên ]-d-ªp: Rm³ Im-Wm-¯ kz-]v-\-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v
F§-s\ A-dn-bm-\m-Wv. F-§-s\-bm-Wv A-Xv hym-Jy-m-\n-¡p-I?
c-|p Znh-kw A§-s\ I-S-¶p-t]mbn. aq¶mw Zn-h-k-ambn. A-¶v X-sâ
Po-hn-X-¯n-sâ A-h-km-\ Zn-h-k-am-bn A-bmÄ I-W-¡m¡n. AbmÄ AÃm-
lp-hn-t\m-Sv {]mÀ-Yn-¨p-sIm-|n-cp-¶p. X-sâ Po-h-s\-¡p-dn-t¨mÀ-¯v I-cªp.
A-t¸mÄ AbmÄ am-f-¯n-en-cp-¶ Hcp ]m-¼n-s\ I|p. ]m-¼v A-bm-tfm-Sv
tNm-Zn¨p: ""\o F-´n-\m-Wv C§-s\ I-c-bp-¶-Xv?'' A-t¸mÄ Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³
\-S-¶ I-Y ]m-¼n-t\m-Sv ]-dªp. C-Xv tI-« ]m-¼v Xp-¶Â-¡m-c-t\m-Sv tNm-


Zn¨p: ""kp¯m³ I-| kz-]v\ - s
- ¯-¡p-dn-¨v Rm³ \n\-¡v ]-dª - p-X¶mÂ
\n\-¡v e-`n-¡p-¶Xn ]-Ip-Xn F-\n-¡v X-cp-tam? C-Xv tI-« Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³
k-t´m-jt- ¯m-sS ]-dªp: ""F-\n-¡v In-«p-¶Xn ap-gp-h\pw \n\-¡v X-cmw.''
]m-¼v kp¯m³ I-| kz-]v-\-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v ]d-ªp þ kp¯m³ I|Xv
knw-lhpw ]p-enbpw A-´-co-£¯n a-g-bm-bn h-cp-¶-Xm-bm-Wv.''
""C-Xn-sâ hym-Jym-\-am-bn Rm³ Im-Wp¶-Xv Cu hÀ-j¯n kpÂ-
¯m-\v [m-cm-fw i-{Xp-¡Ä D|v. B i-{Xp-¡Ä kpÂ-¯m-s\ sImÃm³
D-t±-in-¡p¶p. F-¶m kpÂ-¯m-\v A-h-cp-sS ta hn-P-bn¡m³ I-gn-bpw.''
Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³ h-f-sc-tb-sd k-t´m-j-hm-\mbn. AbmÄ s]-s«-¶v kpÂ-
¯m-sâ sIm-«m-c-hm-XnÂ-¡Â F-¯n. kpÂ-¯m-sâ ap¼n sN-¶v kz-]-v\
hpw A-Xnsâ hym-Jym-\hpw A-dn-bn¨p. C-Xv tI-« kp¯m³ k-t´m-jn-
¡p-Ibpw A-bmÄ-¡v 1,000 Zn\mÀ kzÀ-Ww \ÂIm³ I-e] v- n-¡p-Ibpw sNbvXp.
kzÀ-Whpw hm-§n Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³ k-t´m-j-hm-\m-bn ho-«n-te-¡v ]-p-d-
s¸«p. ]t£, h-gnbn sh-¨v ]m-¼n-\v sIm-Sp-¯ hm-¡n-s\-¡p-dn-¨v HmÀ¯p.
AbmÄ a-\Ên hn-Nm-cn-¨p þ ]m-¼v Cu kzÀ-Ww sIm-|v F-´v sN-¿m-
\-mWv? þ A-Xn-s\ sIm-¶n-«v C-Xv F-\n-¡v kz-´-am-¡mw.
Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³ H-cp hen-b h-Sn-bp-am-bn ]m-¼n-sâ am-fw e-£y-am¡n
]-pd- s
- ¸«p. am-f¯
- n-\S- p-¯v sN-¶v ]m-¼n-s\ hn-fn¨p. ]p-dt- ¯-¡v h-¶ ]-m¼ - n\v
A-bm-fp-sS ssI-bn-en-cn-¡p-¶ h-Sn {i-²-bnÂ-s¸«p. ]m-¼v Xn-cn-¨v am-f-¯n-
te-¡p-X-s¶ HmSn.
Zn-hk-§Ä I-gnªp. kp¯m³ c-|m-a-s¯ kz-]v-\w I|p. `o-I-cX-
bp-sS ImTn-\y-w sIm-|v B kz-]v-\hpw a-d-¶p-t]mbn. kp¯m³ D-S³
Xp-¶Â-¡mc-s\ hn-fn-¸n¨p. \-S-¶ I-Y A-h-t\m-Sv ]-dªp. B kz-]v-\hpw
hn-h-cn-¨p-Xcm³ B-h-iy-s¸-«p. Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³ kpÂ-¯m-t\m-Sv aq-¶v Zn-h-
k-s¯ ka-bw B-h-iy-s¸-«p. F-¶n-«bmÄ ]m-¼n-sâ am-fw e-£y-am-¡n
\-S¶p. A-hn-sS-sb¯n ]m-¼n-s\ hn-fn¨p. F¶m ]m-¼v hn-fn tI-s«-¦nepw
kw-i-bw sIm-|v A-I-¯p-X-s¶ C-cp¶p. Xp-¶Â-¡m-c³ ]m-¼n-t\m-Sv am¸v
]-d-bm-\m-cw-`n¨p. A-t¸mÄ ]m-¼v Xp-¶Â-¡m-c-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""F-sâ
\-·-bv-¡p ]I-cw \n-¶nÂ-\n-¶v F-\n-¡v Xn-·-bm-Wv In-«n-bXv. \n\-¡v Rm³
am-¸v X-cnÃ. \o \n-sâ h-gn-¡v t]m-hp-I.''
kp¯m³ A-\p-h-Zn-¨ aq-¶v Zn-h-kw I-gnªp. Xp-¶Â-¡mc-\v kz-]-v
\-s¯-¡p-dn-¨v hym-Jym-\n¡m³ I-gn-ªnÃ. kp¯m³ Ah-s\ ]n-Sn-Iq-Sn
ITn-\-am-bn in-£n¨p. ]m-¼n-s\ h-©n-¨-Xn-\p-Å in-£ Ah-\v In«n.

