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Lesson Plan 2

Bring a hard-copy of this draft with you when you teach your lesson. After you present your lesson and collect the assessment data, complete the
lesson plan on the template below.

EDU 105 Lesson Plan

Name: Samantha Kohlbrecher Date: 12/11/2018

Lesson Title: King Midas and the Golden Touch Subject: Reading- Kings and Queens Unit
Age or Grade Level: Kindergarten Number of Student Involved in Lesson: 19
Time Frame: 45 min
Learning Central Focus

Central Focus We will be focusing on the children’s ability to identify plot, characters, and setting
What is the central focus for the content? as well as teaching them about the roles of kings and queens in storytelling.
EdTPA Task 1 rubric 1

Next Generation State Standards KR3: Identify characters, settings, major events in a story, or pieces of information in
What standard(s) are most relevant? a text. (RI&RL)
ELA: KW7: Recall and represent relevant information from experiences or gather
next-generation-ela-standards.pdf information from provided sources to answer a question in a variety of ways (e.g.,
Math: drawing, oral expression, and/or emergent writing)
next-generation-mathematics-p-12-standards.pdf KR2: Retell stories or share key details from a text. (RI&RL)
EdTPA Task 1 rubric 1
Student Learning Objective(s) The students will be able to identify at least one character in the story immediately
What are the specific learning goal(s) for student in after it was read to them with 100% accuracy.
this lesson?
Bloom’s Taxonomy link to action terms to embed in The students will be able to identify the setting of the story immediately after it was
your objectives where applicable. read to them with 100% accuracy.
Blooms Link
Bloom’s Action Verbs The students will be able to identify two things that happened in the story immediately
after it was read to them with 100% accuracy.
Evidence-Based Practices (2)

What are the specific ​two strategies​ you chose for

students in this lesson and why? (Summarize the
strategy’s intended learning outcomes)​*It is highly
likely that ONE of your strategies will be direct

Evidence Based Practice Link
Linking Theory to Practice The educational theory that this lesson is focused on is constructivism. The children
Educational Theories will be responding to questions as we read the book and be actively participating in
(pick a learning theory and theorist and define discussions while we are reading that are related to the text. The learning tasks that
(may pick more than one), then tell why it applies are provided for them are appropriate because the worksheet the standards are pulled
to your lesson implementation) from is something that they are familiar with as well as the basic vocabulary that they
Theorist Link​s will need in order to properly answer the questions.
Why are the learning tasks for this lesson
appropriate for your students?
EdTPA Task 1 rubric 3

Prior Academic Knowledge, Conceptions and The children will have to have a basic knowledge what the plot, setting and characters
Requisite Skills in a story are as well as the basic knowledge of what a king is and his role in society.
What knowledge, skills, and concepts must students
already know to be successful with this lesson?

What prior knowledge and/or gaps in knowledge do

these ​students ​(in your classroom) ​have that are
necessary to support the learning of the skills and
concepts for this lesson?
(refer to your contextual factors assignment)
EdTPA Task 1 rubric 3

Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks

Description of what will you be doing and/or what the students will be doing.
Describe the tools/procedures that will be used in this lesson to monitor students’ learning of the lesson objective(s). Attach a copy of the assessment and the
evaluation criteria/rubric in the resources section at the end of the lesson plan. Add as many as needed.

Type of Description of Modifications to the assessment Evaluation Criteria - What evidence of student learning
assessment assessment(s) tools so that all students could (related to the learning objectives and central focus)
used– demonstrate their learning. does the assessment provide? ​State specific criteria for
EdTPA Task The students will be success.
1 rubric 5 asked questions before, When reading the book I will be
during and after the sure that all of the students can The assessment allows for me to see how much the
story. After the story is hear me and are able to see the children were paying attention during the book and how
over and they are pictures in case they do not much attention to detail they have. It also will allow for
working on making understand what I am saying. I me to see how much information about the story the
their crowns, I will ask will also be sure to rephrase children are able to retain and then repeat back to me
them a few questions to some of the more complicated with no help.
assess how much sentences for the children that do
information they not have as vast of a vocabulary.
retained from the story.

