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MCT and MST Placement Feedback Form Semester 8

Student Name: Amina Khalil School: Al Taqadom

MCT/MST: Ebtesam Alzahmi Date: October 31, 2018

Directions: The MCT and MST will use this to formally observe your performance during the Internship,
offering you feedback based on the selected competencies for this semester.

You should receive written feedback from your MST in weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and the final week. You should
receive written feedback from your MCT regularly throughout the internship. The MST & MCT feedback
should be from different lessons.

Commitment to the Profession

Demonstrates consistent attendance and punctuality
Accepts and respects school based authority structures, and complete reasonable request from
school MST and leadership
Is prepared and ready for each lesson
Actively participates in a range of school activities
Builds positive relationships with a range of stakeholders across the school community
Accepts responsibility for resolving work based problems with a growing level of independence
Demonstrates a positive attitude towards teaching and learning
You seem to be prepared for every lesson and you built a positive relationship with your
students and MST. You also showed a positive attitude towards teaching and learning. You
managed to state the lesson objectives at the begging of the class which was clear and
specific. Your MST is happy with you working with her in class and you showed a big
professionalism when you show interest in learning the content and the teaching methods
from your MST.

Planning for Learning

Has completed lesson plan for every lesson, printed and available to MST and MCT upon request
Ensures lesson plans have sufficient detail to secure effective delivery
Lesson plans are linked to long range and unit plans
Learning objectives are testable and directly linked to curriculum outcomes
Lesson plans have clear assessment which includes formative and/or summative activities
Lesson plans are balanced securing lessons which are engaging, effective and student centered
Differentiation has been incorporated into lesson plans where appropriate and needed
Your lesson plan seems to be appropriate to your students’ level and needs. You managed
to give the learning objectives at the begging of class and students seemed to be aware of
what they will learn in the lesson.
Managing Learning
Uses cooperative learning as part of their learning environment
Uses appropriate classroom management strategies to secure a safe and effective learning
Establishes and manages classroom routines and transitions
You managed to use a lot of cooperative learning as part of your students’ learning
environment. And your classroom management strategies are effective for your learning
environment. You also manage to establish a good classroom routine and the transition
between activities is done smoothly.
Implementing Learning
Implements strategies which continually motivate and maintain an effective classroom presence
Includes a range of student centered activities in the lesson
Presents material which is accurate, meaningful and accessible to support student engagement
and learning
Sequences learning experiences logically
Lessons are paced to ensure students are appropriately engaged and challenged
Instructions are given at appropriate times within a lesson and are clear and concise
Uses a variety of questions that fit appropriately within the lesson context
Implements differentiated instruction to lessons taught
You misspelled the word competition on the board you wrote “competition”. You managed
to create activities that are students centered. The activity of creating a brochure is an
excellent activity for this grade level, it triggers their creativity and higher order thinking
skills. You managed to explain the activity well and your instructions were clear, but I
would recommend that you view the sample brochure that you created on the board, using
the projector. So students can refer to it if they needed help. 5 minutes is not enough for
them to read the passage and highlight the information they need to put in their brochures.
You managed to use a variety of questions that seemed to fit appropriately with the lesson
context. You managed to go around the groups and help them when needed but you also
need to look closely at their work and correct them if they are not aware of something. And
make sure that they are on track. Some students jot down all of the information in page 2
and 3, you need to reexplain and ask them to write the headlines in each page so they would
know where each information should go into which section (page). Thus, their brochures
will be organized and clear.

Monitors purposively in relation to learning and behavior
Utilizes a range of effective formative assessment strategies to gauge student progress
Implements valid and reliable summative assessment strategies where appropriate
Has organized a system to effectively record student data and information
Constructive feedback is provided to students in a timely and appropriate manner
Assessment data is used to inform planning and instruction
I would recommend that you do a formative and a summative assessment, so you can get an
experience in assessing learners, work with your MST in this task. You need to have an
experience in organizing a grade system and records students’ data and information, so you
can measure progress appropriately and detect if there is any issue with any learner.
Reflection on Practice
Reflects on wider educational matters such as ethics, morals, culture, historical contexts and how
these impact student learning leading to change of practice
Reflects on student learning
Reflects on their own practice leading to improvement of practice
Reflections are conducted and recorded consistently and are accessible to the MST and MCT
Good lesson, the brochure activity is a great idea and students seemed to really enjoy it.
This is a great way to invest class time wisely and productively. Well Done Amina☺