N-Xn-bp-sS hn-e

Ip-dp¡-sâ X{´w

H-cp Znh-kw knw-l-¯n-\v A-kp-Jw _m-[n¨p. Im-«n-sâ cm-Pm-hn-sâ tcmK-
¯n Zpx-Jn-Xcm-b ]-£n-IÄ ]-d-¶p-t]m-bn FÃm ar-K-§-sfbpw hmÀ-¯
Ip-td \m-fp-IÄ I-gn-ªn«pw knw-l-¯n-sâ tcm-K-¯n-\v Ip-d-hp-|m-bnÃ.
Im-«n-se ar-K§
- s- fÃmw knw-l¯- n-sâ ho-Sn-\p Npäpw X-Sn-¨p-IqSn. A-t±l-s¯
k-μÀ-in¡m³ FÃm ar-K-§fpw Xo-cp-am-\n¨p. F¶m ku-I-cy-anÃm¯
B ho«n FÃm ar-K-§fpw H-cp-an-¨v I-b-dp¶-Xv knw-l-¯n-sâ `m-cy C-ã-
s¸-«nÃ. H-ä-bv-s¡m-ä-bv-¡v hcm³ B-h-iy-s¸«p. A-§-s\ Hm-tcm-cp-¯-cm-bn
A-t±-l-s¯ k-μÀ-in-¡Â B-cw-`n¨p. A-h-km-\w knw-l-s¯ Im-Wm-s\-
¯nb-Xv sN-¶m-b-bmWv. A-hÀ c-|p-t]cpw kw-km-cn-¡p-¶-Xn-\n-SbnÂ
knw-lw sN-¶m-b-tbm-Sv Ip-dp-¡-s\-¡p-dn-¨v tNm-Zn¨p. F-´p-sIm-|v a-äv
ar-K-§-sf-t¸m-se Ip-dp-¡³ F-s¶ ImWm³ h-¶nÃ?
sN-¶m-b-bp-sS i{Xp B-bn-cp-¶p Ip-dp¡³. sN¶m-b Ip-dp-¡-t\m-Sv
{]-Xn-Im-cw sN¿m³ A-hk-cw t\m-¡n \-S-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp¶p. sN¶m-b knw-
l-t¯m-Sv ]-dªp: ""AÃ-tbm cm-Pmth, A-h-s\-¡p-dn-¨v Xm-§Ä F-t¶mSv
tNm-Zn-¡-cpXv. A-h³ Xm-¦-fp-sS tcm-K-ia-\w B-{K-ln-¡p-¶nÃ.'' A-t¸mÄ
knw-lw ]-dªp: ""\o Ah-s\ I-|mÂ, Rm³ Ah-s\ ImWm³ B-{Kln-
¡p-¶p-sh-¶v ]-d-b-Ww.''
Xm³ Ip-dp¡-sâ ]n-Sn-bnÂ-\n-¶v c-£-s¸-«p-sh-¶v hn-Nm-cn-¨v sN¶m-b
k-t´m-jn¨p. Ip-dp¡-s\ I-|p-ap-«p-¶-Xph-sc sN¶m-b Im«n ap-gp-h³
A-eªp. Ip-dp¡-s\ I-|p-ap-«n-b-t¸mÄ A-h-t\m-Sv knw-lw tcm-Kn-bmsW-
¶pw \n-s¶ ImWm³ B-{K-ln-¡p-¶p-sh¶pw ]-dªp. s]-s«-¶v Ip-dp-¡³


