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Previously, Japan been at war and occupied feeling of nationalism on the territorial claims issues

China and South Korea for many years. Three countries and so on. The prominent incidents are Prime Minister

have historical ties with each other. My part will be Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine in 2013 and the

discussing the economic relations between them. Japanese government’s nationalization of the Senkaku

Islands in 2012 which sparked the feeling of anti-

In the twenty-one centuries, China develops
Japanese demonstration among the Chinese in China.
become World factory which means the factory of the
The incident causes the many Japanese stores destroyed
countries around the world, and most of them are
and Japanese goods being boycotts in the China. The
operating in China. In the end of 1970, China began to
cooperation of government of China and Japan that
reform its economic. At the same time, Japan also
showed that they did not included political purpose.
created the Japanese economic miracle after the World
This kind of situation showed the governments will put
War II with the help of the United State. Meanwhile,
the differences between the countries aside and reached
South Korea experienced rapid economic growth or
the agreement which both get mutual benefit. The trade
recovery after the Korean War and successfully
relationship between Japan and China does not occur to
transformed to a developed country. This called as the
disturbed by political tensions among the governments.
Miracle on the Han River. During 1980, China
Both put the aims on the margins they get from each
preferential policies were gradually increased and
other. Besides that, China and Japan deepen their
extended to the entire other states including Japan and
economic relations through the summit because of
South Korea. These two states became major sources of
national leaders addressed it.
investment to China and transferred the labour-intensive

activities at that time. Japanese firms also focus on The China-Japan-South Korea trilateral

China market. summit held between these three countries in December

2008 with the aims of restoring the relationship and

From this slide, we can see Japan Prime
discuss the trade pact and strengthen financial
Minister, Shinzo Abe still shook hands and face-to-face
cooperation between them. Three countries also
talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Asia-
cooperation in ASEAN Plus Three in term of financial
Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Beijing on 10
and other areas with the Association of Southeast Asian
November 2014 even the historical and territorial
Nations members. Through this forum, strengthening
disputes between China and Japan remain high during
economic cooperation, develop the Asian Bond Markets
that time. In recent years, the hatred feeling and
and free trade agreements in East Asian region have
hostility increasing rapidly between the citizen of two
been done among them.
countries have led to political tension because of the
However, China unofficially set sanctions against South

Korea by bans major tour companies in China to travel

to South Korea and suspending the operation of South

Korean conglomerate Lotte Group in China due to it

providing land for United State-built Terminal High

Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). This is because the

South Korea made the decision to install the THAAD

which is an anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea.

If the situation continues for months and years, it sure

will affect the economy of South Korea.

The situation which will affect the South Korea’s economy

occurred just like the MERS-CoV outbreak in 2015, the

number of Chinese tourist went to Japan rose by 135 percent

while declined 47 percent to South Korea. Therefore, when

the China and South Korea relationship become worse, the

beneficial in term of economy will be Japan.

Nevertheless, Japanese and Korean investment

in China is important for the government due to Chinese

economy supply potent market for both countries

businesses and export. Furthermore, a country economic

health can impact other countries economic development.

Lastly, China, Japan, and South Korea should

make sure the political tensions do not spark until

negatively impact the economic relationship among

them. Each country needs to foster a more tighten

economic relationship with each other to sustained

economic growth. The three nations joint efforts in term

of economic will stabilize their currency in foreign

currency market bring benefit to the people.