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Project Name: Alms Giving Program

for theElders

Project Number: 001


• To hold the Alms Giving Program for an Elders’ home in need.

• To Paint the Kitchen of this Elders’ Home.
• To give away Sanitary Essentials pack for Elders.
• To arrange an entertainment session with Elders.


• Select a suitable Elders’ Home to provide a dinner.

• Obtain the approval from relevant authority.
• Purchase Cooking, Painting & Sanitary items from the relevant suppliers.
• Repair & Paint the inside walls of kitchen in the Elders’ home.
• Donate Sanitary Essentials to the inmates.
• Arrange Musical Instruments to entertain elders along with a group of team members
who can sing.


Select a Suitable Elder’s Home to provide a dinner

• After gathering several opinions regarding different categories of Elders’ homes in our
neighborhood from our group members, we all came to a mutual agreement to select an
Elder’s home, namely Sarvodaya Suwasetha Elder’s Home situated in No 80, Sri Sumangala
Road, Rathmalana. When inquired, we also found that, they are struggling to secure and
maintain a daily supply of meals and rations, in order to look after their inmates, even at a
minimalistic standard. During our first visit, we noted that the Elders home consists of 21

Obtain the approval from relevant Authority.

• Our approval process will be divided into two parts, first one being the approval from the
School of Accounting and Business, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka in
order to consider the proposed project as our practical project to comply with the
continuous assessment under the Project Management Subject.

• In addition, the second approval would need to come from the Elder’s home to offer the
dinner and to check and obtain availability on 23rd June 2018 to provide the said dinner and
to execute our project.

Purchase Cooking, Painting deliverables and appoint a painter to paint the inside walls of

• The main officer in the elder’s home suggested that the staff themselves will take the
responsibility of cooking dinner for the elders and hence they have requested us to buy
some fruits, vegetables, rice and grains. They wish to have their kitchen painted and
therefore we have arranged for a mason to paint the kitchen and the relevant paint
materials to be supplied with a help of a team member working in the paint industry.
• Each members of the project team will contribute equally on the total cost involved in the

Gift items to inmates including sanitary goods.

• We have decided to distribute a small gift pack to all elders at the end of the program. We
have planned to give out bathing accessories and sanitary items that could be a very useful
in their day-to-day life. Hence, we have decided to obtain bathing accessories at a
reasonable price from Cargills food city and sanitary items from selected suppliers who fit
our budget well.

Arrange Musical Instruments to entertain elders

• We thought it would be ideal to have a musical show with instruments to entertain the
elders. We thought that this could be a way to lift their minds off the sorrow and help them
enjoy the day.


Traditional Project Management Approach


Milestones Deliverables Completion

Suitable Home • Information regarding different homes in 7th of April 2018
• Final Confirmation on the suitable home in

Main Officer’s Approval • Preparation of request letter 18th of April 2018

• Confirmation from SAB 21st of April 2018
• Appointment to visit the proposed home 25th of April 2018
• Availability and confirmation on date & 25th of April 2018
The Dinner Menu • Get the information & confirmation about 25th of April 2018
the dinner menu
• Finalized the cost regarding to the menu 28th of April 2018
Sanitary Pack to inmates • Discussing & finalized including items for 28th of April 2018
the pack
Sanitary Pack to inmates

• Quotation on sanitary items

• List of available suppliers
• Negotiation of price on bulk purchasing 02nd of May
Repair & Painting Kitchen • Arrange a mason 06th of May 2018
inside walls • Analyse & estimate the paint quantity to 07th of May 2018
be purchased through mason
• Quotation on paint items
• List of available suppliers 10th of May 2018
• Negotiation supplier & purchasing
Hosting the Alms giving • Gathering for the religious ritual
program • Dishing /offering diner to inmates 23rd of June
• Distribution of sanitary packs to all 2018
• At the end movement entertain all of them


• Project will not be rejected by the CA Sri Lanka and relevant education bodies.

• No natural disaster will affect the Alms giving area.

• Number of targeted inmates will not be changed during the project period.

• Item Suppliers will not change their quoted price when the items are going to be purchased.

• We will gather musical Instruments without any trouble.

Constraints & Dependency:-

• All team members will be on agreement with self-funding for the above project.

• Total project expenses will not be exceeding the budget.

• Agreed mason may not complete his duty by target date and time.

• Host the Alms giving program on the set date.

• Limited date availability to organize the program.


• Approval letter from CA Sri Lanka.

• Supplier’s quotation tabulation sheet.

• Program Agenda

• Project management tutorials

• Budget approvals


Function Name Role/ Responsibilities

Home inmates Sarvodaya Suwasetha Elders Participation on the day of the

program and support the project
team to the carry on the agenda.
Sponsor Team members Collection of Fund and donating
particulars to the project.

L.D.C Thilanka Leads in the planning and

Project Leader development of the project.
Manages the project scope.
Develop the project plan. Turning
the project objective into reality.

Team Refer Annex II Implement the project specific
deliverables according to the
project plan. Active participation
on the program day and
involvement in project activities
on a timely manner.


Risk Mitigating strategy

Unfavorable weather conditions • Option to receive well in advance weather reports

(e.g. Floods & Heavy rain ) from the weather department & adjust work schedule
• Allocate sufficient buffer time to catch up any work
delays due to bad weather conditions.
Increase in number of inmates in the • Purchase of excess Quantity of gift packs including
home sanitary items.
• Round-up check nearing to the program date on the
number of inmates.

Poor participation by the team members • Periodical reminder to all members regarding the
program set-up
• Use the trending technological tools (WhatsApp,
Viber) to ensure clear & timely coordination is spread
throughout the project period.
• Planning on a travelling plan and date in order to
ensure their participation.


• Budget of the project is Rs.15000.00

11. TIME

• Time of period from 07th April 2018 to 10th June 2018.


The undersigned acknowledge they have reviewed project charter & authorized arms giving of
Sarvodaya Suwasetha Elder’s Home. Changes in this project charter will be coordinated and
approved by designated representative.

L.D.C Thilanka.
(Project Leader)