cm-Pm-hn-sâ A-Sp-t¯-¡v t]mbn. Ip-dp-¡³ F-¯n-b-t¸mÄ knw-lw A-h-
t\m-Sv tNm-Zn¨p: ""\o F-hn-sS-bm-bn-cp-¶p? \-s½ Im-Wm³ F-´p-sIm-|m-
Wv \o h-cm-¯-Xv?'' Ip-dp-¡³ im-´-\m-bn-s¡m-|v ]-dªp: ""Rm³ Xm¦Ä-
¡p-th-|n a-cp-¶v A-t\z-jn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p.'' knw-lw tNm-Zn¨p: ""F-´v
a-cp-¶m-Wv \o I-s|-¯n-b-Xv?''
Ip-dp-¡³ DS-s\ a-dp]-Sn ]-dªp: tUm-ÎÀamÀ ]-d-ªXv, Xm-¦Ä-¡p-Å
Nn-In-Õ H-cp sN-¶m-b-bp-sS c-à-am-Ip¶p. knw-lw im-´-\mbn. A-h³
X-sâ tcm-K-ia-\w B-{K-ln¨p. A-h³ Ip-dp-¡-t\m-Sv ]-d-ªp: sN-¶m-b-
tbm-Sv \o ]-d-bWw, Ah-s\ ImWm³ Rm³ B-{K-ln-¡p-¶p-sh¶v. Ipdp-
¡³ sN-¶mb-sb hn-fn-¡m-\p-Å D-t±-iy¯n A-hn-sS \n-¶v ]p-d-¯n-d§n.
F¶m AI-¯v F-´v kw-`-hn-¡p-¶p F-¶-dn-bm-\m-bn sN-¶m-b hm-XnÂ-
¡Â-¯-s¶ \nÂ-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp¶p. knw-l-¯n\v Ip-dp-¡-t\m-Sp-Å tIm-]-w
hÀ-[n-¡W-ta F-¶v {]mÀ-Yn-¨p-sIm-|m-Wv A-h³ ]pd-¯v \n-¶-Xv. sN-
¶mb-sb I-| Ip-dp-¡³ ]-dªp: ""\o cm-Pm-hn-sâ-b-Sp-¡Â sNÃWw.
A-t±-lw \n-s¶ {]-Xo-£n-¨v \nÂ-¡p-I-bm-Wv.''
sN¶m-b A-I-t¯-¡v t]mbn. A-t¸mÄ Ip-dp-¡³ sN¶m-b sN-bv-X-
Xp-t]m-se hm-XnÂ-¡Â-¯-s¶ \nÂ-¸p-d-¸n¨p. sN¶m-b knw-l-¯n-\-Sp-
s¯-¯n-b-t¸mÄ c-àw In-«p-¶-Xn-\m-bn knw-lw ssI sIm-|v sN-¶m-b-
bp-sS X-ebn A-Sn¨p. ap-J¯ - p-Iq-Sn c-àw H-gp-Ip-¶ A-hØ
- bn sN¶m-b
knw-l-¯n-sâ ho-«nÂ-\n-¶v Hm-Sn-c-£-s¸«p.
sN¶m-b Hm-Sp-¶-Xn-\n-Sbn Ip-dp-¡³ Ah-s\ hn-fn-¨n-«v ]-cn-l-kn-¨p-
sIm-|v ]-dªp: ""G A-kq-bmeq, \n-sâ \m-hm-Wv \n-s¶ \-in-¸n-¨-Xv.''