Pre-assessment: Describe the assessment:

I will ask the students if ​During or after the children are making their own crowns I
they are familiar with will be asking them three questions:
the story and if they are - Who are the characters in the story?
aware of what a - What is the setting of the story?
character, setting and a - Tell me two things that happened in the story.
plot are. From this I will be grading them from 1-4 based on if their
answers were correct and how much detail they were able to
Formative provide while answering the questions.
During the story I will What must the students score on this assessment to be
ask them what is going successful?:
on in the story and some
of the other questions The students will have to score at least a 3 out of 4 to be
that I will be asking successful and a 4 out of 4 for exceptional work.
them during the post

Post assessment:
I will be asking them
three questions and
recording their answers
to them, this time
without any of my help.
Multiple Means of Multiple Means of Expression Multiple Means of Engagement
Representation (Presentation)
How will
you I will be reading them the book as I will be asking the children during the Aside from reading the story and
differentiat well as rewording some of the story if they understand what is going giving them a short assessment after,
e and sentences so that they are more on and then choosing one or two to put the children will also be able to make
provide accessible to all of the children. into their own words what is happening their own crowns as an art project
students’ in the book at the moment. and a break from all the academic
access to concentration they have been
learning participating in.
based on
and group
EdTPA Make a prediction and give an example of a possible student error and how you might address that disconnect:
Task 1 Since there are a few ENL students in my classroom as well as students who are all on different grade levels. It is possible
rubric 2 that some of the children might not be advanced enough to understand the story. It is my job to make sure than I am
Review of checking in with all of the students, especially those who need more help, to make sure that they are staying on track with
UDL the rest of the class.

g to
errors and
(where is

Academic Language Demand(s) – Discipline (Domain) Specific Language (ie Literacy, Math, Science ELA):
What are your List the words for each Tier.
students’ abilities with Tier 1:
regard to the oral and - Story
written language - Touch
associated with this - Beginning
lesson and how will - Middle
you address these - End
needs? - Garden
See Tier 1,2,3 and 4 - River
(common core
handout on language Tier 2:
on Angel) - Gold
Tier 1​ •Words used in - King
everyday speech • - Queen
Students with a - Princess
limited vocabulary - Palace
will need support
Tier 2​ • General Tier 3:
academic words - Setting
•Words found more - Character
often in written texts - Plot
across disciplines - Enchantment
Tier 3​ • - Bestow
Domain-specific - Spectacles
words •Words found
more often in written
texts within a specific
(refer to your
contextual factors
EdTPA Task 1 rubric 4

Materials Teacher:
What materials does ● Copy of book (​King Midas and the Golden Touch)​
the teacher need for ● Assessment sheet
this lesson? ● Crown Outlines
What materials do the ● Decoration supplies
students need for ​this Students:
lesson? ● Markers
● Crayon box
● Pencil

Anticipatory Set I will ask the students if they already know the story and ask them if they know some of the vocabulary words that
______5____ Minutes they need for the lesson such as character, setting and plot
How will you start the
lesson to engage and
motivate students in

Instruction If you are using direct instruction make sure you explain each of the steps in the model (RON GIR). Be sure to
_____20_____ Minutes describe how you will model, provide prompts, and fade prompts.
How will you I will read the story to the children and make sure that I am asking them questions during the story to make sure that
determine if students they are all staying on task, such as asking them to put into their own words what is going on in the story, what they
are meeting the see in the illustrations and what characters we have met so far.
intended learning

Re-Engage After the story I will do a quick recap with all of the children about what happened in the story and some of the
How will you revisit main ideas that there was to take away from the story.
or review for the
students who

Closure The children will all go to their tables and work on their crown projects. As they are working on their projects I will
_____20_____ Minutes pull them out one by one to give them their individual assessments.
How will you end
the lesson?

