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Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway

Catitipan, Davao City


(4:15 – 5:45PM / TTh)

I. Explain:
1. What is an outline?

II. Describe:
2. the alphanumeric outline.
3. the decimal outline.

III. Read the following essay and construct an alphanumeric outline based on the selection. (20pts.)
The Learning Centre is a busy place. One reason is that many students come to the Learning Centre to
get tutorial help. They come for help in writing, study skills, math and course concepts. Often there are three
to five tutoring pairs working together in the Learning Centre at any one time. Another reason the Learning
Center is so busy is that many students like to use its ten computers. They write papers, do research, check
their email and use the WebCT. So many people want to use the computers that there are often people
standing around and waiting for a free computer. Finally, the reception desk is often busy. People come to the
desk to make and change appointments, to ask for resources and to ask for information about the Learning
Centre. People often have to line up to get help at the reception desk, especially when classes have just
ended. Taken together, then, the tutoring, the computers and the reception desk all contribute to making the
Learning Center a very active place.

IV. Create:
A paragraph in fifteen (15) sentences about any topic. Observe unity, coherence, and use all of the
following transitional words/ phrases correctly in your composition;
1. likewise
2. moreover
3. on the other hand
4. then
5. finally
6. therefore
7. in other words

Criteria Excellent Very Good Good Needs Improvement

(8) (6) (4) (2)
Topic sentence Topic sentence is very Topic sentence is Topic sentence is Topic sentence is
clear; correctly placed clear; correctly placed unclear and unclear and
and is stated repeatedly but not restated in incorrectly placed but incorrectly placed and
for emphasis in the the concluding restated in the is not restated in the
closing sentence. statement. concluding statement. concluding sentence.
Unity and Sentences are arranged Sentences are Sentences are not Sentences are
Coherence in an orderly sequence somehow in an linked to one another; expressed in a
and ensure a smooth unarranged sequence there are many gaps jumbled fashion; fails
progression; there are but are linked to one in thought. to follow the flow of
no gaps in thought. another; there are thought in the
some gaps in thought. paragraph.
Legibility Legible handwriting. Marginally legible Writing is not legible Writing is not legible
handwriting. in places. at all.
Spelling and Paragraph has no error Paragraph has 1 or 2 Paragraph has 3-5 Paragraph has 6 or
Grammar in spelling and errors in spelling and errors in spelling and more errors in spelling
grammar. grammar. grammar. and grammar.
Use of The paragraph has the The paragraph has The paragraph has The paragraph has
Transitional 6-7 transitional words/ the 4-5 transitional the 2-3 transitional one of the
Words/Phrases phrases. words/ phrases. words/ phrases. transitional words/
phrases required.