Ip-dp¡-sâ X{´w

I-gp-Xbpw Im-fbpw

H-cmÄ-¡v H-cp Im-fbpw H-cp I-gp-Xbpw D-|m-bn-cp¶p. I-gpX-sb AbmÄ
bm-{X sN-¿m-\m-Wv D-]-tbm-Kn-¨n-cp-¶Xv. A-bm-sf F¶pw N-´bn sIm-
|p-t]m-bn-cp¶-Xv I-gp-X-bm-bn-cp¶p. ]t£, ]-IÂ A[n-I k-a-bhpw Im-f
h-be- n-em-Wv tPm-en-sN-bvX
- n-cp-¶Xv. H-cp Znh-kw ssh-Ip-t¶-cw ho-«n-se¯nb
Im-f I-gp-X-tbm-Sv B-h-em-Xn ]-dªp: ""k-tlm-Zcm, FÃm Zn-h-khpw Rm³
A-\p-`-hn-¡p-¶ Cu ITn-\- tPmenbnÂ-\n-¶v tam-Nn-X-\m-hm-\p-Å H-cp h-gn
\o ]-d-ªp-X-cp-tam?''
Igp-X A-h-t\m-Sv ]-dªp: ""\o tcm-Kw A-`n-\-bn-¡Ww. `£-Ww I-gn-
¡-cpXv. cm-hn-se \-½p-sS D-S-a h¶m \n-sâ Cu A-h-Ø I-|v \n-s¶
h-b-en-te-¡v sIm-|p-t]m-InÃ.'' Igp-X ]-d-ª-Xp-t]m-se A-h³ sN-bvXp.
cm-{Xn-bm-bn«pw A-h³ `£-Ww I-gn-¨nÃ. cm-hn-se B-b-t¸mÄ D-Sa-س
h¶p. F-¶m A-bmÄ Igp-X ]-d-bp¶-Xv tI-«n-cp¶p. A-Xn\m Im-f-bv-
¡p ]I-cw I-gp-X-sb-bm-Wv A-¶v h-b-en-te-¡v sIm-|p-t]m-bXv.
ssh-Ip-t¶-cw, \Ã D-t·-j-t¯m-sS Xn-cn-¨p-h-cp-¶ I-gp-X-tbm-Sv Im-f
tNm-Zn¨p: k-tlm-Zcm, \n-sâ A-h-Ø F-§s\? A-h³ ]-dªp: Rm³
kp-Ja- m-bn-cn-¡p¶p. ]-t£, \n-s¶-¡p-dn-¨v c-|mÄ-¡m-cpsS kw-kmcw Rm³
tI«p. A-Xv \n\-¡v \Ã hmÀ-¯-bÃ. ""A-sX-´m-Wv?'' `-b-t¯m-sS Im-f
tNm-Zn¨p. I-gp-X ]-dªp: D-S-a H-c-d-hp-Im-c-t\m-Sv ]-d-bp¶p, F-sâ-b-Sp-¡Â
H-cp tcm-Knbm-b Im-f-bp|v. A-Xn-sâ tcm-Kw \o-fp-I-bm-sW¦n Rm³
\n-s¶ A-dn-bn-¡mw. A-Xn-s\ A-dp-¡Ww.


Im-f `-b-t¯m-sS tNm-Zn¨p: Rm³ F-´v sN-¿pw? Iq-«p-Im-c³ Imf-sb
D-]-tZ-in¨p: \o ]-g-b-Xp-t]m-se-X-s¶ tPm-enbpw sN-bv-Xv `-£-Whpw I-gn-
¡Ww. Im-f ]-dªp: icn, A§-s\ sN-¿mw.
Im-f X-sâ ]-g-b A-h-Ø-bn-te-¡v a-S-§n. `£-Ww I-gn-¡m-\m-cw-`n¨p.
C-Xp I-| A-h-cp-sS D-Sa-س Nn-cn¨p. F-¶n-«v ]-dªp: ""_p-²n-bnÃm-sX
B-cv {]-hÀ-¯n-t¨m, Ah-sâ ^-ew \m-i-¯n-em-hpw.''