​Analysis and Reflection of Teaching

To be completed after the lesson has been taught *

What worked? What I think asking them questions before and during the story while also have small breaks for discussion worked really
didn’t? How did you well for the children. It was really beneficial when it came to how much information they retained as well as keeping
re-engage? them engaged during a really long story, such as the one we read.
EdTPA task 2 rubric
10, Task 3 rubrics
11, & 15
Evidence of Student In general, what happened as a result of your instruction? (For example, were there any changes in the
Learning (including overall class average from pre-to
data) post- test?) What changes occurred in the individual pupils? Who did well, who didn’t do so well? Which
(be sure to imbed content/information/skills were learned well
your charts and and what was not learned as well.
graphs here) What things did you do that you believe contributed to your pupil’s success and/or difficulty? What did
EdTPA task 2 rubric you do well/or not so well?
10, Task 3 rubrics What effects, if any did the evidenced-based practice have on the pupil’s performance?
11,, & 15 After the lesson was over it was obvious that the children were better able to understand the concepts of characters,
setting and plot. They especially struggled with the idea of setting before the lesson because of the multiple locations
that one story can take place in.

Assessment Results:
4 out of 4: 5 students
3 out of 4: 8 students
2 out of 4: 2 students
1 out of 4: 1 student
Adjustments After thinking about the individual needs of the children I think I will have have to find more than one spot in the
What instructional story to take a longer break from reading. I also think that I might need to consider giving some of the children a bit
changes do you need more guidance when it comes to the post test so they are all on an equal playing field rather than having the children
to make as you that are on or above grade level outshine the other students. How much information and detail the children give will
prepare for the lesson
be an indicator of how much of the story they understood and then are able to retell to me.
tomorrow​ ​after
analyzing the pre-test
How will you analyze
students’ use of
language to develop
How will you explain
and provide evidence
of students’ use of the
language function,
vocabulary, and
additional language
demand(s) in ways
that develop content
EdTPA task 2 rubric
10, Task 3 rubrics
11, & 15
Proposed Changes. Whole class:​ I would try to do a better job of making sure that all of the students are engaged while I
If you could teach this reading the story and give all of the students the opportunity to respond if they want to.
lesson again to this Groups of students​: I would have even more elements of direct instruction in the lesson that would create a
group of students more individualized lesson for the students.
what changes would Individual students​: I would try to write down more word for word what the students said to me when I
you make to your asked the assessment questions so I can have a better sense of what the extent of their vocabulary is and
assessment and how they tend to speak when being asked academically related questions.
instruction? Consider the following in your response:
What next steps will As a result of your personal reflection, what, if anything will you do the same and/or different in the
you provide for future? When thinking about the possible
targeted support to curricular or instructional changes, consider the following:
individuals and • Gaining and maintaining pupil attention
groups to improve • Stating lesson goals more clearly
their learning relative • Altering content (teaching more or less information, teaching to a different level of understanding
to (a) the essential • Changing instructional pacing (going faster or slower)
literacy strategy (b) • Using more actual demonstrations of the skill or strategy
requisite skills? • Using more specific examples
EdTPA task 2 rubric • Using more ‘hands-on’ activities
10, Task 3 rubrics 11, • Making directions/instructions clearer
& 15 • Using more guided practice activities
• Providing more frequent or specific feedback to students both positive or corrective feedback
• Using small group format
• Using more independent practice time
Why are you making such changes in subsequent practice?
What new skills/knowledge should you acquire as soon as possible?
How will you go about acquiring these new skills/knowledge?
Reflection on Briefly discuss the alignment between your​ r​ hetorical choices​ and your students’ diverse needs.
Communication Do you feel you were able to adequately communicate with your students?
Demands What were some of the strengths and weaknesses of your communication?
What could you do in the future to enhance your communication with your students?

In the future I can keep in mind more that not all of the students are able to move at the same pace, so
instead I can ask more questions to the students who I know are more behind. Other than that I think that I
did a fairly good job of communicating with the children and making sure that they are aware of what is
expected of them.
*Link each assessment (pre-post tests format used) and associated evaluation criteria/rubric, student samples etc below:
Samples of Scored Student Assessments (NO
Scan as PDF file or photograph.