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Time : 2 Hours Total Marks : 50

Note :– This question paper contains two Sections. Attempt all

SECTION–A (10×1=10)

1. (a) Fill up the blanks :

(i) ________ is the complete value in human


(ii) The feelings in relationship exist between one Self

and the other ______.

(iii) There are _______ orders in nature, the human order

being one of them.

(iv) The right understanding gives the foundation of

_______ ethics.

(v) The technologies have to be people friendly and


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(b) Match the following so that the terms on the left have the 4. Attempt any two parts : (4+4=8)
closest link to those on the right : (a) Mention any four values in human relationships and define
(a) Happiness (i) Renewable them.

(b) Theft (ii) Basic aspiration (b) What is meant by trust ? Differentiate between the intention
and competence of a human being.
(c) Wind energy (iii) Limited in quantity
(c) How do you differentiate between intention and
(d) Need of body (iv) Feeling to nurture other's body
competence when you have to judge the other ? Why is it
(e) Affection (v) Inhuman conduct
important ?
SECTION–B (8×5=40)
5. Attempt any two parts : (4+4=8)
Note :– There are five questions in this Section. Attempt all questions. (a) Differentiate between the animal order and human order
2. Attempt any two parts : (4+4=8) in terms of innateness and natural characteristics.
(a) Give two examples to illustrate the Natural Acceptance in (b) What is meant by renewable energy ? How can we use it
a human being. for transportation today ?
(b) With the help of a diagram, explain the meaning of (c) What do you understand by 'Co-existence in existence' ?
transformation from animal consciousness to human How does its understanding lead to continuity of
consciousness. happiness ?

(c) Explain the role of Right Understanding in life and 6. Attempt any two parts : (4+4=8)
profession of a human being. Give examples to support (a) What do you mean by Ethics ? Suggest a few humane
your answer. ways to make the present business practices ethical.
3. Attempt any two parts : (4+4=8) (b) How will you evaluate technologies holistically ? Critically

(a) Explain the activities of the Self and the Body. review the present advancement of technologies on the
basis of any two criteria used for holistic evaluation.
(b) The Self is the seer, doer and enjoyer, while the Body is
(c) What are the root causes of unethical practices prevalent
just an instrument. Review this statement and support your
in the society.
answer with examples.
(c) Explain the co-existence between the Self and the Body.
How does the Self take care of the Body ?

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