I-gp-Xbpw Im-fbpw

{Km-ao-W\pw ar-K-§fpw

H-cnS-¯v H-cp {Km-ao-W³ D-|m-bn-cp¶p. H-cp Ip-Sn-en-em-Wv A-t±-lw I-gnªn-
cp-¶Xv. A-bmÄ-¡v Cu `q-anbn kz-´-¡m-cm-bn H-cp tIm-gnbpw ]-«nbpw
I-gp-Xbpw am-{X-am-Wp-|m-bn-cp-¶Xv. ]-«n AbmÄ D-d-§p-t¼mÄ Im-hÂ
\-nÂ-¡pw. tIm-gn A-bm-sf cm-hn-se \-a-kv-Im-c-¯n-\p-th-|n Iq-hn D-WÀ-
¯pw. I-gp-X-bm-sW-¦n-tem, A-bm-sfbpw sIm-|v Im«n t]m-bn hnd-Iv
F¶m A-bÂ-¡mcm-b {Km-ao-W-scÃmw [m-cm-fw B-Sn-sâbpw H-«-I-
¯n-sâbpw D-S-a-Ø-cmWv. A-bm-fp-sS Zm-cn-{Zy¯n AbmÄ Zpx-Jn-¨n-cp-
¶nÃ. A-bÂ-¡m-cp-sS ]-W¯n A-kq-b-s¸-«n-«p-anÃ. ]t£, AbmÄ
\n-Xyhpw _À-¡-¯n\pw `-£-W-¯n\pw th-|n AÃm-lp-hn-t\m-Sv {]mÀ-Yn-
¡p-am-bn-cp-¶p. Zn-hk-§Ä I-gn-ªp-t]mbn. {Km-ao-W³ AÃm-lp \Â-In-
bXn Xr-]v-Xn-s¸-«v k-t´m-j-t¯m-sS I-gnªp.
{]`m-X \-a-kv-Im-c-¯n-\p-th-|n A-bm-sf tIm-gn D-WÀ-¯pw. Igp-X
Im-«n-eq-sS Np-än hnd-Iv ti-J-cn-¡pw. F-¶n-«v A-Xv N-´bn sIm-|p-t]-mbn
hnÂ-¡pw. A-Xn-sâ hn-e-bv-¡v tIm-gn¡pw ]-«n¡pw I-gp-X-bv¡pw B-lm-cw
ssh-Ip-t¶-cw A-t±-lw Ip-Sn-en-te-¡v a-S-§pw. F-¶n-«v A-h-bv-s¡Ãmw
`£-Ww \Â-In A-bmfpw I-gn-¨ ti-jw tIm-gnbpw I-gp-Xbpw A-bmfpw
D-d§pw ]-«n A-hÀ-¡v Im-h \nÂ-¡pw.
Zn-h-k-§fpw hÀ-j-§fpw I-gn-ªp-t]mbn. H-cp Znh-kw ssh-Ip-t¶-cw
]-Xn-hp-t]m-se \m-b D-W-§p-I-bm-bn-cp¶p. {Km-ao-W\pw I-gp-Xbpw N-´bn-
em-bn-cp¶p. A-t¸mÄ H-cp Ip-dp-¡³ h-¶v tIm-gn-sb ]n-Sn-¨v Xn¶p. {Kmao-W³


h-¶-t¸mÄ kw-`-h-a-dnªp. ]t£, AbmÄ ]-«n-sb in-£n-¨nÃ. F-¶n-«v
AbmÄ ]-d-ªp: \-S¶-Xv \Ã-Xn-\m-tb-¡mw. Zn-hk-§Ä ho|pw sIm-gn-
ªp-t]mbn. AbmÄ kp-_v-ln \-a-kv-Im-c-¯n-\v H-ä-bv-¡v F-gp-t¶Â¡m³
io-en¨p. A-Xn-\p-ti-jw I-gp-X-bp-am-bn tPm-en-¡v t]m-Ipw.
H-cp Znh-kw AbmÄ ho-«n-te-¡v a-S§-sh A-bÂ-¡m-cp-sS ]-«n-Ifpw
ar-K-§fpw _-l-f-ap-|m-¡p¶-Xv tI«p. ]t£, A-bm-fp-sS ]-«n-bp-sS i-Ðw
am{Xw tI-«nÃ. AbmÄ ]-«n-sb A-t\z-jn¨p. A-h-km\w, H-cp a-c-¯n-sâ
Np-h«n tcm-K-_m-[n-X-\m-bn In-S-¡p¶-Xv I|p. AbmÄ \m-b-bv-¡v `£-
Ww \Â-In-sb-¦nepw A-Xv I-gn-¨nÃ. Zn-hk-§Ä I-gnªp. A§-s\ ]-«n
N-¯p. {Km-ao-W³ ]-dªp: \-S-¶-sXÃmw \Ã-Xn-\v B-tb-¡mw.
\-ã-§-sfÃmw k-ln¨v I-gp-X-bp-am-bn AÃm-lp \Â-In-bXn Xr-]-vXn-
s¸-«v I-gn-¨p-Iq«n. H-cp Znh-kw I-gpX-sb H-cp a-c¯n sI-«n-bn-«v {Km-ao-W³
hnd-Iv ti-J-cn¡m³ t]mbn. hnd-Iv ti-J-cn-¨n-«v I-gpX-sb hn-fn¨p. A-t¸m-
gm-Wv a-c-¯n-\p Np-h«n sImÃ-s¸-« \n-ebn I-gpX-sb I-|Xv. C-Xv
I-| {Km-ao-W³ ]-dªp: \-S-¶-sXÃmw \Ã-Xn-\m-Ip¶p. AbmÄ hnd-Iv
kz-´w Np-a-en-teän N-´bn t]mbn.
H-cn-¡Â {Km-aw ap-gp-h³ Ip-td I-Å·mÀ h-¶v sIm-Å-b-Sn¨p. A-bÂ-
hm-kn-I-fp-sS ar-K-§-sfbpw I-Å·mÀ tam-ãn-¨p-sIm-|p-t]mbn. {Km-aoW-
sâ ho-Sv H-gn-¨p-Å ho-Sp-I-sfÃmw A-hÀ X-IÀ¯p.
ar-K-§-fp-sS iÐ-§Ä tI-«n-«m-Wv I-Å·mÀ ho-Sp-IÄ Xn-cn-¨-dn-ªXv.
A-t¸mÄ {Km-ao-W³ ]-dªp: F-sâ ar-K-§-sfÃmw N-¯p-t]mb-Xv F-\n¡v
Kp-Ww sN-bvXp. AÃm-lp-hn-sâ Z-b B-cv A-dn-ªpthm A-h³ AÃm-lp
\Â-Ip-¶Xn Xr-]v-Xn-s¸-Spw.

