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Mechonics deals with fonces( beth intexna ¢ External) and theix effects. Mechanics ~ Hepenmoble body Rigid bod: Goan : v [Sotra J Fluid) stati es aaa (Mechanics) (Tom) statics Dynami¢s (som) (vibration) Ex: deformable bax Rigi boay is said to be @ migid body if the distance bw A body in the body ox on the body, is invorient any two points * In Engineering Mechanics we threat the body 25 sugia and We deal only with external fosces. « In Enginsedn Mechonics the bedies ane tmeated as sugid bodies and only External forces axe considered. In som the body is treated as a deonmable bedy # we deal with Internal Forces. iro The Aim of som is to develop eqpations Fox stress, Strain and to obtain the size by using Mechanical properties. Note: Note: 44 is also known as Solid Mechanics, oY Mechaniesor Solids or Mechanics of deranmable bedi Homogeneous Materials: ‘A material is said to be homogeneous ip it exhibits some properties (Elastic propesties F/G A) at any point in the given dinection. he. fax a homegeneoos Matevias properties axe independent of Point Isotnopic Materials: A material is said to be isotropic ip it exhibits Some elaste properties in any discestion at a given point: ie. Rex a isotropic Material properties ane independent of direction. Homegeneous Isotropic Homegeneous + [magetmeymatbe. 9 Lain eycene any: isotropic] homegeneous] Es 2e - Non- hemegeneous Non-hornegeneous Homeg eneous ¢ € isotropic € Non- isotropic Neon isOtropic Note: Every homegeneovs Material Need Not be isotropic ¢ similaxt every isotropic material need not be homogeneous Fortunately Most of the common engineering Mab axe both homogeneous ¢ isetropic. * wood, crystals ane anisotropic Material je. these Moteck have digpenent properties in dizrenent direction + Even ip the boty does not have homegeneous ¢ isotropic, it is assumed homogeneous ¢ isotropic.