{Km-ao-W\pw ar-K-§fpw

tIm-gn-bp-sS X{´w

H-cp Znh-kw ssh-Ip-t¶-cw sN¶m-b `-£-W-a-t\z-jn-¨v Kp-l-bnÂ-\n-¶v
]-p-d-s¸«p. Ip-td t\-cw Xn-c-ªn«pw H¶pw In-«n-bnÃ. h-gnbn sh-¨v H-cp
tIm-gn-bp-sS i-Ðw tI«p. A-Xv \-a-kv-Im-c-¯n-\v _m-¦v sIm-Sp-¡p-I-bm-bn-
cp¶p. Ip-dp-¡³ A-hn-sS-sb¯n. tIm-gn H-cp a-c-¯n-\p ap-I-fn-em-Wv C-cn-
¡p-¶Xv. tIm-gn Akdnsâ ka-bw h-sc A-hn-sS-¯-s¶ C-cp¶p.
Ip-dp-¡³ B a-c-¯n-\p Np-h-«n-se-¯n. D-b-c-apÅ B a-c-¯n-te-¡v
h-en-ªp-I-bdm³ Ip-dp-¡³ H-cp {i-aw \-S¯n. ]t£, Ip-dp¡-\v ap-I-fn-
te-¡v I-bdm³ km-[n-¨nÃ. tIm-gn-sb Xm-sg-bn-d¡m³ Ip-dp-¡³ H-cp X-{´w
B-tem-Nn¨p. F-¶n-«v ap-I-fn-te-¡v t\m-¡n tIm-gn-tbm-Sv ]-dªp: \o Cd-
§n h¶m a-Kv-cn-_v \-ap-¡v H-cp-an-¨v \-a-kv-I-cn-¡mw. A-t¸mÄ tIm-gn-¡v
a-\-Ên-em-bn þ Xm³ C-d-§p-¶Xpw t\m-¡n Ip-dp-¡³ Xm-sg \nÂ-¡p-I-bm-
sW-¶v. c-£-s¸Sm³ H-cp h-gn-b-t\z-jn-¨v A-Xv Npäpw t\m¡n. A-t¸m-gm-Wv
a-c-¨p-h«n H-cp \m-b D-d-§p-¶-Xm-bn I-|Xv. tIm-gn Nn-´n-¨p þ C-Xm-Wv
c-£-s¸-Sm-\p-Å A-h-k-cw. ]-«n-sb D-WÀ-¯p-¶-Xn-\m-bn \-J-ap-]-tbm-Kn-¨v
am-´n a-cs¯ Ip-ep¡m³ Xp-S§n.
A-t¸mÄ Ip-dp-¡³ ]-d-ªp: kp-lrt¯, s]-s«-¶v ka-bw I-gn-bp-¶-
Xn-\p ap-¼v \-a-kv-I-cn-¡mw. tIm-gn-¡v a-säm-cp _p-²n tXm¶n. ]n-¶n-te-¡v
BwKyw Im-Wn-¨p-sIm-|v ]-dªp: Camw a-c-¯n-\p ]n¶n In-S-¶p-d-§p-
I-bm-Wv. \o BZyw t]m-bn B C-am-an-s\ D-WÀ¯q. Ip-dp-¡³ a-c-¯n-sâ
]n-¶n-te-¡v t\m-¡n-b-t¸mÄ D-d-§p-¶ ]-«n-sb I|p. s]-s«-¶v A-h³
HmSn. A-t¸mÄ tIm-gn Ip-dp-¡-t\m-Sv hn-fn-¨p-tNm-Zn¨p: \o \-a-kv-I-cn-¡p-
¶ntÃ? A-t¸mÄ Hm-Sn-s¡m-|v Ip-dp-¡³ ]-dªp: Rm³ hp-fq-Av F-Sp¡m³
a-d-¶p-t]m-bn... hp-fq-Av D-|m-¡n a-S-§n-h-cp-¶-Xph-sc \o £-an-¡pI.


knw-lhpw tX-\o-¨bpw

H-cp Im«n A-l-¦m-cnbm-b H-cp knw-lw D-|m-bn-cp¶p. H-cp Kp-l-bn-emWv
A-Xv h-kn-¨n-cp-¶Xv. X-sâ A-\p-hm-Z-anÃm-sX Kp-lbn I-bdm³ B-scbpw
A-\p-h-Zn-¨n-cp-¶nÃ. F-t¸mgpw Kp-l-bp-sS hm-XnÂ-¡Â A-e-dn-s¡m-|v
\-nÂ-¡pw. knw-l-¯n-s\ FÃm ar-K-§fpw ]-£n-Ifpw `-b-s¸-«n-cp-¶p. A-dn-
bm-sX B-sc-¦nepw A-h-sâ Kp-lbn {]-th-in-¨mÂ-¯-s¶ A-Xn-sâ
KÀP-\w tI-«v Hm-Sn c-£-s¸-Spw.
F¶m HcmÄ am{Xw knw-l-¯n-s\ `-b-s¸-«n-cp-¶nÃ. A-Xn-sâ KÀP\w
Ku-\n-¡nÃm-bn-cp¶p. A-Xv tX-\o-¨-bm-bn-cp¶p. tX-\o-¨ F-t¸mgpw knwl-
¯n-sâ A-\p-hm-Z-anÃm-sX Kp-lbn I-b-dp-Ibpw C-d-§p-Ibpw sN-¿p-am-
H-cp Znh-kw knw-l-¯n-sâ ]-I D-d-¡-th-fbn tX-\o-¨ Kp-lbnÂ
{]-th-in¨p. knw-lw D-d-§p¶-Xv I-|v Kp-l-bv-¡-I-¯p-Å H-cp ]m-d-bn-en-
cp-¶v tX-\o-¨bpw D-d§n. Ipd-¨p I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ knw-lw D-WÀ¶p. F-¶n«v
KÀ-Pn¨p. C-Xp tI-«v tX-\o-¨ sR-«n-bp-WÀ¶p. F-¶n-«v knw-l-¯n-t\m-Sv
tNm-Zn-¨p: AÃtbm cm-Pmth, \n-§-sf-s¶ D-d-¡-¯nÂ-\n-¶v D-WÀ-¯n-tbm?
cm-Pm-hv A-h-Ú-tbm-sS tX-\o-¨-sb t\m¡n. A-h-fp-sS tNm-Zy-¯n-\v D¯-
cw \Â-In-bnÃ. tX-\o-¨ ]d-¶v knw-l-¯n-sâ ap-¶n-en-cp¶p. F-¶n-«v D-bÀ¶
i-Яn knw-l-t¯m-Sv tNm-Zn¨p: Rm³ \n-t¶m-Sv F-´v sX-äm-Wv sNbv-
XXv? \o F-t¶m-Sn§-s\ {]-hÀ-¯n-¡m³. A-t¸mÄ knw-lw ]-dªp:
F-sâ A-\p-hm-Za- nÃm-sX-bm-Wv \o C-hn-sS {]-th-in-¨Xv. C-Xn-\p ap-¼v Bcpw
C§-s\ sN-bv-Xn-«nÃ. A-Xn-\p-ti-jw \o F-sâ km-¶n-[y¯n kw-km-
cn¨p. C-Xn-\p-Å in-£ \n-s¶ sImÃ-emWv. A-t¸mÄ tX-\o-¨ tNm-Zn¨p:
\o F-´m-Wv ]-d-bp-¶-Xv?

knw-lhpw tX-\o-¨bpw

C-Xv tI-« knw-lw tIm-]n-¨v KÀ-Pn¨p. tX-\o¨-sb A-Sn¡m³ th-|n
ssI D-bÀ¯n. tX-\o-¨ A-hn-sS \n¶pw F-Wo-äv knw-l-¯n-sâ X-e-bv-¡p
Npäpw ]-d¶p. F-¶n-«v knw-l-t¯m-Sv ]-dªp: Rm³ \n-sâ c-àw Ip-Sn¡pw.
\n-sâ Cd-¨n Xn-¶pw. knw-l-¯n-\v tIm-]w hÀ-[n¨p. tX-\o-¨ knw-l-¯n-
\-Sp-s¯-¯n Ah-sâ I®n H-cp Ip-¯v sIm-Sp¯p. knw-lw tX-\-o¨-sb
A-Sn¡m³ {i-an¨p. tX-\o-¨ Zq-tc-¡v ]-d¶p. knw-l-¯n-sâ A-Sn Ah-sâ
I-®nÂ-¯-s¶ sIm|p. tX-\o-¨ ]m-dta C-cp-¶v knw-l-s¯ t\m-¡n
]-cn-l-kn-¨v Nn-cn¨p. F-¶n-«v ]-dªp: AÃtbm cm-Pmth, \n-s¶¡mÄ
sNdn-b Po-hnI-sf \o \n-Êm-c-cm-¡-cpXv.
A-hn-sS \n-¶p-and-§n knw-l¯
- n-\v Npäpw ]d-¶v Ah-sâ h-bän Ip¯n.
A-t¸mÄ A-h³ kz-´w i-co-c-¯nÂ-¯-s¶ i-àn-bm-bn A-Sn¨p. Ah-sâ
i-àn £-bn-¡p-¶-Xph-sc KÀ-Pn¨p. Ah-sâ i-co-c-¯nÂ-\n-¶v c-à-sam-
gpIm³ Xp-S§n. A-h³ `q-an-bn-te-¡v hoWp. tX-\o-¨ Ah-s\ t\m-¡n
]-cn-l-kn-¨p-sIm-|v ]-dªp: C-Xm-Wv A-l-¦m-cn-IÄ-¡p-Å {]-Xn-^ew.
]n-s¶ knw-l-¯n-s\ D-t]-£n-¨v ]-d-¶p-t]mbn.


Im-¡-bp-sS A-l-¦mcw

H-cp Znh-kw Im-¡ hn-i-¶p-h-e-ªp. `-£-W-a-t\z-jn-¨v h-b-ep-I-fnepw h-gn-
tbm-c§- f- n-ep-sam-s¡ ]-d¶p. ]t£, H¶pw In-«n-bnÃ. ]-d¡- pw-tXmdpw Im¡-
bv-¡v hni-¸v hÀ-[n¨p. A-h-km-\w \n-e-¯n-d§n. Ipd-¨v sNdn-b ]-g-aÃm-sX
th-sdm¶pw I-|nÃ. B ]-g-§-fm-sW¦n Im-¡ I-gn-¡nÃ. ]t£, hni¸p
Imc-Ww A-h³ B ]-gw I-gn¡m³ \nÀ-_-Ôn-X-\mbn. F¶m Ah-\v
hb-dv \n-d-ªnÃ. A-h³ c-|m-aXpw ]-d-¶p. C-ã-s¸« `£-Ww e-`n-¡p-¶-
Xn-\m-bn `q-anbn ]-cXn. A-t¸m-gm-Wv H-cp I-gp-I³ ]-d-¶p-h-cp¶-Xv I-|Xv.
Ah-sâ hn-c-ep-IÄ-¡n-S-bn sNdn-b B-«n³-Ip«nbpw D-|m-bn-cp¶p.
Im-¡ I-gp-I-s\ A-kq-b-tbm-sS t\m¡n. F-¶n-«v A-h³ kz-bw ]-dªp:
F-\n-¡v F-´p-sIm-|v C-{]-Im-cw I-gn-bp-¶nÃ. Rm\pw A-h-s\-t¸m-se
H-cp ]-£n-btÃ. A-h³ ho|pw `-£-W-a-t\z-jn¡m³ Xp-S§n. I-gp-I-s\-
t¸m-se BIm³ Im-¡ B-{K-ln¨p. Im-¡ B-«n³-Iq-«-s¯ A-t\z-jn-¨v
]-d-¶p þ I-gp-I³ sN-bv-X-Xp-t]m-se sNdn-b B-«n³-Ip-«n-sb dm-©n-sb-
Sp¡m³ th|n. Ipd-¨p ka-bw I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ A-h³ H-cp-Iq-«w F-enI-sf
I|p. A-h Hm-Sn-¡-fn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp¶p. Xm-sg-bnd-§n AXn G-sX-¦n-ep-
sam-¶n-s\ ]n-Sn¡m³ Im-¡ hn-Nm-cn¨p. ]t£, A-Xn-\v I-gn-ªnÃ.
ho|pw B-«n³-Ip-«n-sb A-t\z-jn-¨v ]-d¡m³ Xp-S§n. s]-s«-¶v H-cp-
B-«n³-Iq-«-s¯ I|p. s]-s«-¶v Xm-sg-bn-d§n. F-¶n-«v \o-| \n-cbnÂ
\-nÂ-¡p-¶ H-cp sN-½-cn-bm-Sn-sâ ]pd-¯v C-cp¶p. F-¶n-«v \-Jw sIm-|v
A-Xn-s\ sIm-cp-¯v D-bÀ¯m³ t\m¡n. ]t£, D-bÀ-¯m³ km-[n-¨nÃ.
\n-cm-i\mb Im-¡ ]-d¡m³ {i-an¨p. ]t£, Im-¡-bv-¡v ]-d¡m³ km-[n-
¨nÃ. Im-¡-bp-sS hn-c-ep-IÄ B-Sn-sâ I-¼n-fnbn Ip-Sp-§n-t¸mbn. A-t¸m-
tg¡pw B-«nS-b³ h¶p. AbmÄ Im¡-sb ]n-Sn¨v ITn-\-am-bn in-£n¨p.

Im-¡-bp-sS A-l-¦mcw